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Rethinking Sales Incentives

The Pipeline

As part of a series of posts dealing with areas you should consider, better yet reconsider, going in to the New Year, today we look at incentive. While there are other expenses, commissions/incentives, are the most direct “payment” you pay for bringing in revenue. Read the piece here: Rethinking Sales Incentives Then comment below. What’s in Your Pipeline?

Incentive Compensation Design in the Retail Sector


What does the Future for Incentive Compensation Design in Retail Hold? Before designing an incentive plan, organizations must first define the criteria that relates to the area of responsibility for each role, or what we compensation experts call “line of sight”. One thing is clear: flexibility is critical in designing incentive compensation programs. No problem.

Sales Incentive Optimization


The Journey to Sales Incentive Optimization. A familiar scenario that salesforces experience is the excitement and optimism of the new sales incentive launch, followed by the realisation that: New rules have been introduced which limit the kind of high payouts experienced last year which made the plan unaffordable. Sales Incentive Design. Incentivising Salespeople. Your Move.

“Incentives Drive Behavior” Cracking the Code with Predictive Analytics #CALDC3

Smart Selling Tools

CallidusCloud held their Connections conference last week at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Connections is an annual event for anyone, customers and non-customers alike, who is interested in “discovering new ways to modernize their business and embrace the evolving customer.”. CallidusCloud has long claimed the mantra “ Lead to Money. ” Let me tell you, they are serious about that mission.

Leveraging Kaizen Principles for Incentive Compensation Management


Our customers are seeing long-term success with implementing enterprise Incentive Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management solutions for their organizations. In order to mitigate unnecessary errors after the deployment of an Incentive Compensation Management solution, as well as ensure quality, there are three key actions to take into consideration. So why Kaizen?

Optimal Incentive Compensation Plan Design for Successful Implementation


In the second scenario, the organisation has a strong HR or Sales leader driving the project who wants to look at a simplified process or wants a simplified incentives landscape before they start automating. The organisation may have been through plan redesign already or might have a simple incentives landscape which might just need minor surgery. Cost Impact. Future Vision.

7 Steps to a Quota-Busting Sales Force

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Expand the Reach of Your Sales Team with SDRs

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[Webinar Wrap-Up] Incentive Compensation in Retail: 5 Bottom-Line Benefits


Fred Sass, Worldwide Marketing Executive for the Sales Performance Management (SPM) division IBM and Laura Roach, Senior VP of Marketing and Customer Success, OpenSymmetry invited Erin Harris, Executive Editor of Integrated Solutions for Retailers to join them in sharing their expertise in securing market share through Incentive Compensation. IT Products Focused on Solutions .

Is Now the Right Time to Pull the Compensation Trigger?

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Sales Incentives Gone Wild: Are Reps Gaming Your Comp Plan?

The Sales Insider

Sales Leadership sales compensation plan sales incentives Sales Motivation How does a sales rep hit 150 percent of earnings while only achieving 70 percent of overall quota attainment? He chases the spiffs, contests and bonuses. It’s called gaming the comp plan, and you can’t really blame the rep. Read more.

Stop Avoiding layered Incentives (and Learn to Love Them)

Sales and Marketing

Teaser: Most channel marketers have a dysfunctional relationship with layered incentives. They know that incenting sales-driving behaviors, such as training and product demo, can make a partner feel more personally invested in selling their products. At the same time, they fear what they see as the cumbersome process of providing incentives for anything but straight sales.

Methods of Motivation: Adding Team Incentives to the Mix

The Productivity Pro

With team incentives, no one on the team gets individual rewards; but if the team excels as a whole, everyone wins. (<-Click to Tweet) This still works best if there’s someone to compete against—for example, if sales teams compete for a big prize, like an all-expenses paid vacation. Most leaders use their experience to determine how or if to mix team and individual incentives.

Sales Incentives Shouldn’t Be Used as Motivation to Close More Deals

A Sales Guy

If you are using money to incent sales people to sell MORE, you have a big problem. One of the participants asked this question: What incentives have you offered your sales teams to help motivate them to close more deals? If you are looking to incent your team to close more deals, you’re missing the real problem. I promise, if you’re not making your number, if you need more deals closed, it’s not because you need to incent more. Incentives should be used only to augment your existing, productive well run sales organization. A weak product.

Sales Incentives, Awards, Lead Follow Up and Sales Effectiveness

Understanding the Sales Force

Dave Kurlan wrote: They should receive the incentive only if the opportunity makes it as far as 2 nd base in the sales process. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Today I had the following email exchange: Subject: Question on Comp. Dave, I have a question on comp and I need help. We have "appointment setters" that have a quota of 16 appointments per quarter. I am stuck on comp.

