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Here is a new social selling case study we wrote for you. Case Studies Social Selling Referrals

All Data is Not Created Equal: Independent Case Study Proves Why Quality Beats Quantity

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Join the webinar: All Data is NOT Created Equal : An Independent Case Study Comparing ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg Email Accuracy. The DiscoverOrg vs. ZoomInfo case study. WEBINAR] A Use Case for Data Quality: Join DiscoverOrg’s Steve Breyerton and SalesFolk’s Heather Morgan.

Can Case Studies Help Your Business?

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Case studies often serve a different business building purpose than email. What Is a Case Study? According to a wiki definition, a case study is: 1. A cloud storage company may write a case study on moving document storage from local hard drives to the cloud.

Five Ways To Get More Case Studies

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A lmost everywhere I go I hear managers and salespeople say, “Yeah, case studies are very valuable. We need to get more case studies.” So why don’t more sales operations have more case studies? I can tell you what prevents most sales teams from having enough case studies: Case studies require some level of client participation. Here are some ideas: case studies Sales

The Must-Know Keys to Any Great Case Study Presentation

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The case study presentation is everything, while feature and benefits presentations are old-school. In this video, discover the must-know keys to any great case study presentation—so you can start to dominate the competition. Blog case study presentation

When to Walk Away From the Big Deal - Case Study

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There are a few key takeaways from the case study: A well defined sales process mapped to the buyer’s journey is crucial. Stefan Captijn with Genesys Labs approached SBI this week with a blog topic. This topic centered on the sales rep’s dilemma.

Why Evaluate Potential Sales Talent? - A Great New Case Study

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The beauty of this case study is that Market Sense was able to isolate the relative effectiveness of individual findings, something that hasn’t been done since the mid-80''s! This kind of story doesn''t happen every day.

Case Study - Which Sales Approach is Really More Effective?

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I haven''t been completely transparent in some of my recent articles. I have continued to urge readers how important it is to sell using a consultative, buyer-focused methodology and a formal, structured sales process. This helps to shorten the sales cycle, increase closing percentages and most importantly, differentiate, allowing you to sell value instead of price. Well, at least that''s what I have been writing. What have I really been doing?

Case Study: How a Company Hurt its Business with a Change in the Comp Plan

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This is a story of how a bad comp plan can ruin a sales force. In 2011, P&O Cruise lines cut is commission rate from 12% to 5%. The CEO was upset with the rampant discounting used by his sales team. So he cut the commission rate in half. The sales force revolted and sales plummeted.

Salespeople Who Like CRM – Case Study 1

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Case Study: Seller Holding Business Owner Hostage?

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An Engage Selling client has a sales rep who is a good performer but also causes a lot of trouble. She is very difficult to manage and causes chaos in the office daily.

Sales Tip: Which Clients for Your Case Study?

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Want to attract and work with more clients that are ideal for a case study? Or, if you would like more information about case studies, take a look at our How to Create Sales-Boosting Case Studies article.

A Case Study on Bridging the Sales and Marketing Gap

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Issue Date: 2014-07-23. Teaser: SnapRetail, a marketing automation solution provider for independent store owners, struggled with what many companies face – a sales and marketing disconnect.

How NOT to Write a Cold Email: Real Life Example (Complete Breakdown)

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However, in this case you get a better result by closing on the Call to action: Recommendation : Mike, can you talk later this week to review your account? Certified Sales Expert Sales Emails Winning By Design Case Studies

Case Studies: The Key Formula for Increased Sales


A case study is a publication that illustrates a success story or the resolution to a problem. Do you use case studiesThe best are written strategically following a specific formula; providing proof that you are a credible company in your market.

We're entering the era of accountability in sales and marketing


For a case study about how one technology company entered the era of accountability (by partnering with our company), read this post. Increase Sales B2B Growth Strategy Account-Based Marketing Case Studies WebinarsWhat's the difference between the status quo--and the era of accountability? I recently chatted with Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales world about the transition from finger pointing to collaboration between sales and marketing.

Industry Insights with David Kirkpatrick


Marketing Blog Case study Industry Insights Interviews The post Industry Insights with David Kirkpatrick appeared first on Salesfusion.

Sales Management Case Study: Coaching the Talented-Slacker


Jane took over an underperforming region last year and has helped lead the team to be in the top 25% of districts in the country. Jane’s goal this year is to reach the top 10% of the country and she is focused. Her key area of focus is on finding inn

EmployAbility Galway increases new hires by 87% since using OnePageCRM


Case study Featured Inside Sales SMB / SMELike many other recruitment services, the team at EmployAbility Galway knew they needed a better way to coordinate and build a process around employer interactions. This was necessary in order to increase placements and overall productivity.

OneLaw increases productivity and gains momentum using OnePageCRM


The sales cycle can vary depending on the decision makers involved in each law firm, (in some cases there’s decision by committee) so it’s about ensuring the team are reminded to follow up. In some cases this may include several demonstrations and numerous quotes, then a period of negotiations. Case study Featured Inside Sales SMB / SME B2B sales close sales Sales sales cycle

Landslide Video: Respect Sales! A Day On The Links With a Prospect

Keith Rosen

Case Studies in Sales and Leaders. recently recorded a video for a series with the theme: “Respect sales.” ” The idea is to show how sometimes people think salespeople have it easy – they get to travel, play golf, go on dinner outings etc.

