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Positive Attitude Is Great to a Point

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Having a positive attitude to a point is great.  The news be it good, bad or ugly is part of life.  To ignore that reality is not positive as this attitude test suggested. The most successful people have had failures such as Thomas Edison.  I believe the most positive people also have experienced negativity. Positive and negative are Ying and Yang.  Opposites Do Matter.

How Your Positive Attitude Can Win You Sales


The post How Your Positive Attitude Can Win You Sales appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Have you ever been in a situation where everything about your product and sales process seemed so right; product quality, pricing, sales presentation, buying audience, and suitability of the product to soothe buyer’s pain points and yet deals are not closed?

Position the Fit: Competing for Customer Mindshare

Dave Stein's Blog

One subject that keeps being raised is positioning. So I thought I’d share you you a few short excerpts from Strategy 7 with a graphic highlighting the core components of positioning. Strategy 7 — Position the Fit: Competing for Customer Mindshare First, the opening two paragraphs. With positioning, the battle for customer mindshare begins. How do you know this?

Are You Too Positive?

The Sales Heretic

If you’re like most salespeople—and most salespeople are—you’re pretty positive. Sales benefits business CEO features opportunities positive thinking prospect risk The same is true if you’re a business owner or CEO. As [.].

Pipeliner CRM: The Positive Sales R(Evolution)


The post Pipeliner CRM: The Positive Sales R(Evolution) appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. With Pipeliner CRM, our main focus has never been to make it more possible to control salespeople (as seemed to be the mission of many CRM applications), but to empower them and, with every release, make it increasingly more possible for them to sell. We’re not […].

6 Positive Constraints

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This is a super positive constraint. The post 6 Positive Constraints appeared first on The Sales Blog. The new currency of high-performance is focus and attention , both of which are in short supply. Giving your focus and attention over to important work is going to separate successful, high-performing, achievers from people who do not reach their full potential. Close your browser.

Sales Motivation Video: When We Look for the Positive, We Find the Positive.

The Sales Hunter

Are you looking for the positive?  I have found that the most positive people did not get that way by accident. People who look for the positive more often than not find it. Look for the positive, and you will have greater success in your sales and in your prospecting. This is just one thing […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation prospect prospecting sales motivation sales prospecting

Sales management coaching – the power of the positive

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It is much easier to focus on the negatives than the positives. As a correction a common how-to instruction for giving feedback suggests – start by saying something encouraging, and then move on to the behavior that needs to be improved and close with something positive. And for large opportunities the win often is celebrated inside the sales team – again automatic positive feedback.

Top Sales Performers Never Allow Price to Be the Fallback Position

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How many times have I heard anxious SMB entrepreneurs to young and even somewhat experienced salespeople quickly use price as the fallback position. Top sales performers never allow price to be brought into the sales conversations during the first few moments. Years ago my father shared two great pieces of wisdom. #1 – What Buyers Really Want versus Reality. Share on Facebook.

The Impact of Brand Positioning on Revenue Growth

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Marketing Strategy Podcast

Why You Can't Fill Your Open Sales Manager Positions

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The Sales Manager position is the fulcrum between sales leadership strategy and sales force execution. For each open SM position, decide if it can be eliminated. A post for Sales and HR Leaders to find root causes of Sales Manager (SM) vacancies. Make sure you know why there are vacancies so that you can keep them filled. You will have access to guides, templates and tools.

Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working for Introverts

The Science and Art of Selling

To understand the strength of introverts, we need to understand why positive thinking is such a necessity for extroverts. While managers see positive thinking as a pragmatic means of improving your focus, bolstering the ability to find solutions rather than dwell on problems, among colleagues it also has high currency as a means of social cohesion. Introverts don’t need this.

Emotions, Positivity, Stress, Smiles and Sales Success

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If sales is the transference of emotions (Zig Ziglar), then it would appear sales success is more likely if your emotions are more positive than negative. So how does one measure one’s positivity on a regular basis? Recently I came across this site, The Positivity Ratio , where one can answer a series of questions about the last 24 hours to determine one’s positivity ratio. What was interesting was the site suggested that 80% of Americans fail to meet the 3:1 ratio required to be positive.  took the test and received a ratio score of 10:0.

