Is Technology Tanking Your Lead Generation System?

No More Cold Calling

Remember, prospecting is all about people. Not in your personal life, and certainly not in your lead generation system. That’s often a big part of a sales team’s lead generation system, and it requires you to be online. . Yes, these all have a place in a lead generation system.

Predictable Prospecting: Email Mining And The Importance Of Automated Systems


Last week, I was honored to be featured on MaryLou Tyler’s podcast, Predictable Prospecting. As the name implies, the podcast focuses on sales strategies and prospecting.

8 Great Sales Enablement Systems


System One: Hiring. System Two: Training. System Three: Sales/Buying Process. System Four: Goal Setting and Budgeting. System Five: Forecasting. There is a sales axiom that not all prospects are created equal. Start this exercise with the sales team by identifying your top twenty prospective deals by customer. System Six: Performance Metrics. System Seven: Performance Evaluation. System Eight: Technology.

Why I Hate CRM Systems for Sales Prospecting

The Sales Hunter

Goldmine and every other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system out there sucks! The reason is simple — far too many salespeople either blame their CRM system for being so complicated that it prevents them from doing what they need to be doing. Salesforce, ACT!,

System 134

The Right Cadence Creates a New Lead with a $1 Billion Healthcare System


There are six dispositions that we assign a prospect: Lead, Pipeline, Nurture, No-response, Not Qualified and Bad. After navigating to ensure that we have the right contact(s), we deliver a story to prospects we don’t reach live using voicemail and email. In this case the prospect called us back after Email #3. That is a moment of truth for the prospect.

System 109

How to Use EEE Representational System to Gain Rapport

The Science and Art of Selling

All of our memories, imagination and current experience are made up of elements of EEE™ Representational System. Most of us use one system more than the others and this shows up in the words that we use. So, what is the EEE™ Representational System?

How to Prospect at Trade Shows: The Ultimate 10-Step Checklist

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Trade shows are an exciting opportunity for sales professionals to develop relationships with prospects and show off the latest products and services. Here are his 10 steps to successful trade show and event prospecting: Locate a list of sponsors and attendees. Set specific prospecting goals. Connect with prospects in the moment. PRO TIP : Use a map to plot a prospecting path. Read it: 21 Do’s and Don’ts to Master Trade Show Prospecting.

High-Profit Prospecting

Your Sales Management Guru

High–Profit Prospecting. High-Profit Prospecting b y Mark Hunter, published by AMA (American Management Association) has laid out solutions to one of the top sales problems facing every sales organization. Time Management for Prospecting. book review-.

Sales Pitfalls: Lack of System and Lack of Head Work

The Science and Art of Selling

Lack of system may not make a person fail entirely, but unless a person is systematic she is subject to a tremendous waste of energy and money. prospecting where others do not. Sloppy methods in any business produce failure.

How to systemize the way your sales reps generate, manage and close opportunities


Sometimes there are outliers, like the prospective CFO is on vacation and will sign the deal as soon as he returns.

Sales Training System: Do You Have One? | Sales Motivation and.

The Sales Hunter

Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Mark’s Insights on PROSPECTING. Sales Training System: Do You Have One? Do you have a sales training system you believe in? It never ceases to amaze me how few salespeople have a personal sales training system. Having a personal sales training system is as important as taking the time to exercise. Always be improving your sales prospecting and sales closing processes. prospect. prospecting.

System 100

4 Measures to Find Out if Your Prospecting is Effective

Your Sales Management Guru

4 Measures To Find Out If Your Prospecting is Effective. KEN: We have a guest blog this week, during the past year, our research told us that “prospecting” was the #1 issue facing sales leaders. Once you have these details, prospecting can begin.

Common Prospecting Email Mistakes

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Regardless of your role within the sales function of your organization, you undoubtedly use email as part of your prospecting and sales process. Another mistake that we see every day is a mix of fonts in marketing and prospecting emails.

