Tips to Connect with Customers on Camera with Sports Broadcaster Jen Mueller

Julie Hanson

Yet actors, sports broadcasters, reporters and, news announcers are proof it is possible to connect and engage with audiences virtually. In 2009, Jen founded Talk Sporty to Me after noticing a communication void in the workplace that could be filled with sports conversations.

Selling Signs – Selling is a Team Sport

Adaptive Business Services

I once went on the road for a week surveying bank locations for a sign retrofit bid (we won) with nothing more than a camera, measuring tools, a paint wheel, and a collapsible ladder stuffed into the hatch of my Nissan 300ZX.


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Practice Schedules: A Perfect Sales Productivity Tool

Anthony Cole Training

It is my goal now each week to focus in on one of the 9 football related tools that can be applied to selling. practice Sales Enablement sales practice creating new sales opportunities football sales and sports practice schedules selling tools sales productivity toolsI started this series of articles by relating my experience coaching football to selling.

Tools 123

Is Sales A Winter Sport?

The Pipeline

as tool to accentuate or contrast elements of the plot, or the inner conflicts of characters. Become one of the thousands of sales professionals receiving my latest updates on sales execution, tools, tips and more. . The post Is Sales A Winter Sport? By Tibor Shanto – . This post makes most sense read on Labour Day, on a deck with a cold one in hand, which is where you should be today!

Sports 160

The Unique Opportunities Sports Marketing Offers

Sales Pop!

Consider tapping into a bigger audience: people who watch sports. While the pandemic threw a wrench into the works of many live events, viewership for sports continues to grow overall. Sports marketing can be tricky, though. Not all sports fans are the same.

Football & 9 Sales Productivity Tools That Will Change Your Results

Anthony Cole Training

We often find there is a direct connection between sales and competitive sports. Due to his time on the football field as both a player and coach, Tony Cole has identified 9 Sales Productivity Tools that will help your producers build better plays, hit harder in the field, and come home with more wins. sales tips sales development sales success formula building sales relationships Sales Tools sales productivity football sales and sports

Tools 121

PODCAST 127: Leadership Lessons From 10 Years of Democratizing Youth Sports w/ Brian Litvack

Sales Hacker

He’s the Co-founder and CEO of a company called LeagueApps, which is democratizing the world of youth sports. LeagueApps is the operating system for youth sports leagues and helps people to compete in a healthy and wholesome way. It’s an interesting time for youth sports.

Marketing Technology Strategy for Sports Teams


Sports marketers have so many things to think about everyday. There’s the obvious need to grow fan loyalty but there’s also things like sponsor relationships, media relationships, premium ticket sales, community outreach…you name it, a sports marketer needs to think about it. It’s not to say that technology isn’t important for the sports marketer (it is vitally important) but marketers should be able to focus on what they do best: marketing.

Coronavirus is Spurring Adoption of Digital Tools – Which are Here to Stay?


Over the last few weeks, we have tracked ZoomInfo’s database of over 14 million companies and +30,000 technologies to see what digital tools companies are adopting. Digital Tools Growing During Coronavirus (and Post-Pandemic Predictions).

Tools 148

Sales Hunters Must Have the Right Tools


My personal sport is swimming. We also connect up through APIs to many other tools that can be used, too. The post Sales Hunters Must Have the Right Tools appeared first on SalesPOP!

Why More Salespeople Are Being Recommended for Difficult Selling Roles

Understanding the Sales Force

We are finally doing things we haven't done for quite a while including dining inside restaurants, flying, staying in hotels, going to and hosting parties, attending packed stadiums for sporting events and more.

Hotels 235

32 Omnichannel Technology Tools to Sell Anywhere, All the Time

Sales Hacker

Consequently, if you don’t have omnichannel technology tools in your sales stack , you’re already behind competition. Fortunately, there are some great tools on the market to help businesses conquer omnichannel sales. A good omnichannel tool makes it as easy as possible for customers to get the information they need. Now that you know what features a great sales tool has, this list can help you find the perfect solution for your business. Sales Technology Tools

Tools 55

Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well

Fill the Funnel

I hope you discover, or as in my case re-discover the ease of use and benefits of this grandfather of the tools world. Skype is sporting a much cleaner interface, and the features that I previously used frequently have been significantly upgraded. The availability of 3rd party tools for both PC and Mac to record the sessions produced excellent in both audio and video quality.

Skype 93

Dreamforce 2013: Get Your Print-Out of the Must-See Tools Exhibitor Map #DF13


Since I’m all about Tools, it makes sense for me to focus this blog on the exhibitors I consider to be must-see, or don’t-miss tools. In addition to this handy map of Must-See Tools vendors, consider stopping by LuLu’s when you need a break from the maddening crowd. Folks from KnowledgeTree , one of our Top 40 Sales Tools, are making a lounge and DreamCharge station available from 1-5 on Tuesday-Thursday.

