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Video Next Steps – Where to Begin

Fill the Funnel

You’ve got the message – Video is Hot. You have made the commitment to step up your video game in the year ahead. You have even been working on the plan for how you are going to use video to grow your business next year. High Def webcams are inexpensive, reliable and deliver a noticeable ugrade in your video. “Sound is as important as the video quality.”

Video 119

Inside the Rise of B2B Video Marketing


A look at what’s fueling the growth of video in B2B marketing and how you can tap into this burgeoning field. Video. We know what you’re thinking — do people really watch videos that relate to their jobs? Why is Video Taking Off in B2B Marketing? And the rise of video is even less surprising when you consider it in light of all the content we produce these days.

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Best Non-Sales Video Ever on Handling Objections

Understanding the Sales Force

In the past few weeks, I have written a lot about some of the top articles of 2014, but today I want to highlight 8 top audios and videos from the past year. There is a boatload of good stuff in these video/audio recordings and I strongly urge you to watch. If you watch only one video all year, this is the one!

How to Use Twitter’s New Video Response Function [Video]

Vertical Response

It has remained fairly simple throughout the years, but the recent addition of video responses might just pump some new life into the platform. These video responses could also pay huge dividends to businesses, large and small, that take the time to start integrating them into their Twitter interactions. Social Media Community Gary Vaynerchuck Twitter videoWhy, you ask?

New Video Tool Creates High Quality Results

Fill the Funnel

Video is the most effective format for communicating your ideas online. This new video tool creates high-quality results with all the bells & whistles. and It incorporates the featues of a handful of other popular video tools into one system. Video Motion Pro is a breakthrough video tool that will be generating lots of buzz. Timeline editing of your video.

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New Video Tool Is Grabbing Your Customers Attention

Fill the Funnel

Video is the magic sauce right now in sales and marketing. Not only is video the secret weapon behind many of the most successful sales and marketing campaigns currently, but it can help make the difference in your customers decisions. launched this morning to an audience hungry to improve, update and create attention-grabbing video messages and content. Viddyoze 2.0 Here.  .

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VIDEO SALES TIP: Your Sales Presentation Sucks

The Sales Hunter

Blog Breakthrough Sales University Closing a Sale Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Customer Service leadership Professional Selling Skills closing customer leader sales closing sales leader sales leadership sales presentations video sales tipI know it sounds harsh, but your sales presentation sucks — if you are relying on it so heavily that it is a roadblock to authentic dialogue. 

Video 76

3 Reasons to Use Video in Selling

Igniting Sales Transformation

Incorporating video into our social selling content mix makes sense on many levels, although I’m the first to admit that I didn’t do much with video until last year. Not a big fan of how I look on video, I used that as an excuse not to get going. Sales Accelerators Video Series   Watch for more videos coming soon. Watch other video examples.

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Sales Motivation Video: You Have All the Power!

The Sales Hunter

Blog Sales Motivation sales motivation sales motivation videoYou do have all the power — to make positive changes in your life, that is! What are you waiting for? Your choices are powerful and you can begin today to make positive changes toward more fulfillment and more success, however you define that!

Video 68

Sales Motivation Video: What Are Your 18-Month Goals?

The Sales Hunter

Check out the video to see what […]. I don’t want you thinking just about 2016!  I want you thinking about your 18-month goals too! When you look out 18 months, it changes the way you use your time (your greatest asset!) Ultimately, it also changes the questions you ask and the customer relationships you build.

Video 96

VIDEO SALES TIP: Number One Way to Avoid a Discount

The Sales Hunter

Blog Closing a Sale pricing discount discounting price video video sales tip Do you really believe you can’t sell without a discount? argue that if you are always defaulting to using a discount, then you are not really selling.  I hear from people all the time who ask me, “How do I sell without discounting?!”

VIDEO SALES TIP: Are You Proud of Being a Salesperson?

The Sales Hunter

Check out the below video to […]. Blog Breakthrough Sales University Consultative Selling Customer Service leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation video sales tipGreat salespeople are proud of what they do. If you are not proud of what you do, authentic greatness and success will always elude you.

Video 80

[Video] CRMs Need Data – People Need Coaching

Keith Rosen

Enhanced Video Transcript:   This is a video clip from a keynote Keith Rosen delivered in March of 2014 to an audience of approximately 700 sales managers from around the world. Do you really know the difference between your superstars and your underperformers? They received the same training and support. How do you assess the talent on your team? look at the results.

