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Sales Prospecting: Are You Doing It Right?


The post Sales Prospecting: Are You Doing It Right? Condensed from a Pipeliner SalesChats Interview with Dan McDade Interview by John Golden Dan McDade is certainly qualified to talk about leads. appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. For Sales Pros sales process sales rep salespeople

The “Prospecting” Disease

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And a great deal of the time when you ask them what they’re doing they tell you they’re prospecting. Why are a few really good at finding prospects and brining in business and most aren’t? The successful sellers spend their time prospecting. The majority are simply infected with the disease of “prospecting,” that is, the illusion that what they are doing is prospecting when in reality it is nothing more than busy work to keep them from having to do the tough work of actually prospecting. To succeed you need to spend your time prospecting

Text Messaging for Prospecting?

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Blog Phone Sales Tips Professional Selling Skills Prospecting phone skills prospect prospecting sales prospecting text textingThe last few weeks I’ve had several requests from salespeople asking for my advice on text messaging and whether or not it should be used. Some people say you shouldn’t use it, while others say to use it. Here’s my response: I have nothing to lose and a customer to gain by texting someone. Boom! […].

Prospecting Using Linkedin

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If Linkedin isn’t creating for you the prospects and business you need, then it’s time to ask yourself if you’re using Linkedin correctly. Blog Prospecting high-profit prospecting linkedin prospect prospectingIt’s easy to think all you need to do is buy one of the Linkedin premium services and suddenly you’ll have all the business you need. False assumption! Yes, having one […].

What Salespeople Can Learn from Classic Songs

Sales appointments that turn prospects into customers

Seventeen Things to Do Before Engaging a Prospect


The post Seventeen Things to Do Before Engaging a Prospect appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. They say that people buy from people they like and people like people who know them. Sales Strategies sales strategies Tips and Tricks

5 Traits of the Prospecting Expert

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While doing research for my next book coming out this fall (High-Profit Prospecting by AMACOM Press), I dug deep into why some salespeople are far more successful than others. Below are the 5 traits I found time and time again in those who were consistently delivering results far above the norm when it comes to prospecting. 1. […].

5 Questions to Qualify a Prospect Faster

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Few things can take up as much time as spending time with a prospect that turns out to not be a prospect. Every time I speak, someone comes up to me afterward and shares with me their frustration with qualifying a prospect. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting breakthrough sales university prospect prospecting sales prospect

Prospecting Myths: What Keeps Salespeople from Prospecting

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Recently I sat down via the Internet  to discuss with Anthony Iannarino the issue of prospecting and, more specifically, some of the myths that keep people from doing it. Professional Selling Skills high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingreached out to Anthony, because not only do I value his opinion, but I also wanted to talk about his new book (which I strongly believe you […].

Hiding Your Lighted Sales Prospects Under a Bushel Basket Are You?

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Salespeople invest a lot of time lighting up sales prospects and yet it appears many are hiding those sales leads. Sales prospecting is truly about providing light to people who are in the dark about: You. Additionally, these sales prospects may also be in the dark about their own problems. Then they understand the must keep this light shining until the sales prospects buy.

7 Steps to Building a Prospecting Plan that Works

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Do you have the number of high-quality prospects you need to not just make your annual number but exceed it? Before you answer that question, you may need to ask yourself if your prospecting plan is working as well as you need it to. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospect sales prospecting

The 5 Why Questions Sales Prospects Ask

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answering prospect questions sales prospects the why sales questions

How to Uncover Your Customer and Prospects Trust Criteria


We can mistake good will and sales opportunity for strong enough trust to win over a customer or prospect. Most people believe themselves to be of great character but yet fail to win over their customers, friends and prospects. We experience those moments where a customer doesn’t want to go ahead, a prospect makes an excuse and so on. Not the best way to start a meeting.

Prospecting Using 14-Second Voicemail

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Blog Phone Sales Tips Prospecting high-profit prospecting phone tips prospect prospecting sales prospecting voicemailToo many salespeople overlook the impact of voicemail. One excuse I hear from salespeople is, “Why leave a voicemail? Nobody will listen to it anyway!” 