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The Best 10 Web Chat Tools in 2019

Hubspot Sales

Web chat tools can be used at almost every stage of the customer lifecycle. In this digital age, live chat has become ever popular, with many websites sporting live chat buttons in the bottom corner of their websites. Take your pick from some of the best chat tools. Add this web chat tool to your website to capture new leads and engage with prospects and customers. This web chat tool allows your sales or customer service team to work with multiple channels.

The Advanced Guide to Inside Sales: Strategy, KPIs, and Tools for Success

Sales Hacker

You get to be home on weekends to watch your kids’ sporting/acting/drama events. Tools and Technology for Inside Sales. My two other favorite sales tools are: 1. Inside sales jobs are growing at a staggering rate, and it’s not hard to see why.

CPQ Tools Focus on What You Are Selling

Cincom Smart Selling

CPQ tools will help you focus on what you are really selling. They know nothing about farming equipment, sporting goods, household furnishings or clothing. This is where CPQ tools bring together product and Sales in a very meaningful way … CPQ Tools help Marketing and Sales achieve alignment. CPQ tools and alignment. CPQ tools ensure that agreement (and those definitions) are uphold across your entire Sales organization.

Tools 48

How an Executive Briefing Center Can Drive Organic Growth with New Logo Customers

SBI Growth

If you follow or have any familiarity with the sports world, you have heard the term. Article Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy ABPM accelerate BDT briefing capabilities clarity client clients company cs CX EBC home field advantage insight keys to success Melissa Valdez relationships sales sales cycle tool understandingHome field advantage. It’s what teams play for on the road to a championship because of the competitive advantage. Comparisons exist when it comes.

Who Would You Draft in Your Fantasy Sales League?


Sales is a sport. Just like a sports team, great sales teams are built with an obsessive focus on stats and success metrics. Sales needs the right players, and those players need the right tools. Just as sports has been “ Moneyball-ed “, sales is being scrutinized in new ways to arbitrage the best people and tools. You only get there by automating repetitive tasks, and integrating your selling tools so that you only need a single interface.

Sports 109

CPQ Tools Focus on What You Are Selling

Cincom Smart Selling

CPQ tools will help you focus on what you are really selling. They know nothing about farming equipment, sporting goods, household furnishings or clothing. This is where CPQ tools bring together product and Sales in a very meaningful way … CPQ Tools Help Marketing and Sales Achieve Alignment. CPQ Tools and Alignment. CPQ tools ensure that agreement (and those definitions) are uphold across your entire Sales organization.

How Sales and Marketing Can Be Better Teammates

Sales and Marketing Management

Teaser: For insights on how sales and marketing can become stronger team players, look at some of the top characteristics for winning sports teams and determine how new sales engagement tools and more integrated systems can help foster these traits. Issue Date: 2015-04-24. Author: Micheline Nijmeh.

Sports 220

The Definitive Prospecting Guide for Sales Management to Grow Pipeline


It means using every sales strategy, every tool and every channel to engage and connect with prospects. It also includes teaching our sellers to leverage correctly, all of the remote sales tools available to us for an omnichannel approach to prospecting. Sales Prospecting Tools.

Peaches, Netflix, and Sales Intelligence – Try Before You Buy

DiscoverOrg Sales

I have some tips for running pilots and evaluating new technology that I hope will make it much easier on those evaluating sales intelligence tools. Before evaluating a new sales intelligence tool establish a baseline of current efforts. Before evaluating a new sales intelligence tool establish a baseline of current efforts. Training & Evaluation a Sales Intelligence Tool is a Team Sport. “Try before you buy” is the new world order.

What do you Know about your Prospect?

Sales 2.0

tools in general). Or maybe more optimistically when they invite us in for a meeting we will spend some time looking at their family photos in their office or their sports memorabilia and we’ll start trying to figure out who they are based on what we see. We increasingly have the tools to know more about our prospects right at our fingertips. Tools

Marketing Blog Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email.


It’s why school is out for summer, ice hockey is a winter sport, and we inhale coffee in the morning. Revamped User Interface and Powerful New Email Marketing Tools Improve Campaign Effectiveness ATLANTA, GA – December 10, 2013 – Salesfusion unveiled today version 8.3, Every time we pass the site he intently watches the men and tools working. Platform. Lead To Revenue. Email Marketing. Drip Marketing. Nurture Marketing. Email Designer. Email Personalization.

Social Selling: 6 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Sell More by @LilachBullock


An example of a tool you can use to track social mentions is Awario. The tool tracks all the major social media networks and websites to find the terms you want to monitor. A tool you can use to find the right influencers for your audience is HYPR : 6.

There’s No Excuse Not To Be A Badass, Is There?

Fill the Funnel

Buffer — My only social media tool. Uberconference and Speek and Hangouts — Speek is my new favorite tools for conference calls. But I use all of these tools for different business purposes. These tools will change your life. You don’t have to use all the tools that we talked about, or any of them for that matter. You do need alarms and reminders and scheduling tools that help you prioritize the way you’re living your life.

