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10 Lead Generation Strategies To Explore In Your B2B Organisation


Two of the biggest marketing challenges facing your B2B business right now are: How to generate more leads How to enhance the quality of the leads you do generate Not all leads are equal. Some will be mere enquiries that quickly peter out because they were just curious and had no real need for your [.] Sales Effectiveness

Social Selling is Personalized Selling: Why it’s No Longer an Option

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What’s all the hubbub about “social selling?” After all, selling has never been anything if not ‘social.’ Sellers have for the most part, relied on networking, referrals, and rapport building as a means to build relationships or at the very least, the credibility and trust needed to gain an appointment. What has changed, however, is the scale. Make sure you’ve got an updated profile on LinkedIn.

6 Top Reasons Sales Leaders are Scared of Social Selling

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Trust is the name of the game in sales. 84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral. You are the SVP of Sales at your company. Consider this scenario: you need a new personal financial advisor. After much frustration you’ve decided your current guy is costing you money. What do you do? Go to a website? No way. You don’t know if the person you’re looking at is any good.

The Digitization of Everything and It’s Impact on Customer Experience

Brian Vellmure

It’s 10:30 in the morning, and her Jawbone buzzes. Jane is notified that she’s been sitting too long, and her meeting is ending anyway. She rises up from her booth at the coffee shop, bids her associate good bye, and walks through the mall towards the parking lot. Her device reminds her that she’s walked 1,430 steps today (and has only 6,070 to go until she reaches her daily goal). I obliged.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

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14 Things Great Salespeople Always Do That Average Salespeople Only Think About

The Sales Hunter

What separates great from average, and what do you need to do if you want to step up your sales game? Here is what I’ve found in having worked with thousands of salespeople over my 15 years of sales consulting — and before that, nearly 20 years of sales with 3 Fortune 500 companies: 1. Great salespeople set goals. Great salespeople don’t settle for average. They keep going.

Science and the Length of Your Sales Cycle

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan When Objective Management Group (OMG) evaluates a sales force, 1 of the 26 questions we answer for clients is, Can You Shorten Your Sales Cycle? ". We have some science behind that and as part of the analysis we conduct on a sales force we can determine whether they have the skills and sales DNA for that to become a reality.

10 Qualities That Make A Super-Salesperson

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All salespeople are judged on the results they achieve. It’s no good making all the calls, completing all the paperwork and carrying out the essentials if the orders aren’t coming in and the margins. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Sales Mindset sales best practice salespeople best practice top skills for salespeople

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Social Selling is Personalized Selling

No More Cold Calling

Social selling is no longer optional for salespeople. The good news is it’s all about doing research and building relationships—and you already know how to do that. My colleague, Nancy Nardin, knows about every sales tool there is. However, as she once told me, “Unless a tool increases productivity, it’s a waste of time.” Great advice! What has changed, however, is the scale. Comment Here.

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

How to Create a Lead Generation Strategy for your B2B Organisation


Lead generation is the act of stimulating interest amongst your target audience for a particular product or service so you can draw them into your sales pipeline. Because lead generation helps to feed the early stages of your sales process, a robust strategy is essential to successful sales. Despite this, too many businesses fail to [.] Sales Pipeline Management

The Stanford Study that just Might Help you Sell More

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Salespeople know they won’t close a deal if they can’t make the connection between their solutions and a high-value outcome. Yet executive buyers believe only 8% of salespeople are focused on driving a “valuable” end result for the buyer.[1] 1] That buyers feel their needs are being ignored by salespeople surely can’t be for lack of trying. Why the disconnect? Be specific.

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The Rise of Social Selling

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It’s getting harder for your sales reps to get at bats these days. It didn’t used to be that way. Not long ago, you could cold call and email your way to appointments. Now, it seems you have to fight to get into every deal. As a result, your sales team is missing out on revenue opportunities. Signs this is happening to you are: Customers and prospects are declining meeting requests.

