SugarCRM’s Winter ‘18 Release Has Arrived


At SugarCRM, we’ve held a strong belief that the high-quality and efficient experience that consumers enjoy on their phones, tablets and laptops needs to replace the legacy designs of enterprise applications.

The World has Changed! …And SugarCRM is Changing With It


SugarCRM chief product officer, Rich Green, also gave an inspiring talk about practical realities of building a culture of innovation within your company. …And SugarCRM is Changing With It appeared first on Get your daily dose of Sugar.

New software, updates and features are helping SugarCRM stay ahead of the game


The introduction of quotes configuration means that tasks like modifying the layout and content in quotes is easier than ever before, requiring only a few clicks to create highly attractive and relevant sales quotes for your business. Finally, we’re excited to announce some of the new features users can expect in December from SugarCRM Hint – the flagship application of our Relationship Intelligence product line. CRM SugarCRM New Release Sugar

How SugarCRM’s Winter ‘19 release delves deeper into the future of customer relationship management


At SugarCRM we’ve always focused on helping our customers to develop better business relationships. It’s an approach we take ourselves here at SugarCRM, with the habits, feedback and insight of our customers helping to drive our latest innovation with the launch of our Winter ‘19 release, which represents another step forward for our already industry-leading CRM application. CPQ and Sales Efficiency. When it comes to business success, understanding customers is key.

Coming Soon: Innovation from SugarCRM to Address Data Protection and GDPR Compliance


While all this data has been a boon to companies’ sales and marketing efforts, it’s created some bad corporate habits. Openness and integrity have long been SugarCRM core values. It’s an opportunity for SugarCRM customers to build a relationship based on trust and transparency with their own customers. This material contains forward-looking statements relating to SugarCRM’s expectations and plans regarding our products.

CRM Blueprint Series: Sales Automation Webinar Recap


This edition focused on the core tenets of a modern sales automation solution. In the webinar, we discussed how important it is to offer highly usable sales software to your reps. CRM SugarCRM CRM Blueprint Spring '19 webinar

CRM 34

What Makes Sales & Marketing Alignment So Powerful


Sales and marketing are two very different areas of business; however, both are essential for the success of your company. While marketers are working on generating and nurturing high-quality leads, sales reps are working hard to close deals. CRM Customer Experience SugarCRM

Why Your Sales Team Isn´t Using Your CRM


A CRM can skyrocket sales and build solid long-term customer relationships. Understanding and overcoming employee disapprobation is key to changing mind sets and improving the sales team´s user adoption. The CRM is not aligned with your sales process.

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New Sugar – From CRM to CX?


Already this year, you have seen Sugar acquire Collabspot for no touch email integration, release Sugar 9 for faster sales and customer service collaboration and just this week, acquire Salesfusion for integrated marketing automation. Technology is getting faster, and easier to use.

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Increase Productivity with Actionable Insights in Hint 5.1


Our next version SugarCRM Hint 5.1 Hint provides a wide range of important, useful and actionable insights, uncovering key information at every stage of your sales, marketing, and customer service cycles. is now generally available!

Do I Need to Hire a Full Time Administrator for SugarCRM?


Once your CRM consultants and software salesperson have delivered their respective terms of engagement, the one person that you are left with to make inevitable and necessary adjustments to your CRM system is your SugarCRM administrator. A SugarCRM administrator will know how to use many advanced features that just aren’t commonly utilized by the average end user. A SugarCRM administrator does more than just regular updates.

Big News! Salesfusion is Now Part of Sugar (Three Big Advantages for You)


Sugar is laser focused on empowering marketing, sales and services teams with the tools they need to be more productive and profitable. CRM Customer Experience SugarCRMHave you heard? The world is close to capturing 1.7

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Time To Get Organized!

Engage Selling

Let’s make a distinction – being organized in sales doesn’t mean having a spotless office with perfect stacks of paper and a strategically placed hand sanitizer beside your computer.

It’s Awards Season


Not to be outdone by another awards show happening this weekend that you may have heard about, SugarCRM announced the winners of its fiscal year 2018 global partner awards last week at the company’s annual sales kick off (SKO) event in Sorrento, Italy. For the past nine years, SugarCRM has recognized the leadership and achievements of its partner community through a series of partner awards. SugarCRM

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Introducing SugarBPM™


A growing sales force means more complexity in getting the right leads to the right reps. SugarBPM offers SugarCRM customers a set of capabilities for process automation in Sugar. Think about the manual processes your sales and service reps perform on a day-to-day basis.

