Top 10 Social Selling Tools


Social selling is a sales technique that leverages social networking sites to identify prospects, build relationships, and ideally, close more deals. Social selling is more than just a hot trend, it’s an essential part of the modern sales process. Consider these statistics ( source ): 78% of salespeople using social media outperform their peers. Social selling generates 38% more new opportunities than traditional sellers.

Top Social Selling Tools

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Be sure to listen to the great “10 Ways to Utilize Social Selling in 2013″ webinar that Linkedin and DocuSign hosted today if you missed it. (if Check out our Social ROI calculator. The Postwire page (one of my favorite tools for curation) has all ten of the tools mentioned, plus links to the presenters, moderator, and sponsor pages. What tools are you using to grow sales? ” What tool could you not work without?


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48 Shocking Social Selling Statistics


There’s no way around it: Social media has drastically changed the way modern companies do business. But, what do you really know about social selling? Today, we provide you with a little more insight into the world of social selling. We put together the following list of social selling statistics in hopes that sales reps everywhere would take this information and apply it to their current social selling practices.

Social Selling for Task Focused Introverts

Adaptive Business Services

Social selling for introverts? While I am actually an ambivert, my preferred style is that of an introvert who is most often task vs. socially oriented. Still, I embrace the tenets of social selling. The good news is that introverts can excel at social selling.

6 Important Social Selling Mistakes to Avoid


Social selling has quickly become one of the most popular and effective selling tactics. As social media platforms grew in popularity, businesses began to recognize how essential social media is to the sales process. Consider these statistics ( source ): 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers. Social sellers generate 38% more new opportunities than traditional sellers. Social Selling: The B2B LinkedIn Strategy.

How Can Marketing Benefit from Social Selling?

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The answer lies in social selling. Today’s marketers must be fluent in how to use this modern prospecting tool. Social Selling CMO Resources CMO Social Prospecting A marketing leader has many marketing activities to choose from. How do you know which are the most effective at reaching new customers? Do they respond to your emails? Probably not. We’ve noticed a consistent decline in response rates. So what’s a marketer to do?

Social Selling Success Stories

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Many who work for companies – especially mid-sized ones selling to other businesses – get stuck in doing the same old things year after year to build sales. Last week, a list on Forbes contained my name as one of the top 30 social selling influencers in the world. I am very humbled, and quite honored, since it seems that quite a process was put into place and many different tools to measure reach was used to take a list of 500 influencers down to the top 30.

Social Selling is Just … Selling: A Contemporary Guide

DiscoverOrg Sales

The average American will spend up to 50 minutes browsing through social media today. More important: Those 303 hours of social browsing are sales opportunities for you. Social selling is when sales professionals use their social network to communicate with prospects and develop relationships to solve problems and achieve sales goals. Social media isn’t for everyone. Social selling is more than just making pragmatic connections on LinkedIn.

Social Selling on LinkedIn for Financial Service Providers


Digital Marketing Social Selling Tools Social Selling LinkedInFinancial service providers are often required to pursue big lucrative contracts. Everything revolves around the internet today.

Nimble CRM for B2B Salespeople – Social Selling

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Social selling leverages social tools, tactics, and strategies to complement, not replace , traditional selling methodologies. Nimble CRM is likely the most social CRM that there is! First let’s talk about where social selling excels ….

The State of Social Selling Tools [Insights from Forrester Study]


Forrester continues to lead market research on the topic of social selling. With incredible past insights on WHY execute a digital sales transformation, Mary Shea and the team have now begun reviewing social selling tools. Social Selling Social Selling Tools Sales Leadership

37 LinkedIn Social Selling Stats You Need to Know

Hubspot Sales

spent over three and a half hours on their smartphone each day, with half of that time spent engaging on social media networks. With so many teams now focusing on inside sales, using strategies such as social selling to connect and win over customers are more important than ever.

15 Social Selling Quotes to Inspire Your Sales Efforts


Social media has completely transformed the way people interact with each other—including the way sales professionals interact with customers and prospects. Social selling is one of the hottest trends in the business world, yet many sales professionals remain skeptical of its effectiveness. But, take one look at these statistics and you’ll see that social selling produces serious results ( source ): 78% of salespeople using social media outperform their peers.

Social Selling Training Course

The Digital Sales Institute

What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn? The impact of social selling on the sales process is something salespeople and especially sales management can struggle with. Any business in the B2B (and increasingly in the B2C space) can leverage social selling to drive increased customer or prospect engagement. Social selling plan. The Social Selling Training Course.

