October, 2011

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What a Painting Van Taught Me About Marketing Differentiation

Smart Selling Tools

Nearly every day on my drive home I pass by a house with a van parked in its driveway. And every day I think about the owner of that van and how smart he or she is. They can’t possibly know that every darn day without fail, when I see that van I say to myself “now that’s brilliant marketing!” ” The van belongs to a painting contractor. There is a. particularly low barrier to entry.

5 Successful Selling Tips From The Great Sam-I-am

MTD Sales Training

Image by Damian M. You can find Sam-I-Am in the critically acclaimed children’s book, “Green Eggs & Ham,” by the famed Dr. Seuss.  First published in 1960 by Random House, “Green Eggs & Ham,” tells the story of two characters: one named Sam-I-Am and another, an unnamed character I will call “IT.”. In case you have forgotten, below is a short excerpt and some paraphrasing from the book.

How to Make Word of Mouth Marketing Really Work

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Last week while I was teaching a group of CPA’s in Newark how to work with their clients to generate a large number of direct introductions to high quality prospects, one participant mentioned that he would often hear from a client that they had given his name and number to another business owner but he would seldom hear from that prospect.  His question was how he could use the introduction generation process I was teaching to capture that word of mouth prospect. Great question—and one that most sellers are faced with. Everyone would love to have their clients out talking about them. 

A Bold Move in Measuring the Impact of Sales Training

Dave Stein's Blog

Tim Riesterer isn’t shy and doesn’t hold back.  A lot of people are like that, but when you consider Tim’s intellect and his knowledge of what his clients need, you’d better sit up and take notice. As  Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Corporate Visions, Inc. , he’s been driving an exciting new initiative, and driving it hard.  We decided enough is enough.

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CSO Insights: Sales Enablement Optimization Study

This year's report reveals a picture of sales organizations in dire need of support.

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Internet Killed The Telesales Star?

MTD Sales Training

32 years ago Brit band “Buggles” released their smash hit “Video Killed The Radio Star”, which paid homage to the way that technological advantages in television had crushed the success of the radio with its modern capabilities. In today’s modern world, could we now be seeing the start of a new revolution? Has the internet and social media killed off the more traditional ways of selling?

A Simple Way to Distance Yourself From Your Competition

Sales and Management Blog

Every seller, no matter the product or service they sell, is looking for ways to demonstrate how they differ from their competition.  Most of us will go to great lengths to try to make our prospects and clients recognize how unique we are and how fortunate they are to be working with us. In order to create that sought after difference we’ll talk up how great our customer service is, some will give out cute or useful freebies, others will bring in other vendors to help create the perfect comprehensive solution to their prospect’s or client’s issues. Yep, that’s it; couldn’t be simpler.

Values Are the Key to How to Increase Sales and Business Success

Increase Sales

Credit L Hoagland-Smith. Yesterday, I invested some time to illustrate how values are the key to increase sales and achieved business success.  This illustration is based upon the following premises: The purpose of business is to serve the community. Organizations are the natural place for innovation and growth. Teams do more than individuals working alone. Management wants to increase sales. 

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? 2011 Top Sales & Marketing Awards.

Jonathan Farrington

This year's online Top Sales & Marketing Awards ceremony takes place on December 15th, and we anticipate that this prestigious event, which has now become an annual fixture, will create even more excitement within the

The Metrics of Bad Sales Interactions: A Sales Experience Benchmark Report

What is the impact of a bad sales meeting?

Bad Sales Messages: 1-Stop Shopping & Other Worthless Tripe

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

When pursuing big companies, most sellers want to ensure that decision makers know all about the full range of products, services or solutions that they provide. Proudly, they brag: "We offer a full breadth of services.". "We provide our customers with 1-stop shopping.". "We can handle all your __ needs.". But they don't want to believe me. And, truth be told, they're scared. Try these approaches.

Strategy review sessions – a different perspective

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Strategy Review Session. Crafting a sales strategy is a key to success – especially when selling into major accounts. While front-line sales managers agree, we often hear comments like, “I don’t have the time” and “My territory is spread out and I don’t see my people face-to-face”.  . How?  . So, here is a three-step process for conducting a Strategy Review Session with an entire sales team. .

3 Ways To Handle The Prospect Who Is Shocked By Your Price

MTD Sales Training

You felt that it was a good presentation and that the entire sales interaction was on track. Then you present the price, and suddenly the prospect acts as if they just had a heart attack! What happened? better question is, what do you do? Below are three important steps you should take when this situation occurs. The Three DOs. #1. Do Start Over. Exposing problems the prospect believes are real.

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Finish 2011 Strong While Laying the Groundwork for a Great 2012

Sales and Management Blog

Although somewhat hard to believe, we’re now at the end of another year.  With only two and a half months to go, your year is virtually over.  That doesn’t mean your production has to be over, it means that more than any other time during the year, you must have a laser focus in order to finish the year strong and lay the foundation for 2012. Unfortunately the last quarter and the first quarter of the year are the least productive for a great many sellers. . Are those sellers who are making record sales during the “dead” time of the year just lucky?  Double down on prospecting.  Stay in touch.

6 Best Practices for Optimizing Salesforce Orgs After Mergers or Acquisitions

Considerations When Merging Disparate Sales Organizations and Salesforce Instances

The most dreaded 2 words in sales? Role-playing!

Julie Hansen's Sales Blog

Role-playing. With the exception of cold-calling, is there a pair of words salespeople dread more? While management may call it a “learning experience,” most salespeople know better. Role-playing is a test of their knowledge and their ability to articulate selling points, handle objections and move to close-under the close scrutiny of a manager noting each [.]. Uncategorized Act like a sales pro cold calling Julie Hansen management motivation role-playing sales sales managers sales skills selling success

Sales Tips from a Witch and a Ghost for Any B2B Seller ? Score.