5 Unconventional Ways to Create Videos That Engage Facebook Fans

Vertical Response

They’re craving video. According to recent statistics , the number of videos showing up in Facebook News Feeds has shot up by 360% this year compared to last. The king of social media sites is also allowing most page administrators to make videos more prominent by selecting a featured video. Facebook videos can provide a big boost to your brand. Directr.

Facebook Announces New Detailed Video Metrics

Vertical Response

As more businesses use video to showcase their company, products and services on Facebook, it’s becoming critical to measure video performance. Facebook is happy to oblige by providing more advanced metrics for all paid and organic videos uploaded directly to Facebook Pages. The post Facebook Announces New Detailed Video Metrics appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

Sales Motivation Video: You Do NOT Have Time for Negative People

The Sales Hunter

Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation motivation sales motivation sales motivation videoIf you think hanging around negative people isn’t going to affect you, think again!  Your career is too important to let it be influenced by the negative attitudes of people around you. That approach […].

Video 99

Sales Motivation Video: Fail Fast. Learn Faster!

The Sales Hunter

The faster you fail, the faster you have an opportunity to learn! No, I’m not a fan of failure for failure’s sake, BUT the truth is that when you try something and fail, you are learning valuable lessons! And the faster you can learn from those lessons, the more successful you will be. So go out […].

Video 98

Sales Motivation Video: Focus on One Thing

The Sales Hunter

I know it sounds crazy, but will you focus on one thing? What do I mean by that, anyway? What I mean is that the people who experience the most success typically have the disciplined habit of focus. They focus on one thing at a time before moving on to the next thing. The good […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation motivation sales motivation success

Video 95

Sales Motivation Video: Do You Believe in You?!

The Sales Hunter

Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation attitude sales motivation sales motivation video sales skills virtual sales kickoffI promise you that your customers will never believe in you if you don’t believe in you. Your confidence doesn’t just affect your mood for the day; it affects your outcome for the day. Believe in yourself and the value you bring.

Sales 69

VIDEO SALES TIP: The BEST Sales Presentation IS…

The Sales Hunter

Check out the below video to see what I mean: (And if […]. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Customer Service leadership Professional Selling Skills canned presentation presentation presentation skills sales presentation sales skills video sales tip…NOT a presentation. Great salespeople do not rely on a canned presentation. Instead, they build strong conversations focused on the customer’s needs. You can strengthen your dialogue abilities, and you will see how little you even want to use your canned presentation.

Video 71

VIDEO SALES TIP: Do You Really Value Time?

The Sales Hunter

Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation selling skills time time management video video sales tipHow much do you really value time? My experience has been that the salespeople who genuinely excel are those who are keenly aware of how they manage time. They never end a day without knowing what they are doing the next day. The […].

Video 62

VIDEO SALES TIP: How Optimistic Are You?

The Sales Hunter

Check out the below video to see what I mean. Blog Motivational Sales Speaker Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation attitude motivational skills optimism sales motivation selling skills video video sales tipThere is value in being an optimist! Optimism does make a difference! And if you haven’t […].

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Sales Motivation Video: Confirm Appointments by Voicemail

The Sales Hunter

Check out the video to see what I mean: Sign up below for […]. It’s summer and that means that those appointments you have scheduled may not happen as planned, especially if you don’t confirm them. highly recommend you confirm them with voicemail. Using this approach will result in fewer appointments being cancelled.

Sales Motivation Video: Help Others Achieve the Impossible!

The Sales Hunter

Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation sales motivation videoOne of the great privileges in sales is that you get to help people achieve things they didn’t think were possible. The next time you are on a sales call or in a sales negotiation or listening to a customer for the first time, remember that you are offering more than solutions. You truly […].

Sales 66

You Can Hide in Video, But You Can’t Get Lost (Why Video Hiring Rocks!)

A Sales Guy

He’s a badass and proved it with video. We ask all our candidates to do a quick video on why they are a #badass and why they’d be a good fit for A Sales Guy. The reason for my post today wasn’t to sing the praises about using video to find sales people. You should check it out.  I wanted to write about video job applications or interviews because I think they do something no other medium does. But when video is involved, the candidate can’t get lost. Although you can’t get lost in video, you can hide. Too high of a bar?

Video 34

Sales Motivation Video: How to Leave the Best Voicemail

The Sales Hunter

The voicemails you leave are crucial to your success if you want your prospecting to be High-Profit Prospecting! Too many salespeople leave boring voicemails! Boring. Or the voicemails are all about the salesperson, rather than about the prospect.  Or the voicemail is too long. want to help you leave the best voicemails possible, which is […].

Video 75

Sales Motivation Video: Are You Leveraging Your Network?

