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How to Construct the Perfect Target List

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It’s that time again. There was a change to your territory. Now your manager is in town to spend the next two days with you. After a few slightly awkward sales calls you break for lunch. Just as you bite into your club sandwich, the boss asks a question. “Do you have a plan for prioritizing your accounts?”. How will you respond? In fact, one of your top 5 just went out of business! Age of Business.

How to Construct the Perfect Target List

Sales Benchmark Index

It’s that time again. There was a change to your territory. Now your manager is in town to spend the next two days with you. After a few slightly awkward sales calls you break for lunch. Just as you bite into your club sandwich, the boss asks a question. “Do you have a plan for prioritizing your accounts?”. How will you respond? In fact, one of your top 5 just went out of business! Age of Business.

Constructing Insight

Partners in Excellence

” I wish it were that easy–but we know it doesn’t work that way, regardless of how much we wish it might.  We don’t deliver Insight, we Construct Insight.  We co-create Insight, just as we co-create Value with our customers.  We cannot do it in isolation, but have to construct Insight collaboratively with our customers. But our job isn’t done. 

Construct Your Own Action Plan to Increase Sales Part 1 of 4 Parts

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Before constructing an action plan to increase sales, consider the sage words of President Eisenhower: “Plans are worthless; planning is everything.” Now with mobility and a variety of inbound marketing assessments, you can construct a far more accurate profile of your best buying customers especially the psychographics of “what makes them buy you over someone else.”

The Leadership Playbook: Three Rules for Constructive Conflict

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When you have constructive conflict and disagree about what is right, you get a chance to explore new ideas, even ideas that make some people uncomfortable. But constructive conflict needs to be done in a way that is safe and beneficial to the organization. Don’t blame people for mistakes, problems, or challenges : A personal review is something different from constructive conflict, even though it might include some constructive conflict. Constructive conflict is necessary, and it’s incredibly valuable when done well. Sales 3.0

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? How To Construct and Implement a.

Jonathan Farrington

How To Construct and Implement a Successful Business Development Strategy. Whilst I very much hope that the super-efficient amongst you had your strategy for 2012 signed off long ago, it may just be that some of you are still in “construction mode” so this will help…. Published by Jonathan Farrington at 3:18 am under General. Why is all of that relevant to today’s post? Where? Which?

B2B Digital Marketing: How Volvo Construction drove site visits through its email campaigns

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Tweet When John Johnston, Director of Digital Marketing, began his journey at Volvo Construction, he knew things had to be completely rebuilt, starting with the website and branching out into everything else. First, Volvo Construction created a website acting as a useful and current resource for customers and dealers. Crafting the email to serve customer needs was vital to this plan.

Construct A Winning Sales Resume

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An increasing number of questions have been directed towards me from people looking to gear their resume towards a job in the sales industry. Read full story → Hiring Salespeople

How to Use Twitter’s New Timelines

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Willard turned to social media when the economy crumbled as a way to generate new customers for her employer, Riggins Construction , and is now the go-to social media whiz for the 36-year-old company, which does commercial construction in Orange County, California. Social Media new twitter timelines Riggins Construction Social Media Marketing Twitter Twitter business page Twitter business profile Twitter business timeline twitter for business twitter marketing Willard is all over Twitter’s newest feature, the custom timeline. Idea #1: Highlight positive feedback.

Your Competitive Advantage: Fluency in the Language of Business Finance


And yet, constructing a Business Case that demonstrates positive impact on a key financial ratio can win the [.] Enterprise salespeople selling big spend, high impact solutions MUST SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS FINANCE. know I’m shouting, but I’ve been at this long enough to know that this is an area that salespeople flee from. Sales Effectiveness

Can Your Employees Push Back?

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Business Management Small Business Marketing business management constructive criticism employee feedback employees entrepreneurship leadership management managing employees small business marketing As the CEO of VerticalResponse , I’m actively involved in the day-to-day and right now I’ve got 12 direct reports. Allow them to: 1. Just Do It. know what our customers want.”

Keeping Up the Property Value of Your Very Fine (Sales) House


While all of this new construction is [.] We have all heard that Sales is in the middle of a huge transformation, focused on buyers, their concerns, their worries, and their patterns. There are many evolving theories and approaches, some of which will bear the test of time and others which will fall by the wayside. Sales Effectiveness

Pipeliner CRM Case Study: S. Sterling Company


Clients include Airstream, Volvo Construction Equipment, Blue Bird Body Co., […]. Sterling Company of Atlanta, Georgia is a sales and distribution firm representing electrical component suppliers to U.S. vehicle and equipment manufacturers throughout a 14-state region including the South, Southeast, and Midwest. The post Pipeliner CRM Case Study: S. Our Case Studies


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The post About Leads: UNDER CONSTRUCTION appeared first on About Leads. Please excuse our blog’s appearance. As you might have noticed, our site recently got a full redesign. And now, it’s time for our blog to have a *fresh* new look. As we work on it, images, links and other aspects of the blog may not work properly. But don’t you worry! We’ll have the blog up and working soon. Thanks for your patience! BuyerZone news

What Do You Do With Negative Feedback?