A Winning Game Plan for Writing Cold Prospecting Emails That Sell

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As DiscoverOrg’s Manager of Strategic Accounts, I’m always looking for ways to use personal touchpoints to engage prospects via email. I start with a thoughtful, well-researched cold email that shows just how well I knows my prospect – both the pain points they experience in their job, as well as their personal interests. To see exactly how to use event opportunities for cold email prospecting, here are four real examples of email exchanges that quickly became warm leads.

Systems Don’t Bend, but You Can! – Sales eXchange 151

The Pipeline

He was keen to tell me that he had just started a company sponsored prospecting program, one his company had employed for all their new realtors with great success. Last week I met a young man, fresh out of school, entering real estate as a career.

Perfect Prospecting

Partners in Excellence

Recently, I published a rant on LinkedIn, “ Patient 0 Of Stupid Prospecting.” A couple of people commented, “What does perfect prospecting look like?” ” I can’t tell you what perfect prospecting looks like, but I can tell you how to do it.

Don’t Interrogate Your Prospect, Use This Approach…

MTD Sales Training

The next time you’re with a prospect or customer and you want to find information, try this subtle but powerful approach. It would sound like this: Prospect “We really need to improve our cash-flow over the next few months, as we want to expand”. Prospect “Well, we have to improve the financial gearing of the company, so we’re making decisions in the short-term that will increase our bank balance”. Questioning Skills prospecting prospecting questions questioning techniques

I Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ CRM System

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I allow myself to get sucked into discussions about CRM systems. ” Managers are saying, “people have to use the system and keep everything updated,” “we need to know what’s going on,” “the sales people have information that’s vital to our organization, we need to capture it,” “they need to just do it—or else!” Regardless of what management says, makes the system a tool for you! I’m so stupid.

“Old School Prospecting”

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We’ve been looking at how to improve their prospecting results. Sales people have to add to that by a lot of outbound prospecting. Others of us would immediately leap to the high volume/high velocity approaches to prospecting. We would have put dozens of outbound SDRs in place, and systems that enable them to make hundreds and thousands of dials a day. This client takes a dramatically different approach to prospecting.

Rethinking Prospecting

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Prospecting is critical to our success as sales people. We constantly conduct prospecting campaigns–email programs about what we do, endless phone calls: “May I speak to the person in charge of copier purchases?” What if we changed the way we prospect?

30 Sales Prospecting Email Templates Guaranteed to Start a Relationship

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Yes, you read the title right -- I guarantee that these templates will get responses from prospects. But, compared to the overly salesy prospecting email templates most salespeople are sending, I am confident that these will work better -- or your money back. Email Prospecting

A practical guide to exporting your contact’s data from your CRM system


And if you have thousands of unsuitable prospects in your database, you probably won’t be able to sell to any one of them. So when your company is spending a lot of time and money on generating high-quality leads, you need to be sure that your CRM will give you complete control over this data, even if it means them allowing you to export it from their system. A CRM system which works for you: The value of CRM to a business cannot be understated.

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Speed Dating with Your Prospects

The Sales Hunter

Most salespeople – and I’ll put myself in this group – set aside time during the week to make prospecting calls, including following up on leads, etc. To use these small windows of time to your advantage, do what I refer to as “speed dating with your prospects.”

Sales Enablement, Part 3: Metrics that Matter, Courtesy of Your CPQ System

Cincom Smart Selling

The downside of that technological enrichment is the fact that ownership of the assorted systems and processes makes it necessary to move out of your silo and go knock on some doors to gather all of that rich data. Where does a CPQ system come into play? What is the effect of the piece once the prospect is exposed to it? What kind of prospect is downloading the piece? Other systems within the enterprise should not be overlooked either.

What is Clogging Your Sales Prospecting Pipeline?

The Sales Hunter

Too many salespeople have prospects in their pipeline that are nothing more than suspects taking up space. A simple rule I have is a prospect cannot stay at the same level of ranking in a sales pipeline for more than 2 calls. Look at the prospects you have.

Identifying Your Target Prospects

The Sales Leader

In today’s podcast I’ll explain how to identify your top prospects using the data from the exercises in the last podcast. In today’s podcast I’ll explain how to identify your top prospects using the data from the exercises in the last podcast.

