When Customer Retention becomes a Sales Spectator Sport

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When customer retention processes become a sanctioned sales spectator sport, everyone suffers. We all know that customer acquisition costs as much as 5 times the cost of customer retention. Customer retention is a collaborative, cross-functional sport.

Better Knowledge Retention Using Multimodal Learning for Sales


Engaging multiple senses in the act of learning improves knowledge retention. Research shows using images combined with sound improves retention because the brain stores working memory in separate places for each.

3 Tips to Boost Customer Retention and Growth

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According to a study from Harvard Business School , you can boost profitability by 25 to 95 percent by focusing on current customers and boosting retention rates by just five percent. To overcome your knowledge gaps about the customer experience, conduct research. Enhancing loyalty is worthwhile because if you raise retention by just five percent, you could increase profitability by more than 25 percent

Improve retention by breaking the sophomore/junior-year curse

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and its link to retention and revenue?—?77 Jim has more than 30 years of experience driving B2B sales productivity and previously led the sales enablement research practice at SiriusDecisions. Author: Jim Ninivaggi, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Brainshark Sales rep attrition remains a vexing issue for organizations?— with companies losing about one out of every three reps each year, according to The Bridge Group.

Why 80 Percent of Companies Lose at Customer Retention

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by Dixon, Toman and Delisi, the authors discuss their research on how customer loyalty is built on meeting rather than exceeding expectations. The post Why 80 Percent of Companies Lose at Customer Retention appeared first on Score More Sales.

Why Order Taker Mindset will become IIoT Business Extinct

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Transactional mindset does not catalyze customer loyalty and customer retention in the industrial Internet of Things business ecosystem. After all, even the best online customized ordering interfaces are the result of a lot of complex, customer face-to-face research, development and testing.

If Only Sales Management Would Do the Math – Part 2

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Sales management does some research and learns a good salesperson can close 4 loans per month. Workforce retention. Sales Management cycle time reduction employment acquisition executive leadership sales goals sales managers sales mangement workforce retention

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Greg Sherrill, CEO of @ChannelRocket

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And Forrester Research’s findings show that “78% of executive buyers claim salespeople do not have relevant examples or case studies to share with them.” And are you aligned on revenue, customer acquisition and retention goals and metrics?

How to Make Your Sales Enablement Roar Like a Ferrari

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You likely have targets for customer retention, as well as for converting anonymous visitors. Marketing Sales Effectiveness Sales Tools/Product Reviews Forrester Research Peter O''Neill Sales Enablement by Rebecca Bell Ellis.

Sales Engineering Mindset is Tailor Made for IIoT Challenges

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As a result, you research the context behind the products, platforms, equipment and services you sell or engineer. Receive new posts on customer retention, tech workforce hiring strategy and team collaboration. Sales engineering mindset combines the best of many worlds.

Brick Walls and Customer Focus

Jonathan Farrington

However there is ample research, which proves that their primary concern is reliability. General Account Management Customer Focus Customer Retention Key Account Management In a recent post I highlighted the need to focus – and I mean really focus – on your existing accounts, for a reasonable percentage of your scarce selling time.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? We Need Our Leaders to be ?Firm but.

Jonathan Farrington

These conclusions came from research by The Industrial Society, carried out among 3000 business people. This research shows that it is integrity, honesty and decisive action that marks out the truly successful leaders.

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Five Bottom-Line Benefits for Incentive Compensation for Retailers


With retailers making a shift to omnichannel structures, organizations must find solutions and develop strategies that help drive the desired behavior, improve customer service, and increase customer retention. The Retail Industry is one of the most quickly-changing environments.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Moving the Focus Away From the.

Jonathan Farrington

Some researchers prefer to move the focus away from the leader altogether and to examine instead what makes others prepared to follow these individuals. Occupational health services including stress at work and employee retention advice.

Why You Need Full-Circle Sales at Every Stage in the Buy Cycle

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She researches to decide whether she prefers you over your competitor. Action Alignment Buying Process Guest Post High Value Activities Retention Sales Strategy Sales Success Attitude Buy Process Play to Win Sales Process Upsell Value The Pipeline Guest Post - Megan Totka.

What’s Missing from Today’s Sales Training Programs?


This phenomenon causes knowledge retention to steadily decline in the absence of continued exposure. Below are 4 examples of the technologies and techniques organizations can use to improve knowledge retention. 4 Ways Sales Organizations Can Improve Retention.

What are the Ideal Qualities of a Modern Day Salesperson?

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A sales management team needs to have an ideal candidate in mind when trying to hire a salesperson, as research and thorough examinations up-front during hiring can help to limit the resources that are wasted on training people who are out of place in the role. Hiring & Retention Hiring Salespeople Sales Management sales management training sales people sales reps sales training management

The Power of Marketing and Sales Intelligence

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These tools take the power of accurate data – gathered and kept fresh through ongoing research, actionable predictive intelligence, and plenty of integrations – and apply it to your biggest sales and marketing challenges. These kinds of platforms include predictive insights, competitive intelligence, foundational and tactical support for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, as well as insights for client retention. Client success and retention.

Why CMOs Aren’t Turning to Marketing Analytics Vendors for Marketing Analytics


Nancy Maluso is a Research Director of Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions, noted in a blog post , “The drive for increased growth requires tight sales and marketing alignment. There’s an African proverb that goes something like this: “When elephants fight, the grass suffers.”

Sales Tech Simplified with @Katie_E_Bullard: How to Eliminate the Problem of Data Decay

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The rest of their time is spent doing research, reporting, administrative, and CRM-related tasks. We feel that your most expensive assets (your sales people) should be paid to sell – not research for the data they need to do their job.

