10 Incentive Travel Facts You Can Put To Good Use

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The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), a private not-for-profit foundation that focuses its initiatives on pragmatic research highlighting the premise and the power of incentive and motivational programs, issued a list of 10 incentive travel facts to commemorate Global Meetings Industry Day. firms over $1MM in revenue use incentive travel to motivate their people and partners. firms spend over $14B annually on incentive travel. 

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Travel Light to Your Next Sales Presentation

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One of the biggest best sales practices gleamed from the minority of businesses (those with more than 500 employees) is to come prepared to each sales presentation with glossy brochures, PowerPoint presentations and even maybe case studies.

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When to Walk Away From the Big Deal - Case Study

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Stefan has a passion for running, cycling, building loudspeakers and enjoys public speaking and travelling the world. When not travelling, he calls the Netherlands home. Stefan Captijn with Genesys Labs approached SBI this week with a blog topic.

Case Study: Concur Travel Management and Expense System Interactive White Paper

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Concur needed a way to communicate the current cost of travel and expense management to prospects, and the potential savings and ROI of automation. Click here to see the Concur Travel Management andExpense System Interactive White Paper in action.

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

In a recent study by 451 Research, 31% of. tasks, travel, training, downtime, and internal meetings combine. 1 Online: getconga.com | Twitter: @getconga WHITE PAPER | THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE STATE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WHITE PAPER THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE.

Study Shows Dramatic Growth In Use of Incentives for Employees and Customers

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Teaser: A new study conducted by the Incentive Federation confirms that the non-cash incentives market is thriving with 74 percent of U.S. billion annually on incentive travel, merchandise and gift cards. billion annually on incentive travel, merchandise and gift cards.

Landslide Video: Respect Sales! A Day On The Links With a Prospect

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” The idea is to show how sometimes people think salespeople have it easy – they get to travel, play golf, go on dinner outings etc. Case Studies in Sales and Leaders. Landslide.com recently recorded a video for a series with the theme: “Respect sales.”

Do You Pursue Your Dreams?

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By the time I entered college, I chose to study anthropology and archaeology. The education enhanced my desire to visit archaeological sites and travel the world. My husband shares the same view of travel; together we taught our children. .

2 Reasons Hiring Remote Salespeople Will Help You Grow in 2019


and hiring is getting more difficult in just about every profession (but especially in sales and marketing): This is from a recent study by Inavero and Upwork on the Future of Work. The Future of Work study also asked hiring managers about how difficult hiring was.

Putting the Customer First

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With over 100 speakers and 40 track sessions, their annual Women’s Breakfast and a performance from Grammy winning band Blues Traveler, this conference is not one to miss. In this interview, I talked with Sydney Sloan , Chief Marketing Officer at SalesLoft.

Change Your Sales Teams Bad Habits Before 2013

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Complete a Time Study. This is critical to the success of the study. The study told us this customer needed to reprioritize time in several different areas: Internal Email. Travel. Travel - Redesigned sales territories to reduce travel time. The decrease allowed more customer facing time traveling less distance. Email me directly and I can assist you in setting up the time study and performing the analysis.

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How to Give Your Marketing Team that 2nd Chance to Win

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Consider this study by ComScore. The study revealed 18.7 Consider these 2 scenarios (travel plans or tractor purchase) when determining time/frequency. Travel plans, you can’t avoid to be patient. One for the near term plans and one based on travel frequency.

Midsize Business Optimistic

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So says the study done by The Hartford, in September of this year, called the 2014 Midsize Business Monitor. You can see more about the study here. Does that mean the end of business travelers sitting on the floor at airports, hovering over scarce outlets (I hope so!).

7 Ways to Get More Women in the Sales Profession (and Keep Them)

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Studies repeatedly show that gender-diversity in sales is a money-maker for companies – to the tune of 15x higher average sales revenue: Women achieve higher quotas. I was always driven by success in numbers — points scored, dollars earned, miles traveled — not to mention I spent my entire teenage existence on the phone. Young women want to take the path less traveled, and they’ll go out of their way to fight cultural norms.

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Four Ways to Win More Deals through Sales Enablement

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Just as steel is the framework of modern industry—enabling everything from overseas travel to seventy-floor skyscrapers—a sales enablement framework should be at the center of your sales team’s growth strategy. percent better win rate, according to CSO Insights’ 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study. better win rate compared to the study’s average. According to 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study , businesses with a formal approach had a 51.2

The Sales Book Your Intellectual Uncle Loves

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This material is good, but well-traveled. Pink cites studies and experiments that seem to have little in common with the sales profession. There’s a great study of an Inside Sales Force who were given personality tests.

Kevin Bacon and a Unique Way to Crush Lead Generation

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Six Degrees of Separation” is a theory posited by psychologist Stanley Milgram in a 1967 study, for which 296 volunteers from Boston and Nebraska attempted to get a document to a Massachusetts stockbroker using only their acquaintances. Your referral network is larger than you realize.

Do You Realize How Far You Have Come?

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Given my passion for travel, I am excited to connect with people from around the world. Study areas related to your job that sound interesting. Today’s question is, do you occasionally take the time to realize how far you have come?

How Account-Based Sales Teams Can Make Buying Easy

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So, I asked many questions to assess how often they traveled, and if travel was for business or with family. Their Harvard Business Review article, “ The New Sales Imperative ,” summarizes a recent study of more than 600 B2B buyers.

Why You Need Social Influencers

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In fact, a Social Media Examiner study reports that 19 percent of B2B marketers engage on Twitter, 30 percent favor Facebook, and a whopping 41 percent show LinkedIn love. are ripe engagement hubs that help marketers go beyond traditional tactics and move onto a road less traveled.

