Adapting Your Coverage Model for 2020 and Beyond

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In early March, everyone’s coverage model was forced to change. No longer were we allowed to meet customers or prospects in person, and unfortunately, this still holds true four months later. Which has caused us to ask the following questions: How.

Benefits of Territory Mapping Software


Let’s cut to the chase–if you’re not using data to drive your sales territory mapping, your territories might be hurting your sales performance more than they are helping it. Sales territory mapping software offers more benefits than sales managers may realize.

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Uncover the Blind Spots in Your Territory

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When your territory is changed, it opens a lot of questions for Sales Reps. To answer those questions, we built a Territory Evaluator. This downloadable tool helps you evaluate your new territory in relevant terms: Selling time as required to meet quota. Why Territories Change.

How to Calculate Sales Headcount to Secure Reps and Make the Number

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Many sales leaders like you are deep into annual planning right now. As budgets are determined, can you confidently defend the sales rep headcount you have now? Or perhaps more importantly, can you make a strong case for additional people.

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Make Your Number in 2020: Kickoff the Year in Style

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It’s 1:00pm. You have scheduled a meeting to review your annual objective of driving greater sales efficiency. The goal is simple: improve revenue per sales head. Your solution is to increase available rep selling time by eliminating wasted activity.

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Old-School Territory Management is Dead: A Q&A with John Stewart, CEO of @MapAnything

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Old-School Territory Management is Dead: A Q&A with John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything. Following the recent acquisition of TerrAlign by MapAnything, I asked MapAnything CEO John Stewart to explain the relationship between map-based geo-productivity and territory optimization.

5 Steps for Designing Territories for your Top Talent

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These strong reps may not be in the right territories calling on the right accounts. It may be time to assess whether your territories are optimally designed. Getting the best reps in the best territories. In many organizations, territories are designed on historical precedent.

Five Elements of an Effective Sales Territory Map


The sales territory is a geographical area that is managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by sales potential, history, geography, or a combination of the above. The objective is to make sure sales territories are balanced to help increase revenues. .

Sales VPs - Are 'A' Player Quotas Rising and Territories Shrinking?

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Subsequently, this leads to smaller territories. Determine potential by territory. Matching quotas to territory potential will maximize your best territories. It will also give reps in low potential territories a fighting chance.

The Key to Sales Territory Mapping


In order to manage your sales performance, you need effective sales territory mapping. Sales territory design must be a thoughtful process that involves data and a balancing act to ensure every sales rep has adequate sales potential within their territory.

5 Benefits of Territory Mapping Software


Your sales territories are geographical areas managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by several factors, but most commonly, territories are mapped based on sales potential, sales history, geography, or a combination of factors.

Get Sales Territories Spring Training Ready with This Online Assessment


So how does Spring Training tie back to sales territories? It’s in the spirit of this seasonal evaluation that territories should be assessed. Spring, mid Q1 for many companies, presents a perfect window to review and rethink the effectiveness of your sales territories.

How to Optimize Sale Territories for a Strategic Advantage


Effective territory design is the basis of strategic sales planning. Balanced territories allow you to set fair quotas, which have a huge impact on your incentive compensation and success of your salesforce. The Effect of Bad Territory Planning on Sales Performance.

Five Elements of an Effective Sales Territory Map


Your sales territories are geographical areas managed by a sales rep or sales team. A territory can be defined by several factors, but most commonly, territories are mapped based on sales potential, sales history, geography, or a combination of factors.

How to Strengthen Sales Territory Planning with Data Intelligence


Download our executive guide, "Optimizing Sales Territories for Strategic Advantage," to see how optimized territory planning can help companies maximize return on sales resources, shorten the planning process, and reduce travel inefficiencies. Sales Planning Sales Territories

SMA Research Findings: 10 Important Territory Planning Statistics


Earlier this year, we teamed up with the Sales Management Association (SMA) to conduct a survey on sales territory design. More than 100 organizations participated in the survey and provided insights into how they design and plan their sales territories.

Research Reveals Best Practices for Sales Territory Design


By adopting advanced territory planning software, Xactly’s sales operations team shortened the time spent designing territories from a month to a week – shaving hundreds of hours off the process. Data Has Become Essential for Effective Territory Design. Sales Sales Territories

SalesTech Video Review: @TerrAlign

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TerrAlign is a Sales Territory Optimization solution that can result in 5-10% more account visits with the same head count while reducing travel costs at the same time. Video Reviews Sales Territory Management Sales Territory Optimization TerrAlign territory planning

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How to Construct the Perfect Target List

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There was a change to your territory. The problem is they don’t know the details of your territory like you do. Geography (Travel Time). Amaze your manager with your new territory insights. It’s that time again.

Challenges Setting Up New Sales Office


What to look for while setting up a sales office in a new territory. Firstly, the market dynamics in the new territory can be dramatically different from what you are used to in your role. This way, your SDRs minimize travel time and instead focus on prospects within a specific cluster.

