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Selling with a Sense of Purpose


Selling is a noble profession. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. For some reason, people associate sellers with negative “used car” experiences they have had in the past and thus… people have a negative feeling towards the word “salesman” in general. But selling is a great profession and one to be proud of. A lot of […]. For Sales Pros sales professionals selling

10 Ways to Stop Being an Average Salesperson and Become a Top-Performing Salesperson

The Sales Hunter

If you’re content being average, then don’t read any further. If If you’re content being average, then don’t be surprised when you wake up one day and find yourself struggling to make anything happen. Being average is simply something no one can aspire to or be satisfied at being. There’s only two positions you can occupy: […].

The Power Of A Daily 1 Percent Improvement

The Productivity Pro

TRANSCRIPT. But, imagine the power if every single person woke up every day and said “what could I do to be one percent better today?” ” You would roughly double your ability every 70 days. Think about that. Think about the power of how that would compound. It can be something little. It can be saying you know what? Today, I’m going to pick up the phone instead of send an email.

Medical sales training – something different vs. more of the same

Sales Training Connection

Medical sales training. From time to time entire industries go through dramatic changes driven by forces that are disruptive in scope and scale. Today the healthcare industry is a prime example. Most healthcare organizations are uncertain about the best strategic path forward.  However, what is clear is standing still is not an option. Clearly for the market-leaders this journey has already begun. 

Understand the Hidden Costs of Salesforce Before It's Too Late

Don't get stuck in a dysfunctional CRM relationship

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Five Ways to Serenity: How to Dial Down Work Stress and Boost Your Performance

The Productivity Pro

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”–Sydney ”–Sydney J. Harris, American journalist. Despite the many arguments to the contrary, stress isn’t necessarily bad for you. little stress forces you to get off your duff and try to improve your life. Psychologist call positive stress eustress. That’s what causes people to break. Singletask.

Film 98

How Much Do You Really Want to Increase Sales?

Increase Sales

Funny thing about people in sales.  Most say they really want to increase sales. Yet when provided with viable sales leads, they do not return sales calls or actually if they accept the call, they insult the sales lead. Credit have a friend who is rather well off. She and her husband own a very nice home in a rather exclusive subdivision. Her husband is a doctor. ” .

4 Critical Changes to Go from Failure to Success in Sales Today

Understanding the Sales Force

Today I'm in Florida, preparing to speak at a company's national meeting. Like many companies, they have not only realized that selling has changed dramatically, but that their salespeople may not have adapted, developed new skills, and changed the way they sell. But most senior executives haven't put two and two together yet.

How To Conduct A Killer Follow-Up


A proper follow-up can make or break a sale. It is also highly underestimated in its effectiveness. Without proper follow-up, many sales die. Rookie salespeople make the mistake of assuming that their job is done after the sales call when in reality that’s when the real job begins. An effective follow-up takes planning and tenacity.  […]. Sales Strategies sales professionals sales strategie

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Being Really Good is Just the Entry Fee

The Sales Hunter

Is what you’re doing marketing and I mean really good marketing? My friend David Avrin has just written a book, Visibility Marketing, where he digs into the idea of marketing with a particular focus toward small business. David has some unique thoughts. Yes, he buys into quality is your best marketing, but he also firmly believes […].

How to Really Heat Up Your Referral Sales Strategies

No More Cold Calling

Referral selling not working for your team? Here’s what you’re missing! Think you can just tell sales reps to go ask for referrals? If that’s all you do, answer this question: How’s that working for you? Your Referral Sales Strategies Are Missing Something. Referrals don’t just happen, at least not at scale. But how often does that happen? Then when the economy tanked, they were let go.

Sustainable Sales Success - Tip 06 - Cold Calling Etiquette

Increase Sales

With caller ID, many SMB people are reluctant to answer their phones. For me, if I want sustainable sales success, I answer all calls. What I have noticed is many who engage in cold calling have failed this important aspect – etiquette. Cold calling interrupts the sales leads from doing what they are doing.  In this instance, it was the later. Autonomy is the most important element.

Choice – It Is What Your Customers Want

Fill the Funnel

Your customers expect choices. Choices in how you sell to them, how they buy and how you interact and communicate with them. This is creating challenges for sales and marketing teams everywhere, big and small. Even more challenging is that many are stuck with few options. Review the options you are currently offering your customers – email, phone, face-to-face, and direct mail. Choices.

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.

Learning from Failure: Timing is Everything


For some, failure can mean the end of the road on some activity, venture or goal. But that is only true if you give up and just stop. For me—and for many others like me—failure in some area can act as a valuable learning experience that further enables success. This new series of blogs will […]. The post Learning from Failure: Timing is Everything appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

ACT 41

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Turning Individual Recognition into Team Learning

The Sales Hunter

Good leaders are always quick to recognize superior performance of their people, but many fail to get the full mileage from it. Next time you recognize someone for the job they do, ask them to share with the entire organization how they did it. This simple move will now allow everyone to learn from the […].