7 Strategic Questions Regarding Your Prospecting Process

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Today I want to give you an excerpt from my new book, High-Profit Prospecting. Consider the below strategic questions as you look at your own prospecting process: 1. What about my prospecting process is compelling to the customer? Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingWhen I say “compelling,” I am talking about the customer’s willingness to engage and share with you […].

10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make it Enjoyable

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You can’t prospect if you don’t start, and starting is the problem too many salespeople have. Here are 10 things you can do right now to help you stop procrastinating on doing the prospecting you know […]. Professional Selling Skills prospect prospecting sales prospect sales prospectingLet’s face it.

Sales Prospecting in the 21st century - Part 4

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The last reaction salespeople want from their sales prospecting efforts is to ignore the requests of a sales lead. Sales prospecting is the first phase of the sales process. This company is clueless about sales prospecting through email marketing.  Sales Prospecting in the 21st Century – Part 2 – Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. Usability.

5 Ways to Increase Your Prospecting Results

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Blog Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingWe no more than end one quarter and we start all over again looking for new leads and new sales. Each quarter it seems there are those times when we all say to ourselves, “Next quarter I’m determined to be more prepared.” Yet next quarter comes and the same thing happens, and it’s a hustle […].

10 Ways to Prospect with Integrity

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When you prospect with integrity, you will get customers who have integrity. Today there are too many people using stupid tactics to prospect that lack integrity. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect sales prospectingThink about what the previous sentence means. Integrity is an asset that is undervalued and underappreciated in today’s business world, yet it means more than ever. certainly realize integrity […].

Prospecting Is a Marketing Activity

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Confusion abounds about what is prospecting and what is marketing.  In other words, prospecting is an operation within marketing. You would not be marketing if you did not need new sales leads or prospects. People who prospect well are also market well.  Effective prospecting is very targeted because it originates in effective marketing. 97.7% of all U.S. Urgency.

Does Your Prospecting Plan Work? 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Unfortunately, this exemplifies the expectations of too many sales prospecting plans. Below are 11 questions you can ask yourself regarding your sales prospecting plan. These questions will equip you to gauge how effective your prospecting plan is and what […]. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

10 Rules You Need to Follow if You Email a Prospect

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A few weeks ago, I shared 10 mistakes you can’t afford to make if you use email to prospect, so it’s only right I share with you 10 things you need to do. These are from my new book, High-Profit Prospecting, which people are raving about and I believe you will too when you read […]. Blog Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting

Prospecting Has Changed, But Have You?

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingNews flash. Social media is nothing more than the telephone. The argument […].

100 Sales Questions to Understand Your Prospects’ Pain

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The post 100 Sales Questions to Understand Your Prospects’ Pain appeared first on Fill the Funnel. Sales questions can make all the difference in your results. Want to make more sales this year? Then you must practice the art of listening more. Because nobody really wants to talk to a chatty salesperson. They are annoying. They can go on and on about their product and what’s special about it […]. Presentation Tools Social Selling Web Tools Questions

3 Simple Ways to Engage Prospects and Win More Deals


The post 3 Simple Ways to Engage Prospects and Win More Deals appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. How do the top salespeople continually blow away their quotas so effortlessly? Do they have some kind of secret formula they follow to ensure success consistently? For Sales Pros sales professionals salespeople

What If Prospecting Were Cancer?

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When I ask what they attribute that to, they tell me: Their people are ineffective at prospecting. Seriously, they will deal with and change anything than what counts, i.e. their people’s ability to properly prospect. Another leader who after deciding that his people needed to prospect more regularly and do it better when they do, put the team through a presentations skills program.

HOW TO Increase Prospecting Results for Sales Leaders

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Have you thought about the impact you as a sales manager have on the prospecting results your people achieve? I’ve encountered far too many situations where the sales manager is blaming the lack of new customers on the failure of the sales team to prospect. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales innovation expo sales prospect sales prospecting

High-Profit Prospecting: 14-Second Voicemail

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great voicemail can be of your best strategies to turn a lead into a prospect. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingAre your voicemails worth listening to? hate to say it, but most aren’t and that’s exactly why most salespeople don’t see any value in going through the effort of leaving a voicemail. I’ll argue the opposite, though! The […].

Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore?

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Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore? Last week during a client’s sales meeting we got into a discussion regarding pipeline values, needless to say the number of prospects and dollar values were insufficient to achieve the overall corporate revenue objectives. The question is, as a sales manager how should you structure your sales team’s expectations around prospecting?

Stop the Insanity of the Stupid Prospecting Email!

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting email prospecting email techniques high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospect sales prospectingI’ve seen enough stupid emails, and what drives me nuts is people keep sending them! Just recently I got another one that said, “I’ve sent you 5 emails. Why haven’t you responded?” ” Hello!  Maybe the reason I haven’t responded is because I’m busy and what you’re offering, I don’t want!

Prospecting the CEO: 5 Things You Must Know

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Put the prospecting process you’ve been using on the shelf. Blog Breakthrough Sales University Prospecting breakthrough sales university ceo prospect prospecting sales prospectingStop immediately! It’s not going to work when it comes to trying to reach the CEO or any other senior level person. Before proceeding, here are 5 things you need to know: 1.

7 Ways to Prospect Better

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Recently, I was interviewed by Mark Di Somma about my new book, High-Profit Prospecting, and what it takes to be effective in sales today. Blog Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingHere are some highlights from our conversation: 1. Salespeople are increasingly frightened of being rejected. That’s why you see them opting for social media, email and other forms of communication that […].

[VIDEO] How to Get 30% Response Rates with Prospecting Emails

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If you’re getting 30%+ of your prospects to reply to you, you can probably stop worrying about it as much, but if you’re getting less than that, then what I am about to share with you could be a game changer. What Makes a Good Prospecting Email. Whether you’re in sales or marketing , you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your email messaging. Watch the Video.

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Are You Derailing Your Prospecting Success?

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We’ve all made this prospecting mistake: The customer told us her challenges. We jumped ahead to the easy part of prospecting—offering solutions—and didn’t take time to demonstrate the impact our solutions could make on the client’s business. The Problem with Your Prospecting. The post Are You Derailing Your Prospecting Success? It’s tough to shut up. Well, no.

10 Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper When Prospecting

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One of the toughest prospecting challenges is simply getting connected to the right person. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingThe number of roadblocks seems to grow more each day, and yet the task remains the same — to reach the decision maker. There are 10 ways to get past the gatekeeper that I highly recommend. Plan to also join me […].

6 Ways to Get Prospects to Open Your Emails

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Getting prospects to read them and then do something with them is a different situation altogether! Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting email email prospecting prospect prospectingAnyone can send out emails. Ask yourself this question: “Do I read emails I receive from people I don’t know?” ” I doubt you do.  I know I don’t.

LinkedIn InMail: A Salesperson’s Secret Weapon for Engaging Prospects


Connections are made with prospects in social channels rather than over the phone. The post LinkedIn InMail: A Salesperson’s Secret Weapon for Engaging Prospects appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Many salespeople complain about having to make cold calls, especially because they are increasingly ineffective. If you have to […]. For Sales Pros social media social selling

10 Things to Remember When Ending a Prospecting Call

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Below are things to remember when you’re ending the initial prospecting telephone call. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingAs difficult as it can be to get someone on the telephone, knowing what to do after the call can be just as difficult. In my new book coming out soon, I discuss this issue and every other critical issue, with the goal to […].

Email Prospecting: Your Emails are Likely a Bigger Waste of Time Than You Think

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Everyone wants to think using email to prospect is incredibly efficient and the only effective way to generate leads in today’s marketplace. Stop and ask yourself this question: “How does my prospecting email look on a […]. Blog Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect sales prospect sales prospecting

Perfect Prospecting

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Recently, I published a rant on LinkedIn, “ Patient 0 Of Stupid Prospecting.” couple of people commented, “What does perfect prospecting look like?” ” I can’t tell you what perfect prospecting looks like, but I can tell you how to do it. Simply put perfect prospecting means “doing the work.” Sloppy prospecting is too easy.