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5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Marketing Automation Tools


How about that a 10% increase in customer retention yields a 30% rise in the value of your company? Grow Your Business From Within By Improving Customer Retention. As the statistics above demonstrate, improving customer retention is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. Ways to Use Marketing Automation Tools to Improve Customer Retention.

5 ways marketers can drive customer retention to achieve growth


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3 Strategies That Will Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention

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Most experts agree that it can cost many times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, and a Bain & Company study indicated that increasing customer retention by 5 percent increases profits by 25 to 95 percent. Here are three strategies you should be focusing on that can improve customer experience to increase both acquisition and retention.

Avangate Spring ‘16 Release: Maximize Revenue Growth with Conversion & Retention Enhancements

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Automate Customer Acquisition and Retention. Avangate offers a range of solutions to boost your conversion rate, created with retention in mind at every stage of the commerce lifecycle. With the built-in Account Updater Services, Avangate proactively updates cards for subscription customers prior to expiration – increasing retention by 10%-40%. Grow with the Power of Data.

Customer Retention Strategy leverages Renewals

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Do you have a solid customer retention strategy in place? Let’s say you work for a company with a selling culture that constantly pushes new business acquisition rather than customer retention (pretty much most companies). That’s no customer retention strategy at all. Customer retention strategy requires sales vision. Or would you prefer not to think about this? Boring….

Why 80 Percent of Companies Lose at Customer Retention

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The post Why 80 Percent of Companies Lose at Customer Retention appeared first on Score More Sales. Every day you can see examples of how big brands and small brands are blowing it when it comes to getting new customers and then retaining them. Just go in to a retailer in a mall or in a big box store somewhere and try to have a really great interaction with an employee. Ask Your Customers.

The Two Sided Sword of Employee Retention

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Yesterday I came across this unattributed remark as I seeking quotes on employee retention including team building and human resources: “A company is known by the people it keeps.” Many states have best places to work for as well as national surveys that suggest what organizations handle employee retention very well. Employee retention for business leadership is all about what I call the 7 Rs: Right people in the. Business Leadership customer loyalty employee retention employee turnover engaged workforce high performing culture right people in the right seats

Improving Your Customer/Client Retention – Video Blog

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Customer/Client Retention building a loyal client base client retention customer retentionAs a sales person, I’m sure you are aware how important it is to develop a loyal client base as this will provide a great level of security for your business through the down periods that all. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

How to Use Business Reviews to Increase SaaS Customer Retention

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Retention is one of the main challenges tech companies face. Selling Strategy Account Management saas business reviews saas customer retention Keeping customers after their initial contract ends can be difficult if decision makers do not clearly see the value in using your product. That’s why SaaS companies need good account Read more.

Customer Retention, Different Approaches

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Customer retention is a critical issue.  But it seems companies take two different approaches to customer retention. Then there are those that take a different approach to customer retention.  They realize all the “legalese” will keep a customer if they are truly unhappy and that punitive terms are not a customer retention strategy.  ” .

4 Tips to Increase Retention and Drive Upsell

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The bottom line is, if you’re serious about customer retention you need the data, analytics, and drive to stand out from the crowd. Brand switching is up 29 percent since 2010, and poor customer service is to blame. In the US alone, customers are taking $1.6 trillion in revenue with them as they swap from brand ‘A’ to brand ‘B’. Identify your at-risk customers. Change their minds. Reach out.

Podcast: A Sales Reorg with 99% Customer Retention & 5% Rep Turnover

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Dan Perry recently interviewed Matt Boice, Vice President of Sales Ops at TEN. The Enthusiast Network, founded in 1948, is a media company with the largest concentration of males between 18-34 within the automotive and outdoor adventure market. TEN has been on a tear lately growing their social followers 512% since 2013 sitting now at 74 million.

Customer Retention, Whose Job Is It Anyway?