Everybody’s talking about Customer Experience. Customers still not getting what they need.

Brian Vellmure

Lots of executives, marketers, customer service folks say they work for a customer focused organization. They say they care about the customer experience. According to a myriad of research reports, blogs, tweets, podcasts, and whitepapers, I see an increased focused on customer focus, customer experience, customer engagement, customer intimacy, etc. I’ve written more about that here. Upset?

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

2013 Top Sales World Contributors Team Unveiled

Jonathan Farrington

The 2013 contributors line-up has been finalized over at Top Sales World , and these are the sales experts who will be working with TSW this year: They will be writing articles, providing tips, taking part in roundtables and interviews etc. This is the group that will be … Writing articles for the Top Sales magazine. Providing articles and tips on Top Sales World site. million.

Building Your Business on Referrals Part 1: Understanding the 4 Pillars of a Successful Referral

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At first glance, a referral is a pretty simple thing. For most sellers, managers, and trainers, a referral is just a name and phone number that a client has given once the seller has completed the sale, has done a good job for the client, and then asks a general question such as, “do you know of anyone else that I might be able to help?,” or, “do you know of anyone else that might benefit from my products and services?”. Once a seller has received a referral, contacting the referred party is just as simple. A very simple, straightforward process. Have your client sign it.

Sales managers – and the smartest person in the room dilemma

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Sales managers. There’s little doubt that sales managers are the pivotal job for creating a superior sales team. And, a critical responsibility for the sales manager is coaching. Most people agree that sales coaching is important and can make a difference. They also know it isn’t so easy to do. There are lots of traps along the way for getting it right. So how do we avoid this trap?

How Sales Management for Many is Really Managing by Ambiguity

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Out of the mouths from clients come sometimes the most revealing sales management beliefs and behaviors. Yesterday one of my executive coaching clients shared the words of his sales manager. “I believe in managing by ambiguity when it comes to the sales team.” ” This former sales specialist or super worker thinks this sales management style is good. Share on Facebook.

Everyone Can Sell. Not Really. Top 10 Reasons Why Not

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Dan Pink, Author of To Sell is Human , has been getting a lot of well deserved exposure. He wrote a terrific book and most who have read it really like it. I don''t have a problem with his book because read in its entirety, it makes sense. The context is that everyone can sell their ideas. Agreed. I strongly disagree. What do you think? (c)

How To Build Your Sales Pipeline in 2013

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On my first day at work, I was given a list of people to call and a phone. I was told that the more people I called, the more success I would have. Well, although it was a partly successful , I soon. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Prospecting Prospecting for business prospecting for new business sales pipeline sales prospecting

Infographic: How sales has evolved since the Mad Men era


It truly is a new Don. In the 1960’s Don Draper from the popular show Mad Men and his colleagues at a fictional advertising firm on Madison Avenue were the center of the marketing and sales universe, controlling all channels of influence. Today marketing and selling is a two-way dialogue with buyers, one that includes many layers of influence.

Enhance Your Sales Success With A Buyer Persona


The single biggest thing you can do to enhance the effectiveness and performance of your sales pipeline is to create a buyer persona. It’s a bold statement; so let me tell you why… A buyer persona is a fictional avatar that best describes your ideal prospect. And don’t be restricted by having just one. Most [.] Sales Pipeline Management

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Dreamforce 2013: Get Your Print-Out of the Must-See Tools Exhibitor Map #DF13

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Next week I’ll partake in the world’s largest migration of the Salesforce CRM ecosystem. Destination, as always, is San Francisco. For four days, the city will be over-taken by more than 120,000 visitors clamoring to attend any of the 1250 sessions, an expanded Cloud Expo offering more than 350 exhibitors, and a smorgasbord of parties, after-parties, and after-after-parties. Hope to see you there!

