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The Crucial Selling Skill That Nobody Talks About

Understanding the Sales Force

They want to optimize my website, sell me SEO services, provide me with online marketing tools, sell me the latest SaaS program, provide a guest article for my Blog, buy advertising on my Blog, sell me leads, book appointments for us with prospects, or show me the latest sales enablement tools. Image Copyright 123RF Stock Photo.

What’s the Fluff About Soft Selling Skills?

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Question: My company conducts a significant amount of sales training on our product line and on sales techniques, yet very little in the area of “soft selling skills”.  Is there any research which shows the effect of training in these areas? Let’s start by looking at the entire sales equation, and then we’ll define and break down soft skills further.

Critical Selling Skills That Distinguish Top Performers

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Last week, Tim Ohai and I were talking about the future of selling.  We got onto a discussion of the critical skills needed for high performers. I’ve continued to think about this over the past few days.  I’ve narrowed things down to the top 3 skills critical for top performers.  I’d like your take on it, because most sales training programs don’t seem to include these.

3 Referral Selling Skills All B2B Sales Reps Should Practice

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Building professional skills takes practice— deliberate practice. Want your sales team to build permanent, repeatable, effective referral selling skills? Here’s how B2B sales professionals can keep their referral skills sharp: 1. Don’t let your team get by without practicing these and other critical prospecting skills. But adults resist practice. Not the gas bill.

7 Ways to Re-Think No / Selling Skills

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The post 7 Ways to Re-Think No / Selling Skills appeared first on How to Selling Skills. Objections or Concerns sales training selling skills Tom Hopkins tommy hopkins when you hear noA big part of your job in sales is to be the person in the company who gets the “no’s.” In the English language, the word “no’ can carry many meanings.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Consultative Selling Skills


This flexibility combined with the maturing of sales organizations has resulted in a definite shift over the years by companies who had previously been using a Transactional Sales Methodology, and who have moved, or at least try to move, into a more Consultative Selling approach. Unfortunately, because these skills are the most basic and unglamorous they are taken for granted.

Financial Services Selling Skills – Guidelines for Asking Questions

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Three Guidelines for Asking Questions Because asking good questions is such an integral part of good selling I’ve given the matter a lot of study and thought over the years. I’ve boiled down all that knowledge into three basic guidelines. The Importance of Being a Lifelong Student of Selling Skills. Financial Services asking for the business financial services insurance questioning strategies sales closing sales skills selling skills talking with clientsGuideline #1. Establish a bond before you attempt to control the process with questions.

How to boost your selling skills without sales training

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It is possible to significantly improve your selling skills in a relatively short space of time without any more sales training and long as you are prepared to take charge of your own learning. Which selling skills, specifically, do you want to develop? Following these simple steps, you can become your own sales coach: Prioritise.

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10 Essential Soft Selling skills to develop in 2013

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If you want to make selling easier for you in 2013, my recommendation is to focus on some of the soft skills which make selling easy rather than the deceitful and manipulative tricks that you get in many sales books. These soft skills are actually life skills and they are all learnable. And the great thing is you can use everyday life as a teacher

Selling Skills or Selling Process? Which is Holding You Back.

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Selling a Price Increase. Communication Skills. Selling Skills or Selling Process? The first thing he said?  A person with strong selling skills. Strong selling skills certainly are a beginning. These include the ability to listen, ask questions, create a unique selling proposition and ultimately close.   I refer to these as selling skills, not a sales process. The vast majority of the time it’s going to be an issue with selling skills. Professional Selling Skills: What is it?

50 Great Avenues to the Best Selling Skills

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Just click on the below image: I am sharing this with you because I am committed to making you aware of resources that can improve your skills.   . Make the most of the list and make it your goal to not only increase your skills, but to boost your profits and your customer satisfaction at the same time. Top Sales Worlds has put together such a list! ” Sales Motivation Blog.

8 Things Top Performing Salespeople Do Each January

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation goals high-profit prospecting new year prospect prospecting quota sales motivation sales prospecting selling skillsYou’re ready to make this your year to break out from the pack and become a top performer. Thinking about success is simply not going to be enough. Don’t build your plan to […].