Why We Innovate? Nine out of Ten Dentists Agree…


By Zachariah Sprackett, SVP, DevOps at SugarCRM. There’s so much the whole team at SugarCRM has accomplished during the last 12 months that I’d love to tell you about. CRM SugarCRM Technology cloud Innovation

A Blueprint for CRM Success: Additional Insights and Replay Available


How do they fit in into CRM solution and SugarCRM? At SugarCRM, we have lots of retail chains doing just that – leveraging the flexibility and scalability of Sugar to manage lots of customer data points to drive loyalty and better point of sale experiences.

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How to Influence Sales Cycle Length


In an earlier post on the topic of Sales Velocity, I covered an important and overarching success metric that focuses one thing: How much revenue can you expect to bring in each day? The Sales Velocity equation looks at four things: 1) number of opportunities in pipe, 2) average opportunity value, 3) historical percentage win-rate and 4) average length of sales cycle. In this post, I’ll dive deeper into the latter: average length of sales cycle.

The Best Customers are Recurring Customers


At SugarCRM, we call this idea “the recurring customer.” When you harness that loyalty and advocacy, even go so far as to build it into the DNA of your business, you build a very different business model compared to legacy businesses that just focus on “one and done” sales.

4 Ways CRM Will Improve Your Customer Experience


Having a history of your customer and their interactions with your company allows for you to use that information to forecast and project sales pipeline, provide excellent and timely service, and deliver information that will provide value back to the customer. CRM CRM Success Customer Engagement Customer Experience SugarCRM customer experience

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11 Resources That Will Improve Your Sales Skills


For instance, old-school tactics are surprisingly common in sales. Meanwhile, companies that embrace modern sales technology see results that would have been impossible when using traditional sales tools. If your sales teams is having trouble keeping up with the times, you’re in luck. Here are 11 technology resources that will help your company greatly improve at sales: 1. Use Your CRM to Improve Sales Funnel Visibility. Adopt Mobile Sales Skills Tools.

Five Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Renew Your Legacy CRM Vendor


Do your sales, services, support and marketing teams use the CRM system every day from their mobile devices? Since buying your CRM solution, has it helped you grow your sales, know more about your customers, create exceptional customer experiences and run more effective marketing campaigns?

Five Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Renew Your Legacy CRM Vendor


Do your sales, services, support and marketing teams use the CRM system every day from their mobile devices? Since buying your CRM solution, has it helped you grow your sales, know more about your customers, create exceptional customer experiences and run more effective marketing campaigns? CRM CRM Success Partnerships SugarCRMWhat do a bedside shelfie, bit-coding robot, and a Gremlin chia pet have in common with your legacy CRM vendor? A lot!

Latency and the Case for Conversational B2B Software


For example, a sales rep might always ask “when is my next call?” For these reasons and more the SugarCRM engineering team is constantly thinking about and developing more ways to give back more to every Sugar user for every action they take in the system. Artificial Intelligence CRM Success Customer Experience SugarCon SugarCRM User Experience AI Alexa Amazon CRm adoption IoT Siri

Taking the Customer View – Using the Customer Journey Plugin to Better Know the Customer


It’s about creating deep and lasting relationships with customers by using a simple integration that combines sales notes and artificial intelligence to produce a customer profile. It’s why we at SugarCRM offer the Customer Journey Plugin, a simple tool for visualizing and operationalizing every aspect of the customer journey, both large and small. The tool helps us reach out globally and establish a unified sales methodology.”.

Drive CRM User Adoption by Creating Paybacks


You can’t increase transparency, effectively drive sales, hone campaigns, improve processes or do anything else to improve ROI if people won’t use the platform. American Specialties , a washroom accessories manufacturer, had a more complex challenge because much of its sales force were manufacturers reps who had their own spreadsheet approach or were more familiar with other CRMs. National Sales Manager Avi Bar invested a year in teaching sellers and developing peer consultants.

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The 8 best CRMs for marketing teams


Lead form integration: When a website visitor completes a form to receive a content offer, subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for a demo, or contact your sales team, their name and email address should populate in your CRM automatically. SugarCRM.

