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Do We Have Sales Compensation All Wrong?

Understanding the Sales Force

It generated some heated discussion in the comments section and since there was disagreement about compensation in the comment section, I thought it would be helpful to discuss that. Dave Kurlan sales pipeline sales performance Compensation

How to Change a Crappy Sales Compensation Plan to a Better One

Understanding the Sales Force

While doing that is always challenging, perhaps the biggest issue is how salespeople will respond to the impact this change has on their total compensation. That problem is the biggest reason why it is so important to create an effective compensation plan. If the territory generates $1 million in sales, John gets $100,000 in commissions and his total compensation is $175,000.

Sales Compensation and Stupid Human Tricks

Understanding the Sales Force

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Compensation Plans for Top Sales Performers

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Effective incentive compensation is designed to reward desired selling behaviors. Compensation Planning Human Resources Buyer Behavior Buyer Process Map Sales Turnover Your top sales reps have been living with the comp plan since kickoff. By now, they have figured out how to leverage this year’s plan. The top performers have calculated their income for the rest of the year.

How Wrong are Company Methods to Rank and Compensate Salespeople?

Understanding the Sales Force

Dave Kurlan sales performance sales compensationWhen report cards and grades are available, measuring the academic success of your child or grandchild is a lot easier than it is to measure sales success. School grades go up and we say, "Great effort!" School grades go down and we say, "Oh-oh, something is seriously wrong here!" Do you think you know what those mistakes are?

Competition: The Invisible Enemy of Compensation Planning

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Each year, HR professionals pay for benchmark compensation data. It also includes a Competitive Compensation Analyzer to identify your unique situation. Poor Compensation Drives Turnover. The traditional way to stay informed has been the compensation benchmark. But effective compensation planning requires competitive intelligence. Compensation Benchmark Basics.

Sales Compensation Planning for 2016

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Sales Compensation Planning for 2016. Once that exercise is completed then all budgets, marketing plans and sales compensation planning can begin. The sales management process in developing sales compensation can be complex, yet the goal must always to create a program that is simple to understand and administrate. Sales CompensationIt takes time to get it right.

Why Automate Sales Compensation Management


On November 19 th , 30 organisations gathered in London at the e-reward conference to discuss the benefits of compensation management software. What are some of the challenges your organization faces as it relates to sales compensation automation? The post Why Automate Sales Compensation Management appeared first on OS Blog. What is SPM? A common question we get is what is SPM?

How Top Sales Reps Evaluate and Discuss Compensation

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As a sales rep, are you wondering if your compensation fair? Do you have the ammunition you need to receive more compensation? Here are the best ways you can use this info to discuss compensation: Four Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Worth in Sales. Aligning your compensation history to company performance history is a critical step. Become world class today.

11 Sales Compensation Complaints to Address Before Next Year

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This post is for Sales and HR Leaders planning 2014 Sales Compensation. It provides a number of common Sales Compensation complaints. I also discuss some underlying causes of the complaints that may not be compensation-related. Something you’ll need to go with this post is the Sales Compensation Complaint Checker. The Sales Compensation Complaint Checker has 8 more.

2015 Sales Compensation Plans

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Creating a Sales Compensation Plans. Your sales management team must understand your company’s overall goals and structure compensation to align with them. In short, sales compensation should be not just a tactical focus for your organization, but a strategic one as well. Compensation plans shouldn’t be developed in a vacuum. Sales Compensation

Incentive Compensation Design in the Retail Sector


What does the Future for Incentive Compensation Design in Retail Hold? Before designing an incentive plan, organizations must first define the criteria that relates to the area of responsibility for each role, or what we compensation experts call “line of sight”. One thing is clear: flexibility is critical in designing incentive compensation programs. No problem.

Pay Figures for Key Roles On the Enterprise Sales Team

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Crush Your Number with the Right Compensation Plan

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Today’s topic is incentive compensation planning to hit your revenue goal. Joining us for today’s show is Eric Schwab, a Chief Revenue Officer who knows a thing or two about revenue growth. To follow along download our 10th annual workbook, How. Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy SBI on Demand Video sales leader

Is Your Sales Compensation Driving the Right Behaviors?

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It's a critical time of year for sales compensation. If the compensation plan is not effective it will have profound negative effects. For example: selling low margin products because they maximize the compensation payout. A compensation problem may soon morph into a retention problem. If you are like many, you invested in outside help to benchmark your compensation.

