Predictive Sales Analytics: The New Normal?

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Developments in Analytics technology is driving genuine innovation in the form of predictive sales analytics – a move that is shifting the new normal of what the B2B sales process looks like. Predictive analytics is an estimated $5 billion market that has seen $1.2

Google Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide

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If you have a website or blog, you have undoubtably heard of and most likely installed Google Analytics. Because of this, we end up not taking advantage of the powerful insights available for free from Google Analytics.

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How Sales Operations Enables the Sales Strategy

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Best Practices of Analytical Inside Sales Management

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Top sales managers use data and analytics to better manage their sales team. Learn how to do the same: How To Be An Analytical Sales Manager. Join our webinar on June 12th, from 1-2pm EDT (6-7pm BST) to learn how to be a data-driven sales manager. .

Is Your Predictive Analytics Output Steak or Sizzle?

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Using Advanced Analytics to Optimize B2B Sales Force Strategies

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Teaser: All organizations now have a means of capturing detailed customer interactions via a CRM system – however, only recently are B2B organizations beginning to leverage the other two pieces of the analytics puzzle. Issue Date: 2014-10-10. Author: Paul R.

The Sales Operations Guide to Revenue Growth

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ABM and predictive analytics: Two nails in the B2B salesperson’s coffin?

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Teaser: Are account-based marketing (ABM) and predictive analytics nails in the B2B salesperson's coffin? Are account-based marketing (ABM) and predictive analytics nails in the B2B salesperson's coffin? Issue Date: 2016-07-01. Author: Scott Benedetti.

Social Media Analytics Guide

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Get the 2015 edition of Social Media Analytics Guide & learn how to measure success on social media. The Social Media Analytics Guide covers all six of the major social platforms commonly used by sales and marketing professionals.

How Speech Analytics Can Improve the Contact Center Experience


” Using speech analytics, McDonald was able to validate that excessive calls were the result of a recent system change. If you’ve ever called a customer service department for help, you’ve probably heard the message: “Your call may be recorded for quality assurance.”

Website Analytics Can Tell You If You Are Winning Or Losing Future Customers

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Website analytics can tell you if you are winning or losing future customers. Whether an individual blog or a business website, understanding website analytics is a crucial skill. Here are some of the important numbers you should be watching in your web analytics.

Seven Steps to Understanding your Business and Monetizing Analytics

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Issue Date: 2015-01-09. Author: Phani Nagarjuna. Teaser: Early Big Data strategies and tools have focused on collecting as much data as possible, and shaking it all up in hopes that something useful would fall out.

Enable the Sales Plan with Sales Operations

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Predictive Analytics as an Engine of Research and Development with New Product Launches

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Issue Date: 2015-08-07. Author: Lana Klein. Teaser: Innovation is the driving force of growth, but many new product ideas fail in the marketplace, leaving a trail of wasted time and resources. Sometimes the product idea is good but is poorly communicated.

Self-Service Data Prep: the Secret to Fast, Accurate Sales and Marketing Analytics

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Issue Date: 2016-08-03. Author: Frank Moreno. Teaser: Self-service data preparation (prep) is transforming how sales and marketing analysts as well as everyday business users are acquiring, manipulating and blending data by making the process quick, easy, accurate and consistent.

The Details Make All the Difference In Sales Results

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Analytics Web ToolsTools are making your online activity easier and more effective every day…or are they? Social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, and websites have all become required to succeed in the market today.

The Most Important Sales Metrics You’re Not Tracking @DeidreWM

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The Sales analytics category has exploded in recent years, both in number and diversity. By expanding the types of analytics available, sales leaders can gain new levels of predictability into their people, as well as their future performance.

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Solving the Sales Hiring Mystery with Predictive Analytics

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Author: Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp. Issue Date: 03-30-16. Teaser: The smartest users of predictive models have a portfolio of predictors for each candidate, so that hiring professionals can intelligently balance potentials and business needs.

Your Next Sales Hire Shouldn’t Be a Sales Person

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The best and the brightest minds that understand the newest tools in big data and analytics are being hired at a rapid pace, locking them down before a competitor finds them. The United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader K.V. Rao, CEO of @AvisoInc

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Our flagship product, Aviso Insights, delivers powerful business analytics that help sales people prioritize deals, deploy resources, get early warning indicators, thereby driving revenue growth for any enterprise.

Make Marketing More Efficient by Embedding Analytics on Top KPIs


Frank Donny is founder and CEO of Marseli , a marketing and sales analytics and performance software company. Embedded analytics can deliver intuitive performance reports right where you need them—within your CRM system. Embedded analytics can make marketing more efficient by providing timely new insights with previously unknown information about how your leads perform once they enter the sales pipeline as opportunities.

Introducing a New Sales Methodology to Your Sales Team: What To Do


Articles CRM sales analytics sales data sales intelligence sales methodology sales operations sales tactics salesforceGuest blog by Zahra Bukhari, sales operations manager at Localytics. An effective sales methodology is arguably the backbone of a successful sales team.

