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Plagiarism Goes Beyond Intellectual Dishonesty

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Yesterday a colleague, Mark Hunter , came across one of his articles being plagiarized by a fairly well connected LinkedIn member.  He notified a group of other sales coaches, sales consultants and colleagues about this plagiarism.  When I notified the CEO, he called and said he was unaware, apologized and the copy was removed. The CEO blamed the web designer. loss in shareholders’ value.

How to Uncover Your Customer and Prospects Trust Criteria


It was 18 months ago when I stepped into a large cold conference room with seven executives and a good friend of mine named James who was in a tough negotiation. Imagine a long dark wooden table stretched from one end of the room to the other. Us on one end and seven executives on the other. Not the best way to start a meeting. Surprisingly the first part of the meeting went well. It was him.

Listen Up, Sales People: Two Big Things Your Customer is Telling You


Ever notice how precious time is? Like you, your customers are crazy busy and trying to maximize their time. And, as sales people, we have to understand where they want to spend their time in order to maximize our time. One of the best ways to do that is to better engage with your customers by seeing things through their lens and putting yourself in their shoes. Truly Understand Me. really do.

What Is the Most Effective of Account-Based Sales Strategies?

No More Cold Calling

Hint: It has nothing to do with digital.  . At least 67 percent of the buying process is complete before buyers ever contact your company. Believe that, and your account-based sales strategies are doomed from the start. Big mistake! The best account-based sales strategies aren’t reactive. Top salespeople are proactive, disciplined, insightful, and great at building relationships. That doesn’t work.

What Salespeople Can Learn from Classic Songs

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The Perfect Sales Presentation with Victor Antonio

Igniting Sales Transformation

I talked with Victor Antonio about sales presentations and how you can perfect a pitch that leads deals forward. Victor shared his perspective on why your sales presentation matters so much, the elements of a great presentation, and the best way to engage buyers in a way that leads them to say yes to meeting with you. Enjoy the interview! About Victor Antonio. Connect with Victor on LinkedIn.

What’s The Difference Between A Cold Call and Warm Call?

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . The simple answer is that one is scheduled, and the other is not. Some may add that in a warm call the recipient may be aware of the person calling and the reason for the call, usually in the form of a referral. But the reality is that the difference is in your head. Download your copy of the Objection Handling Handbook.

Lessons from My Attempt to Re-Claim My Weekends

Mukesh Gupta

Lessons from My Attempts to Reclaim my weekends by Mukesh Gupta. Situation. One of the constant complains that my family has with me is that I am obsessive about my gadgets. Even when I am on a holiday or during the weekend, I obsessively go for the gadgets and if it is not checking my emails, it is to check my twitter feed or my Facebook feed or my LinkedIn or my blog stats or my podcast stats or WhatsApp groups or something else. But they complain that I keep reaching for my phone or my iPad for something or the other. I am sure this is a common phenomenon in most of our lives. Conclusion: .

How Do You Perfect the Art of Sales Conversation?


What are the mechanics of delivering an effective sales pitch? It’s the wrong question; no one should aspire to be great at delivering a pitch. pitch is one-sided. pitch is about the salesperson and what they have to sell. The benefits of the pitch are asymmetric and favor the salesperson. The appropriate question is “How do you perfect the art of sales conversation?” PERIOD.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Quick Fixes in Sales Often Ignore This Reality

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In sales many seek the quick fixes that range from sales training, incentives, hiring new sales managers, new salespeople or some motivational speaker.  Yet in a few days to a few weeks, the sudden burst of sales productivity gradually returns to its pre-quick fix levels. The reality is 99.9% of all quick fixes ignore this reality. The reality is clarity or rather lack of clarity. In the story Alice in Wonderland , Alice approaches the Cheshire Cat sitting in a tree.  At the foot of the tree are various paths. Alice asks the Cat “What path should I take?” Share on Facebook.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Should Sales Leaders be Passionate or Rational?

