Using CRM Software to Build a Better Prospecting Strategy


Is she a decision-maker, or does she answer to a higher-up who manages the budget? Build a value-first sales plan or script. The post Using CRM Software to Build a Better Prospecting Strategy appeared first on SalesPOP! Sales Management For Sales Pros

3 Reasons SMBs Are Moving Towards CRM Software


Customer relationship management CRM software is no longer just for large corporations with huge budgets and the IT infrastructure to support the system. sales , have realized the advantages of utilizing CRMs and are getting on board as well. Sales Management Entrepreneurs

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The Need for Emotionality in Sales Management


Ken Thoreson is the president of Acumen Management Group , and a recognized expert in sales execution channel management. He has over 18 years in consulting and advisory positions, and has led development-stage entrepreneurships as well as $250 million national vertical software sales organizations. Q : When you talk about emotion and sales management, what do you mean? A : People have to understand that leadership is different than management.

52 Sales Management Tips – the Sales Manager’s Success Guide

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I recently read 52 Sales Management Tips – The Sales Manager’s Success Guide by Steven Rosen. Written for sales managers and small business owners, this is a guide every sales leader will benefit from.

Why Producing Sales Managers No Longer Make Sense (If They Ever Did)

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Although many companies believe they are maximizing dollars by requiring their frontline sales managers maintain and grow their own book of business, are they really getting the value they expect or are they costing themselves sales and money in the long run by trying to save a few bucks on a manager’s salary? And then the kicker: • Maintaining a high level of personal sales activity and personal production.

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CPQ Software and Multiple Channel Sales Management

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If your sales strategy includes moving your product and services through multiple selling channels , you know very well that all channels are not created equal. Forcing a sales relationship model that works for selling into the heavy-industrial-equipment world upon a market that serves financial services is a recipe for failure. Let’s look at some factors that physically differentiate one market from another and also how that market channel might be managed.

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Sales Management & The Impact of Social Media

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Sales Management and the Impact of Social Media. While in the process of writing a future magazine column on the future of sales and social media I interviewed three people and posed several questions in order to get their view points. I thought for this week’s blog I would also introduce you to my current thinking and I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts on the direction of sales and the use of social media. Is your sales process?

Let’s Start Talking About Sales Manager Enablement

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There are 1000’s of articles, dozens of books on sales enablement. In the US alone, between training, technology, and tools, over $25Billion is spent each year on enabling sales people. There are dozens of software tools/platforms, with new one’s springing up every week that focus only on sales enablement. What about sales managers? What are we doing in sales manager enablement? Should Sales Managers Coach?

Sales management and the tyranny the clock

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Sales managers and the time trap. For sales managers Public Enemy # 1 is time. The more successful a sales manager, the more demands on their time. CRM software and other online systems require attention. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC.

Sales Tips: A Brilliant Sales Management Strategy

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: A Brilliant Sales Management Strategy. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. A sales manager’s dream is having “A” Players that can carry a branch, district or regional office.

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What Your Sales Manager Should Never Have to Manage

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What Your Sales Manager Should Never Have to Manage is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Your sales manager should never have to manage your activity. If your sales manager has to look at your activity then you are doing something wrong.

How Today’s Sales Manager Needs to Change their Field Coaching

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Sales VPs need to train their Sales Managers differently. Coaching sales people has changed. 77% of all Sales Managers reported fewer sales calls in 2012. Download the Sales Manager Situational Coaching Tool to immediately change your coaching.).

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Configure Price Quote Software Prevents Order Prevention

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Configure price quote software makes approving complex sales orders easy and fast. It is amazing what some companies do to make sure they want to accept a deal brought in by their hardworking sales force. In many instances, it is easier for the sales rep to cash in a million-dollar lotto ticket than it is to get approval for their latest deal. Each order went through the following checks: The sales manager confirmed pricing and evaluated commission processing.

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to be a Sales Manager

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It is time to get it out on the table and say once and for all that if you are a sales manager, you are in a dead-end position. If you are a salesperson and you want to be promoted to a sales manager position, it’s time to change your thinking.

Business of Software: What Does It Take to Win the Saas Battle

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In SaaS, as in subscription based software, retention is key and you will need all the tools and reporting you can get to drive an increased retention rate. The evolution of customer ownership preferences for SaaS software products.

Using Leverage in Sales: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

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As it goes for business, so it goes for Sales. Do you employ leverage to get the most from your sales organization? One way to accomplish that is to deploy sales tools. Back in 2010 when I first wrote about the topic of leverage in Sales, I talked specifically about DiscoverOrg.

It Doesn’t End With the Sale: Managing Customer Relationships

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The best way to do so, however, is a matter that often leaves your sales and marketing staff at odds. Your sales force is focused primarily on closing the deal and landing new customers, while your marketing department wants to nurture customer relationships before and after the sale.

Sales Management: 6 Top Tools to Create More Effective Sales Teams

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Think you have the best possible toolkit for your sales team? The best sales tools now are all about integration and automation. The best tools for your team make more sales, less work. A mobile sales productivity app. The Pipeline Guest Post - Diana Doherty.

Sales Alignment with Company Strategy Part-2


This is part 2 of a 2 part interview with Frank on the crucial subject of aligning sales efforts with company strategy. How can sales metrics be better aligned to forward company strategy? Also, remember that markets don’t care about any specific firm’s strategy and sales process.

