How to Navigate Sales Territory Mapping in 2021

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Moving into 2021, sales territory mapping software is here to help clear up the ambiguity, help you plan for the future, and get your team on the right track. What is sales territory mapping? Things to consider before implementing sales territory mapping software.

A Basic Guide to Territory Optimization

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In this post blog, we'll help you understand how to optimize your sales territory strategy to achieve bigger and better things this year. What is a sales territory strategy? No matter what it looks like for your team, territory mapping has a definite benefit.


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Treat Your Territory Like Your Own Business | Sales Strategies

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The very best reps I know own their territories as if it were their own business. They plan for success in those territories proactively, rather than just taking whatever comes their way, crossing their fingers, and hoping for success.

An SDR’s Field Guide to Sales Territory Mapping


Sales territory maps serve as the game boards for outside sales, which makes field sales reps the game board pieces. Though it can be tedious, sales territory mapping provides a framework for strategic planning — ensuring that sales reps don’t go into meetings blind.

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

source, territory, or industry vertical—to make quick. delaying delivery of the proposal and giving prospects. Will your prospects wait around patiently during. they’ve set for prospects and clients are likelier to win. The 7 must-have automated.

Old-School Territory Management is Dead: A Q&A with John Stewart, CEO of @MapAnything

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Old-School Territory Management is Dead: A Q&A with John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything. Following the recent acquisition of TerrAlign by MapAnything, I asked MapAnything CEO John Stewart to explain the relationship between map-based geo-productivity and territory optimization. What I got was an insight into modern, data-driven territory planning. Q: Why are “intelligent territories” more productive than territories that are solely geographically built?

How to Create a Sales Territory Plan with a Buyer-Centric Approach

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But don’t forget about your sales territory plan. In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a sales territory plan in 3 steps: Identify buyer-centric market opportunities. Even though the first quarter is already behind us, it’s not too late to incorporate sales territory planning into a winning sales strategy and produce results, before the year is over. Why is sales territory planning important? 3 steps to build a laser-focused sales territory plan.

How to Create a Sales Territory Plan: 5 Simple Steps

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Sales Territory Plan. Assess Territory Quality. One of the essential pillars of a successful business is a robust and organized sales territory strategy. Studies show that effective territory management can increase overall sales, improve customer coverage, and reduce costs. Territory planning requires careful thought and consideration because it's crucial to get it right the first time around. What Is a Sales Territory? Sales Territory Planning 101.

4 Steps to Master Your Territory

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One of the most dreaded can be a change to your territory. You may need to call on customers and prospects in unfamiliar areas. Where should my focus be in my new territory? Follow the 4 steps and use the Agile Territory Planner to become the master of your domain. Information about your new territory is usually available to help you ramp quickly. Start with the following actions: Familiarize yourself with the territory as much as possible.

Uncover the Blind Spots in Your Territory

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When your territory is changed, it opens a lot of questions for Sales Reps. To answer those questions, we built a Territory Evaluator. This downloadable tool helps you evaluate your new territory in relevant terms: Selling time as required to meet quota. Why Territories Change. It is important to understand why sales management makes a territory change. Perhaps it is to equalize the potential of territories across the entire team.

Account-Based Everything: Is it Time for a New Territory Analyst Manager Role?

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Rather than react to inbound leads or simply start at the top of a list and work my way down, I analyzed my territory before I began. My goal was never about just hitting quota, but rather to generate the most revenue possible from my territory. I presented a process that looked something like this: Step one: Create a list of all accounts in my territory that currently did business with us. Because of that, I could identify the several hundred accounts within my territory.

TAM – The First Step Every Territory Sales Rep Must Take


There’s no question that sales pros—especially territory-based sellers—have a weakness in a key skill. Let me explain, these sales pros are typically given a geographic territory or a specific vertical – but their weakness is that they lack the understanding that they need to treat their territory as if they’re the CEO of that territory. Identify which prospective accounts you’d like to target that you’ve engaged with, but there have been no opportunities yet.

Five Elements of an Effective Sales Territory Map


The sales territory is a geographical area that is managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by sales potential, history, geography, or a combination of the above. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. . As a result, sales territory design is a critical process for your sales performance management (SPM). See if your sales territories have room for improvement. Balanced Territories.

5 Benefits of Territory Mapping Software


Your sales territories are geographical areas managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by several factors, but most commonly, territories are mapped based on sales potential, sales history, geography, or a combination of factors. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. As a result, sales territory design is a critical process for your sales performance management (SPM).

