Fri.Mar 09, 2012

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Victim or Victor – Friday’s Editorial

Increase Sales

Question: Victim or victor? Before you can determine where you are going, you need to assess where you are right now. The act of assessing allows us to establish benchmarks from which we can action.  If you are interested in being a victor now or any time in the future and are tired of being a victim, maybe it is time to assess your life. This setting of a rate established a benchmark.

Leverage sales expertise – advice from Dr. Oz

Sales Training Connection

Sales management lessons from Dr. Oz. When I think of Dr. Oz – a kingpin of medical media – I don’t think of someone who provides advice on leadership. But in the current issue of Fortune , he does just that. In “the best advice I ever got” column, Dr. Oz talks about becoming chief resident at Columbia University and how he was mentored by Dr. Keith Reemtsra. But what about sales?

Four Beautiful Young Ladies + Four Bicycles + One Really Important Cause

Jonathan Farrington

At 00:30 am on Sunday June 10th, whilst most of us will be sleeping - although I can imagine more than a few of you will still be partying – four beautiful young ladies will be setting off on a 100 kilometer cycle ride around London. Mad or what? Actually, it’s “what” They are hoping to raise the modest sum of £1000 for a cause very close to my heart – Cancer Relief. We can fight back. We can also give our support to organizations like Marie Curie, who are providing such incredible support for cancer sufferers around the world. The beautiful young ladies?

Finally, A Sales Person’s CRM

A Sales Guy

It’s no secret that CRM’s are not for sales people. They were built for management. This has been the problem with CRM’s for years. Sales people have bitched about the difficulty of updating CRM’s and managements CRM input demands since the first CRM rolled out 30 years ago. CRM’s suck for inputting data. Nimble could have just as easily been called “ Integrate.”

What Salespeople Can Learn from Classic Songs

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What Meaning Are You Attaching to Cold Calling?

The Sales Blog

What Meaning Are You Attaching to Cold Calling? is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. Why don’t you pick up the phone and make cold calls? Is it because you lack the confidence ? Is it because you don’t have a planned dialogue ? Maybe you procrastinate for some other reason, like the fact that there are more pleasant but less effective activities that you can take. Or maybe you attach way too much meaning to cold calling. Rejected and Dejected. Some people attach way to much meaning to cold calling. They believe that they aren’t good enough at cold calling to succeed.

What Is The Difference Between A Sales Person And An Order Taker?

MTD Sales Training

We have all heard the phrases; an order taker or a sales person. However, what does that mean and what is the difference between the two? Take a look at this analogy… The Eagle and the Vulture The difference between a professional sales person and an order taker is similar to the difference between a

Sales 10
Sales 10

Climbing the Mountain of High Customer Expectations

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customers may seem high maintenance, but in fact their high expectations are warranted. Every penny counts in today's economy, so consumers worldwide have come to expect nothing but the best from the companies they choose to purchase from. They expect only the best possible customer experience available, and rightfully so, says Bruce Temkin, managing partner at Temkin Group. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Are you words making you invisible to your buyers?

The Pipeline

Those of you who have read the book I co-wrote about Trigger Events , are familiar with the Selective Perception. simple concept of how once you train the mind to look for specific things it will be much more selective in seeing those things. Something some sales people do instinctively, it evolves with trends in their market, and awareness just makes it a more consistent habit. Next Step.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Avoid discounting redundancy

Inside Campaigner

As tempting as it may be for email marketers to follow the tried and tested route of discounting, in order to get someone's attention these days you have to stray from the pack, Forbes explains. What discounting tends to do is lure people in for short periods of time, gaining instant sales but in the long-run hurting loyalty. " These are both poor long-term solutions. Strategy

InsideView – Insider Summit next Week

Productivity and Motivational Tips for Inside Sale

InsideView is having their first ever  Insider Summit 2012 next week (March 11-13) and there’s some interesting tracks I plan on checking out- here’s a few on my list: Keynote- People Not Contacts. Proven Techniques to Increase Prospect Response Rates. Social Selling Tools You Should Not Go Without. 21st-century Sales Warriors: Work Smarter, Sell Better and Win More. Why Downturns Break Sales Orgs (And What To Do About It). InsideView has made great strides in the sales and social intelligence community. They have inserted themselves into the DNA of many inside sales organizations.

What Makes Your Brand Irresistible?

The 1to1 Media Blog

Today I made a purchase that I was compelled to make. It wasn't something I needed or had planned to buy. But I had to have it. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Experience customerengagement customerexperience

Never Fudge the Truth When Prospecting

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Today Colleen Francis , CEO of Engage Selling , shares a story about a call she recently received from a sales guy who was hoping she'd turn into a hot prospect for his services. Unfortunately, he made a fatal mistake that was impossible to recover from. _. One day while I was working on a sales presentation, I got a call at the office from a company sales rep trying to sell me an updated web site.

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Use advanced techniques or fall behind

Inside Campaigner

According to Econsultancy's Email Marketing Industry Census 2012, only 31 percent of companies regularly test their email marketing campaigns. Of those that do, 81 percent said their return on investment (ROI) was "excellent" or "good," while just 37 percent of those that didn't test felt the same way. Get the basics right, and you will sell more." Email Marketing