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Lessons for Sellers from the Unsocial Media

Sales and Management Blog

Is it just me or are others finding that they’re getting more and more brazen sales solicitations of various kinds from their new “friends,” “followers,” and “connections” than in the past? It seems that when I friend or follow or connect with someone I’m far more likely now than in the past to get a direct message or inmail or email thanking me for following and “as a special gift” they offer me a super duper deal on their services or books or whatever. . Other times it is an outright blatant solicitation to sell me something without even the guise of a special offer. . Communication Sales 2.0

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Deceptive Marketing (Why the Computer World has a Terrible Reputation for Honesty) by Anthony Bondi

Increase Sales

A long time ago I was entirely against computers. I did not like them, I did not want to use them, I could care less to purchase one and communicate via telephone wire to people I couldn’t see face to face. Something about the whole ordeal seemed sketchy to me and ate away at me. I don’t think they would approve of me playing with computers instead of doing the work I was trained for.”

Eight Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Direct Sales Business

Direct Sales Classroom

At the beginning of my coaching career I was also an “in the trenches” direct sales consultant. When I looked at other trainers in the industry, I couldn’t understand why someone would quit their lucrative direct sales career that they endorsed so highly, to focus on coaching and training. Now that I’m older and a [.]. Direct Sales Leadership

Why is Selling Going Inside? Isn’t that Obvious?

Jonathan Farrington

Unless you have been holed up in a remote cave somewhere in Outer Mongolia, with absolutely no access to the outside world for the past two years, you will be aware of the huge increase in internal sales positions. Does this mean that the “sales space” is expanding? Has the economy made a miraculous recovery? Has commercial confidence finally been fully restored? But you get my point?

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

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A Working Definition of Value

The Pipeline

Sales like other groups have certain common words, reference points and symbols. They use them to communicate facts and concepts both to the tribe and to their buyers. The challenge is that often these words or symbols are often quiet subjective and open to broad interpretation, unless the seller defines the term. Here is a clear and universally working definition of value: [link]. Next Step.

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Bob, I Think She Just Needs To Be Listened To

Bob Burg's Blog

In a recent post we looked at the importance of listening. Just listening; not problem-solving. While there are times that proactively helping someone solve a problem is very legitimate, paradoxically, not trying to solve a problem is often the best way to have it solved. By simply listening (allowing the other person to be heard) the problem often simply dissolves. Or, just as well, the person solves the problem themselves, which empowers them and helps build another leader. As mentioned, I’ve had to work very hard at improving myself in this area. ” Point taken. Kathy was right.

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Waking Up to Customer Loyalty in April

The 1to1 Media Blog

April is customer loyalty month, a 30-day wake-up call for companies to realize that engaging customers one-on-one in stores, through social media, and in marketing communications can have far-reaching effects on customer loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and increased sales. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy brandloyalty brandloyaltysurvey clickfox cutomerloyaltymonth wordofmouthmarketing

Sales Performance Management—Effectiveness And Efficiency

Partners in Excellence

As sales professionals and sales leaders, we are constantly focused on achieving the highest levels of performance. We have to constantly improve–performance that was outstanding five years ago is deficient now. What is outstanding today will become uncompetitive in the future. Implementing performance improvement initiatives, continuing to improve and innovate is very difficult. Sometimes, in looking at sales performance improvement, it’s important to break it into a couple of components: Are we being as effective as possible? Are we being as efficient as possible?

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

Inward Mobility.

Dan Waldschmidt

In all of our minds there is a direct link between satisfaction and achieving business success. You might even call it happiness — being able to mentally navigate a complex corporate environment and achieve success. Working your way up the corporate ladder. In fact, we call people who are extraordinarily adept at this movement as being “upwardly mobile” – able to move up with ease. And that is a real skill, because that mobility is tied to financial growth as well. Every step up the corporate ladder leads to an increase in your personal wealth. Not a longer job title.


The Untenable Strategy That Is the Must Win Deal

The Sales Blog

The Untenable Strategy That Is the Must Win Deal is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. You wouldn’t walk into a Las Vegas casino and take all of the commission you will make in the next twelve months and bet it on single hand of black jack, would you? What if I allowed you to deal the cards? You wouldn’t go to a horse race and bet your next year’s earnings on a single horse in a single race, would you? What if I allowed you to be the jockey? These ideas sound crazy to you because you have no control over the outcome of either one of these bets. You Have Influence, Not Control.

Do it Right

A Sales Guy

If you don’t have time to do it right, you don’t have time to do it over. When we rush to get something done because we don’t have enough time, we risk making things worse. Convincing ourselves that getting it done quickly is more important than doing it right is a shell game we play with ourselves. We play the game to give us more time. It allows us to do things at the last minute. We convince ourselves that we can get it done, but we almost never do. If you don’t have time to do it right, you don’t have time to do it over.

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Sales 11

Making The Time To Sell

Partners in Excellence

Virtually everything we do can be recovered. We make a bad call, we can fix it and recover from it, we lose a deal, we can learn from it and win the next ten deals. The one thing we can’t recover is time–once we’ve spent it, it’s lost, we can’t re-do it, we can’t recover it. So it’s critical we manage our time to maximize our impact and effectiveness. This seems obvious, you might be asking, “tell me something I don’t know.” Surveys show time spent in sales related activities at a little more than 40%. Track how you spend your time.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

Tale of Two Frauds

Sell More and Work Less

Today we received a call from our bank. 3 calls actually as they tried us at home, my cell and Chris’s before they reached us. Credit card fraud. The bank was very proactive, asking us 2 questions, and then informing us that our card had fraudulent activity in India. They would cancel the card immediately and send a new one out for arrival in the next 2 days. Their attitude was that we were innocent of the charges until they found out otherwise, as the charges did not match our profile or our location. They are refunding all the charges. How did we find out? Wrong! Sheesh.

The Results Are in! Takeaways from VR Email Tests: Personalization Edition

Vertical Response

Another quarter, another test ! Here at VerticalResponse we’ve been keeping up with our email marketing testing (so have you, right?), so I thought I’d share some of our findings with you once again. The Tale of the Tape. ” So we decided to put this theory to the test. We chose to perform said test on our series of pipeline messages to recent sign-ups. What do you think?

Tale of Two Frauds

Sell More and Work Less

Do you act as a customer advocate or a customer prosecutor? Are your customer service policies sales prevention policies? Observations from the real World

Major DON’Ts in the search engine optimization process

Software Business Blog

SEO may have only become a mainstream subject in the last few years, but the practice has been around since 1995 when Yahoo! was still the search-engine. Originally, SEO meant submitting websites to search engines to begin the process of having a bot crawl a page, extract links and index all the carefully written content. The concept of “Search Engine Optimization” as we know it today came into play once website owners began acknowledging the rising influence of search engines on consumer awareness and the value of having their site prominently listed in the results. Bing and Ask among others.