The Sales Hunter

” Check out this video to see what I mean: Copyright 2016, […]. Your network is full of potential! How do you grow your network and leverage it to the fullest? The more you help other people, the more they are willing to help you. Make a plan to ask, “Who in my network can I help?” Professional Selling Skills

Prospecting Call Mistakes You Can Avoid #Video

The Pipeline

Take a look at the video below to learn to common mistakes to avoid. Cold calling Communication Strategy execution Proactive Prospecting Prospecting Sales Mistakes Video Attitude cold calling Communication how to sell better Play to Win Proactive Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. By  Tibor Shanto  –  . hairy porn girlies pics.

Sales Motivation Video: Book Those Summer Calls NOW!

The Sales Hunter

Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation monday video motivation sales motivationSummer is nearly here, which means you need to be filling up your calendar with calls! That’s right! Summer is a busy time with many people going on vacation, so you MUST be proactive in booking your summer sales calls. Don’t wait until mid June or later.  Do it now.

Video 52

Sales Motivation Video: Are You One of THESE?

The Sales Hunter

Check out the video to see what I mean: Copyright 2015, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation sales motivation videoAre you an optimist? Great salespeople truly understand the power of optimism. And they are not only optimists ON the job, but off the job as well. Optimists attract opportunities. They also build opportunities for others. Are you an optimist? ” […].

Sales 70

Using Video in Selling – Part 2

Igniting Sales Transformation

In part 1 of my interview with Video Brand Ambassador, Doug Lehman about why using video helps drive sales opportunities, he shared 3 primary reasons why salespeople need to incorporate video into their social selling stack. Use video to educate, demonstrate your credibility and expertise, provide social proof and promote your products and services. Social Selling Video.

Sales Motivation Video: Are You Living With Passion?

The Sales Hunter

Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation motivation sales motivation sales motivation videoNo one can motivate you the way YOU can motivate you. Are you living your life with passion? Do not wait to fully commit yourself to a life well lived! NOW is the time. Start today to build more enthusiasm and momentum into not only your work life, but your personal life too. You […].

Sales 71

[Video] Biggest PowerPoint Mistakes Salespeople Make

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Video Sales Tips Sales Meetings What are the biggest mistakes salespeople make with PowerPoint presentations? Too Product / Service Oriented and Too Many Slides. Most salespeople totally miss the point of their presentation , thinking that the more they can cover about their company and its products and services, the better they''ll be. Your prospect has been bored to tears.

Video 47

Sales Motivation Video: Three GREATEST Sales Tools

The Sales Hunter

It’s really no secret that the three GREATEST sales tools are your MIND, TIME and NETWORK. But how well are you managing these? That is key to your success.  My guess is that if you look closely at these three sales tools, you will find areas where you can improve. Don’t delay! Your success depends […].

Tools 65

Checking Not Doing Will Give You More Sales #video

The Pipeline

The video below provides a great way to spend your time better, and save for things that will make you more productive and earn you more sales and success. mail execution Sales Mistakes Video Accountability Attitude Change Management how to sell better Planning Play to Win Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. Check it out, and let me know what you think. hairy porn girlies pics. Join Now!

Video 36

VIDEO SALES TIP: Your Buyer Is Not Rational

The Sales Hunter

Check out the below video to see what I mean:   Copyright […]. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Negotiation Professional Selling Skills buying cues buying signals sales motivation sales process video sales tipYour buyer is not rational. This isn’t a bad thing. You simply have to be aware of it, and you will be in a better position to sell.

Video 61

VIDEO SALES TIP: Do This To Master Time

The Sales Hunter

Check out this video to see how efficient […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills efficient sales tips time time management video video sales tip How are you doing with time? Are you time challenged?  I want you to start segmenting parts of your calendar in short chunks. Allocate these chunks to specific tasks.

3 Inspiring Videos

Mukesh Gupta

First video is an inspiring tale of someone who turned what many would assume to be a handicap into her strength and shows that if you really want to achieve something and are willing to pay the price, you can achieve anything in life. Second video is about a teacher who talks about the fact that every kid in this world needs someone who believes in the kid and what he/she can achieve.

Video 46

VIDEO SALES TIP: Grab the Attention of a Prospect This Way

The Sales Hunter

Check out this video to see […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting video sales tip We all have those prospects and customers who are tough to reach.

Sales 97

VIDEO SALES TIP: Great Salespeople Constantly Evolve Their Sales Process

The Sales Hunter

Blog Breakthrough Sales University Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation great salespeople sales process sales skills video sales tipGreat salespeople are continually looking for ways to tweak their sales process. If you want to stand apart from your competitors, you have to […].