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Driving Sales Productivity: Aragon Research Draws the Lines Between Sales Enablement, Sales Readiness and LMS


Vendors and consultants have fallen over themselves to assure prospective buyers that they have worked out defining and differentiating sales enablement, training, sales coaching, sales effectiveness, engagement, readiness and so on.

5 Modern Learning Principles To Drive Higher Sales Performance


Too many organizations take an approach that emphasizes more of the same: more “Death by PowerPoint” in sporadic classroom training sessions and more eLearning. Why isn’t the training department every organization’s number one priority?

The 30+ Most Desirable Sales Skills & Traits You MUST Develop To Become An Unstoppable Rep

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Hard Skills – these are often formal and technical abilities learned from academic institutions, workplaces, seminars, mentorships, and training courses. . This soft skill coupled with software automation, analytics and other technologies delivers significant ROI for any business. .

170 Sales Terms From A – Z: The Updated Glossary of B2B Sales Definitions

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a system of computers, software, machines and processes that simulate certain aspects of human intelligence such as image perception, voice recognition and reasoning. Content Management System (CMS) is a computer program or software application used to create, modify, store and manage digital content. Dialer is a computer software, application or electronic device that automates the process of making phone calls. Sales Training.

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Does the Vista view include ROI?

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Standardized desktop strategy (savings of $110/PC): Deploying a standardized desktop by minimizing hardware and software configurations. At Alinean, we incorporated the IDC research, along with research from GCR and WiPro into predictive models and tools to estimate the costs and benefits of migrations, and easily project these figures for any company or situation. per PC per year in security remediation labor benefits – particularly avoiding security incidents before they happen.

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