5 Key Social Selling Tips, According to Experts

Hubspot Sales

Social media is borderline-omnipresent nowadays, and that trend isn't exclusive to our personal lives. Solid social selling skills are transitioning from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for sales professionals, but developing that kind of expertise is much easier said than done.

10 Social Selling Best Practices for the New Normal


Because of the changes in the lifestyles and behaviors of customers, social selling has increasingly become the go-to strategy for marketers during the new normal. Social selling involves researching, connecting and engaging with leads and customers on social media platforms.

Social Selling: Walk the Talk, Please

Sales 2.0

I’d like to show you how our award winning software helps companies like yours to sell more. But before I hit the delete button something struck me: Company XXX is putting a lot of marketing effort behind positioning themselves as a social selling company. A company that helps other companies implement social selling. In fact, they are having a major event shortly with lots of sales experts talking about social selling and Sales 2.0.

Forget Social Selling, and Sell Socially

The Pipeline

The second is newer, although given the incessant hype it just seems like it’s been hanging around for ever, is social media and social applications. While many struggle to define social selling, often resorting to contrasting it to “traditional” selling, most applications are not really new, just executed using new tools. Specifically the type of social interaction that directly occurs when you interact with people directly.

Social Selling – This Could Take a While

Sales 2.0

I was discussing a situation with one of my sales consultant friends where they are seeing a sales force where solution selling is still only a skill of the minority. ” The result of this “product presenting” sales approach is that the company is only selling its core legacy products and very few of its new products that are strategically important to the company. My experience in these environments is that only a fraction of the sales people in these firms solution sell.

Social Selling on LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide


LinkedIn is one of — if not the — most effective social networks for selling. But you won’t get those results without a stellar LinkedIn social selling strategy. How to Sell on LinkedIn. That means your profile shouldn’t show off how great you are at selling.

Social Selling Index Best Practices


Does your business do social selling? And no, we’re not talking about social media marketing. Such kind of selling creates beneficial relationships between businesses and customers. In this article, we explore social selling and how it has revolutionized the B2B market.

Wrong Turns in Social Selling

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There is no doubt that with many new tools to help sellers and sales leaders grow revenues, much can be misrepresented or misinterpreted. I’m amazed at all of the companies contacting us who want to learn about social selling and all of the confusion in the marketplace. It makes social selling a goldmine topic – which we appreciate, but the confusion out there among mid-market companies and SMBs is frustrating.

Social Selling is Just … Selling: A Contemporary Guide

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Reading Time: 10 minutes The average American will spend up to 50 minutes browsing through social media today. More important: Those 303 hours of social browsing are sales opportunities for you. Social selling is when sales professionals use their social network to communicate with prospects and develop relationships to solve problems and achieve sales goals. Social media isn’t for everyone. Madden uses an artistic metaphor he calls the “Social Phone.”

Essential Tools for Tracking the ROI of Social Selling


Sales reps can clearly observe that social selling works, but their bosses want metrics. They need hard numbers that capture the ROI of social selling at the corporate level, but also how to take it down to the level of individual performance for sales professionals. Social Selling Sales MetricsShow, don't tell. In business, that translates as, “Where are the metrics?”

Social Selling Tips: Using Social Media to Connect with Prospects

The Center for Sales Strategy

There’s no longer a debate on whether social media is an effective way to remain relevant in today’s busy and modern online world. Social media has come a long way since the mid-2000s, where users simply used it to share photographs and “check-in.”.

Social Selling - The New Door Opener

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Building a strong digital presence is key to Social Selling and is a consistently growing trend. Social media profiles should sell your strengths. Use the LinkedIn Grading Tool to find out. And once that brand extends across multiple social media channels, the floodgates will open. Remember: Being socially active is about creating brand recognition that captures prospects’ attention during the discovery stage.

Social Selling: What You Should and Should NOT Do

No More Cold Calling

A Complete Guide to Putting the “Social” Back in Social Selling. Social selling has finally (and dangerously) reached buzzword status. Misperceptions, because salespeople have forgotten the social part of social selling. Instead, they pitch, spam, annoy their contacts, and think that’s actually helping them sell. It’s not, because that’s not what social media is for. What Is Social Selling? .

What is Social Selling?

A Sales Guy

About a month ago I sat on’s series pass, Social Selling: How to Connect with the Modern Buyer. It was a great session. I got to hang with some of today’s social selling greats, Koka Sexton, Jill Rowley and Jamie Shanks. One of the questions was how I would define social selling, here’s my answer in a quick clip. I’m a huge advocate of social selling. Social Selling is not a thing.

