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Is Sales Automation Making Your Team Soft?

No More Cold Calling

As your reps rely more on sales technology, they may be forgetting how to actually sell. . Why should this matter to sales leaders? Because sales automation could be making sales people worse at their jobs. Think about pilots who rely heavily on automated flight and guidance systems; the amount they actually fly is reducing all the time. Not anymore.

Business Processes are Vitally Important—But When Should They Be Developed?


In fact, when a company has, for example, a defined sales process […]. Sales AutomationYes, business processes are crucial to company operation. A company functions far more efficiently with formalized processes. When a system guides you to the next best action there is much less chance to miss an action or a step, thus loose an opportunity.

Why B2B Sales Will Never Be Automated Sales


The automated sales model being implemented by Amazon, with many other ecommerce sites following suit, may seem somewhat threatening to a sales force and B2B sales. The post Why B2B Sales Will Never Be Automated Sales appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. For Sales Pros Sales Automation

B2B 129 Wins Stevie Award for Sales Automation

The Sales Insider won a Silver Stevie Award in the Sales Automation Solution category in the eighth annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Inside Sales Sales Automation sales awards On Monday morning, I opened my email and saw this: And then I started singing “Sweet Georgia Brown.” PowerDialer for Salesforce [.].

Infographic: Sales Processes that Boost Conversion


A new Leads360 study shows a sales process that drives speed-to-call is critical, with leads contacted in under a minute yielding 391% improvement in conversion. What sales processes and contact strategies have made the most difference for your organization? The post Infographic: Sales Processes that Boost Conversion appeared first on Leads360 Blog.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Can Enhance the Sales Process and Close More Deals


It’s no longer the case that sales have full responsibility for the sales pipeline. That’s because according to recent research by SiriusDecisions, buyers can be more than two-thirds of the way through their initial research process when they decide to seek the input of a sales rep. What this means is the need for sales [.] Sales Automation Sales Effectiveness

CRM Tool ROI: Fully Know Before You Go


Sales can’t actually use it to track their sales. Sales management can’t seem to analyze sales data from it. Sales Automation Sales Effectiveness Most companies have probably been through it: A CRM tool is chosen and implemented. Almost immediately, issues start arising. Other users can’t figure it out.

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Sell Like a Human

The Sales Blog

We also don’t like to do business with people who are only telling us what we want to hear so they can make a sale. Intimacy is difficult to automate. There are some communications that are so transactional that they can be automated, like communications that give you information without requiring any real conversation. Automation isn’t conversation. Do You Care.

Taking the lead with lead quality insights


Gaining a better understanding of what makes prospects convert to customers can help prevent wasted marketing and sales dollars generating and chasing sub-optimal leads. The ultimate benefit in identifying leads that have a higher likelihood to turn into a customer is that overall conversion rates improve, driving increased sales. Insurance Lead Management Mortgage Sales Automation

The inside sales calculator you can’t live without


Leads360’s new calculator provides a lead assignment recommendation per sales rep, per day in order to boost revenue and profits. Though inside sales is undeniably becoming more and more complex, at the end of the day, it is really a numbers game. With this tool, sales managers can find the right leads-to-rep ratio based on their unique set of variables, which include: Lifetime Value.

Mad Men Era: 3 Timeless Sales Techniques


How the sales profession has evolved from the Mad Men era, the tools change but the basics endure. Even though a lot has changed in the 50 years since Don Draper and his contemporaries revolutionized the way pitches were made, many of the core sales techniques we see at work on the show each week still apply today. He sounds good, and he looks even better. If they’re stale they fail.

Infographic: How to use SMS to win love, leads, revenue


Texting: A new frontier in sales. With 68 percent of people having sent a love note [2] via text, and 62 percent of marketers using or planning to use automated text messaging in the next 12 months [3] , text messaging is far from uncharted. As it turns out, nurturing a lead is surprisingly similar to nurturing a personal relationship. With an estimated 9.6

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Sales Process Metrics: Know Your Context


We already know that it’s vitally important for a company to have and use a sales process, and for each stage of that sales process to have accurate metrics. Those broad steps in themselves will take a company well beyond the traditional methods of the past in which the successful sales process was not well [.] Sales Automation

Why getting the right leads to the right reps matters


For many sales organizations the goal is to get new leads into the hands of available reps as fast as possible, often without regard for the characteristics of the lead and related selling expertise available on their team. Chart of the Month Increased Speed Lead Distribution Lead Management Sales Automation CRM Inside sales lead distribution sales 2.0

Olympic level sales achieved with aged leads


Bridgette Marshall of LSI Mortgage achieves Olympic level sales using Leads360 to tap into aged leads. For Director of Marketing, Bridgette Marshall, going from manual to automated lead management was a freeing experience. To learn more about Leads360’s proprietary automated lead distribution algorithms and lad prioritization technology click here. How does it work?

