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4 Twitter Prospecting Strategies

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As a long time Twitter user and fan, I have directly seen how more than 100 companies – mostly B2B find prospects and even close business through their Twitter account. This means that regularly we get new sales opportunities through a combination of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Is A Private Twitter Account The Way To Go?

Jeffrey Gitomer

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Lead Generation Tips Using Twitter and LinkedIn

Fill the Funnel

This broadcast features answers on how to use LinkedIn and Twitter for lead generation from Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and Jack Kosakowski who has achieved massive success using Twitter and writes about his experiences at

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

1 Online: | Twitter: @getconga WHITE PAPER | THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE STATE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WHITE PAPER THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE. tasks, travel, training, downtime, and internal meetings combine.

Techy Tuesday – Put Some Social Oomph Into Your Twitter Account

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So, I’ve researched a free online tool called, which is designed to help you manage and consolidate your activity on Twitter to ensure you’re getting the best out of the platform.

Match Your Expertise To Questions on Twitter

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Now you can match your expertise with people asking for help on Twitter. A new web tool called InboxQ creates an automated way for you to view all of those questions, comments and requests for help on Twitter, on the topic of your expertise and guide those questions directly to you to answer.

Twitter as a Learning Tool

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Twitter as a learning tool. I have written about Twitter as a listening tool and a research tool. Twitter as a learning tool is a new twist to this ever-growing service. As this platform evolves, I have found a most surprising value in using Twitter as a learning tool.

Web Tool Matches Your Expertise With Questions on Twitter

Fill the Funnel

Now you can match your expertise with people asking for help on Twitter. A new web tool called InboxQ creates an automated way for you to view all of those questions, comments and requests for help on Twitter, on the topic of your expertise and guide those questions directly to you to answer.

How to Use Twitter as an Effective Sales Tool

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This live audio conference identifies the core capabilities offered by Twitter® and why they are ideally suited for use by sales people. Everything attendees will learn about Twitter® will be focused on the value for a sales professional. Core Twitter Functions. Twitter Chats.

Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14

Smart Selling Tools

Whether or not you’ll be attending, you’ll want to keep up on the latest and to help you with that mission, we’re naming the top 20 Twitter handles to follow at Dreamforce. That’s me with Sassy.

Make Your Sales Training a Big Success

Selling Power

Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn. Sales TrainingToday’s post is by Haley Katsman, vice president of account development & growth at Highspot, the highest user-rated sales enablement solution. Today, most sales organizations are still enabling salespeople with classroom onboarding, certifications, and assessments. These methods are outdated and don’t reflect the dynamic, responsive way modern sellers engage with buyers. And they’re hurting your bottom line.

Social Selling Training Course

The Digital Sales Institute

What are the benefits of undertaking a social selling training course and what can a salesperson expect to learn? The Social Selling Training Course. The post Social Selling Training Course appeared first on Online Sales Training Courses.

How Authenticity in Sales Training Is Lost

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Sales training today covers a plethora of sales styles or models. I know this to be true when speaking to my clients and sales leads who tell me they can tell what type of sales training the salespeople have experienced by the questions they ask. Are you a consultative salesperson?

Are You Ignoring Attitude in Your Sales Training?

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Having experienced numerous sales training programs in my previous life, not one of them really explored positive attitude in the learning engagement. Unfortunately, many sales training programs do not recognize this linkage and only further the disconnect.

How Top Sales Reps Prevent Worthless Training Efforts

Sales Benchmark Index

Every year, Sales Reps are forced into mandatory training. The question Reps want answered: how does this training help me make more money? Assess the value of your training and do one of these three things: If the training is bad, then tell your manager exactly why.

The Pipeline ? 25% Increase in Sales Training ROI ? Sales.

The Pipeline

25% Increase in Sales Training ROI – Sales eXchange – 115. Some aspects of sales training are easy to measure others not so, but it is a fair question when I am asked what they can expect from an ROI standpoint. Given that, why train them? Sales Training.

ROI 244

The Ever Present I Don’t Want Training Attitude

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Having a background in small business sales, when I ever received sales training it was an unexpected treat. Now engaged with both individual salespeople as well as teams of salespeople, I have experienced the reality of I don’t want training attitude. Sales Training

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 04

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The absence of sales training is directly and firmly placed at the feet of leadership. When leaders fail to train and develop their people especially their sales team, then only they can be held for the lack of results. The usual reason for not providing any sales training is money.

Sales Training and Self Training for Success

Anthony Cole Training

Leadership Training (2). sales management training (4). Sales Training (5). training sales (25). Tony Cole, Founder and CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group. Sales Training and Self Training for Success. Best in Class Sales Training.

Bucking the Crap Quandary of Sales Training

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The crap quandary of sales training is “I or my people need some new knowledge on best selling practices or development of existing sales skills, but much of the sales training makes big promises, costs big dollars and delivers less than desired results.”

A Quick Checklist Before You Sign That Sales Training Contract

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The sales training contract you are about ready to sign has met all of your requirements. What specific deliverables will the sales training coach, consultant or firm commit to delivering to you? Sometimes, this item is what differentiates sales training solutions.