Social Media & Selling - "Catch Them All"

Anthony Cole Training

Guest Post By Alex Cole, Recruitment Specialist, Hire Better Salespeople. social media pokemon go selling and social media

Sowing the Seeds of Sales Distrust Part 2

Increase Sales

As said previously sales distrust can be sown anywhere along the sales process path. By understanding the simplicity of the trust cycle any salesperson can avoid these distrust pitfalls. In the book, Building Productive Teams by Glen Varney, he discussed the “trust cycle.” ” This simple explanation reveals the various weak points in building trust and avoiding sales distrust.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

A Solution to Plummeting Email Rates Launched Today

Fill the Funnel

The numbers are simply staggering, and its going to be a rude awakening for sales and marketing teams (if you are not feeling it already). Eye-popping “Did You Know” Facts About Text Messages. The bottom line is, if your business doesn’t adapt to mobile – it will die. Today is the day to make the easy transition. A new platform called TextDeliver has just been. released. It

How We Made Lemonade Out of Lemons

A Sales Guy

Earlier this year, as many of the readers here know, we at A Sales Guy had big, bold, and somewhat risky marketing stunt. You can read about it and it’s abject failure here. In a nutshell, we were going to do a pop-up event for Virgin America’s inaugural flight to Denver from San Francisco. The plan was to show up at the for the first flight from Denver to San Francisco. We were pumped!

The Deal Stalled for Months Now They Say No

Score More Sales

It’s frustrating being a newer sales rep and falling for what I call the “buddy effect”. It’s even worse when you are a veteran seller and this happens to you. It happened to me more than once, until I learned how to qualify. Here is an example of what the buddy effect is –. Sales Skills B2B sales strategy

Corporate Strategy: Not All Revenue Growth is Equal

Sales Benchmark Index

Corporate Strategy Podcast

I'm New to Sales, Now What?

Increase Sales

The phone rang again and I heard this familiar statement “I’m new to sales.” ”   This is usually followed by “Now what do I do?” ” or “How can you help me?” ” Credit: Hubspot. For recent college graduates, entering the B2B sales arena within the SMB marketplace can be overwhelming. How do I find sales leads? No one calls me back!

We Don’t Know How to Hear Each Other: how biases distort our conversations

Sharon Drew Morgan

As a Buddhist, I don’t understand why anyone would want to take another’s life or how it’s even an option. Yet so many in our country are feeling disempowered and ignored, targeted and disenfranchised and we haven’t yet created a dialogue to heal. In fact, we don’t even know how to hear each other. But I can offer my bit to make it possible to find solutions. THE PROBLEM: HOW OUR BRAINS LISTEN.

That Moment When

A Sales Guy

That moment when. noticed the beautiful little girl, with giant blue eyes, and ghost white hair. She had a younger sister that looked just like her sitting quietly on her dad’s chest in a chest carrier. However, unlike her sister, she was anything but quiet. Standing between her mom’s legs, this little girl was unhappy.  I could see the independent streak in this little firecracker.

Limiting Choices Increases Results

The Pipeline

Tibor Shanto  – Despite the evidence to the contrary, many sales people and businesses see multiple options presented to prospects as being “good” or the “right” thing, for the prospect, and by extension themselves. Some of this is based on the assumption that the buyer actually knows what they want. Risky business.

Sales 29

Try New Things to Grow Your Sales

Sell More and Work Less

Working with so many different clients across a variety of industries really opens your eyes to new ideas, strategies and insights. I’m always open to embracing fresh new thinking! Sales Coaching motivating employees optimizing sales Pipeline Management Productivity Prospecting rapport referrals The Sales Leader

Companies Are Embracing Pokémon GO

The 1to1 Media Blog

You may have seen them over the weekend wandering the streets like zombies and glued to their mobile phones. No, they weren't extras in an episode of "The Walking Dead." They were players in Niantic Labs' new augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Since There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Will Adding More Sales Reps Help You Make Your Number?

Sales Benchmark Index

Article Sales Strategy

Sales Tips: Stop Spouting Features Buyers Don't Need

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Stop Spouting Features Your Buyers Don't Need. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®. Most salespeople are proud of the products/offerings they sell. The most significant mistake I made when starting my Sales career was to believe my job was educating buyers about offerings. This was an early death spiral for most buying cycles.

How to Generate More B2B Sales Leads


New Sales Leads are next years Key Accounts , next years Strategic Partners, in short they are the fuel that drives Business Growth and developing a consistent flow of new sales leads is important for every business. survey by  has produced some great insights into the various methods companies are using to generate new sales leads. Sales Conferences Lead Generation

How to Speed Up Your Deals

Sell More and Work Less

You may have noticed this interesting trend… Lost deals tend to be the same ones that stagnate during the proposal phase. Sales Coaching motivating employees optimizing sales Pipeline Management positive attitude Prospecting sales coaching Sales Leader Quick Hit Podcast sales quota sales success selling The Sales Leader