Study: Think duplicate leads are all bad? Think again.


Among lead generators and sales teams alike, there’s often confusion or disagreement about duplicate leads and how to best handle them. A recent Leads360 study set out to answer that question and help marketing and sales professionals better understand the value of duplicate leads. Duplicates haven’t historically made a great name. The Value of Duplicate Leads. agged as a duplicate.

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Four Tips to Tune Your Sales Process in 2013


The Ultimate Contact Strategy provides a ready-to-use road map to rev up your sales process in 2013. And if history repeats, Sales leaders are undoubtedly spending a significant amount of time strategizing on how they’ll hit a bigger number in 2013. Improves sales processes and top line sales growth? Check. Check. Enough said. Tip #2: Call more than once. Sound obvious?

Sales lead volume drops 30% on Fridays


In today’s competitive sales environment working new sales leads when others are not could give you a leg up on the competition. The fact that fewer sales organizations and reps are working Friday through Sunday creates an advantage for those that do work then because they get to enjoy less competition on those days. Sundays are by far the slowest day of the week.

CRM Application ROI: 6 Tips for Rapid CRM Adoption


Sales Automation Sales Effectiveness By the time a company is implementing a CRM solution, much has transpired. Now comes the crucial operation: [.] The post CRM Application ROI: 6 Tips for Rapid CRM Adoption appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

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Sales Force Management and the Human Factor


It would be wonderful—at least for some—if everything could be automated as has been done in factories. The post Sales Force Management and the Human Factor appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Sales Automation Sales Effectiveness Computer-driven robotic precision goes into every rivet placed, every weld dropped. And with [.]

Putting lead scoring to work for sales


Just like a judge on Dancing with the Stars, sales reps all interpret lead quality differently. These customers understand what sales guru Craig Rosenberg puts so aptly, “If you aren’t leveraging process and technology to make your sales team more efficient and effective, you will be left behind.”. Using the lead score to drive improved activity/prioritization for sales reps.

Play to the strengths of your sales team like a good coach


Great coaches can coax peak performance out of their athletes and so can sales managers when they use Leads360’s sales Performance-Based Distribution feature. And with the stakes so high, the coaches need to play to the strengths of each of their players, optimizing for peak sales performance. Make sure your sales team is making the most of every opportunity.

3 Timeless Tips from the Door-to-Door Sales Era


While the Mad Men Era lives on through Hollywood depictions and fashion trends brought back from the past, the era has ultimately come to an end and a new chapter in the history book of sales has begun. Door-to-door sales existed before the 1970′s, but the era became known for the in-house vacuum cleaner pitch. Sales professionals would make their sales pitch at the front door.

Determining the right number of sales leads for reps and vice versa


Leads360 shares its formula for optimizing the sales leads-to-rep ratio. Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results – most sales organizations are reluctant to make big changes in their sales strategy, yet have an unrealistic expectation that results will improve significantly. And the best news?

How Dialer Software Boosts Sales Performance


For sales organizations, adding dialer software to a sales automation solution is tremendously valuable. But, when that dialer software incorporates a number of intelligent features it can also result in more efficient lead distribution, faster response times, and increased accountability across a sales team.

How to Lower Your Cost-of-Sale: Leverage New Sales Automation Technologies and the Inside Sales Model

The Sales Insider

With the advent of remote communications technologies, the inside sales model is slowly pushing the outside sales model off to the side of the stage. Inside sales is the practice of using modern computer tools and technologies to accomplish the Read more. Best Practices How To's Inside Sales Inside Sales Tips Inside Sales Training Lead Management Lead Response Lead Response Management Remote Sales Sales 2.0

Cloud Computing and the Brave New Corporate World


Sales Automation Throughout history, there have always been visions of the future. Jules Verne showed us submarines and flying machines long before they came about. Gene Roddenberry shared his vision of computers that would greatly assist in every aspect of an organization and even fully run some of them—and this has come to pass. Isaac Asimov described [.]