Use Lost Opportunities to Enhance Your Marketing Content Creation


Global SaaS software revenues are forecasted to reach $106B in 2016, increasing 21% over projected 2015 spending levels (Forrester). What happens after your sales executive doesn’t close that deal and it’s marked as closed lost? […]. Sales Management

How to Turn CRM into a Strategic Advantage

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Implementing CRM across any sales organization is a big deal. Were you expecting to have a great deal more insight into your sales pipeline? Were you hoping to instill more accountability across the sales organization? Managers hold the budget.

It’s Official: Selling Will Be Automated From This Day Forward

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The perfect sales tool is finally here. It marks the first major shift in sales solutions since SFA (Sales Force Automation) was first introduced in the mid-80’s. It’s a revolutionary sales software solution – and I do mean revolutionary.

How Select and Implement a CRM Solution…and It Isn’t Easy


Today, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are everywhere. Contact Management – you should have the goal of having a safe and consistent system to capture clients and prospects that are transparent across the organization. Opportunity Management – you should have the goal of managing all opportunities in a system that reflect your sales process as well as your clients’ buying process. Many companies confuse CRM with the sales process.

Is There a Sales Enablement Bubble and Will it Burst?

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Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Scott Santucci of Forrester Research, published an article entitled, “ Is the Sales Enablement Space a Growth Market or a Hype Bubble? ” If buyers aren’t yet buying (or accepting sales calls) perhaps it’s an issue with the pitch or the messaging.

How Cloud Technology has Optimized Sales Calling


The first being the on-premise call center solution that houses your communication hardware, software and infrastructure within the confines of your office. This article talks about cloud technology and the different ways it has optimized the sales calling process.

SLAMMED! Sales Mgmt Boot Camp

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Sales Management Boot Camp- 8 weeks, online. We have too much to do, we don’t have time to build a sales organization. I am frustrated with my sales team, do I have the right team? I have a problem growing sales profitably. Sales Management Boot Camp maybe for you.

The Stupidest Sales Call Ever… Kill the Monster While It’s Small


Editor’s note: This blog post is part of our ongoing series of True Sales Tales. This post is an excerpt from the new book of sales worst practices: Sales Insanity: 20 True Stories of Epic Sales Blunders. The Sales Worst Practice. Either way, no sale was made.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS.

HeavyHitter Sales

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Closing Techniques Using Sales Linguistics. Top 7 Critical Sales Trends for 2012. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Best New Sales Book of 2011. If Sigmund Freud Was Your Sales Manager.

How to Choose the Right Sales Enablement Tool for Your Business


In the current competitive business climate, sales reps are expected more than ever to be able to talk the talk and convince customers of what they are saying. The longer you spend training your sales team on how to learn to use the platform, the more time you waste contacting leads.

Sales middle managers – what motivates them the most?

Sales Training Connection

Sales Middle Managers. Middle managers are the key to implementing C-Suite strategic initiatives. It is in these knowledge-intensive industries where variation in the abilities of middle managers has a particularly large impact on firm performance.

The 13 Least Known Sales Technologies


Did you know that high-growth companies are more likely to be familiar with the different types of sales technologies on the market? Of the sales technologies listed, here are the 13 least known according to participants (in order, starting from the least known). 1) Sales Gamification.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: If Sigmund Freud Was Your Sales Manager

HeavyHitter Sales

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Closing Techniques Using Sales Linguistics. Top 7 Critical Sales Trends for 2012. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Best New Sales Book of 2011. If Sigmund Freud Was Your Sales Manager.

Tony Hughes – CRM Failure – The Dirty Secret That’s Holding You Back


In my last corporate role, I ran the Australian region for one of world’s biggest CRM software companies. All About CRM For Sales ManagersIt was my final role in a twenty-five year career working in the technology sector.

Today’s Evolving Sales Professional Needs These 9 Top Skills


Like everything else in the modern age, sales changes at an incredible rate. Because of changes in buyer behavior—as well as other changes brought about by the digital age—sales strategies have had to change, too. Some sales organization, though, have been reluctant to give up their tried and true methods. When the most essential skills are understood by today’s sales pro, they can make considerable forward motion. For Sales Pros Sales Effectiveness Sales Management

How Sales Enablement is Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing


Just in the same way as on a football field (sans thunderstorm), if you ask a sales executive and a marketing leader what the biggest pain points in their business strategy are, you might get two very different answers. We need sales to be more communicative with us.”.

The Secret to Sales Rep Motivation

Steven Rosen

Last week I was speaking with a VP of Sales of a well-known software company. George was not pleased with the performance of his sales team and was under intense pressure from the senior team to turn things around. A high performance sales team will outsell the competition.

Today my wish came true: New Revolutionary Sales Software Introduced

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It’s a revolutionary sales productivity software tool designed for companies of all sizes and budgets – and I do mean revolutionary. Managers know key stats for each rep such as the number of calls, number of demos, number of appointments, and number of proposals.

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Three Must Have Reports from Your Sales Force Automation

The Sales Blog

Three Must Have Reports from Your Sales Force Automation is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. There are three reports a sales manager must be able to obtain from their sales force automation or customer relationship software. Sales 3.0

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How to Find Your Ideal Customer Profile


One of the toughest parts of owning and managing a business is finding and keeping reliable clients. For many business owners and professionals, utilizing customer relationship management software (or CRM, for short) is an essential part of marketing and building customer databases.

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Medical sales training – something different vs. more of the same

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Medical sales training. If your customers are making changes, then the case is made that it’s no longer business-as-usual for your sales team. So, what does it take for a company to implement a sales transformation? Building transformational sales training.