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I wrote, Customer Retention-Different Approaches , the other day.  It stimulated a lot of discussions.  One of the most interesting was with my friend Brian MacIver.  He reminded me of the terrible difficulty sales people have in retaining and growing business with existing customers, as well as the absence of customer retention strategies in many organizations. Sales is tough enough. 

Customer Retention: A Critical Selling Capability

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Matthew is an expert in customer retention, a critical, but often under-appreciated selling capability.  Minnesota Life’s Client Relationship Advisor team is so effective, the company’s retention rate is significantly ahead of their closest competitor.  What’s different about sales in a customer retention context? So in that context, here my interview with Matthew.

Keep Your Affiliate Relationships Fresh with Retention Campaigns

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This article answers common questions about affiliate fatigue and teaches you how to run retention campaigns that help affiliates spark sales, benefiting your bottom line and their affiliate business. Knowing  what your top affiliates need from you will help prioritize ways to improve your program and retention campaigns. How do I craft retention campaigns? Commission.

Customer Retention, A Rant

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What are your strategies for customer retention?  Do you see if you can keep them?  Do you learn from them if you can’t? Related posts: Performance Management Friday — Customer Retention/Customer Attrition. Business is tough everywhere.  As sales professionals, we struggle to find business and meet our quotas. Losing business that you had previously won is tragic. The first is one of our company’s banks.  We keep accounts in a few banks around the world. Originally, we established multiple accounts to help make it easier for our people to do business.

The 3 Main Components That Drive Customer Loyalty

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Customer/Client Retention client retention customer loyaltyMost companies agree that loyal customers are the lifeblood of their business. Clients who return continuously to restock or re-purchase make it easy for companies to provide service and back-up. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Client Retention Lessons from Software as a Service

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Client Retention Lessons from Software as a Service is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. Not too many years ago, there was no such thing as software as a service ( SAAS ). The business model didn’t exist. Instead, you bought a packaged box with the software enclosed on a disk, and you ran the software on your computer. But software companies learned that they could create and capture more value with a better model. But more important still, they could generate predictable revenue. As long as you are subscribed, you pay every month (or in some cases, every year).

Confessions of a Recovered Sales Hoop Jumper

Babette Ten Haken

Do I need to tell you what my customer retention rates were? Babette Ten Haken is a management consultant, strategist, speaker and coach focused on customer success for customer retention. I admit it. I was a sales hoop jumper. Especially early on, when I was an over-anxiously sales newbie charging after seemingly unrealistic sales quotas. listened. wanted to please.

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Inside Sales Tip: 4 ‘Must Ask’ Questions to Increase Client Retention

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Auto Dialer Best Practices How To's Inside Sales Best Practices Inside Sales Tips Inside Sales Training Client Retention Inside Sales Ken KrogueAs an inside sales professional, often times we think solely of driving leads, qualifying those leads, and (hopefully) closing those leads if we’ve done our job right. However, perhaps the most important aspect of the sales after using a sales Read more.

Lessons in Retention for TM practitioners

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Lessons in Retention for TM practitioners. Here are my key take-aways from his presentation on employee retention. 1. By Carlos Botero, VP of HR, DIRECTV. From the September 8, 2011 meeting of the CO New Talent Management Network ( ), at the DIRECTV facility at 161 Inverness Drive West in Englewood, as written by Laura Stack. Under the leadership of Carlos Botero, who took over as VP of HR in July 2008, DIRECTV is on track for a 24% employee churn in 2011, down from a high of 110% in 2008. How was this accomplished? “Great talent follows great talent.”

Dealing with Toxic Clients

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CROSS FUNCTIONAL COLLABORATION CUSTOMER RETENTION SALES STRATEGY LEADERSHIP SALES ENGINEERING COLLABORATION toxic client toxic clientsI have dealt with more than a few toxic clients. Have you? Anything over zero toxic clients is more than anyone’s fair share of them. Ideally, you and I never should find ourselves in a situation where we are contractually obligated to toxic clients.