Non-business hour sales leads are more valuable


Leads360 recently published a new study, the Ultimate Contact Strategy, highlighting the importance of sales lead follow-up including prompt response, appropriate persistence, and optimal timing between attempts for both phone and email communication. A Leads360 study finds that sales leads received and responded to outside the regular work day are more likely to convert.

Why Automate Sales Compensation Management


OpenSymmetry’s (OS) focus was Sales Performance Management (SPM) software – how we define it, how we identify the business benefits and how to chose the right software. Only one vendor, CallidusCloud , through its Lead to Money approach, presents a suite of solutions which spans almost all of the Gartner definition, although the CRM aspect of sales process remains separate.

Sales CRM for Small Businesses with BIG Ambition


With Leads360 Express, sales managers will gain more control, visibility and peace of mind. In fact, more than half of small business owner’s project sales will grow in the next year, according to a Bank of America Small Business Owner Report. To keep up with the goliath’s in the industry, small businesses need to respond quickly and diligently to sales opportunities.

Moving mortgage sales from chaos to cohesion


For many lenders, the mortgage sales process is not much different from the chaos that unfolds in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. For many lenders, getting leads to loan officers in the mortgage sales process is not much different from the chaos that unfolds in the game Hungry Hippos. Many lenders are lacking a front-end mortgage sales CRM solution.

Sales process pays: find the right persistence level


The combined results of Leads360 secret shopper studies over the last 24 months revealed that alarmingly, 42 percent of web inquiry forms submitted never received a phone response from the sales teams of those respective organizations, despite the request. What most sales leaders and salespeople don’t realize, is that it pays to make contact attempts beyond the first two.

Prevent a wasted marketing automation investment


The growing adoption of marketing automation presents a significant opportunity for inside sales. According to a recent Marketo blog post , companies that use marketing automation platforms source 45 percent more leads from marketing than companies that don’t use marketing automation. Not if the sales department becomes the next bottleneck in the funnel.

‘You’ve got mail’ – 3 tips for more effective email in selling


There are sales strategies from the email era that remain as effective today, and new selling insights that make email even more effective. Not surprisingly, the dawn of email as a remote communication tool helped put a nail in the coffin of the door-to-door sales era. For more information on the ultimate email strategy for your sales team, download our recent research here.

Predictive Dialers vs. Predictive Selling

The Sales Insider

But that’s the same question you need to ask yourself if you’re still using an old-school predictive dialer for your sales calls. Phone Dialer Software predictive dialers sales acceleration technology Sales Automation Do you feel lucky, punk? Those words were immortalized by Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry.”

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Inside Sales Growth Beyond CRM


According to a 2012 Bridge Group study [1] , from 2009-2011 the number of inside sales jobs grew 124% in the U.S. This evolution means an increasingly mature buying market that is driving new CRM-related needs for sales and marketing teams. One popular solution category, marketing automation, has been growing rapidly during the past few years and continues to be a very hot segment.

4 tips to grow and develop your inside sales team


We’ve blogged recently about the importance of leveraging the skills of your inside sales team and playing to each reps strengths like a good coach. In fact, our research shows that after implementing a skill-based routing program, skilled sales reps more than double their conversion. It’s also important for sales managers to work with each individual sales rep.

Best Practices to Increase Email Open Rates

The Sales Insider

Nurturing your leads is a huge part of the sales process. The sales process does not move forward Read more. Best Practices How To's Inside Sales Inside Sales Tips Lead Nurturing B2B email campaigns email opens rate email subject lines linkedin b2b marketing Marketing outbound marketing Sales AutomationEmail campaigns are a key element of any lead nurturing effort. But all email efforts are held hostage to your open rate.

Can a CRM tool Help Align Sales and Marketing?


Today forward-thinking companies are realizing that having Sales and Marketing in their traditional stances—that is, opposed to and bickering at each other—is not productive of a smoothly progressive organization. Its two most important revenue-producing units—Sales and Marketing—are part of that team, and in fact need [.] The post Can a CRM tool Help Align Sales and Marketing?

Retooling in a sales 2.0 world


This is not your grandfather’s door-to-door sales world, and for many, the days of wooing prospective customers on the golf course or over a fine dining experience are in the past. We are now in a savvy sales 2.0 world, where sales reps spend more time in the office, armed with a computer, phone, and internet connection. A number of these Sales 2.0 Shocking?