The Pros and Cons of Following Sales Playbooks


In sports (particularly football), playbooks are an integral contributor to a team’s success. Fortunately, sales engagement tools such as RevenueGrid help with real-time playbook adherence, uncovering ways salespeople can benefit the organization based on their performance. Sales Tools or Sales Stack The Pros and Cons of Following Sales Playbooks. When you think of a “sales playbook”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Transforming Sales: 3 Types of Sales Org Transformation to Ensure Seller Readiness


It’s true in selling like it is in sports. For organizations facing only the usual urgency of quarterly targets, the investments for the most certain payback are usually in personnel, either upgrading the talent or ensuring they have the tools and training to succeed. It’s a go-to-resource for their sales reps to access best practices, content, and key sales tools. Transforming Sales: 3 Types of Sales Org Transformation to Ensure Seller Readiness.

Are You Still Selling Station Wagons?

Fill the Funnel

Eventually, this popular choice went out of style as well, becoming the antithesis of “cool” It was to be replaced by what became known as the SUV, or sports utility vehicle. One of the free tools to help you gain an understanding of what is “hot” or not with your prospective customers is Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. Cadillac’s new CTS Sports Wagon – yes, a Station Wagon is once again hot. ©2012

The 3 C’s Needed to Achieve Your Sales Training Goals


The fact is, selling isn’t really a team sport anymore; it’s individual. Sales Tools or Sales Stack Gary Greenberger Mobile Microlearning Qstream Sales Development Sales Enablement Sales Management Association sales trainingThe3 C’s Needed to Achieve Your Sales Training Goals. Salespeople love to talk.

The 12Billion #CRM Debacle


see “ The Two Biggest Reasons Sales Tools Fail” ). FantasySalesTeam has come up with a gamification solution that does just that based on fantasy sports. If your sales organization is highly mobile, CRM may no longer be (if it ever was) the best tool for your mobile reps. Use a tool like Front Row Solutions to move the 65/35 efficiency needle to a more balanced ratio that will deliver more revenue. Look for next generation sales tools like Pipeline Deals.

CRM 104

xiQ Is A Results Multiplier For Sales

Fill the Funnel

Selecting the right tools, with the right information, at the right time has gotten harder. When I find a tool that can prioritize and distill this massive flow of information and make it available at a time and format that I am comfortable with, I get energized. I am excited to introduce you to The founder of xiQ, Usman Shiekh, created this tool based on his extensive background in B2B sales as a former VP of Sales and Marketing at SAP. Web Tools results multiplier xiQ

The Home Court advantage. Are you using it to make sales?

Jeffrey Gitomer

The average professional sports team wins more than 75% of the games they play on their home court. Sales games are no different than sports games. You only have the selling resources and tools you brought with you – the rest of them are back at your ball park, with the rest of your team. All your tools are there. Every sports team wishes they could play every game on their home court.

Sports 206

Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14


Act-On’s streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Now you can run exceptional sales contests modeled on fantasty sports. Of course Smart Selling Tools will also be there covering the event and reporting on what we see and hear. Marketing Sales Effectiveness Sales Industry Sales Management Sales Tools/Product Reviews Webinars and Events #df14 Bruno Mars Dreamforce

The Power of Fresh and Relevant Information in Building Relationships

Fill the Funnel

No more awkward conversations about the weather or the latest sports scores, unless those are shown to be of interest to the customer. Related Stories Send to Kindle Makes Sense for Mobile Professionals 2 Tools Every WordPress Owner Should Install There’s No Excuse Not To Be A Badass, Is There? Web Tools dossier iPhone mobile Refresh

Our “Attention” Problem

Partners in Excellence

What is it about sports/games that cause us to pay attention–either as participants or observers? Communicating Future Of Buying Insight Selling Lean Sales And Marketing Learning Marketing Obsessive Learning/Relentless Execution Professional Sales Prospecting Sales and Marketing Tools SensemakingRecently, I participated in a Clubhouse discussion, it was my first and I was surprised to be invited to be part of the panel.

Terrific Source for Your Presentation Graphic Needs

Fill the Funnel

Sports and Games. Sports and Recreation. Build a tower of blocks and customize the text on each block with this new Tool Kit PowerPoint template. Web Tools Animation backgrounds Graphics powerpoint presentation Templates video presentermediaLike many sales people, I need to share ideas and concepts to audiences from 1 to hundreds every day. Finding quality graphics that help me convey my point sometimes takes more time than the words on the slides.

How to Hit Your Numbers and Become a Sales Superstar

No More Cold Calling

It’s probably the only sport where you can be 30 percent successful and still be considered a star with a multimillion-dollar contract. Associations Enterprise Small Business asking for referrals business development internal referrals referral referral action plan referral network referral networks referral sales Referrals sales sales strategy sales tips sales toolsUp your hitting average through referrals, and up your sales game for a winning season. Batter up!

3 Paths to Organizational Alignment — Leading to Sustainable Revenue Performance


Every sports team has this unity — and B2B organizations also possess this culture and strategy. Yet, unlike college sports teams that consistently “bleed,” for example, green and gold — many organizations remain fragmented across organizational disciplines and / or geographies.