Sales Managers – Why Isn’t Goal Setting Easy?

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Or, if you want to use incentive travel/excursions to motivate people to higher levels of performance, you raise the bar required for people to qualify for the “President’s Club” trip. However, the strength of the relationship varies considerably from study to study.

B2B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better


My colleague Bernice Grossman and I recently conducted a new study indicating that B2B marketers now have the opportunity to target prospects more efficiently than ever before. Employees who travel internationally (Harte-Hanks). Bernice and I are always open to ideas for future studies.

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Unconventional Ways to Get Your Salespeople Out of a Rut and Closing More Deals

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In fact, studies show that taking a break can actually bolster your creative thought processes. He is best known for speaking at various conferences including Dreamforce, for pioneering the ‘No Jerks’ hiring model, and for flying his drone while traveling the world.

Sales Success Requires Listening

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Dana’s background in building sales teams, why she left sales to study listening, and how that journey led her to bring back what she learned about listening and selling. With over 100 speakers and 40 track sessions, their annual Women’s Breakfast and a performance from Grammy winning band Blues Traveler, this conference is not one to miss. In this interview, I talked with Dana Dupuis – the founder of ECHO Listening Intelligence.

Big Data Insights to Help You Convert More Leads

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If you ask a sales rep what their biggest time-waster is, they will likely say some variety of “administrative tasks” – entering data into the CRM, doing expense reports, booking travel. Thank you Brian for this Big Data case study.

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Employees respond to video training


While creating videos may require an up-front expense, that investment pales in comparison to the cost of travel for trainers, which is one of the biggest component to training expenses.

5 Proven Steps to Sell Smarter

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But the time studies SBI has conducted have revealed more noble culprits (See Exhibit B). The biggest time killer: “travel” soaks up 17.4% Analyze your time study results to pinpoint yours. Of the 365 days in a year, you can spend 232 of them selling (See Exhibit A).

How to Read Your Audience and Structure Your Multi-Channel Marketing Accordingly

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Studies have shown that some people stress out when they travel. Studies show that businesses that understand their audience’s intent get more traffic and revenue than those who stumble in the dark. But, according to one study, companies that rely solely on demographics risk missing on more than 70% of potential consumers. Studies show that brands that understand and respond to intent are better positioned and are considered more useful.

How to Spot Buying Signals – with Intent Data @DiscoverOrg

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To identify buyer intent using your own data, you just have to travel a little further down the sales funnel : Has anyone at your target accounts engaged with your brand? Give special attention to pages like case studies, product information, and pricing or demo pages.

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As the Head Coach - Practice for Sales Success - It's Your Job

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hours of on field practcie, 30 minutes to an hour of film study or playbook review. Thursday - 1 hour film study, 90 minute practice, playbook review. Friday - 1 hour light practice, 1 hour fim review, travel, team dining, 1 hour meeting.

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6 Compelling Reasons Your Business Must Try In-App Advertising

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In fact, a study reveals that in-app ads are projected to triple in value in the coming years, going from $72 billion in 2016 to $201 billion in 2021. For instance, travel businesses can use the 360-degree feature when creating ads for a more immersive experience for the consumer.

Is Who You See Who I See?

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Cynicism today can be a major mask for depression and a recent study of over 622 people published in the Neurology journal of 2014, linked ‘cynical distrust ‘with dementia. Human nature is a wonderful thing because I think we all travel between different parts.

A Career in Inside Sales – Survey Says Yes

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Of Interest: The study showed that inside sales positions are more than half of all sales positions when removing retail sales (since we work with B2B companies, it makes sense for us here to use retail free statistics.

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SMA Research Findings: 10 Important Territory Planning Statistics


Data insights allow leaders to see where they need to improve territory design, balance, and travel efficiency. Sales managers can also become more involved in the planning process to help reduce travel costs and boost sales productivity.

What Impacts Your Outcomes More – Being a Minimalist or Materialist?

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Just in Case – What if I need that really great idea, case study, quote, or whatever, for a presentation? Yet, I am certainly not a minimalist in the perceived sense of the word i.e. owning only 100 ‘things’, fitting your belongings into a car or travelling the world with a laptop, but it was a conscious step in that direction I took yesterday, and with that choice comes a certain amount of lightness and freedom. It started with a ruler. Then it was a calculator.

Embarrassing Feedback That Taught Me The Biggest Lesson Ever!

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You decide to study and undertake a Diploma. After a four-month long process you are one of only 20 globally who are then asked to travel to the USA and undergo training. So, imagine this!

4 Ways To Maximize Your Marketing Strategy

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According to a Nielson study, 83 percent of consumers trust peers over brands when it comes to making purchase decisions. When he is not working he loves travelling and learning new things.

5 Ways Sales Leaders Use Email Signatures to Generate Business

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According to a recent study by HubSpot, 75% of companies say closing more deals is their top sales priority— yet 30% of salespeople say closing deals is getting harder. Linking to a case study or customer review can be a great way to build credibility with potential customers.

Opinion: Why Sales Win Rates Have Reached an All-Time Low

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan One of the findings in the most recent Sales Performance Optimization Study , from CSO Insights, revealed that the win rate for deals has reached an all-time low.

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Why Podcasting Has Great Reach and is the Least Expensive Content Creator


Case studies. Not all radio program podcasts lend themselves to being used as case studies, but Jane notices that with a little work, this program fits the basic criteria. She has what she needs for the case study. Within 60 days they can offer the case study on their site and in nurture programs sent to prospects. While most companies scramble to create content, they remain unaware that podcast content is the least expensive tactic per impression and listener.