Alignment Of Sales Compensations With Goals

Sell More and Work Less

Podcast Series: The Sales Leader 3D Sales Training System Colleen Francis compensation Engage Selling Solutions Lead Up! In today’s podcast I’ll discuss the serious problems the arise when you pay your sellers out of alignment with the behaviors required to hit their goals. Sales Coaching The Sales Leader

How to Compensate the Overlay Sales Specialist

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HR and Sales leaders face the challenge of maximizing the investment in sales compensation. The compensation calculator offered here will help you make smarter decisions about the economics behind motivating a critical component of your sales force. With proper structure and compensation , they can provide tremendous leverage. Compensation for the overlay specialist can be problematical. To see how this can work for your organization, an Overlay Compensation Calculator is available as part of SBI's "Make The Number." The Overlay Strategy Payoff.

Is Your Compensation Plan Evolving with the Company?

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Despite this luxury, the small company sales compensation plan is usually left on the backburner. To drive the right behavior and hit your targets, your sales compensation must evolve at the same pace as your company. Sign up for our no-cost event here and receive our Field Sales Compensation Assessment Sheet to find out if your program is outdated. This is a crucial mistake.

More Crazy Thinking About Compensation

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I probed, asking some questions about the compensation plan. This is the kind of thinking I see with a lot of people who think the way to fix any sales performance problem is through the compensation system. But pretty quickly, they realized the problem wasn’t the compensation system, but that the people weren’t consistently executing on the things that drove success.

Will These 6 Tests Save 2013’s Sales Compensation Plan?

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This post will help you test a redesigned sales compensation plan to ensure cultural fit. Let’s suppose HR is fully engaged for redesign of a 2013 Sales Compensation plan. HR even brought in an expert compensation firm. But wait – this new incentive compensation plan could flop. Compatibility is just one of 20 areas to test against when designing Sales Compensation.

Leveraging Kaizen Principles for Incentive Compensation Management


Our customers are seeing long-term success with implementing enterprise Incentive Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management solutions for their organizations. In order to mitigate unnecessary errors after the deployment of an Incentive Compensation Management solution, as well as ensure quality, there are three key actions to take into consideration. So why Kaizen?

Get Sales Compensation Right to Recruit Winning Salespeople

Understanding the Sales Force

One of the reasons is compensation. True or False: The higher the compensation, the better. True or False: Compensation isn''t that important to most salespeople. True or False: Compensation is always relative. We regularly observe clients struggling when it comes to getting resumes from quality candidates. The answers are False, False, True and False.

Motivated by Achievement and Stimulated by Compensation

Jonathan Farrington

From experience, I know that flat compensation plans do not work, because the reality is, as Orwell says in Animal Farm “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” That is to say, in any sales team – in fact in any sort of team – there will be high achievers, low achievers, and what I term “plodders” By rewarding them all in the same way, simply retards the high achievers and masks – or over-rewards – under achievement. The plodders, will usually perform to the same standard or level, however you compensate them.

What Sales Compensation Trends Are in Store for 2015?

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What Sales Compensation Trends Are in Store for 2015? . A look into the Alexander Group’s “2015 Sales Compensation Trends Survey” reveals that companies plan to offer moderate pay raises of 3 percent for sales personnel in 2015. Sales departments have a long history of overspending their compensation budgets. Sales Compensation By David J. Cichelli, Sr. David J.

Don't Let HR Determine Your Sales Compensation and Destiny

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If you’re allowing the HR team to drive Sales Compensation strategy and design you could be making a serious mistake. The VP of Sales must own the decision on who will be determining sales compensation. Why then would you allow HR to contract with a generalist compensation company to design your sales compensation? Sales Compensation Assessment. Of course not.

A Forthcoming Shift of Pharmaceutical Sales Compensation Plans?


In some cases, incentive compensation (IC) methods have evolved to align with new regulations regarding specific sales metrics. However, a recent article from the Harvard Business Review suggests the stagnant methods of pharmaceutical sales rep compensation may be the root cause of an even bigger public health issue. The first question to ask, though, is how on earth would this work?

Sales Compensation: How to Align Inside Sales With the Field

The Sales Insider

Does your sales compensation plan inspire teamwork between inside sales and field reps? Sales Performance Inside Sales sales compensation sales operations Brent Holloway, senior manager of global inside sales, enterprise security products at Hewlett-Packard, shares the techniques he uses to motivate reps to work together. You can watch his presentation [.].