The Key to Sales Territory Mapping


In order to manage your sales performance, you need effective sales territory mapping. Sales territory design must be a thoughtful process that involves data and a balancing act to ensure every sales rep has adequate sales potential within their territory. The objective is to create logical and travel-efficient territories that meet the needs of the business and generate revenue opportunities. Use Data-driven Intelligence to Map Territories.

5 Steps for Designing Territories for your Top Talent

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These strong reps may not be in the right territories calling on the right accounts. It may be time to assess whether your territories are optimally designed. When Sales Operations decides to take on a territory analysis , we care about 3 things: Determining the number of accounts, prospects and total potential for each rep. Getting the best reps in the best territories. In many organizations, territories are designed on historical precedent.

How to Optimize Sale Territories for a Strategic Advantage


Effective territory design is the basis of strategic sales planning. Balanced territories allow you to set fair quotas, which have a huge impact on your incentive compensation and success of your salesforce. Ultimately, if your sales territories aren’t optimized, you hinder sales reps’ motivation and performance. The Effect of Bad Territory Planning on Sales Performance. The success of your sales strategy relies heavily on well-planned sales territories.

Five Elements of an Effective Sales Territory Map


Your sales territories are geographical areas managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by several factors, but most commonly, territories are mapped based on sales potential, sales history, geography, or a combination of factors. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. As a result, sales territory design is a critical process for your sales performance management (SPM).

Sales Ops Resolution: Build Market-Focused Territories in 2013

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Make a New Year’s resolution to build territories that are market-centric in 2013. Today’s post explores designing sales territories based on your customers and prospects. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, Download the Territory Design Whitepaper Here ! How Market Focused Are Your Territories? When was the last time you re-designed your territories? More importantly, did you design your territories based on your customers and prospects?

How to Strengthen Sales Territory Planning with Data Intelligence


Download our executive guide, "Optimizing Sales Territories for Strategic Advantage," to see how optimized territory planning can help companies maximize return on sales resources, shorten the planning process, and reduce travel inefficiencies. By leveraging intelligent insights and data, including artificial intelligence and machine learning technology (AI/ML) , organizations can optimize planning processes across their entire SPM value chain, including: Sales territory design.

Sales VPs - Are 'A' Player Quotas Rising and Territories Shrinking?

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Subsequently, this leads to smaller territories. Determine potential by segmenting your customers and prospects. Determine potential by territory. Matching quotas to territory potential will maximize your best territories. It will also give reps in low potential territories a fighting chance. How do you communicate quota and territory changes? We will discuss four keys to rolling out higher quotas and smaller territories.

Six Keys to Manage Your Sales Territory More Effectively

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You’ve just been awarded a sales territory by your sales leadership team. In tandem with our most recent white paper on Developing an Effective Sales Territory Model , we want to share some best practices that help you maximize the revenue from your turf. Sales Prospecting Sales Enablement Sales ManagementNow it’s up to you to properly nurture and grow that area to drive sales.

How to Take Action on Your Territory Plan for a Successful Year Ahead


The beginning of the year is typically a time where you either get a new territory or simply start from scratch with your current one. How do you best take action on your territory plan? Here are three actionable techniques to use when getting started with your territory plan and working toward crushing your goals in 2019. Make sure your territory plan has action items that are time sensitive. Ask your colleague to poke holes in your territory plan.

A Critical Mistake In Handle Prospecting Objections

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People will tell you that the number one reason sellers do not like to prospect, specifically telephone prospecting, is rejection. However, if we step back, there is no less rejection in other means of prospecting, say e-mail or LinkedIn prospecting; when you look at the numbers, the phone is more effective than e-mail, (better together), it’s just not in your face (ear), like the phone. What do you want to achieve this year with your prospecting efforts?

Reaching Prospects

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Finding the right prospective buyers and then actually having conversations with them are the top two challenges most sellers are facing now. If assigned a vertical territory of financial services I would do several things right away: look at who my existing and past customers in financial services are. The post Reaching Prospects appeared first on Score More Sales.

How Sales Leaders Should Be Thinking About Innovation in 2020

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Running a sales transformation is difficult. In our experience at SBI, we have found that the organization’s culture, increased collaboration, and focus on value creation are key levers to successfully grow revenue. Additionally, we also see innovation as being a.

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SMA Research Findings: 10 Important Territory Planning Statistics


Earlier this year, we teamed up with the Sales Management Association (SMA) to conduct a survey on sales territory design. More than 100 organizations participated in the survey and provided insights into how they design and plan their sales territories. Sales territories have a big impact on the overall success of a company’s overall sales strategy. Because sales territories affect each part of the sales plan, they are the foundation of your strategy.