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21 Great Selling Skills Questions


In the world of sales; Selling Skills can make the difference between a Rainmaker and a Bank breaker for most businesses.  Combine this with the natural enthusiasm and positivity of most sales people, who for the most part never volunteer for Sales Training, how then are senior decision makers supposed to know when their teams selling skills need upskilling? 

Quit Trying to Define Value for Your Customer!

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Check this out: Nordstrom is selling a rock for $85.00. Blog Customer Service pricing Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation discount discounting price sales motivation selling skillsWould you pay $85.00 for a rock wrapped in leather?  I suspect it’s not high up on your gift list, but for somebody it sure is. ”   Clearly somebody would (and is!), because

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Selling Process

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation Sales Training Sales Training Program sales leader sales leadership sales skills selling selling skillsToo many times we get bogged down with the customer. Sure, the reasons can be many, but it doesn’t matter. Anytime things bog down, it eats into your time and your earnings. Don’t focus […].

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The Productivity Challenge for 2017

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Blog Cold-Calling Professional Selling Skills Sales Development Training Sales Motivation Jill Konrath sales skills selling skills time managementWe in sales and, for that matter, everyone in life struggle with being […].

What to Improve Your Sales Skills? Then Go Beyond Most Sales Training

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Most sales training and much of the sales coaching focuses on how to improve sales skills. If current approach to developing sales skills is still not securing the desired results, then maybe something is missing.  These talents both interpersonal (extrinsic) and intrapersonal (intrinsic) can have a dramatic impact on existing selling skills. Share on Facebook.

It’s Time to 10x Your Sales. 10 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Sales!

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Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Development Training Sales Motivation sales motivation sales skills selling skillsWhat would your business look like if you were to grow it 10x? To be able to pull it off and — yes, you can do it! — you need to be incredibly focused. Start by taking individual components of your sales process and look to build each one of them 10x. Below is […].

Your 2017 Sales Prospecting/Growth Plan in 8 Steps

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingIt’s the start of a new year and as much as you feel good, you also feel a sense of concern about the numbers you need to hit for this year. The solution is NOT merely doing more of what you did last year and thinking that alone is going to do the trick. Success […].

10 Questions to Challenge You Next Year

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Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales motivation sales prospecting sales skillsWhat are you planning to do differently next year? When I say “differently,” I mean really different. Below […].

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Is Your Personality Selling For You or Against You?

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Blog leadership Motivational Sales Speaker Professional Selling Skills Sales Development Training Sales Motivation phil gerbyshak sales motivation selling personality selling skillsDo you use your personality to help you communicate more effectively? How many times have we found ourselves running from the person who has zero personality?

6 Secrets to Sell More in Less Time

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Do you know there are 6 things top-performing salespeople do to sell more in less time? You don’t need special skills, but rather  the discipline to make it happen. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation selling skills The beautiful thing is anyone can do them.

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What Value Does Your Sales Proposal Bring to You and Your Ability to Close the Sale?

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Blog Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills consultative selling proposal sales proposal selling skillsI’ve seen far too many sales proposals, and I’ll admit 90% of them are a waste. Reason is simple: We don’t take the time to do them right. What gives us the right […].

It’s 2017. What’s the Value of Cold Calling in Sales?

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Blog Cold-Calling Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospectingThe Internet is buzzing with hype about how cold calling is dead. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen multiple studies, surveys, polls, etc., about how cold calling is a technique that is dead. I’m going on a serious rant about this subject. Stick with me on this issue and then hey, go ahead and […].

10 Steps to Networking Effectively

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Blog Networking Professional Selling Skills network networkingAs we near the end of the year, it seems the calendar fills up with numerous parties and events, all of which are great opportunities to network.  As good as these can be, they can take a lot of time away from other more pressing activities. Here is my list of 10 steps to […].

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Do You Have to be a “Born Salesperson” to be Successful in Sales?

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Blog Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills executive sales leader briefing sales selling skills successWelcome to the Executive Sales Leader Briefing, a new blog series I am doing every Friday. If you want to receive the Executive Sales Leader Briefing in text form in an email early Friday morning before it is published on the website, go to this page to sign up or complete the below information: Recently […].

Do Women Make Better Salespeople Than Men?