Optimal Incentive Compensation Plan Design for Successful Implementation


The improved analytical capabilities provided by Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) software will help in the modelling and review of existing plans. As often as companies and sales leaders state that their sales compensation plans are simple, there is rarely a plan that is truly that simple ; there is always some layer of complexity. Automating first might be the right answer.

The Tectonic Shift in Sales Compensation Dollars

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A Forthcoming Shift of Pharmaceutical Sales Compensation Plans?


In some cases, incentive compensation (IC) methods have evolved to align with new regulations regarding specific sales metrics. However, a recent article from the Harvard Business Review suggests the stagnant methods of pharmaceutical sales rep compensation may be the root cause of an even bigger public health issue. Christopher Bowe, a CEO healthcare industry adviser, suggests the opioid overdose crisis that has impacted prescribers since the 90s may have been the result of a fractured incentive compensation system. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

How to Avoid Wasting Money on a Compensation Assessment

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HR leaders, get ready for the 2013 Sales Kickoff by fixing the flaws in your compensation plan today. Read this post to reframe what may be disguised as a compensation problem. And get your hands on a Competency Grader for compensation assesement providers as part of SBI's "Make The Number 2013.". Is the compensation model to blame? Conventional wisdom would lead the VP of Human Resources to the following: Define the Problem: Sales compensation is out of line with the market. Propose a Solution: Conduct a compensation study and redesign the plan.

Changed Behaviors Require More Than a Change in Compensation

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Compensation drives results. This is how most sales leaders think about sales compensation. There is nothing untrue about the idea that compensation can drive behaviors. If compensation plans alone were enough to change behaviors and reach your goals, you last compensation plan would have worked (and it’s likely it did for some of the people who are money motivated).

Are Your Comp Plans Increasing Your Turnover?

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Successful sales compensation plans are specifically designed to drive desired behavior. Smart compensation plans can be a big factor. Sales Compensation Planning Sales Leader Director of Sales Resources Compensation Sales Compensation One form of desired behavior is that your top sales reps don’t quit.

Sales Performance Management: Not Your Parent’s Compensation Calculator


Sales Performance Management (SPM) has truly evolved over the last 10+ years from the days of having an on-premise solution that primarily automated the compensation calculation process with basic reporting, to a new dynamic frontier with extended capabilities. Compensation Plan Modeling and Forecasting can be a disjointed process with lots of iteration as excel versions pile up.

You Know You’re a Sales Compensation Consultant When


An inside look of what it’s like to be a sales compensation consultant. Many people don’t know what it’s like to work as a sales compensation consultant. Here’s what they came up with: You know you’re a sales compensation consultant when…. The post You Know You’re a Sales Compensation Consultant When appeared first on OS Blog. via Tumblr ). via Tumblr ). …

Expand the Reach of Your Sales Team with SDRs

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Should Marketing Be Compensated On Revenue?


If this is true, and no one has refuted me yet, why isn’t marketing management (and everyone in the marketing department) compensated in some manner on revenue the same way sales people and sales management are paid? Recently (Aug 29th) on SLMA radio I interviewed Eric Lundbohm about the different ways to compensate marketers (other than salary) for their efforts in creating wealth for their company. In my opinion, it’s for this “generated interest” that they should be compensated. Eric and I talked about paying Marketing on: Total inquiries. Qualified leads. Closed leads.

Who Is Making Money?

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Magazine Sales Strategy Accelerate revenue growth compensation executive compensation revenue growth sales compensation sales strategyThey’re called the rainmakers. At the same time, you often hear that salespeople are overpaid. Or too coin-operated. How does their pay compare to functional peers throughout the organization?

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Compensating our sales folks

Sharon Drew Morgan

A recent client is an international B2B company with a very non-optimal – but not unusual – way of compensating their sales folks. Imagine if you compensated your sales folks on an expectation that they close 40% of their leads. Stop compensating your sales folks on meager expectations. Compensating our sales folks is a post from:

Sales Leadership: Compensation and Summer Fun

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Sales Compensation and Having a Fun Summer. In this blog I wanted to share a few basic ideas from my books on sales management: Leading High Performance Sales Teams and Creating Sales Compensation Plans for High Performance. Sales Compensation sales leadership Sales Leadership Training Sales Management ConsultingSales Leadership Ideas. At this time of year sales management must be looking at pipeline levels and goals for July/August and determining if there is the necessary level of activity to ensure targets will be exceeded. A Contest Sampler. Improving customer service.