A Sales Guy

Let me be clear, there is a difference between negative feedback and constructive feedback that highlights a weakness, or something you could improve. I’m a huge fan of constructive feedback. Negative feedback isn’t constructive, it’s driven by negative intentions. Actually, I seek it out. want as much feedback in the areas I can improve as I can get.

Stop, Take a Step Back and Gain Clarity Around Your Purpose

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If your life is not where you want it to be, if your results are not where you want them to be and you are tired of encountering the Queen of Hearts, then invest some time for self-improvement by constructing your purpose. So what’s your purpose if you are in sales, leadership or some other role?  Credit Take the word purpose. Below the tree are several paths.

7 Signs Your Sales Rep Should Be Promoted

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Displays Constructive Criticism : They don’t complain. The best provide professional, mature constructive criticism. Displaying constructive criticism but having to defend the accounts they sell is a problem. Construct an Individual Promotion Plan for the great ones. Preparing for the New Year requires decisions to be made. Knowing who to promote is the first step.

7 Steps to Developing an ‘A’ Player Profile

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Simply put, you cannot construct an ‘A’ player profile without strategic alignment. Developing an ‘A’ player profile is a direct result of aligning your talent strategy with your corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies. Building an ‘A’ player profile is the. Article Sales Strategy

What You Stand For: Building a Team Philosophy and Code of Conduct

The Productivity Pro

In many ways, building a team is like constructing a building. We know, for example, that constructing a building requires basic resources, fasteners to hold the pieces together, protective elements, and more—but it’s all built on a foundation, proceeding from the bottom up. Only then can you construct a solid structure leading, ultimately, to a towering success.

The Bittersweet Necessity of Tension and Conflict in Your Organization

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But in regards to business and organizational growth there must be some constructive tension and conflict. Unfortunately that constructive conflict can easily get discouraged in the general atmosphere of trying to eliminate personal conflict and to generate harmony with the hope that everyone will sit around toasting marshmallows and singing Kumbaya. . What conflict is good? 

Are Behavioral Assessments a Pseudo Science?

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coefficients because they are constructed from an inductive and subjective perspective. The Attribute Index is constructed from a deductive and objective perspective with reliability and validity coefficients around a.92. The reason this tool is more reliable is because it is constructed from a hard, deductive and objective science of axiology which is based upon mathematics.

Value Articulation Maybe Your Only Sales Obstacle

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There is a lot of emphasis placed on constructing a value proposition statement and infusing part of that statement into the elevator speech.  Year ago my coach David Herdlinger constructed the KASH Box and I updated it to the KASH Box for Sustainable Change.  I have discovered this simple graphic brings me clarity respective to value articulation. Source: SiriusDecision). ttitude.

The Arrogance of Listening

Sharon Drew Morgan

Truth: our brains have constructed unconscious, subjective filters (biases, assumptions, triggers) over the course of our entire lifetimes, making it highly improbable to accurately hear some percentage of what others mean to convey (percentages vary according to how far they are from our own subjective biases). When researching my book on the gap between what’s said and what’s heard ( What?

The Cloud keeps attempting to disintermediate the CIO

Brian Vellmure

Leveraging the cloud to construct new value chains. The cloud and all of its growing mix of services up and down the technology stack will allow those organizations who are wise enough to understand how to leverage data, algorithms, and analytics to construct and orchestrate new value chains. The cloud. It’s remarkable. The Journey. They had earned the title of CIO.

What to Do With The Uncoachable

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The people who defend everything, argue when given constructive criticism, and aren’t open to hearing about their shortcomings, that’s who this article is about. There are certain people who are just not amenable to coaching. I’m not talking about people who struggle with different styles, but rather those people who just are not receptive to feedback. They argue.

Considering New Mandates for IT leadership #CIO

Brian Vellmure

This week, I a appeared as a guest on the Intel Transform IT show. The host, Charles Araujo is the CEO of the IT Transformation Institute, and author of “The Quantum Age of IT” Charles invited me to speak for a few minutes about my views of the Future of IT. Please enjoy. look forward to your feedback.

B2B sales – is more better?

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The professors constructed six persuasive scenarios and had hundreds of undergraduates read the scenarios and play the buyers role. Because of the type of sale and the buyers, the study construct does raise some flags about its applicability to B2B selling. How many reasons should you share with the customer to purchase your product? And, as usual, this yields a word of caution. 

