SugarCRM’s Summer 18 release responds to the most important themes in CRM today


At SugarCRM, we have long known that if technology in the workplace looks, feels and intuits like the technology we use at home, it will be more engaging and easier to use, meaning the most benefit can be gained. At home, people can access user-friendly online tools to belong, share and respond. The post SugarCRM’s Summer 18 release responds to the most important themes in CRM today appeared first on Get your daily dose of Sugar.

A Blueprint for CRM Success: Additional Insights and Replay Available


How do they fit in into CRM solution and SugarCRM? At SugarCRM, we have lots of retail chains doing just that – leveraging the flexibility and scalability of Sugar to manage lots of customer data points to drive loyalty and better point of sale experiences.

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Reimagining Relationship Management, One Quarterly Release at a Time


By Zachariah Sprackett, SVP, DevOps at SugarCRM. This allows our users to focus on the task at hand, instead of which tools are available. Elsewhere, our SugarCRM mobile update enables users to generate quotes, view emails and convert leads from anywhere.

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Keep Your Head in the SugarCloud


By Zachariah Sprackett, VP, Operations at SugarCRM. But from my perspective as the SVP, DevOps for SugarCRM, SugarCloud means that our customers are up and running in minutes with the latest innovation and they are less likely to require product support.

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Why Your Sales Team Isn´t Using Your CRM


Using a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a must for any business that wants to take customer satisfaction and revenue to the next level. All new tools (no matter how simple or easy to use) will require education and involve a learning curve.

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Smashing the Data Silos…


By Zachariah Sprackett, SVP, DevOps at SugarCRM. One of the major challenges the team at SugarCRM is harnessing the contents of all of the customer data silos within an organization and leveraging them to deliver insight to your organization. SugarCRM is building systems to tie into those critical veins of unstructured data and harness their power. CRM CRM Success SugarCRM AI analytics cloud data data privacy

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Latency and the Case for Conversational B2B Software


The simplest example is talking to a tools like Amazon’s Echo/Alexa. For these reasons and more the SugarCRM engineering team is constantly thinking about and developing more ways to give back more to every Sugar user for every action they take in the system. Artificial Intelligence CRM Success Customer Experience SugarCon SugarCRM User Experience AI Alexa Amazon CRm adoption IoT Siri

CRM Adoption: Five Tips for Staying On Course Post Deployment


We usually like to think of IT and business projects as having a set lifecycle – we select tools, implement them – and move on. CRM CRM Success SugarCRM CRm adoption CRM strategy gamificationWhether you are one month, one year, or several years into a CRM deployment, it is always important to perform “health checks” to insure the project is going smoothly.

Taking the Customer View – Using the Customer Journey Plugin to Better Know the Customer


It’s why we at SugarCRM offer the Customer Journey Plugin, a simple tool for visualizing and operationalizing every aspect of the customer journey, both large and small. Here’s how some SugarCRM customers use Customer Journey: Roxtec , a global supplier of flexible cable and pipe-sealing materials, wanted deeper insights into its customer base and a clearer look at the sales cycle. “We The tool helps us reach out globally and establish a unified sales methodology.”.

How Finding the Common Revenue Thread Simplifies Executive Decision Making

Smart Selling Tools

Best practices organizations have tech stacks that integrate all of the following with each other: Sales CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, etc.). Oh, year-end analysis. How I love thee and hate thee. Let me count the ways….

CRM Experts Talk SugarCon13 and More

Score More Sales

Now add in social tools – does it all work together? Did you attend SugarCon13 – the largest SugarCRM gathering to date? Paul Foucher of SugarCRM. Click here to view the embedded video. What is new in CRM in 2013? What has not changed much?

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3 Ways to Increase Revenues with CRM

Score More Sales

Many CRM tools are set up in a complicated way so a rep spends too much time learning them and then using them. A tool is nothing but a tool without a process. A TOOL JUST FOR SALES MANAGEMENT? One tool that bills itself as having a “world famous free plan” is Insightly.

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How Sugar Solves your IT Department’s Biggest CRM Challenges


While sales and customer service teams live inside the CRM on a daily basis, it’s the IT department that is responsible for executing a successful deployment plan, and for the vital function of integrating the CRM with other tools like email and your ERP. It integrates with marketing automation, inbound marketing, relationship analytics, incentive management tools and more.

How Sugar addresses your biggest sales challenges (Part 2)


Furthermore, organizations are using SugarCRM’s mobile SDK as a catalyst to change their mobile CRM strategy. We are drowning in manual data entry – Alleviate your pain with SugarCRM Hint. It’s important to remember CRM software is just a tool. Each year, it feels like sales leaders face a new host of challenges as they must navigate people, processes, and technology to meet their goals. Modern CRM is designed to help businesses overcome some of these challenges.

5 Steps to Better Conversion Rate Optimization


At SugarCRM marketing we spend a significant amount of time on conversion rate optimization. In addition to Google Anaytics, Crazy Egg and Hotjar are two tools we use to better understand our user journeys. What is it? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. Typically, we focus our goal conversions on form fills, aka leads.

Put your CRM at the heart of your GDPR compliance action plan


In the GDPR era, having a 360-degree view of your customer has never been more important, and with SugarCRM it is easier than ever. Our new GDPR Compliance Tracker tool, part of our Customer Journey Plug In, can be used to support the implementation of a solid GDPR compliant CRM program.

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Success with CRM: Focus on the Features that Matter


Said simply, a tool to help them build better business relationships. At SugarCRM, we call these superfluous features bloatware. Core opportunity management tools should also include integrated workflow so it easy for sales professionals to enter, track and manage deals along the sales cycle – and keep track of every aspect of a deal. Welcome to the third post in our success with CRM series.

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Make GDPR Readiness Your New Year’s Resolution


What is the value of a tool like SugarCRM’s new GDPR Compliance Tracker? To make it easier to comply with GDPR requirements, SugarCRM provides a visual tracking tool that supports the implementation of a solid GDPR compliant program. 2018 is the year of GDPR. There is no getting around it. This means businesses around the world will be looking toward the new year with interest, anticipation, and even a healthy amount of fear. What will the year bring?

9 Steps to a Successful CRM Go-Live


At SugarCRM, we find the most appealing adoption message to our new users is around how their modern CRM solution is as easy to use as Facebook or LinkedIn, makes their job quicker to get done and helps get answers in the hands of customers more reliably. One of the most wonderful aspects of a modern CRM is how flexible the tools have become. Few projects can have as big of an impact on your company as a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation.

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Is Your Organization Achieving Ideal Sales Velocity?


CRM is your tool for helping you to operationalize your ICP and increase overall sales velocity. First, relationship intelligence tools like Hint for SugarCRM allow marketing and sales to better qualify and target prospects.

Five (More) CRM Myths—Busted


CRM vendors are no different: Over the past year, numerous CRM vendors (full disclosure: including SugarCRM) have introduced AI components into their product offerings. This myth has some roots in reality—in CRM’s early years, it was predominantly a tool for managers to keep track of what their salespeople were working on. Again, the CRM of yesteryear was a sales tool. (Editor’s note: the following post originally appeared on ).

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