Five Bottom-Line Benefits for Incentive Compensation for Retailers


With the help of incentive compensation management solutions, retailers are able to increase market share and drive the desired sales behavior. Incentive Compensation helps: Improve sales performance by aligning sales behavior with business goals to improve efficiency. The post Five Bottom-Line Benefits for Incentive Compensation for Retailers appeared first on OS Blog.

Wells Fargo: The True Cost of “Unchecked Incentives”


Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, suggests “unchecked incentives” were the root cause of the fraudulent accounts, further elaborating, “Incentive compensation structures are common in businesses and they can motivate positive behavior. What kind of behavior do current incentive compensation plans promote? Incentive compensation structures can be visible to different levels of the organization, including the leaders carrying the most responsibility for the organization’s business practices – such as the CEO. Not really.

Capturing the Yeti: Calculating and Optimizing the ROI of Your Sales Incentive Plan


Much like the elusive yeti, the identification of Return On Investment (ROI) for a sales incentive plan is believed to exist by enthusiasts from the sales compensation design team, but met with much skepticism by others, namely the Finance department. So how do you prove the existence of ROI in your sales incentive plan proposal? Ultimately, it’s all about demonstrating that the sales incentive plan has a direct and measurable impact on sales behavior, resulting benefits and costs to the organisation. So how do you measure the mysterious ROI of a sales incentive plan?

How to Run a Killer Sales Incentive Contest

Understanding the Sales Force

Also yesterday, in my article on the importance of rallying cries , I promised to discuss incentive programs. Incentive programs are still very powerful as long as you make sure they don''t last for more than 90 days. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Yesterday, we had a fairly sizable snowstorm that dumped a foot of snow and it reminded me of this article from last winter.

Loyalty 2.0: Embracing Engagement-Based Incentives and Strategies

The 1to1 Media Blog

Over the years, loyalty programs and strategies have evolved to reflect consumer behaviors. But, as the competition within various markets becomes increasingly fierce, cultivating said loyalty has become more challenging than ever. Thus, companies across industries are now working to embrace the ever-growing spectrum of digital channels to create communities and facilitate conversation.

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Do My Sales Veterans Have the Drive to Sell?

The Sales Hunter

Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills executive sales leader briefing goals incentive plan leader quotas sales leadership veteran salespeopleWelcome to the Executive Sales Leader Briefing, a new blog series I am doing every Friday. Recently, I’ve found myself in […].

Determining a Successful Sales Incentive Plan

Sales Tips & Techniques

A sales management team needs to consider what the point of a sales incentive plan actually is prior to constructing one, as many leaders tend to forget why this type of system is implemented in the first place. The idea behind a sales incentive plan is that representatives may need motivation to increase their productivity and raise the number of outgoing calls that they make each day. Sales Management Sales Managers Sales Training sales incentive sales management sales training sales training management

10 trends impacting incentive travel use

Sales and Marketing

Teaser: The Incentive Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds research and fosters education on all aspects of the incentive travel industry, has identified 10 trends that will help users understand what’s in store for the future. Issue Date: 2015-01-01. Author: Staff. read more

Study Shows Dramatic Growth In Use of Incentives for Employees and Customers

Sales and Marketing

Teaser: A new study conducted by the Incentive Federation confirms that the non-cash incentives market is thriving with 74 percent of U.S. billion annually on incentive travel, merchandise and gift cards. A new study conducted by the Incentive Federation confirms that the non-cash incentives market is thriving with 74 percent of U.S. Issue Date: 2013-10-22.

Your Guide to a High-Performance Outbound SDR Team

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Podcast Sales Strategy Lead Generation Sales Development Rep sales strategy SDR business case SDR compensation SDR incentive SDR management SDR onboarding SDR TeamToday’s topic is understanding how to leverage Sales Development Reps to generate leads for the sales team.

Game the Plan – With Chris Cabrera

The Pipeline

Almost everyone in sales will tell you that incentives drive behaviour, but beyond that there is often little agreement among the pundits as to what the right incentive plan is. But ask Christopher Cabrera , founder, president and CEO of Xactly Corporation , who has a different view, and believes that front line reps and CFOs do not need to be at odds when it comes to incentives.

OpenSymmetry Releases 2016 SPM Vendor Guide


OpenSymmetry, a trusted leader and global advisor that provides consulting services for Incentive Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management for HR, Sales, and Finance, would like to announce the release of the 2016 SPM Vendor Guide, as well as the sponsorship of many SPM conferences starting the second week of May. Mark adds. “It To download the full resource, click here.

The Territory Optimization Revolution


In the same way, salesforce effectiveness is made up of different elements – the right go-to-market strategy, salesforce organisation design, role definition and candidate selection, the right incentive design, and the right sales processes. Incentive design reinforces the behaviours required of each role and how you want them to work together. seconds. seconds. metres. Conclusion.

Is Performance Killing Your Culture or Is Culture Killing Your Performance?

