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5 Keys to a Great Case Study Presentation in Sales

Marc Wayshak

Nowadays, we want to use case studies or case study presentations to ultimately connect where the prospect is now to where you’re going to take them. In this video, I’m going to show you 5 keys to a great case study presentation in sales. Check it out: 1. Think of any great movie plot.

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New Social Selling Case Study

SBI Growth

Here is a new social selling case study we wrote for you. Case Studies Social Selling Referrals'


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draft BrightEdge case study

Predictable Revenue

The BrightEdge team – led by CEO Jim Yu – wanted to be able to confidently beat […] The post draft BrightEdge case study appeared first on Predictable Revenue. In 2009, BrightEdge had developed a product that was making its first paying customers successful, and had raised a first $6.5M round of venture capital.

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Electric Sign Sales Case Study – Hiring, Training, & CRM

Adaptive Business Services

The post Electric Sign Sales Case Study – Hiring, Training, & CRM appeared first on Adaptive Business Services. As a result, she has been highly successful throughout her entire sign sales career. Maybe I can do the same for you? Please book a free 30-minute Zoom consultation with me if you would like to find out more.

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The Revenue Leader's Guide to Prospecting

Speaker: Christopher Ryan, Founder and CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners

Using proven strategies and successful case studies, he will cover: Setting up a front-end system that effectively captures and acquires prospects; Creating a lead nurture program that can double your results without increasing costs; How to identify and isolate any points of failure.

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The 7-Step Case Study Formula That Compels Prospects to Buy

Sales Hacker

Stop writing case studies the old way ! Case studies like those can work. Today we’re learning a 7-step formula to make the best case studies your prospects have ever seen — case studies that connect to the reader, overcome objections, show what makes your product/service the best, and close the sale.

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Increase Sales Efficiency with MEDDPICC: A Use Case Study


The post Increase Sales Efficiency with MEDDPICC: A Use Case Study appeared first on SalesHood.

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How Zoom Uses AI to Ramp up Sales Certification and Proficiency

Download Second Nature’s case study to find out how Zoom achieved: 100% participation in their certification program. Zoom realized it was time to try a new, innovative AI-driven approach. Increased number of practice sales conversations performed. Standardized feedback and scoring of practice sessions.