Sales Early Warning System—Are You Leveraging It?

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” I wonder, “Why does this seem to be a surprise, do people have the right measurement systems in place?’” If we are keeping the pipeline updated, we have the most powerful “early warning system” available to us. As sales people or organizations we need to answer these fundamental questions to be leveraging the funnel as an effective control or early warning system? The second half of the year has just begun.

Sales Teams Need Face Time—with Prospects and Each Other

No More Cold Calling

A colleague of mine in Europe complained to me that his prospect in Paris had arranged a meeting with all the decision-makers he needed to meet. But the prospect had only given him four days’ notice. There’s nothing like getting the gang together in person.

Sales Prospecting: Are You Even Focused?

The Sales Hunter

Prospecting for sales is hard enough, but it’s made even harder when the strategy being used is either based on hope — or worse yet something like spraying and praying. I talk a lot about the need to have a very clear sales prospecting process.

If Data is Not in Your CRM, Does It Exist?

Smart Selling Tools

If data about your customers and prospects isn’t entered into your CRM, does it even exist?”. All of these tools — the ones mentioned above, as well as automated emails, dialers, content management systems, help desk apps, you name it — are producing a massive amount of “digital exhaust.”

Data 249

Sales Prospecting Plan — Does Yours Work?

The Sales Hunter

How is your sales prospecting plan working for you? Unfortunately, this exemplifies the expectations of too many sales prospecting plans. How much time do you spend each day/week in the actual activity of interacting with prospects?

Want to Up Your Prospecting Success? Ditch the Status Quo

No More Cold Calling

Prospects tell us they’re decision-makers, even when they’re not. I ask these questions when people want to change up their prospecting and adopt a referral system. The post Want to Up Your Prospecting Success?

Turn the Prospect into a Customer with the “Engagement Process”

The Sales Hunter

Every salesperson has had at one time or another a prospect who just won’t move forward and buy. Let’s say you sell security systems for commercial buildings. Objective of the diagram is to get them to now see first-hand the operational aspects of the system.

Sales Prospecting Tip: Schedule Prospecting. Or You Won’t Do It.

The Sales Hunter

The number one issue salespeople struggle with the most is sales prospecting. Sales prospecting is not easy — I’ll admit it. The problem is far too many salespeople are quick to say they don’t have a good source of prospects or they don’t have a good process.

30 Ways to Reach Prospects

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I also encourage you to post YOUR thoughts on any of these, and ultimately, what you do to reach prospects – what is your best tip? Don’t be afraid to let them know that you feel they could be a great prospective client / customer.

AI: The Answer to the Ongoing Sales Content Dilemma

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To move forward a sale, today’s digital-ready sales person needs to be prepared, trained, and ready to present that unique, extra valuable information that the prospect hasn’t just picked up online.

Performance Management Friday — Compliance Is Not The Point Of CRM Systems!

Partners in Excellence

Millions are invested in new systems–supposedly. Basically compliance is measuring, “are people using the system?” Reporting on who has signed into the system, how many times they’ve logged in and all the related measures are meaningless. While some of the vendors would claim it’s important, the goal of CRM is not system utilization. Or they can enter garbage into the system. Many of the systems have rich analytic embedded.

How to Make Prospecting Calls When You Hate Calling

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In 2016, we started following EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and established firm business goals. " But why do you want to join a sales boot camp? You hate calling! ". I have always hated talking on the telephone.

Want the Inside Track on Your Prospects?

No More Cold Calling

I know that feeling first-hand, and so does anyone who prospects through referrals. Our job gets even better with referral introductions from people our prospects know and trust. Think about the last time you contacted a referred prospect. Get ready to catch the Referral Spirit.

Lifecycle Operations: Nurturing Customers from Prospect to Advocate


With lifecycle nurturing, it’s on operations professionals to ensure that this commitment echoes through the way engage with our customers, integrate our systems, and optimize our workflows. Guest blog by Ashley Coleman, Director of Marketing Operations at UserIQ.