The Evolution of CRM: What’s Next?

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While we’ve been a leader in the sales training realm for decades, the concept of CRM has been around even longer. The first major wave of computer-based CRM hit in July 1993, led by Tom Siebel, who designed the landmark on-premise CRM product, Siebel Systems. A full decade earlier, Kate and Robert Kestnbaum paved the way for Siebel when they pioneered the concept of database marketing, an electronic hub of customers, prospects and commercial contacts.

CRM: 15 Years Later, now a friend

Your Sales Management Guru

2) training and implementation of CRM is still greatly under emphasized and I find many organizations with salespeople using the same CRM system differently and not following a sales process properly and 3) this lack of discipline leads to pipeline and activity reporting to be inaccurate. . These few issues are the direct result of sales leadership and are training and management functions. SFA/CRM 15 Years Later: Now It’s Every Rep’s Best Friend.

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Holiday Wish 1: On-demand CRM Solutions

The ROI Guy

The hottest news in CRM, are for on-demand solutions from companies such as, Right Now and Up Shot (Siebel on-demand). Being that the holiday season is upon us, its time for wish lists - and for small and medium business executives, there are no shortages of priorities to address. This week I’ll address what I feel should be the tops of any IT wish list for your organization.