Improve Sales Lead Generation via Marketing Analytics Part 1: Four Steps


When it comes to improving sales lead generation results, using marketing technology without analytics expertise and business acumen results in a numbers glut devoid of action items. Regular marketing analytics reviews are critical success factors supporting our mission.

Improve Sales Lead Generation via Marketing Analytics Part 3: Seven Findings


In this three-part series, the first article on marketing analytics looked at predictive targeting best practices, and the second article cited two sales lead generation programs to show how these processes actually drive improved results.

Add Some Color to Your Black-and-White Analytics

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Teaser: Utilizing visual analytics can bring nuance and color to an issue that once looked black and white, and allow your team to make more informed decisions. Issue Date: 2014-07-21. Author: Danny Wajcman.

Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @MyBuzzBoard

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Recommended Tool of the Week Sales Effectiveness Sales Tools/Product Reviews Aviso BPM Online BuzzBoarad crm KnowledgeTree Predictive Sales Analytics Sales EnablementGet to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week.

Sales Leadership – A FREE Health-Check

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News: You still have time to register for my webinar with INSIGHT SQUARED tomorrow – “Best Practices of Analytical Sales Management” It is at 1:00pm Eastern (6:00pm BST) and of course, it is FREE – Sign-Up HERE.

An Executive View of Campaign Strategy & Planning

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Marketing Strategy Podcast Revenue Growth Assessment buyer's journey campaign model content creation customer acquisition data analytics Market Research marketing campaign Marketing campaign planning marketing content sales growth sector segment targeted campaignsJoining us for today’s show is Randolph Carter, the VP of Marketing in North America for Rentokil.

InsightSquared’s Dreamforce 2017 Sessions for Sales & Sales Operations Professionals


If you are looking to get really deep sales analytics out of your CRM, meet us at Dreamforce. Articles dreamforce 2017 sales analytics sales operations sales professionals sales strategy SMB sellingLast week, our CMO Joe Chernov explained why InsightSquared is going “all-in” at Dreamforce 2017. As part of our increased presence this year, we are teaming up with customers, partners and industry experts to host three interactive break-out sessions throughout the week.

How to Avoid Four Common Sales Operations System Traps


Articles business intelligence sales analytics sales data sales operations sales operations systems sales systems salesforceGuest blog by Joe Rodden, Sales Systems Manager at Catalant Technologies.

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The Four Most Important Skills For Sales Operations Professionals


Articles operations sales analytics sales hiring sales operations salesforce salesforce adminGuest blog by Joe Rodden, Sales Systems Manager at Catalant Technologies. I get asked, “What should I look for when hiring someone for Sales Operations?”

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10 Essential Salesforce Metrics for Every Company to Track


Call Analytics common sales metrics company metrics dashboard how to create dashboards in salesforce salesforce metrics what is dashboard in salesforceOne of the key features of Salesforce CRM is the configurability of its company performance dashboard. Do it correctly and you see the salesforce metrics that are most important to your business. This makes a big difference in today’s hyper competitive commercial landscape. Decision-making that’s based on data is always better for business.

It’s in the Numbers: Building High-Performance Sales Teams Through Data Analytics

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Everybody talks about data analytics in marketing and how it’s critical to find prospects who look like your existing customers. But data analytics is just as important for finding, hiring, managing, and retaining the right talent. Through a combination of predictive analytics and behavioral insights, you can now find not only the right person for the job, but also someone who’s highly likely to succeed in the role.

The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing


email marketing marketing automation reporting & analyticsFrom planning your schedule to crafting your emails to fretting over subject lines, there’s a lot that goes into an email marketing campaign. What exactly do you need to know to take your efforts to the next level?

How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness


marketing automation reporting & analyticsYou’re a marketer who just spent the past several months planning and executing a campaign.

New Analysis Shows the 5 Biggest Gaps Between Top and Bottom Sales Performers

Understanding the Sales Force

When Objective Management Group (OMG) announced that it was making its findings data available to the public, we knew that it wouldn't take long for someone with a flair for analytics to dig in and come up with something cool. Image Copyright Cybrain.

Webinar Replay: Tips for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing


Below are some best practices Kushner discussed around content and analytics. What are the four major analytics to measure in your social efforts? B2b marketing lead generation marketing automation reporting & analytics social

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7 Sales Influencers to Follow on Twitter at Dreamforce 2017


If you are looking to get really deep sales analytics out of your CRM, meet us at Dreamforce. Articles dreamforce 2017 sales analytics sales intelligence sales operations salesforce

Put Art & Science in the Boxing Ring: Who Would Win?

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Sales Effectiveness Sales Industry Sales Tools/Product Reviews Webinars and Events Predictive Analytics Sales Predict The question about whether Sales as a profession is Art vs Science is an old one.

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Getting Started with A/B Testing: What, Why and How


email marketing marketing automation reporting & analyticsDo your leads respond better to a red button or a blue button? Do you see higher open rates on emails whose subject lines ask a question or those that make a statement?

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