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Proving Business Value in the Software Sales Process

Sales and Marketing Management

The post Proving Business Value in the Software Sales Process appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management. When selling enterprise software and software as a service (SaaS), a proof-of-value exercise (POV) can be an accelerator for the decision maker, especially when working with a prospect that has complex requirements.

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When Self-Driving Cars Drive Your Sales Process

Sales and Marketing Management

Increased productivity in sales is indelibly linked to automation. The post When Self-Driving Cars Drive Your Sales Process appeared first on Sales & Marketing Management.


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The new sales process


Most of our “sales processes” are failing us. First, sales people don’t pay attention to them or execute them poorly. There are a couple of core reasons we’ve found. This post isn’t for those people.

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Go For The "No" Early in the Sales Process

Anthony Cole Training

In today's blog post, we discuss the technique of going for the "No" early in the sales process. It may seem counterintuitive, but countless studies have shown that humans desire what they can't have.

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Buyer’s Checklist: How to Evaluate a B2B Contact Data Provider

Critical integrations that fit directly into your sales processes and workflows. After reading, you’ll gain insight into the following components: How to develop a framework for analyzing a vendor’s contact and account data. Key tactics for assessing the completeness, coverage, and consistency of B2B data.

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AI for Sales: How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Sales Processes


AI is one of the latest technologies that’s making a big impact on the world of sales. AI tools can provide sales teams with valuable insights based on data, identify new leads, personalize customer experiences, and optimize sales processes. Table of Contents What is artificial intelligence?

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The Customer Focused Sales Process

Partners in Excellence

We’ve long known (whether we use it or not) about the “sales process.” ” Virtually every organization has some variant of a sales process with stages we move through and, possibly, critical activities we should be executing within each stage. We may create our versions of their buying process.

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Using Connected Device Data to Improve Sales

Speaker: Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce

There is an incredible opportunity for companies to take data from connected devices and use it to improve your sales pipeline, make your reps more effective, and even (with the help of AI) handle entire portions of the sales process for you!

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7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

Data accessibility aside, teams continuously struggle with manual processes for document generation. Learn why automating your documents is key to sales success. Companies are increasingly implementing technology to bring efficiency to their workforce.

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Three Simple Ways To Increase ROI From Your Current Sales Process Immediately!

Speaker: Donald Kelly, Founder & Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist LLC

Join Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Founder and CEO of The Sales Evangelist Sales Training Firm, as he shares how B2B sellers can shorten their sales cycle, generate more revenue, and get more ROI from their current sales process. You don't want to miss this insightful & interactive webinar!

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Best Practices for Accelerating the Sales Process

More often than not, sales leaders strive to accelerate their deal cycle, but it’s critical to also consider the opportunity cost. The bottom line is that, in B2B sales, speed is useless without control.

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The Definitive B2B Sales Playbook: Proven Path to $ Multi-Million Revenues

A well-written sales playbook not only streamlines the entire sales process but also ensures your sales team is fully equipped to successfully navigate a variety of sales situations while delivering a clear value proposition to your potential buyers. How to Streamline Your Sales Process.

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Staying Relevant in Sales as AI and Technology Continue to Take Over

Speaker: John Barrows, CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

Technology and Artificial Intelligence are evolving faster than ever and disrupting every industry and role, specifically Sales. As companies and reps continue to look for technical solutions to create efficiencies throughout the sales process the human element of sales is being lost.

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Secret Sauce: How the Behavior Change Cycle Will Improve Call Center Sales Success

Companies invest millions each year to optimize their call center sales processes and results, yet research shows that sales representatives are not actually doing the basic behaviors defined by the carefully crafted workflows.

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Boost B2B Sales Productivity & ROI Growth with Automation

However, by leveraging the power of Workflow & CRM automation System, companies can boost sales productivity and drive ROI growth. Automation allows companies to streamline their sales processes, reduce manual errors, and improve communication and collaboration among teams.