How To Improve Customer Retention and Your Bottom Line


Customer retention is becoming more of a focus in the digital age – what with all the marketing channels, analytics options and automated systems. Customer retention begins with superior customer service. The cost of not improving customer retention can ruin your ability to become more profitable. Sure, customer retention affects top line growth. In a big way. Sales.

Reinventing Sales Wheels or Just Spinning Them?

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Which internal processes exert the greatest impact on how your business creates and measures customer experience, customer success and customer retention? Ultimately, does the focus of survey instruments serve as a means of self-gratification or as a catalyst for customer retention? You can reinvent sales wheels or continue to spin your sales wheels. You can choose to do nothing.

Successful Internal Customer Communication is Your 1st Priority

Babette Ten Haken

Babette Ten Haken is a management consultant, strategist, speaker and coach focused on customer success for customer retention. How would you rate your own internal customer communication capabilities? Let’s start with the basics. Does everyone on your team – your internal customers – understand what you are saying? People do business with people they understand. The problem?

Performance Management Friday — Customer Retention/Customer Attrition

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Monitoring customer retention and customer attrition is important.  There are a number of different ways to measure customer retention.  In the simplest form, you want to look at the percent of customers that bought in some previous time period that buy this year.  For example, in my business, we have very high customer retention, but not all our clients buy our types of services every year.  Having high customer retention numbers is good, it’s an indicator of customer loyalty.  Are your measuring retention and attrition?  Were they unhappy with quality? 

The “A” In AIDA – 3 Ways To Actually Grab It!

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Customer/Client Retention getting the attention of customers how to gain respect from clients We are supposedly exposed to over 5,000 marketing, advertising and other types of messages each day. Personally, I think it’s a lot more, especially when you think of how many emails we get! What. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Team Criticism – 4 Collaboration Hacks

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CROSS FUNCTIONAL COLLABORATION CUSTOMER RETENTION SALES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUPS LEADERSHIP SALES ENGINEERING COLLABORATION TECH WORKFORCE HR STRATEGY client criticism external client internal management management criticism team criticismHow do you handle team criticism? Here are 4 hacks to help you move forward together, confidently and collaboratively. Let’s face it.

Six SaaS Growth Hacks For Customer Renewals

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With renewals being so important, the Internet is awash with tips of how to increase retention and reduce churn. To learn more about customer renewals download our whitepaper “ Go Beyond Customer Retention: Proven Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back – and Spending More. ”. As a SaaS manager, no one needs to tell you how important renewals are to your business’s growth. Tweet.

4 Simple Steps To Build A Strong & Loyal Customer Base

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So, it follows that customer retention must be a major component of an effective marketing. [[ This is a content summary only. Customer/Client Retention Sales Tips how to build a strong customer base how to make your customers loyal Most of us would agree that it costs considerably more to get a new customer than to maintain a loyal one. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Why Customer Experience Is So Important For Your Success

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Customer/Client Retention how to make a good experience for the customer making customer experiences for client retention Have you a favourite restaurant? Car dealership? Clothes Shop? If you have, it’s probably because of the products they sell and the people who run it. Overall, though, we judge our favourite. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

7 Ways To Destroy The Relationship With Your Client

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Customer/Client Retention how not to destroy a client relationship how to retain clients and not alienate them Customers often judge us by the quality of the back-up service we offer. If everything goes well before we actually start working with them, they may see fit to buy our products and services. The. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

The 3 Essential Dimensions of Sales Hiring

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Hiring Employee Acquisition Employee Growth Employee Retention sales hiringSuccessful companies are maniacal about customer service. Organisations Organisations that do everything they can to delight customers will keep their churn rate low, build strong brand recognition and attain a strong bottom line.

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Three Online Selling Capabilities Software Firms Need to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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To learn more about customer retention read our Whitepaper: Go Beyond Retention. Undoubtedly, customer lifetime value (CLV) is a core success metric for any SaaS company. If your company is going to continue to grow – and remain profitable – you need to be able to consistently identify your most valuable customers and increase their value over the life of their subscriptions.

