The Playbook for a Successful Sales Kickoff


This was the scene at Highspot Momentum 2019 — our excuse to spend two days celebrating (and analyzing) our collective wins, learning from customers including Apptio , SAP Concur , and PitchBook, and getting energized about the year ahead. Mix and match : It makes sense to pair process with process and workshop with workshop, but repetitive sessions will lull people into slumber. Picture this: You plod into a conference center expecting endless slides and nap-worthy sessions.

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InsightSelling through StorySelling

Insight Demand

Before a meeting, a potential customer downloads, and then watches 11-videos on SAP’s CRM. … Insight selling has become a must read to all our new sales people and we will be delivering the workshop to 300 people this year. ” Frederic Page, Sales Enablement – SAP.

Mobility, Life And Work Recreated

Partners in Excellence

I’m grateful to SAP for sponsoring this outstanding piece. Embed dozens of meetings, 4 keynote presentations, 3 workshops, dozens of phone calls, hundreds/thousands of emails, hundreds of text messages, and half a dozen web conferences.

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Top 17 Sales Conferences to attend in 2019


With over 60 sessions and workshops, you’ll get the inside track on the best practices that companies like Google, LinkedIn and Twilio use to achieve scalable revenue growth. Hit the ground running in the New Year.

No Regrets: Your Recipe For Personal/Professional Success

Your Sales Management Guru

In our workshops or in our consulting role we work with sales managers on re-enforcing the use of this statement. SAP Partner Conference. . No Regrets: Finding Your Recipe for. Personal and Professional Success. This is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Success Simplified with Stephen Covey. Wright: Ken, tell me about your idea of no regrets, finding your recipe for personal and professional success? Thoreson.