The Evolution of CRM: What’s Next?

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The first major wave of computer-based CRM hit in July 1993, led by Tom Siebel, who designed the landmark on-premise CRM product, Siebel Systems. A full decade earlier, Kate and Robert Kestnbaum paved the way for Siebel when they pioneered the concept of database marketing, an electronic hub of customers, prospects and commercial contacts. The tools of the past have made possible the sales of the future. Notice anything different?

Seismic Surpasses 70 Technology Integrations Available to Customers

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“With Seismic as the connector between the tools sales and marketing teams use every day, the result is greater sales productivity, more effective marketing initiatives, and a greater return on technology spend.” Seismic Surpasses 70 Technology Integrations Available to Customers.

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Going Beyond Marketing and Sales Alignment with Justin Shriber, Episode #97


Prior to joining LinkedIn, Justin led Product, Sales and Marketing organizations at both startups and large companies such as Siebel and Oracle. On this episode, Justin and I unpack what this kind of orchestration looks like, right down to the tools available to make it happen.

We Drink Our Own Champagne: Cheers to Happy Selling!


In my sales career, I have used Goldmine, ACT, Microsoft Access, Siebel CRM, Right Now Technologies, Netsuite and also Salesforce at three previous companies. I have been in technology sales for more than 16 years—six of which have been at Velocify.

CRM: 15 Years Later, now a friend

Your Sales Management Guru

The marketing campaign features are extremely important and the interface to accounting/ERP systems greatly improve the customer service aspect as well as giving a more 360 view, makes CRM a more than a salesperson’s tool. With a greater proactive approach and sales management focus, the 3 topics mentioned above would help the sales manager take greater charge of the CRM tool and it would be more of a useful tool for sales leadership. . . . .

CRM 54

Holiday Wish 1: On-demand CRM Solutions

The ROI Guy

The hottest news in CRM, are for on-demand solutions from companies such as, Right Now and Up Shot (Siebel on-demand). In October we ourselves embarked on upgrading our sales and marketing capability and maturity, revamping all of our processes and tools. For this, we personally selected because of its ease-of-use, real-time performance and growing app-force community of add-on tools and applications.