Social Selling Power Tools – Interview with Kyle Porter of SalesLoft

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Kyle is very enthusiastic and seems to really enjoy talking about selling. His company is making tools to help power LinkedIn to new heights, and I’m sure they are working on other exciting tools as well. LR: What tools have you created at SalesLoft and why do you work with the LinkedIn platform? One is our automatic prospecting tool and the other is Job change alerts. LR: What do each of these tools do with LinkedIn?

Social Selling Mastery – Jamie Shanks

Hyper-Connected Selling

I’ve been coaching and training professionals on social selling since before it even had a name. Back when LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook first came out, there was a segment of the sales world that jumped on board and saw these as powerful communication tools. That means that those of us who sell have to engage with these news tools and find ways to leverage them. It’s the same thing I talk about in Hyper-Connected Selling.

Social Selling on Facebook for Real Estate Agents


If you’re interested in expanding your business, social networks, and especially Facebook, are the place to start. In fact, it's becoming an excellent place for businesses to sell their products or services. Digital Marketing Social Selling Tools Social SellingOn average, there are about 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook. It can be the platform of choice for photos from your last vacation or your family reunion.

Social Selling: How To Engage & Convert Leads Through Social Media


Which is where social selling comes in. Social selling isn’t a completely new concept in B2B sales – it’s been around since social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter exist. What is social selling? 7 Steps to adopt social selling in B2B sales.

Social Selling, Bar Hopping, And Relationship Commoditization

Partners in Excellence

Listen to the proponents of “Social Selling,” and it is the future of selling. And once we have those connections, the tools enable us to mass email and prospect at scale. Clearly, Social Selling, is one of those nascent efforts.

5 Ways Marketing Can Contribute to Social Selling Excellence

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2013 is the year Social Selling became Mission Critical. Social Selling is a proven method of securing the first appointment with buyers inside of target accounts. There’s a lot written these days on Social Selling. At its core, Social Selling is a modern prospecting methodology that fills the funnel with opportunities. Here are some stats to consider: Social Selling is the #1 source of rep generated opportunities.

Social Selling on Instagram for Real Estate Agents


Using social media for showcasing your real estate properties can be very rewarding. You have an opportunity to reach out to millions of people, given that you know your way around social selling.Perhaps you’re already using Facebook and Twitter to grow your audience and capture qualified leads. Social Selling Tools Social Selling Instagram

Social Selling – Where Do I Stand?

Fill the Funnel

I received a request from Kevin Thomas Tully, and executive with rFactor, a major player in the social selling tools space. One of the questions Kevin asked me was one that I get asked a lot – “Where do you stand on Social Selling, am I a believer, and do I practice it?” I love social tools, if put into the hands of those that have been trained in the art and science of core selling skills.

Social Selling: 6 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Sell More by @LilachBullock

Smart Selling Tools

Social Selling: 6 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Sell More. Nowadays though, there are a number of high-performing sales tactics you can use to nurture your leads and turn them into customers – and in this blog post, I’m going to focus on one of them: Social selling.

The 4 Common Mistakes of LinkedIn Social Selling Initiatives

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The correct implementation of Social Selling gets your team appointments inside target prospects. Your team sells more. The incorrect implementation of Social Selling drives no new revenue. Register here for the SBI 7th annual Research Tour to get top-notch insight on Social Selling. When you register you’ll also receive the Sales VPs Guide to Social Selling Implementation. The point of Social Selling is to increase revenue.

Prospecting in Sales – Cold-Calls, Emails and Social Selling

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Prospecting in Sales – Cold-Calls, Emails and Social Selling. If you want to start an argument in your sales circles just ask an “expert” what works when prospecting in sales: cold-calls, email or social selling. The post Prospecting in Sales – Cold-Calls, Emails and Social Selling appeared first on Fill the Funnel. Customer Acquisition Process Events Social Selling Training Web Tools cold calling email prospecting

70% of Your Pipeline from Social Selling? Arzoo’s Story


Like millions of people in the MENA/GCC region, Arzoo has embraced social selling. If you have a sales team in the MENA/GCC region, Arzoo’s story talks about how social selling generated 70% of her sales pipeline. If your team sells into the MENA/GCC market, get ready to be empowered. Seven years ago, she was introduced to social selling through Sales For Life’s training program. Arzoo uses LinkedIn for more than selling, though.