3 Things That Kill Prospecting Calls

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The problem with most call scripts salespeople use for proactive direct prospecting is that they are prepared for sellers, by people who are not buyers, and as a result, there is little for the prospect to grab and hang on too long enough to convert to engagement. They are rarely as desperate as a manager is to fill a vacancy in a territory. These and other, day to day things lead salespeople to say the entirely wrong thing when the unwitting prospect answers.

Research Reveals Best Practices for Sales Territory Design


By adopting advanced territory planning software, Xactly’s sales operations team shortened the time spent designing territories from a month to a week – shaving hundreds of hours off the process. Given our first-hand experience, we weren’t surprised, then, to learn that organizations using technology in territory design outperform the slow adopters by 20 percent in sales objective achievement. Data Has Become Essential for Effective Territory Design.

100 Most Prospected-to Companies of 2018

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You might recognize the most-prospected-to companies of 2018, according to DiscoverOrg’s database, as household names – but that’s not why savvy sales and marketing professionals have been pitching to them. And they don’t publish press releases proclaiming strategic expansions into a new sales territory, and they need new headcount to work that new territory. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the most-prospected-to industries.

SalesTech News: @TechTarget Priority Engine Email Alerts Help Sales Teams Take Immediate Action on the Best Opportunities in Their Territory

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TechTarget Priority Engine Email Alerts Help Sales Teams Take Immediate Action on the Best Opportunities in Their Territory. Nasdaq: TTGT), the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services, today announced the release of IT Deal Alert Priority Engine TM Email Alerts to help enterprise technology sales teams quickly identify and take action on the best opportunities in their territory.

Practical Market, Territory and Account Planning


Off the Cuff Instant Interview Question: “What are some tips for doing practical market, territory and account planning?”. KARE (Keep, Attain, Recapture, Expand) – Developing profiles for all accounts, clients and prospects, based on their traits and tendencies, is truly impactful. Territory Value Propositions – Based on the planning now accomplished, outcome-based messages are crafted for your identified, most promising market areas.

How to Acquire the Prospecting Mindset

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Later, when my manager in Los Angeles forced me into outside sales, I dialed the phone from 8:00 AM until Noon, and then from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM, until I was so busy with clients and meetings that I had to block time for prospecting. The Prospecting Mindset. Sales prospecting

Adapting Your Coverage Model for 2020 and Beyond

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No longer were we allowed to meet customers or prospects in person, and unfortunately, this still holds true four months later. In early March, everyone’s coverage model was forced to change.

What You Need to Prospect Successfully

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To obtain that commitment, you must prospect. You might ask yourself, “How do I prospect more effectively?” You make prospecting easier when you have a framework and a strategy that produces results. Here is what you need to prospect effectively in B2B sales. Start Your Prospecting with a Plan. You need a plan for your territory. The outcome of prospecting is a meeting, and the result of that meeting, when done well, is an opportunity.

Leading Indicators of Sales Performance You Can’t Afford Not To Track

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The average lifespan of a Revenue Leader is less than two-years. Most of the time the Leader’s departure is related to poor revenue performance or inadequate return on Sales & Marketing dollars. In the following article, we will outline.

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Where can I get the best prospect list?

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Some sales people in my firm were discussing where they could get the best prospect lists. They are building out a new territory so they need people to contact. The skinny on prospect lists is that one size does not fit all. The best source of prospect lists for you very much depends on your target industry/industries and target contacts in those industries. I highly recommend doing so, if you’re considering spending any decent cash (or time) on a prospect list.

The Very Best Time to Prospect

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I made calls all day, every day, minus the time I spent at meetings booked as a result of my prospecting effort. On Mondays, I would call the stack of index cards I used to keep track of the known prospects in my territory. After getting through that stack, it was back to the phone book, or the list of prospects I built as I drove through the area where I had booked a meeting. The second best time to prospect is now. Prospecting

How to Talk To Your Sales Force About Prospecting

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The activities that result in new opportunities all come from prospecting. Here is how you talk to your sales force about prospecting. The second is opportunity capture, all the other meetings, and interactions we have with our prospective clients.

Money Monday Strategic Prospecting Plan

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Do you have a strategic prospecting plan or will you just “wing it” again, like you often do? You need to start planning during your prior work day for upcoming prospecting you’ll be doing on the next business day. Selling is a profession, and it is an admirable profession that deserves your mindful and thoughtful approach to growing your territory. Download the “Strategic Prospecting Plan” here.