B2B 64

The Dark Side of Sales–It Ain’t Going Away

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Yet there are still many, such as the funeral industry, the automobile industry, some areas of financial services, construction and remodeling, and others, where a good many sellers find it more profitable to manipulate, lie, and cheat than to sell ethically. My father passed away in 1979.  I went with my mother to the funeral home to help her make the arrangements for my father’s funeral.  It was one of the most obscene experiences of my life. Money was always tight and would continue to be tight for my mother—tighter than ever since my father’s income would cease. 

DOing vs. BEing: creating rules that put customers first

Sharon Drew Morgan

When companies construct internal rules that are juxtaposed with customer needs they ignore the consequences. I recently purchased dysfunctional products/services from three vendors who were unwilling to go outside company rules to fix the problems they caused. How can we take part in the Trust Economy if our corporate rules preclude us from taking care of customers? CVS online pharmacy.

What Wasted Time Actually Reveals

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Yet we feel emotionally satisfied that we are doing something constructive. Smart devices keep us connected and reveal a lot of wasted time according to Adobe. Would you believe checking email (both work and personal) is consuming 6.3 hours per day?  As an entrepreneur and small business owner for the last 18 years, I can say my time is probably around 60 to 90 minutes per day.

Most Market Share Battles Are Lost, Not Won


They have a great product for the industrial marketplace (construction, mining, etc.). Casey Stengel said, “ Most ball games are lost not won ,” and his comment seems appropriate for most marketers’ efforts in B2B companies. Every day they are in the process of losing, and are grateful when they win one out of ten or one out of four deals. I met with a prospect yesterday. No brainer right?

Relationships Are Rooted In Action

Partners in Excellence

We may create constructive tension in discussions about what they might do, and why–we may challenge them, the status quo, provoke new thinking and ideas.  We may, at times, disagree–but constructively.  Relationships are important in selling.  However, I think too many are have the wrong idea about what relationships are. It takes two to tangle in a relationship. 

How to develop a killer elevator pitch that gets you more sales

The Accidental Salesman

Here is a mini course I have put together to help you understand how to go about constructing an effective elevator pitch. Please feel free to add your comments

Book Review: Make It All About Them

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Keller’s advice is given in straightforward chapters that tackle each step of the presentation process from where to begin—deciding on what three things the presentation will center on, to using stories to create interest and to generate an emotional connection, to the actual presentation and constructing and using materials in the presentation. Book Review:   Make It All About Them.

Mining Your Single Most Valuable Businss Building Asset

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However, constructing a campaign using a combination of these methods could be a very effective program.  Marketing to your client database should be at the top of your “to do” list and your campaign should be constructed with the thought and care as if you were communicating with the most important people in the world, because for you, they are. From a business generation perspective what is your most valuable asset?   The telephone? Your computer? Your advertising budget? Maybe it’s your dedication to attending every networking opportunity in your area? But, what do you send? 

10 questions to help sales managers assess their performance and adapt! – An STC Classic

Sales Training Connection

Finding the right time and approach for asking these questions in a way that invites constructive and candid responses is critical.”. A Classic – ’63 Corvette. As the first quarter comes to an end, it’s a good time for salespeople to take a look at their performance to date – and looking towards the end of the year. The same is true of sales managers. This is short-sighted.

Are You Shooting Yourself Before You Open Your Marketing Mouth?

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Women unless they are in construction usually cannot wear such attire. Today I read an infographic about  Why-Customers-Choose-You? What was interesting is the collected data presumes there already exists some positive attraction through the initial marketing interactions. Credit: Unfortunately, this is not the case. People buy from people they know and trust. 

The Skills of Kindness: a guide for sellers, coaches, leaders and facilitators

Sharon Drew Morgan

Developed over 50 years, I’ve coded my own Asperger’s systemizing brain, refitted some of the constructs of NLP, coded the system and sequence of change, and applied some of the research in brain sciences to enable Left Brain evaluation and go beyond the pull of protection and bias to determine where/if/how new choices fit. In WE CONNECT THROUGH OUR OWN SUBJECTIVITY. Fact #1. Fact #2. Entering conversations 

My Balanced Plate

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” All of this pulling impacts the balanced plate we have mentally constructed in our heads. Each day we start fresh with the opportunity to do something, do nothing or do less than something if it is the weekend or our day off. Subconsciously we are pulled in many directions with the “do this” or “don’t do that.” My plate was indeed off balance.

Why Must Leadership Training Programs Now Include An Adjective?

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The publishers recognized that leadership is positive in its construction and implication. As a trained instructional designer (thank you Purdue University), I have not come across any individual or  business leadership training programs that are as solidly constructed from an instructional design and learning perspective as what is published by Resource Associates Corporation.