Fri.Mar 22, 2019

The True Gift and Grit of Working Grandmothers

No More Cold Calling

Grandmothers have always worked … but not always outside the home. It was 2007. At a luncheon hosted by a major magazine, a panel of four women discussed their careers and what inspired them. The oldest was 53 years old, a business owner with two children at home.

How to Learn from Your Losses

Selling Energy

"You learn more from your losses, than from your gains.” – Paul Tudor Jones. sales team turnover

How To Recession Proof Your Business

Women Sales Pros

Yes it’s coming, whether you like or not, at some point this economy is going to shift. And depending on which economist you follow, it looks like the downturn will hit somewhere around end of 2020 beginning of 2021.

A day in the life of an SDR


Most SDRs work hard all day, every day. But that’s not the same thing as working efficiently. With so much to do, it can be difficult to take a step back and evaluate whether you’re working smart in addition to working hard. The highest-performing SDRs follow a set routine that maximizes their productivity. Here’s a typical (and productive) day: MORNING. An effective morning routine is critical for setting up the rest of the day.

The Showpad Sales Transformation Maturity Model

The Showpad Sales Transformation Maturity Model helps organizations understand where they are today in terms of meeting buyer expectations — and how key teams can drive transformation that impacts the bottom-line. Download the free eBook for a pragmatic approach to growing sales maturity.

Tough Cookies Don’t Crumble


Leadership Strategies for Turning Setbacks into Success. As a former emergency room doctor, Dr. Susan O’Malley lead a different team every day she came to work, but the leadership principles remained the same. At the age of 50, Dr. O’Malley hung up her lab coat and started her own business to help entrepreneurs and corporate executives become better leaders. In this interview, she talks about the most important leadership principle and who is responsible for the success of a team.