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Why Top Sales Reps Will Be Unemployed In 2 Years

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Read on to learn if your Reps today are right for the future. This post is especially for HR Leaders and Business Partners in support of sales. Sales personnel will also benefit from the indicators of obsolescence. These are available in the downloadable tool: The 13 Symptoms of Sales Rep Obsolescence. The Problem: The buying environment has dramatically changed. Providing information (inward-out).

What will CRM look like over the next 5 years? Software Advice Interview Highlights

Brian Vellmure

Ashley Verrill – a expert with CRM reviewer SoftwareAdvice.com – interviewed me recently for the second edition of CRM’s Next 5 in 5. This report was an update from predictions five of my industry cohorts made about technologies that will change CRM in the next five years. Special thanks to Ashley for the conversation and for providing the edited snapshot of our discussion below: Ashley: You’ve talked a lot about how the importance of advancements relative to contextualizing CRM — such as Mobile, Big Data and Social – are a little over amplified (though still important).

Why is Selling Going Inside?

Jonathan Farrington

. “ Customers everywhere increasingly prefer virtual interactions with sellers. Trend data reveal that sales organizations are shifting resources from outside to inside sales. Inside sales growth is 30% faster than their outside sales counterparts. The number of Inside Sales departments is projected to grow from 800,000, in 2009, to over 2 million in 2013.”. So why is selling really going inside?

The Myth of the Nobility of Failure

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I’m a failure. I’ve had two failed businesses in the past. I agonized over them. I lost lots of money trying to build and eventually save them. I lost sleep over them. I lost self respect over them. My failure hurt other people—people who worked for me or whose business my business helped support. . I learned a great deal from those experiences—although my initial lessons learned were false lessons. Friends, family, acquaintances, and business “gurus” assured me that my efforts to build something were quite noble and that I really hadn’t failed, I simply came up a bit short of my goal.

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4 best practices for mentoring new sales reps

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Mentoring new sales reps. Mentoring new sales reps is a technique many companies use to “jump start” new sales reps. It’s a logical approach providing new sales reps with an opportunity to work with someone besides their sales manager to learn about the customer base, product portfolios, marshaling internal resources, etc. Sometimes companies put in place formal sales rep mentoring programs.

Don’t Have Time to Nurture Your Network?

No More Cold Calling

Book four breakfasts and five lunches each week, and watch your sales soar. As a smart, strategic sales professional, you know full well the value of building and maintaining a strong network of clients and referral sources. But you simply don’t have time to meet with them in person, right? Wrong! There’s no doubt we’re all busy. percent higher this year. That’s a lot of pressure—and a lot of work.

Top 20 Reasons Why Sales Managers Suck at Coaching

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan The latest interview between Jonathan Farrington, CEO of TopSalesWorld , and me is available here. We discussed why only 17% of all sales managers are effective at coaching and the conversation was very enlightening. It only takes 15 minutes to listen to the entire Podcast and you won''t be disappointed. Ego - They know that they know everything.

Duct Tape is Not a Sales or Marketing Tool!

Fill the Funnel

I’ve been a Sales VP and a President of a company. I’ve also been a sales rep in various levels and industries most of my life. This experience has helped me recognize when duct tape is the tool of choice. What I have learned over the last 5 years since starting Fill the Funnel is there is a lot of duct tape in use. Your back at work, the holiday stories have all run their course.

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Endorsed vs Recommended on LinkedIn

Score More Sales

A lot of sellers have confusion around whether to recommend someone or endorse them on LinkedIn, as well as whether to ask for a recommendation or an endorsement. Since you can do both on LinkedIn, let’s clarify what each is, and then how to best utilize them: Recommendations have been on LinkedIn since the beginning. Which is better? . Why? .

Six Important Reasons You Need to Measure Your Sales Funnel


A well-defined, carefully measured sales funnel is one of the most powerful tools that an organisation has at its disposal. That’s because if you understand the metrics within your pipeline, you’ll have access to the information you need to create more opportunities, generate more leads (from the right kind of customer) and encourage existing customers [.]

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