The Sales Hunter

Do these two things — passionate and rational — even fit in the same sentence? I’ve had people say to be a leader of any type you can’t be passionate, because you’ll get your emotions tied into your decision-making process. The argument is you have to remain rational in how you think. The argument […]. Blog leadership executive sales leader briefing leader sales leadership

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11 Tips for Starting a New Sales Role

Modern B2B Sales

Author: Chris Gillespie So you have a new sales job. The desk is clean, the laptop screen has shiny protective film, and your strategy is a blank slate. You feel giddy with excitement at what the future holds, and you can hear the cowbell clanging as other account executives ring in their deals. Quietly, you resolve to outsell them all. Leverage Your Mentor. Learn the Tribal Stories. Mentoring.

PBTO51: Non-Obvious Trends with Rohit Bhargava

Mukesh Gupta

Who is on the show: In this episode we host, Rohit Bhargava. He is a “non-obvious” trend curator, founder of the Influential Marketing Group, and an expert in helping brands and leaders be more influential. He is the Wall Street Journal best selling author of five books on topics as wide ranging as the future of business, building a brand with personality, and why leaders never eat cauliflower.

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Is it Time to Rethink your Sales Force?


In today’s world in which a buyer can totally bypass the traditional buyer/seller relationship, sourcing product or service information directly online, the requirement to restructure your sales force to match up with these buying patterns has become even more crucial. In their excellent book Rethinking the Sales Force , Neil Rackham and John De Vincentis explore this topic in detail.

EP91. Amanda Goldman-Petri: Market Like A Nerd!

Tony Durso

Amanda Goldman-Petri declares war on the term “hustle.” She is the go-to international “work smarter, not harder” marketing coach for online entrepreneurs who want to create a sustainable business. Working smarter, not harder gives you more money and more freedom.–Amanda –Amanda tells us how to market like a nerd! Working smarter, not harder gives you more money and more freedom.–Amanda

What If Prospecting Were Cancer?

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Not to be overly dramatic, but most people who find out they have caner or any terminal disease, will immediately seek a cure, take steps to change their lifestyle or habits to alter their fate. Rarely or ever would they ignore it or make changes to unrelated things as a means of healing the illness. Or just not wanting to do it at all. Join Now!

Prescription Without Diagnosis Is Malpractice

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One of my colleagues, George Richardson , shared this quote by a Dr. Nancy Synderman “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”  with me nearly 20 years ago. These words are so true especially for those in any professional role including salespeople, executive coaches, consultants, leadership and management. How many times do those in any of these roles of sales, executive coaching, leadership training or even management prescribe a solution without a formal or even informal diagnosis? Yes an effective diagnosis is an investment of time, money and energy.  What would you do? 

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Empathy and Sympathy

Mukesh Gupta

Empathy & Sympathy by Mukesh Gupta. One of the most difficult things for me when it comes to building strong bonds with people I constantly interact with, is the ability to empathise. always was capable of intellectually understanding what the other person was going through but always found it extremely difficult to feel what they were feeling. never quite understood why that was the case. After watching this video from Brene Brown , I think I now know why I always found it difficult. This is scary and painful. It is meant to be scary and painful. myself support James Victore as a patron.

The Salesperson Mindset: The Quality of Security


For sales today, a mindset is at least as important as a skillset, and I refer to this mindset as social intelligence. In our ongoing series on this vital topic, we have already discussed the qualities of self-responsibility and individuality. Now let’s look at the next quality: security. Salespeople and Security. Or an airline pilot until a flight is successfully made? Security and Trust.

Getting sales rep onboarding right – it matters more than ever

Sales Training Connection

Onboarding new sales reps. Today a sales team must not only be able to sell a competitive advantage; they must be a competitive advantage. In most companies, it is increasingly difficult to sustain a competitive advantage by traditional means. So optimizing sales performance matters more today than it did yesterday and it will matter more tomorrow than it does today. Onboarding.