A Killer Sales Story!

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Book Reviews/Quotes Sales Book Reviews Sales Case Studies Sales Stories Selling The Challenger Sale Winning Sales StoriesA great excerpt from the book The Challenger Sale : This is a great story and is exactly how people should approach selling. When I was an individual contributor, this is exactly what got my blood flowing and got me pumped up. This is the compelling element of sales for me. It’s where the challenge lies.

Coaching Difficult Salespeople

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In this webinar, there will 5 case studies of difficult salespeople. For Sales Management Case Studies: Coaching Difficult Salespeople. Free Sales Management Training Webinar. All sales managers find coaching difficult salespeople challenging.

Sales Hacks and How to Improve Your Lead Follow Up Conversions

Understanding the Sales Force

However, Russ, from , emailed me a link to this case study on 63,256 outbound calls that has much more specific, useful information

Sales Leadership: You are the Practice Squad

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One of the best ways to teach: skill building, strategy development and presentation skills is the use of a Case Study. The case study allows multiple salespeople to work together on a project basis and compete against other members of your team.

34 Million Data Points Show What Type of Sales Content Performs Best


Sales content – from product overviews to case studies – has long been a tool that sales reps have leveraged to keep prospects engaged and to drive deals forward. And it’s the tried and true case study. Case studies boast an average completion rate of 83%.

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Sales Management Training Webinars

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I have repeatedly been asked to provide sales managers with case studies on how to coach difficult sales reps. In this webinar, there are 5 case studies of difficult sales people. 6 FREE Sales Management Training Webinars .

Three Proven Ways to Increase the Value of Your Sales Content

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The study also revealed insights into what it takes to actually accomplish that level of effective sales enablement. The study found that one key way is through the automatic distribution of sales content through a CRM and a sales asset management platform.

Gamification: The Secret to Accelerate Onboarding

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See below for links to case studies.) Read the case studies and watch the video demos of their solutions in action. Badgeville: Supercharge Your Sales Team case study. Bunchball: Preventing Death by PowerPoint case study.

How To Find The Right CRM Software For Your Business

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First, check the company website for case studies. What’s great about case studies is they’re data based, so their measured results give you a clear picture of what you can realistically expect to gain. Searching for a CRM is a roller coaster of emotions.

How to Engage Prospects to Identify True Interest

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And our resources page — we have eBooks, case studies, videos, data sheets, and more. In this series, we ask Sales Tech Executives to describe how their solution can change a sales organization in a significant way. We call it Sales Tech Game Changers.

Sales Tech Game Changers: Why You Should Incorporate Customer Advocacy in Your Sales Cycle

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A 2017 study by LinkedIn said “Trust” is the number one factor in purchase decisions. However, for those just starting the research process, these would be the top few I’d recommend: Building the Business Case for Customer Advocacy.

5 Less Annoying Alternatives to "Please Find Attached"

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Between ebooks, case studies, data sheets, proposals, and contracts, you probably send email attachments on a daily -- if not hourly -- basis. You can also describe the attachment’s contents, such as, “This case study includes …” or “This business case explains …”.

How To Build A Winning Sales Deck

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Budget Holder (VP/Director level), make your case with the pragmatic framework laid out by Pete Kazanjy in Founding Sales. Even without an art training, here are some examples of simple visual layouts that work particularly well for sales slides: Visualizing your Case Studies.

2018 Top MarTech Trends: Top Pain Points and Spending Priorities for CMOs

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CASE STUDY] Data-Agnostic? What pain points keep CMOs up at night? And what are the existing and emerging technologies that marketing teams will be spending more on in 2018?

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Enable Your Sellers to Enable Your Buyers @petermollins

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She must build a business case and balance the cost, risk, and effort associated with that change. Value: What is the business case for change? Look to references and case studies to allay these fears. Your prospects want to succeed as much as you do.

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The Key to Setting Quota Correctly

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Download the Quota Setting Case Study to see HOW a leading company nailed it. How many of you want to hit your number? Sounds like a no-brainer. Did you know that HOW you assign quota impacts your success? Note, I did not say HOW MUCH quota you assign? There is a difference.

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Cold Email, Warm Leads: Where Does Good Data Come From?

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Read the case study pitting DiscoverOrg against a major competitor , which found: The competitor’s bounce rate was 5x higher than DiscoverOrg’s. Have you ever crafted an awesome email sequence … and watched in disappointment as less-than-awesome results rolled in?

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Multiply your Content Marketing by 6X

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Case Studies can be created from examples within the Webinar. Harvest new video case studies and add them to website product pages. Insert a case study video into an email template for reps to personalize.

3 Tips for Embarking on an Account-Based Selling Program

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you might have seen the TOPO case study about Cloudera’s Account-Based Selling (ABS) approach. As seen in the Cloudera study, ABS works.