Positive Statements that Help You Sell

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When I began my sales career all those years ago, I was told that at the bottom of all successful sales was a transfer of emotion – my manager told me that I was either transferring my positive feelings about my product onto my buyer, or he/she was transferring their negative feelings about it to me. You’re positive, on top of the world, unstoppable, right? Positive Statement #3.

Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working for Introverts

The Science and Art of Selling

To understand the strength of introverts, we need to understand why positive thinking is such a necessity for extroverts. While managers see positive thinking as a pragmatic means of improving your focus, bolstering the ability to find solutions rather than dwell on problems, among colleagues it also has high currency as a means of social cohesion. Introverts don’t need this.

How to Generate a Contact Position Report


Do you need to generate a contact position report of your potential client? Learn how to generate a contact position report and fill the missing one. The post How to Generate a Contact Position Report appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. With Pipeliner CRM you can generate reports in a few clicks — No coding skills required! Tips and Tricks

The Fallacy of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

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No doubt having a positive mental attitude is one of the key contributors to business leadership success.  The fallacy of a positive mental attitude is that mindset is all you need to overcome when the reality of  life brings you to your knees. When these times happen,  from my experience, one needs more than just a positive mental attitude. So consider creating your own goal achievement summary sheet for those times when a positive mental attitude is not enough to keep you tumbling down your most recent mountain into Death Valley. Share on Facebook.

Jeffrey Gitomer | How to Achieve a Positive Attitude

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog

Attitude Sales Social Media Improve Your Attitude Jeffrey Gitomer Sales positive attitude sales attitude We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

Positive Pipeline Practices

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Say that three times fast. Pipeline management does not have to be avoided like a confusing tongue twister. In fact, managing and reviewing your pipeline are among your most important tasks as a salesperson. They They help you prioritize what activities to complete each month, as well as give you an accurate indication of how healthy your sales pipeline […].

How Do Sales Ops Leaders Position Themselves for Success?

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How does a Sales Ops leader position herself for the next promotion/job? The function of a Sales Ops team varies from one organization to the next. Many Sales Ops groups were created in reaction to one, or multiple, business challenges. manufacturer needed a technical team that understood sales and the company’s multiple CRMs. They often own all of the core Sales Ops functions.

Inside Sales Power Tip 150 – Positive Attitude Wins Business

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Because of the feast or famine mentality that can happen in a professional selling career, and because of the things we say internally to ourselves, having a primary positive attitude is crucial for your success. Research over the years has found that positive attitudes impact sales success. He is known as the father of positive psychology. – Jack Canfield.

Positioning Yourself As A Sales Professional

MTD Sales Training

Sales Planning sales positioning sales professionalism tips for professional imageYour brand is what goes before you. Everything you do reflects on that brand. Your image can be enhanced or stained depending on what you do or say to or with prospects. Branding is a professional. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

SIMPLE Framework – Positioning: What is Your Positioning Strategy to Move Your Deals Forward

Mukesh Gupta

Once the customer is motivated to do something about the challenge that you have helped surface, you need to then position yourself or your product/service, such, that the customer feels confident that you will be able to help him resolve the challenge. There are 3 positioning strategy that you have in this case: You position YOURSELF and YOUR expertise.

Position Yourself As The Authority in Your Field

Bob Burg's Blog

Two of them were the team of  Jack Mize and Brian Horn of the highly-regarded business and personal positioning firm, Authority Alchemy and hosts of the extremely popular podcast by the same name. How does one position themselves as the expert and authority in their field? And, what about utilizing both traditional and online media to help in the positioning process?

On a Positive Negative

The Sales Blog

On a Positive Negative is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. The kind of gaps that give rise to change can be negative or positive. Even if you frame the capturing of those opportunities as a positive vision of the future instead of negative one. The opportunity to capture revenue you might otherwise miss is the same form of dissatisfaction stated as a positive. Questions.

Sales Motivation Video: Pursuing Positive People!

The Sales Hunter

This week I am urging you to seek out positive people!  Make an effort to find positive people — in your workplace, in the businesses of your customers, in your own home! Last week I talked about why you need to avoid negative people. That’s right! Check out the video to see what I […].

5 Steps Toward Error-Free Positive Communication

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We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. Presenting Success Jeffrey gitomer sales communication sales training successful communication

A Positive Rejection to Your Request for an Appointment

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But rather than allow you to overcome their concerns, they give you a positive sounding rejection. By asking you to email them information, they are giving you something that sounds positive instead of something that sounds negative. But it isn’t positive. The fact your prospect asked you to call back feels like something positive. Email Me Some Information.