Score More Sales

With all the ghostly fun today we thought we'd post about two individuals who fit the Halloween theme that have reinforced sales ideas to us. One of the best promoters we've met recently has to be Rev. Peter of Salem

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Are You Losing Your Prospects at Hello?

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

In the movie Jerry Maguire, when Tom Cruise is in the midst of his proposal to Dorothy, she stops him with, "You had me at hello." Every seller dreams of hearing those exact same words when they approach corporate decision makers. Unfortunately, the opposite usually occurs. Why do bad things like that happen to good people? In short, weak value propositions. Their rationale? Not so! Not four.

How to use sales conversations as a competitive weapon

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Sales Conversations. The best sales questions won’t go anywhere without an effective conversation. And effective conversations take more than just being a good listener or talker. They’re about putting what you ask and what you say together in a way that’s valuable for your prospects and for you. The panel of experts discussed those ideas and debated others.

Are Your Sellers Ready to Sell?

A quick read on how video technology can help your sales team realize its full potential.

3 Deadly Sales Management Mistakes

MTD Sales Training

You can find a ton of tips and tricks on what to do to motivate and build a sales team.  However, there are a few things you should not do. The loyalty and dedication your sales team has in following you, is fragile and it does not take much to lose their respect.   Below are three sales management blunders that you must avoid. #1.  Criticise in Public. Causally Dismiss Complaints or Suggestions.

Why Should You Ask Yourself Why?

Sales and Management Blog

As I was preparing to post this article I discovered an article by my friend Anthony Iannarino that deals with similar issues from an organizational standpoint.  Sometimes serendipity kicks in and you discover you’re on the same wavelength as someone else.  I encourage you to read Anthony’s take on asking why. Why did you lose that sale? Why did that prospect insist on such a deep discount? Why weren’t you prepared to answer that objection even though you’ve heard it before? Why did your best client decide to “try” your competitor for his current order?

Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Social media use by hotels for their marketing, service and branding initiatives is growing rapidly. Today a tweet posted by a customer from a hotel front lobby can reach more people than an ad in Air Canada’s in flight magazine. Social Media Tools and Networks are a significant force that is growing. We cannot afford to avoid using them. The truth is in the numbers: •Facebook: 800 Million People.

Why Content Marketing is really Content Selling

Smart Selling Tools

Content-marketing is the practice of using information in many forms as a means to get and maintain prospects’ attention over time, with the goal of developing them into interested buyers. The The practice has been around a long time. It was not born of the Internet age. The reason why content-marketing exists is for one reason : to function as an extension of the sales team. Here’s why.

The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Download this guide to learn more about how nurturing can benefit your sales and marketing teams, plus get some campaign inspiration.

11.5 Ways To Win Prospects And Contacts At A Networking Event.

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog

Networking is fun. It remains an enigma to me that more salespeople don't use it to replace the cold call (which ain't no fun). If you network smart, it's the easiest way to make sales contacts. Hot sales contacts. Here are 11.5.

Vision, Innovation and Emotion a Winning Increase Sales Formula

Increase Sales

The passing of Steve Jobs for me reflects how vision,  innovation and emotion when united can increase sales, develop very loyal customers and ultimately be the winning formula for business success. Vision. Vision to see what others have failed to see is the first step.  Vision without Action is a Daydream; Action without Vision is a Nightmare. Each of us can be visionaries like Steve Job. Emotion.

Sketiquette – 5 Behaviors To Avoid on Skype

Sales Addiction

The first time I saw a video phone call was the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing, NY. It’s come a long way since then. Real-time video calling is completely unremarkable today. It’s just the norm. For Reading and responding to email that is unrelated to the conversation you are having.  I got busted on this a while ago. Sometimes I use a headset which increases the distance beteween the mic and the keyboard.  In this instance though, I was using the built-in mic and camera on my laptop. The other party asked me if I there was a jackhammer in the room.

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Sales Leadership: Making Monday’s Marvelous

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: Making Monday’s Marvelous. In past blogs I have commented on eating pizza, Gourmet Living and many ideas that are designed to improve the operations, culture and productivity of your sales team –as well as you the sales manager.  As I am sitting the airport, on this Monday morning, on my way to New York City to speak at an event it occurred to me that those first two or three hours on Monday morning are critical to set the tone for the week. However, as a sales leader you need to be prepared before that alarm goes off on Monday. These are not in priority order.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts | Social Media.

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Social media use by hotels for their marketing, service and branding initiatives is growing rapidly. Today a tweet posted by a customer from a hotel front lobby

Referral-Selling Top Tips: How to Ask for a Referral

No More Cold Calling

Referral Selling Top Tip #1: When you just get a name, you’re making a cold call. Referrals make your calls HOT!  . There’s No Such Thing as a Warm Call. My take on referrals is clearly defined: A call is either HOT or cold. My definition of a cold call: You call someone who doesn’t know you, and does not expect your call. It’s that simple. What a waste of time. Why bother? Learn how now.

7 Mindset Hacks That Will Help You Sell More

Ian Brodie

email print One of the biggest barriers many consultants, coaches and other professionals have that stands between them and achieving their business goals is their own mindset and attitude towards marketing and selling. I can’t tell you the number of people I meet who absolutely know they need to be more effective at marketing and sales – yet who feel incredibly uncomfortable doing it.

Personal Productivity and Your To-Do List

The Productivity Pro

“My to-do list is so long that it doesn’t have an end; it has an event horizon.” ” — Craig Bruce, Canadian Software Engineer. “According to USA Today, an astonishing 95 percent of companies don’t share their strategies with employees.” ” — Joel Garfinkle, American inspirational speaker. Your Job Requirements. Know Your Company Strategy.

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.