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The Spray and Pray Tsunami of Social Selling

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Training and Development Coaching Tip: A one day workshop delivers less than 10% cognitive retention after 14 days. Of course the research suggests if the business receives a 2-3% response that is good. Social selling appears to have taken the spray and pray sales approach to tsunami proportions. Clueless or lazy salespeople now drown people with emails to postings with sales pitches.

Internal Changes Deliver External Sales Results

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Yet, when we look at the research is this where the focus should be? First as to the research on sales training, sales behaviors and sales results. #1

2017 SaaS AE Metrics Report

The Bridge Group

This is our sixth round of this research project and I can honestly say it's our best release yet. Ramp and Retention. We couldn't do these types of research without this community. In the SaaS world, metrics can be finicky beasts. What works at LinkedIn, Salesforce, Twilio, or Zendesk might not be transferable from one to the other, let alone work for you. Questions around how can I benchmark myself make leading an AE group all the more challenging.

Why Off Site Leadership and Sales Training Misses the Mark

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If the knowledge gained is never applied, then it is lost as learning research suggests. Two plus weeks down the road, your cognitive retention dropped to under 10% and by some research reports to 2%.

Practice The Connection Bridge to Leadership and Sales Training ROI

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Research continues to support that within 24 hours we remember 50% of what we learned the previous day. Add another 24 hours and that cognitive retention drops another 50%. Practice makes perfect or so we are told.

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Improve Sales Communication with Images and Video

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Recent research supports the idea that visual communication is more powerful and persuasive than verbal communication, suggesting in many instances that people learn and retain information that is presented to them visually much better than that which is only provided verbally.

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Top Sales Performers Know What Cards to Hold

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Reduce customer loyalty and retention. They have invested the time to research the demographics and psychographics. 3 – Invest Time to Research. Once you have begun your separation process, invest additional time to research.

Maslow’s Hierarchy for SDR Teams

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The retention rate of new hires four months after being hired (reps who “made it”), went from about 50% to 90%. Our research team also profiles the companies and prospects we target, basically “DiscoverOrg for DiscoverOrg.”

Deb Calvert Interview: Stop Selling and Start Leading


Our business solutions focus on building those emotional commitments that unleash a torrent of business-boosting results that include higher levels of employee retention, improved productivity rates, increases in customer satisfaction, and improved profit margins. So we conducted a research study with buyers and surveyed sellers, too, about these Five Practices. It’s the blueprint for seller behaviors based on buyer research.

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AJ’s story – and the Split of Outbound and Inbound Sales Development

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Research shows that responding within the first five minutes increases the likelihood of conversion by a factor of 10. After extended research, Johnson and Chris Hays, DiscoverOrg’s head of sales operations, identified two areas where the team was losing prospects: booking demos, and responding quickly to web leads. This drastically improved retention. A word of advice about working at a high-growth company: Don’t get too comfortable.

Sales Tips: Is Your CX Program Driving Metrics or Revenue?

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I’d like to suggest the goal of a Customer Experience program is not to improve metrics like NPS , CSAT , and Customer Retention. A successful Customer Experience program delivers gains in four core pillars: Customer Retention, Revenue Realized, Revenue Retention, and Revenue Growth.

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Prospects' Lives & Win Their Business

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This is only reinforced by HubSpot Research showing buyers still think most sellers are pushy. Prep for, research, and personalize every sales call. To this day I still attribute my success as a sales rep and a sales manager to this research and preparation. “Adding value.”.

10-Point Inspection for Top Sales Performance

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Top Sales reps become a retention risk when they recognize that the plan will not support achievement of their income goals. Otherwise, the manager''s compensation plan will dictate strategic decisions on hiring and retention. January is over.

Time to Connect Employee Engagement to Your Sales Culture

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From the research of Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. Employee engagement continues to trend upward as a search term and a demonstrated need by SMB owners and executives. What would happen in these professionals would connect the productivity (engagement) of their employees to sales culture instead of just a workplace culture?

Discovery, Demo, or Disconnect?

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The Theory: A robust client pain profile, combined with one or more trigger events, may lead to an increase in close rates, and higher retention rates, than an incomplete discovery and generic or rushed demo. Sales people have been giving tech demos for a long time.

Marshmallow Leadership Anyone?

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Being a former educator I was well versed in learning motivation through a variety of research studies. Much of today’s leadership is about fixing people through quick fixes based upon this or that research or latest and greatest book.

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8 Creative Sales Prospecting Ideas You've Never Tried Before

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Before, it could have taken them two months to research and review different options for their legal needs; with your recommendation, it might take two weeks. Creative Sales Ideas. Create a Website for Referrals. Form Strategic Alliances. Attend Your Customers' Events. Send Them a Book.

How to Boost Sales Team Morale Before Year-End


There are several available contractor or freelance services that can handle minor tasks, such as data entry and research. Unfortunately, research has found that only one of five employees takes real work breaks, or rest periods that pull them away from their desks. It’s crunch time!

The Secrets to Scalable Growth: How DiscoverOrg Crushed 2016

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based research team , which at nearly 250 is the best and largest in the industry. I remember it so vividly that it’s crystal clear.

How to Heat Up Cold Emails with Personalization

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If your prospect has a social presence that allows you to do sufficient research, but they haven’t responded to your social touches (reaching out on LinkedIn, or a Twitter @mention, for example), your prospect might be ripe for a cold email. ABSD requires time spent researching specific target prospects, which can be a time-suck. SDRs can easily fall into the trap of spending all their time researching a great prospect and too little time actually selling.