Why Sales Training Must Embrace Self-Leadership Development

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Today I encourage you to review your most recent sales training and identify where self-leadership development was present? Sales training needs to evolve beyond what worked for the Fortune 500 firms and now must work for the smaller businesses.

The Ongoing Desire for the Perfect Sales Training

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Is it just me or does most of the sales training appear to identify what makes the perfect, almost robotic top sales performer who never makes a mistake? Don’t you wish as a small business owner or sales manager if you could quickly train your sales people to be the perfect android?

Are You Being Honest as to Why You Want Sales Training?

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In the US, sales training is big, buck business. Yet as Rain Group and others have also shared, up to 90% of all sales training fails. I continue to sit back in amazement because the real reason behind “I want sales training” is ignored.

Sales Training Is Not Just for Big Business – Part 05

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Even mid-size to small businesses can locate good sales training that meets their needs. Realizing training must be a continuum with development and then coaching the next steps. Investing time to find the right person such as a sales coach, business coach or sales training consultant.

Sales Training Is Not Just for Big Business – Part 1

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Once again I realized SMB businesses desperately need sales training. The Reality of Sales Training. Sales training for the most part has been designed and developed for Big Business not small business. Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 02

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One of the objectives of good sales training is to uncover those fears and then close those knowledge gaps. Efficient and effective sales training “unstucks” salespeople and provides the opportunity to discover new opportunities.

Time to Stop Missing the Mark with Sales Training

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This morning I just received an email request from an almost complete stranger who asked my feedback on a 41 page book on all one needs to know about sales training. What is missing in the majority of sales training is this one word – leadership.

PODCAST 52: Building Sales Coaching and Training Framework w/ Rob Jeppsen

Sales Hacker

Rob is a longtime sales veteran and is incredibly passionate about both the profession of sales but, more importantly, the importance of investing in your team through sales coaching and training. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, or elsewhere.

The Pipeline ? The REAL Problem with Sales Training

The Pipeline

The REAL Problem with Sales Training. Stored in Guest Post , Productivity , Sales Leadership , Sales Success , Sales Training , e-book , execution. The REAL Problem with Sales Training – The Pipeline Guest Post – Jonathan Farrington It seems that every week… [link].

Twelve Sales Tips from NSA ‘12

The Sales Heretic

As someone who makes my living speaking and training on sales, I am, of course, a member of the National Speakers Association. Sales business CEO convention marketing owner professional prospect speaker training Twitter videoWhich means that last week I was in Indianapolis for the 2012 NSA Annual Convention. More than a thousand of the world’s best professional speakers gathered for four days to learn from each other. [.].

A Common and Ignored Barrier to Effective Sales Training

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“We need some sales training” is heard quite often by small business owners to regional sales managers to even independent sales representatives. And in most instances, what is really wanted is effective sales training, not just any training solution. Effective sales training fills or closes the gap between the job description and the performance appraisal. Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

How to Network Your Way to Success- With or Without Facebook and Twitter

Jonathan Farrington

It was a multi-choice question – “Very important/Quite important/Important/Not important/Totally irrelevant” – 93% came back with “Totally irrelevant” This raises a number of questions, not least “ Who or what is Twitter/Facebook for ?”

Sales Training is Not Just for Big Business – Part 03

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Sales training, rather good sales training (results driven), is the mechanism to reduce and eventually eliminate these inconsistencies. Since businesses are dynamic with changes in people and process, sales training must be an ongoing solution. Good sales training will identify the sales process or even provide one so that everyone understands how the ideal customers are identified, attracted, sold and then kept as loyal customers.

In the Age of AI, Training Is More Critical Than Ever

Sales and Marketing Management

Before that happens, though, the AI has to be trained?—? The first step toward sales AI success will be taken not by salespeople, but rather by sales ops and the IT pros determining the right data to train the system.

Sales Tech Game Changers: @Highspot – How to Equip Sellers to Be Effective in Every Buyer Conversation

Smart Selling Tools

Highspot’s SmartPages give teams the ability to easily create sales plays, sales communications, and sales training so that reps have guidance alongside relevant and up-to-date content.

Buyer 116

IsThis Common Sales Training Presumption Your Increase Sales Barrier?

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After having sat through various sales training seminars, workshops to 2 day learning engagements, I realized that the majority shared this common presumption that was a barrier to increase sales. Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

Practice The Connection Bridge to Leadership and Sales Training ROI

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Yet in reviewing a recent catalog with a plethora of leadership and sales training opportunities, the word practice is missing. After 2 weeks if we never revisit what we learned from our leadership and sales training, our long term memory retention (learning) is down to under 5%.

ROI 98

The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100


There is now no doubt, NO DOUBT that the company I am honored to lead as CEO is the world’s largest digital sales training company. The secrets behind the success of the world’s largest #DigitalSales training company, Vengreso. Viveka von Rosen on Twitter. Kurt Shaver on Twitter.