CRM Experts Talk SugarCon13 and More

Score More Sales

Did you attend SugarCon13 – the largest SugarCRM gathering to date? Paul Foucher of SugarCRM. Not enough employees with CRM seats – companies will selectively give certain individuals seats, such as all sales but no marketing, or inside sales but not outside sales (or vice versa).

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Putting “Work Like You Live” to the test in Sorrento, Italy


I just returned from what I can only describe as a truly remarkable SugarCRM Sales Kickoff in Sorrento, Italy. I have helped plan and present at no less than ten (yes, TEN) sales kick off events at SugarCRM, but this year’s event was different in a lot of ways. For one, we brought even more Sugar business partners than ever before, both from the delivery and technology side.

Bringing Relationship Intelligence to “Accounts” in Sugar


We have expanded SugarCRM Hint, our flagship offering from SugarCRM’s Relationship Intelligence product line beyond leads and contacts. Big news! Now, you can gather relationship intelligence about businesses and organizations.

Say Hello to Sugar 9


Last week we hit a major milestone at SugarCRM with the release of Sugar 9. Empowering our customers to accelerate sales from first call to go live is at the heart of our new Sugar 9 release. Email Collaboration : Whether for Sales or Customer Service, CRM is a team game. They demonstrate best practices for CRM reporting and allow customers to be more data driven while managing their sales and support operations.

How Finding the Common Revenue Thread Simplifies Executive Decision Making

Smart Selling Tools

Sales speaks in revenue. Revenue is the literal translation of advocacy’s role throughout marketing, sales, and customer success, and reveals its impact on driving new business. Sales speaks and lives for revenue, they’re entirely driven on closing that next deal.

How Sugar addresses your biggest sales challenges (Part 2)


Each year, it feels like sales leaders face a new host of challenges as they must navigate people, processes, and technology to meet their goals. In part one of this post, we took a look at how Sugar helps organizations solve some of the key challenges facing their sales organization. Sales reps can now offer more relevant products and services to your customers that have a higher chance of conversion and additional sales revenue.

3 Ways to Increase Revenues with CRM

Score More Sales

There are SMB and mid-market sales organizations who have not embraced a cloud-based, customer relationship management system, better known as CRM or SCRM. Most sales reps believe these are really not for them as much as they are for leadership. A TOOL JUST FOR SALES MANAGEMENT?

CRM 329

Is Your Organization Achieving Ideal Sales Velocity?


I know what you’re probably thinking: What is Sales Velocity in the first place? Sales and marketing professionals have always sought to bring order to the complex world of marketing and relationship selling. The idea of “sales velocity” is not a new one.

How Sugar Solves your IT Department’s Biggest CRM Challenges


While sales and customer service teams live inside the CRM on a daily basis, it’s the IT department that is responsible for executing a successful deployment plan, and for the vital function of integrating the CRM with other tools like email and your ERP. You can provide your sales teams with relevant financial information from your ERP and business intelligence applications.

It’s Time to Integrate Your CRM with Marketing Automation


The line between Sales and Marketing teams have become blurred. Marketers are often tasked with activities that are traditionally sales and vice versa. Sales and Marketing alignment is not a buzzword, it’s a must for a business to thrive. Smart technology is a great vehicle to build a bridge between Sales and Marketing. SugarCRM integrates tightly with many leading Marketing Automation systems.

The Ultimate 126 B2B Sales Tools Rankings For 2018

Going into the New Year as a B2B sales professional, you’ll likely have some software subscriptions coming up for renewal, so we wanted to prepare you for those decisions. We sifted through B2B sales tools on Capterra , G2 Crowd , Gartner and more to pull out our top 126 picks for everything from new-age social selling tools to B2B sales automation software. Base: Next-generation CRM software for leading B2B sales teams. Top 8 B2B Sales Intelligence Tools.

How CRM Can Help Manufacturing


The sales and service business processes are often relegated to the roles of sidekicks in the grand scheme of things. Getting fulfillment right every time is essential but getting the sales team to make the sale first is as important, if not more.

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5 Steps to Better Conversion Rate Optimization


At SugarCRM marketing we spend a significant amount of time on conversion rate optimization. We’ve built a killer integration between our CRM (Sugar of course) and Google Analytics that allows us to run sophisticated CRO tests designed to drive not only better form conversion rates, but ultimately more pipeline for our friends in Sales. What is it? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action.