Keep Calm and Retain On

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Retention plays a pivotal role in every SaaS and online services companies’ growth. Companies that sell digital goods online need to understand how low authorization rates, payment failures, chargebacks and refunds impact retention and ultimately your company’s success. Capitalizing on retention best practices is key to reducing payment failures and securing recurring revenue.

How to Protect Your Star Performers: Retention and Management of Your Best Employees

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Within every company there are always a few standouts that would be classified as ‘stars.’ Because of their consistent high performance, they are highly visible and everyone knows them. It’s these types of employees that we spend all our time Read more. Hiring How To's Inside Sales Inside Sales Tips Inside Sales Training Sales Tips Uncategorized Better Sales Performance Inside Sales Best Practices research Sales Leadership Sales Management

3 Great Ideas On How To Build & Establish Your Brand

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Customer/Client Retention how to build a solid customer base how to improve your brand through philosophy One of the most precious assets that a company possesses is the quality of their brand. great brand image can drive sales onward and upward; a lesser image can ultimately destroy a brand’s presence. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Customer Retention, Customer Service, Customer Experience The Rant Goes On

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Related posts: Customer Retention, A Rant. Performance Management Friday — Customer Retention/Customer Attrition. A couple of days ago, I ranted, in part, about my experience with my past computer supplier.  We had depended on their computers for many years.  Over the past several weeks, I have had power supply, battery problems and related issues. I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service representatives.  Each one of them has been very polite and reassuring, “We will get your problem solved! ”  Some can’t see the “problem notes.” 

There’s More To Farming Accounts Than Repeat Business

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Customer/Client Retention advice on farming accounts how to gain repeat business Whenever salespeople think about prospecting, it often has two distinctly different reactions. For some it can be a challenge that they relish, looking forward to seeking out new opportunities and. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Complaints Can Lead To Sales – If You Handle Them Right

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Customer/Client Retention complaining customers Customer complaints Dealing with complaints No matter how well you’ve done your job, there will always be things that are outside of your control. Things that would drive your customer mad. Things that would make them annoyed. And things. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Checked Your “Customer Turnover” Levels Recently?

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General Account Management Customer Retention It’s interesting that we regularly read articles or comments about high levels of staff turnover, but it is very rare to discover any commentary about customer turnover – it is almost as if it is a taboo subject; that there is shame attached to it, an embarrassment. suppose it is an admission of failure. – Less expensive products elsewhere (9%). – Unhappy with service/product (18%). –  Because of the poor attitude of the supplier (68%). That’s pretty staggering isn’t it? They want attention.

10 Ways To Secure Commitment From Your Customer

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Customer/Client Retention Closing is seen as the holy grail of any sales interaction. It gets the order, or at least progresses the sale onto the next level. Securing some form of commitment from someone is a great feeling, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Toxic Teams impact Customer Success

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The team’s mission is to impact the success of their customers, which ultimately impacts retention of that customer. CROSS FUNCTIONAL COLLABORATION CUSTOMER RETENTION SALES STRATEGY LEADERSHIP SALES ENGINEERING COLLABORATION TECH WORKFORCE HR STRATEGY high-functioning teams teams toxic teams toxic workplace team workplace teamcould write a book, huh? Read Meghan M.

SaaS Churn Secrets: Beware the Non-Complainers

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KPI - Key Performance Indicators Account Management customer retention SaaS churn What’s the dirty little secret of SaaS churn? Just look at this chart, from “Market-Based Management” by Roger J. Best, and it will jump out at you like a skeleton at a haunted house.

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Customer Loyalty Is Continuous Value Creation

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Execution is certainly part of a customer loyalty and client retention strategy. But the real key to customer loyalty and client retention is to continually and continuously find new ways to create value. Retention Sales 3.0 creating value Customer Experience Management Customer Loyalty Customer Retention Loyalty Loyalty Business Model Relationship Marketing Value Creation