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Blog Closing a Sale Cold-Calling Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills gender in sales male vs female sales leader sales leadership sales motivation selling skillsIt’s time to wade back into this very critical discussion. You say it’s not critical? Sure you do. Jill Konrath — who I feel is […].

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10 Things Salespeople Need to Do to Save Time

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It’s not what they sell or the customers they sell to; it’s their time. How Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills sales leadership time managementThe most valuable asset any salesperson has is their time. How we use our time is what will make a much bigger impact on our success than nearly anything else.

Month-End Review: Assessing Your Sales Performance

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Blog Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation selling skills time managementIt’s the last day of the month, and for many salespeople, that means it’s a mad scramble to get another order to make a number. For others it’s a day to coast, because of a bad attitude that says the month is shot, so screw it and try again next month.

10 Ways to Be Seen as a Sales Leader by Your Customers

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Remember it’s not what you sell; it’s how you help the customer that makes the difference. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills leader sales leader sales leadershipA sales leader is one who helps their customers see and achieve things they didn’t think were possible. Here’s my list of 10 […].

Is Your Business Culture an Asset or a Liability for You and Your Customers?

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Blog Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Development Training Sales Motivation Sales Training business culture culture john spence sales team selling skillsI’ve been talking a lot recently about the need to have engaged customers and their impact on both the top-line and the bottom-line of your business. The ability to have engaged customers requires engaged salespeople, which come about due to engaged leadership. All of this is a result of the culture of the business. […].

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5 Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle — NOW!

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Blog Breakthrough Sales University Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills cold calling consultative selling sales cycle sales skills selling cycle selling skillsAsk this key question to ask every prospect during the first contact:  What is your timeline for making a decision? It only makes sense that if your goal is to close sales faster, you must be working with prospects who are most likely to buy NOW. prospect who says they’re not going to buy […].

10 Ways to Stop Being an Average Salesperson and Become a Top-Performing Salesperson

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Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation greatness sales leadership sales motivation sales skillsIf you’re content being average, then don’t read any further. If If you’re content being average, then don’t be surprised when you wake up one day and find yourself struggling to make anything happen.

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10 Ways to Leverage Social Media in 10 Minutes or Less Each Day

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Blog Networking Professional Selling Skills Prospecting Sales Motivation networking prospecting social social mediaSocial media is powerful. No doubt about that, but what it can also do is suck up your time so fast you suddenly find yourself with not only no sales, but also no leads.

10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Mid-Year

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Blog Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation assessment goals quota quotas selling skillsIt’s time for a mid-year assessment, and you should be asking yourself these questions: 1. What does my performance to date tell me about my ability to make my number for the year? 2. Can I build a plan breaking down by customer and product the amount of business I need to enable me to […].

10 Ways to Start Your Prospecting and Make it Enjoyable

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Professional Selling Skills prospect prospecting sales prospect sales prospectingLet’s face it. You can’t prospect if you don’t start, and starting is the problem too many salespeople have. The number of excuses salespeople can come up with range from logical to just plain avoidance.

Are You Selling or Merely Answering the Phone and Taking Orders?

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Blog Consultative Selling leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales motivation selling selling skills   A few years back, there were a lot of salespeople who realized they weren’t salespeople. There were a lot of companies that realized they didn’t have a sales team.

10 Ways to Tame the Pre-Sales Call Nervousness and Stress

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Blog Closing a Sale Cold-Calling Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation confidence sales call techniques sales confidence sales motivationYou’ve got the big call and you know you need it, which alone is stress, but making it worse is your boss told you how important the call is to both the company and your career. This is a common occurrence.

How Boomers and Millennials Differ in Sales

Understanding the Sales Force

Dave Kurlan sales motivation inside sales selling skills top of the funnelI hate this article already - the last thing we need is another article to help us to understand Millennials. Except for one thing. Most of you reading this are Millennials and you probably need to better understand boomers. So I'm not going to write about any of that in this article.

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5 Steps To Pick Yourself Up After A Lost Sale

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Sales Tips losing the sale selling skillsImagine the scenario – you’ve invested heavily in time and effort into something you wanted badly and were counting on succeeding, like closing a big deal. In spite of all your great efforts, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].