Sat.Sep 25, 2021

Three Scripts to Handle: Email Me Something….

Mr. Inside Sales

Be honest: Do you dutifully send an email and then ask when you can follow up when you get this blow off objection? Believe it or not, over 90% of sales reps do just that. But top producers are prepared for this common stall/blow off, and they know how to qualify past it.

Reimagining Events in a Hybrid World

Sales Benchmark Index

A hot topic on the minds of executives, validated by SBI’s Growth Advisory Board Program, is what the future of the workplace looks like and how to create an impactful EX and CX in a hybrid environment. Executives are looking.


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Check Your Sales Team

Selling Energy

When you’re working as a team, it’s important to be prepared and consistent. It’s also important to be truthful and confident regarding your product or service. Don’t promise a miracle just to get your foot in the door! productivity sales sales success recession selling

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Working On Leadership and Confidence Skills By Using Horses (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Jude Jennison discusses how working with horses can help us develop and nurture our leadership skills. Jude Jennison is the author of a book called Leading Through Uncertainty. She works with teams and businesses to help with leadership and team development.

Essential Guide to Sales Engagement – Overcome the Challenges of Remote Selling

Sales Engagement leverages process, tools, and training to align your efforts to your buyer’s journey and exceed their expectations. See how to equip sellers to effectively prospect, create meaningful connections and manage a sales cycle from beginning to closed-won! Download the guide today!

🎧 What Is The Mind-Body Connection


Keto is more than just a diet — it is a lifestyle. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Amanda Podlesny, a certified keto coach who has helped thousands of people achieve their health-related goals. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP! on all major podcast stations.