3 Times When You Absolutely, Positively Need To SHUT UP!

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Let’s not even debate the point. It’s a fact that most sales people just talk way to darn much! In particularly, when the pressure is on and the sale hangs in the balance, suddenly a near involuntary. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Sales Interactions 3 biggest listening mistakes dont talk too much talk less when selling

Disruptive times call for positive, creative disruptors: Rebel Jam Update

Mukesh Gupta

Reblogged from Petervan's Blog: It’s easy to be an innovator and entrepreneur in start-up. Not so inside large organizations -- companies, government agencies, healthcare systems.  The competencies and mindset you need to create change and succeed are different for rebels inside the organization.

How to Quickly Position Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

How can you quickly position yourself as a trusted advisor when meeting someone new? Here are 3 strategies you can use to immediately be seen as a credible, potentially invaluable resource : Mention similar businesses you''ve worked with, making sure to highlight the results they''ve achieved from their relationship with your company. Ask insightful questions about their business direction.

The Ultimate Positive Frame-Setter

Bob Burg's Blog

On my Facebook page, I posted the following: “A genuine smile is the ultimate positive frame-setter.” Yep, a genuine smile truly is the ultimate positive frame-setter. ” And, I believe that’s true for practically any interpersonal communication. frame is the foundation or starting point from which everything else follows. know; it seems too simple. Just try it.

Sales coaching feedback – don’t forget the positive

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It is much easier to focus on the very visible negatives than on the positives that we may be less skilled in detecting. Naturally, the recipient only “tastes” the corrective cheese, and forgets all the positive stuff.  So, although balance is attempted, it isn’t achieved. After all, the closing alone is positive feedback! Yet, positive feedback often stops there. 

How can you positively impact your sales?

Steven Rosen

Dear Sales Manager, . This year was tough; next year’s sales prospects are going to be even tougher. hope you are not suffering from failure to impact syndrome. If you are what should you do? Tip #50: Beware of Failure to Impact Syndrome. Time and time again I see it. Sales reps going through their daily activities like robots. It works as long as the business grows.

Great Leadership Is Positive ROI – Part 2

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For years, the positive ROI (results) generated from business professionals from front line to the C-Suite who had been coached were the selling points for expanding this combined talent management and organizational development solution. recent annual survey released by Sherpa on executive coaching suggests positive ROI has taken a backseat (11%) to other measurements. 

ROI 26

5 Steps to Positive (and Powerful) Self-Change

Bob Burg's Blog

Recently, on my Facebook Page I suggested 5 steps for positive self-change. They are: Awareness: We must be aware that there is a need for change before we are in a position to begin doing so. Desire: The desire to change must be greater than the discomfort of leaving the status quo. So, be sure to take pleasure in building on your small successes along the way. So true.

Great Leadership Is Positive ROI – Part 1

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If the individuals within any organization are generating a positive return on the investments of time, energy, money and emotions, they are leaders worth keeping. The bus (organization) must have a positive environment inside and should have limited negative impact on the external environment (sustainability). What makes a great leadership?  My retort is bull feathers! Quality.

ROI 17

Are You Weakening Your Position?

Cold Calling Results

A Question from a Reader: I have a question for you about the position cold calling places you in. Someone in the discussion chimed in with a comment that cold calling puts you in a weak position because it tells people that you need work.  Do you think cold calling puts a person in a weakened position? participated in a discussion on LinkedIn about cold calling.  And, I’m confused. Wendy’s reply: You are absolutely correct in your thinking: Any company, business owner and/or sales professional that is looking to grow sales revenue needs and wants more work. Article

Take These 2 Steps To Stay Positive When Everything Is Falling Apart

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I believe in the power of positive thinking as much as anyone does, and in fact, more than most people. However, the truth is that sometimes, even if it is only on rare occasion, the proverbial bottom falls out, and thinking yourself into a positive attitude , just isn’t going to happen. Or, the street owes you , in which case you can feel positive for real! Happy Selling!

Sustainable Sales Success - Tip #17 Humility

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Being grounded requires strong internal positive core values or business ethics.  Conversely, a positive internal bias suggests the individual is self-centered and dislikes any criticism. Sales Business Ethics ideal customer Leanne Hoagland-Smith positive core values sales success top sales top sales performersBeing humble, demonstrating humility is essential.