Tech Bytes

Kyle Heller sales ZS Associates incentive ZS compensation High Tech sales team cultureA recent HBS article confirmed what we all intuitively know: Well-executed quotas and bonus programs are highly effective tools for motivating sales teams. This increase in motivation and resulting sales performance, however, comes at a cost.

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How Reversing the Funnel Increased Sales by 14% for a Sales Incentive Company

B2B Lead Blog

But, when Certif-A-Gift Company, a sales incentive company, reversed this presumption, they ended up increasing sales by 14% and moving prospects through the sales cycle 23% faster. However, only 10% of its channel partners have a need for a sales-incentive program in any given year. Had many of the same types of questions on how to sell and execute a sales incentive program.

A Forthcoming Shift of Pharmaceutical Sales Compensation Plans?


In some cases, incentive compensation (IC) methods have evolved to align with new regulations regarding specific sales metrics. For example, Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) were implemented by the DoJ as a way to curtail off-label drug promotion which forced companies to ensure their sales incentives encouraged proper compliance. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

A Forthcoming Shift of Pharmaceutical Sales Compensation Plans?


In some cases, incentive compensation (IC) methods have evolved to align with new regulations regarding specific sales metrics. For example, Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) were implemented by the DoJ as a way to curtail off-label drug promotion which forced companies to ensure their sales incentives encouraged proper compliance. Christopher Bowe, a CEO healthcare industry adviser, suggests the opioid overdose crisis that has impacted prescribers since the 90s may have been the result of a fractured incentive compensation system. appeared first on OS Blog.

Why Automate Sales Compensation Management


Gartner broadened the scope of the definition 3 years ago to encompass all those capabilities relevant to delivering sales strategy including sales talent acquisition and onboarding, sales talent development, sales process, territory and quota management (TQM) and incentive design and administration (ICM). What is SPM? A common question we get is what is SPM? Why is SPM important?

Mo’ Adjustments, Mo’ Problems – and Mo’ Sales Comp Admins Won’t Solve Them


How likely is your sales incentive plan going to be dead on arrival, riddled with holes caused by requests for changes and exceptions? At least three months prior to the new year, finance teams slave over intricate details and policies for sales incentive plans to make for a smoother payroll cycle next year. Like many in this position, my client considered throwing more comp admins at the problem rather than getting to the root of the problem by evaluating their incentive compensation processes. The same goes for exception policies. Evaluate your data feeds.

The Criticality of SPM Technology


While, incentive compensation administration is still a main piece, the broader SPM technology concept is expanding more holistically to include other key aspects which directly impacts how a sales team might perform, including talent development, sales enablement, and territory and quota management. How critical to sales success is the right SPM technology? The answer is simple.

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Xactly News, 100 Express Customers, Incent 7.1 and Conversation with Xactly’s CEO


However, what I’m the most excited about are the enhancements to Xactly Incent Version 7 which launched a few months ago. Quota and Rate Table Effective Dating: This enables companies to manage incentive program changes at the time and point of need. Xactly Incent 7.1: CEO Chris Cabrera Xactly Express Xactly features Xactly Incentadded some big features. Version 7.1

Flawless Execution Starts With Strategic Planning: A Roadmap for January 2017


On the OpenSymmetry blog, we’re starting 2017 with fresh perspectives on what it takes to evaluate, implement, and leverage incentive compensation solutions to make the biggest impact on a company’s bottom line. In the next two months, we’ll be focusing on topics about building the framework for evaluation and pre-implementation processes for incentive compensation solutions. Strategy ICM Incentive Compensation roadmap Sales Comp Sales CompensationWith January underway, planning is top-of-mind for every sales comp team.

Improving the Sales Organization’s Change Readiness


Many companies underestimate the change challenge and respond only tactically with the emphasis being on a quick response to a challenge often seen through rushed amendments to the incentive plan or hiring new people. Incentive Design – Which is effective in multiples scenarios – growth, consolidation, new product, value, or volume driven. So, how best to meet the challenge?

Outstanding in the Field: ICM Self-Service Enablement for Field Reps


As mentioned in my previous blog , Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions have moved far beyond being an automated calculator for determining commission and bonus incentives. At the end of the day, automated workflow solutions can meet a variety of acknowledgement, approval or adjustment use cases from the field in relation to the ongoing calculation and payments of incentive compensation. Evaluate your current system for incentive compensation management. Strategy field sales ICM Incentive Compensation Design sales incentive compensation workflow

5 Key Issues with Sales Force Engagement & Motivation – It’s more than a Plan Design Issue


The sales incentive program ownership can reside with HR, Sales, Finance or a combination of these groups. One important aspect is when companies have automated incentive compensation management. Attendees had a full day of sessions, listening and engaging with experts discuss the overall theme of driving sales force engagement and motivation. Plan Design Governance.