Customer Retention Team Mindset is about What’s Next

Babette Ten Haken

Customer retention team mindset not only results from discipline and process. Customer retention team mindset also trains everyone’s brain to become proactive and anticipatory of “What’s Next? ”. “What’s Next?” ” includes pondering implications for you, your team, your organization, your clients and your industry. Consider that “What’s Next?” It’s a big idea.

Successful Selling

Customers Should Care About Your Profitability!

Partners in Excellence

Too often, we succumb to price pressure–even worse, we lead with price, making pricing the center of focus of our sales efforts, then being forced to discount to “win” the business. What if we started shifting our conversations from discussions of discounting to educating them about the importance, to them, of maintaining our pricing and our profitability? Walking Away.

Simple Things That Could Hold You Back in Your Transformation Journey

Mukesh Gupta

Simple Things by Mukesh Gupta. Do we still need policies. I do a lot of travel as part of my work and one of the side-effects of this kind of travel is for us to submit our expenses to get the expenses reimbursed. One of these expense request got rejected with the reason that this is not according to policy and if I need to get the same approved, I need an approval from my CFO as an exception approval. wrote to the CFO and he approved the request as it was a valid expense that I had incurred for a business reason. know for sure that not many people read all the policies of their organisations.

Kurt Shaver “The New LinkedIn and Gaining Competitive Advantage”


Kurt Shaver spoke at our Power Breakfast in Santa Monica about how Microsoft’s $26.2B acquisition of LinkedIn is clear evidence that social networks will play an increasingly important role in business. Just as the deal closed, LinkedIn started rolling out the biggest design change in its 14-year history. These changes create the opportunity for “first-movers” to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. Learn the LinkedIn actions you should be taking now to fully leverage the new LinkedIn. For Sales Pros Sales Management Salespreneur

Why You Have a Time Management Problem

The Sales Blog

If you feel like you have a time management problem, there are a number of things that you might be doing to generate that feeling. Lack of Priorities : You will find it difficult to be productive with your time if you haven’t defined your priorities. If you don’t know what your biggest priorities are, then you will have trouble deciding where to spend your time. There was no thinking required.

Attention Sales Managers:  Prospects Are In The Produce Section of Your Local Grocery Store!

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"IN THE END, WE'RE ALL JUST FRUIT". Pipeline management sales prospecting closing sales

STEM Mindset catalyzes IIoT Professional Development

Babette Ten Haken

A little STEM mindset goes a long way towards professional development. Especially when working within complex business and operational environments. The STEM acronym represents Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Consider whether the thought of becoming more STEM-savvy makes you shudder. In order to work across the sales-engineering interface®, improve your STEM mindset. Step 1.

Innovations Result from Solving Interesting Problems with Unique Insights

Mukesh Gupta

Innovations Result from Solving Interesting Problems by Mukesh Gupta. read a blog post from Seth Godin titled – “ Interesting Problems “ You can read it here. have always held the opinion that the ability to ask Interesting Questions is key when it comes to staying in control of your innovation process. After reading the post by Seth, I think, solving interesting problems is a great path that can lead to asking interesting questions, which in turn leads us to interesting insights and eventually interesting innovations. It’s not always going to work. The stakes are high.

Why Do We Sell?

Partners in Excellence

Some may be wondering about the “existential” nature of this title.  Some may be thinking, “Well, that’s stupid Dave, it’s our job.”  ”  Others might say, “I’m money motivated and it’s a way I can make a lot of money!” ” We choose to become sales people for a variety of reasons.  They do it one customer and one deal at a time.

6 Sins of Sales: Who, What, When, Why, Where, hoW


This infograpahic covers 6 sins of sales that should be avoided no matter what. We discuss how to avoid them, and actions to take to ensure they never occur at all. The infographic is based on the ebook of the same name. It is important to avoid these sins simply because you want to sell, and you want to have a higher percentage of won sales than lost sales. We want that for you, too!

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