Imagine a world where your project team's capabilities aren't bogged down by data gaps, administrative gruntwork, or simple code errors. Productivity would soar, creativity would flourish, and project teams could focus on working together, not working on the tech.

This world isn't as much a fantasy as it is the future. Thanks to AI's emerging role in project management, we can finally restructure our teams to achieve more. Join our panel of thought leaders to learn where AI is taking us and how to get there. In this webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • How artificial intelligence will take prominence in a post-COVID world
  • AI's role in promoting collaboration within teams
  • Key action items for successfully integrating AI into your team's workflow

And much more!

Wednesday April 21nd, 2021 at 1:30PM PDT, 4:30PM EDT, 8:30PM GMT

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