Change Your Sales Teams Bad Habits Before 2013

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The rep’s territory potential starts to max out. Travel. Travel - Redesigned sales territories to reduce travel time. Related compactness of a territory to available warehouse space (They sold industrial cleaning supplies).The The decrease allowed more customer facing time traveling less distance. 42% is the average amount of time a sales person spends engaging with a customer. selling time) This equals only 17 hours per week.

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9 Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales Revenue

Sales Territories. Sales Territories. If your sales team is divided into territories, are these generating the sales revenue as expected by forecasting data? Merging or dividing up sales territories can increase sales.

What’s Your Time Worth

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If you are a full-cycle rep, with a demanding client base in a defined territory, 23% is not bad. Consider travel, time understanding the clients and market, generating leads, and more. By Tibor Shanto.

How to Construct the Perfect Target List

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There was a change to your territory. The problem is they don’t know the details of your territory like you do. Geography (Travel Time). Amaze your manager with your new territory insights. It’s that time again.

Tips from the Sales Trenches: Is Inside Sales Demeaning?

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Because of Dale, I always thought it was cool to have a career where you did not need to travel anywhere – and have amazing relationships with customers- at the time it was all done by phone and fax - way before video conferencing. Travels and makes in-person calls.

The Sales Manager New Year’s Resolution: 3 Do’s & 3 Don'ts

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TRAVEL. Travel is another area where managers waste valuable hours. You’re not going to be able to stop traveling. A-players – Incent them more and put them in your best territories. I am big on New Year’s resolutions.

Bubble in the Funnel


These air bubbles can travel to your brain, heart, or lungs and cause a heart attack, stroke, or respiratory failure. To date in 2016, these same territory reps have exceeded their numbers. Snatching support away from these territories will cause what I call a ‘bubble in the funnel.’

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March Sadness

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But based on numerous sources, many do not have a clue where they are at the end of Q1, and are destine to continue to travel the rest of the year in the same clueless bliss. Despite the talk of ABM, many reps do not extend that work into a territory execution plan or account plan.

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The Future of B2B Sales

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They can take it one step further by using data to divide sales territories more efficiently. This not only reduces the distance sales reps have to travel, it also increases the amount of time they can spend with their most important customers.

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Firing Your Sales Manager or Boss


Beyond that, it’s providing viable territories and targets, proper support levels, tools for training and enablement, demand generation leadership, and the removal of internal roadblocks. But he was not able to provide me with a viable territory.

Inspirational Quote by Henry Ward Beecher

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He said: “We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.” Today's quote is from Henry Ward Beecher is about self-improvement. Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration!

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Why It’s Difficult for Young Salespeople to Be Great Salespeople

Anthony Iannarino

You would provide them with a territory , having them continue to work from home. It turns out that it is inconvenient for the manager to travel to see his team, so he doesn’t.

The Key Differences Between Inside Sales vs Outside Sales

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They often travel to meet customers face-to-face, as well as to maintain relationships with existing customers at their place of business or interacting at networking events, trade shows and conferences. Travel could take up to between 40-50% of their time daily.**.

Why Did The Move from Outside to Inside Sales Take So Long?

Understanding the Sales Force

Outside sales has traditionally been associated with a territory, assigned accounts, and/or new business development, where customers would place orders with inside salespeople between visits.

10 Ways Data and Automation are Evolving Sales Planning


To obtain and manage this data properly, sales organizations need automated sales performance management (SPM) solutions to help facilitate their planning strategically, from territories and quota allocation, to compensation planning and management. Design Fair, Balanced Territories.

Inside Sales vs Outside Sales: Pros & Cons


Outside sales representatives often travel to meet clients at their location of preference, whether it be at their company conference room or for a lunch meeting. Outside Sales Advantages: Travel and associated perks such as mileage. Items can get lost in travel.

Top 20 Sales Tech Vendors to Follow (and Party with) at Dreamforce #DF18

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Its sales territory optimization solutions enable companies to maximize revenues across the entire sales force – territory by territory. Travel light. Unless you live under a rock, you know that Salesforce’s annual event, Dreamforce, is just around the corner.

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Podcast 110: The Changing Role of SDRs in Sales With Amir Reiter

John Barrows

Amir has traveled far and wide having started businesses young and learn the hard way. But for the most part it’s more like here’s your territory. In this week’s episode we have Amir Reiter on the podcast, the CEO of outsourced sales company CloudTask.

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7 Key Considerations For Setting Aggressive Yet Achievable Sales Targets


New territories or geographies. New Territories. While territory changes are often good decisions in the long run, they can certainly shake up sales targets if the changes aren’t considered.

You're Standing on Whose Sales Ground?

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Salespeople have two grounds where they travel in their selling activities. Territory – The Most Common Ground. Of course with social media and depending upon your solutions (products or services), that sales territory may be much larger than just local.