Why I Have Not Responded to Your Direct Mail Marketing

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In the past 48 hours, I received two direct mail marketing pieces from local real estate agents here in Northwest IN. 1 Reason Why I Have Not Responded to Your Direct Mail Marketing. Then I called his mobile phone, same result and no voice mail even came on.

Over 30 Direct Mail Pieces and Not One Phone Call

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Funny thing about direct mail, it requires some sort of follow-up excluding another direct mail piece. In the last 30 days I have received over 30 direct mail pieces from various real estate agents here in Northwest Indiana and never a phone call to be had.

Real Estate Agents Why Aren’t You Personalizing Your Direct Mail Marketing?

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Now is the time to accept the fact impersonalized direct mail marketing has gone the way of the Dodo Bird. Personalized direct mail marketing has always known to be the better path. Believe it or not the residential real estate market has changed.

Realtors, Time for a Reality Check, Direct Mail Postcards Increase Sales for the U.S. Post Office

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Possibly direct mail postcards work for some realtors to increase sales. One would think that after 5 to 7 direct mail postcards somebody would take the initiative to follow-up and not with another direct mailing. .

Direct Mail: Dead or Alive?


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Direct Mail & Email Workflow Templates For Ridiculously Effective Marketing Campaigns

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The following stats, facts, and tips support the wisdom of integrating direct mail into email marketing campaigns, as well as provide some best of breed guidelines for effective ways to accomplish this. Adding Direct Mail to Email Campaigns Makes Good Economic Sense.

The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail

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What is direct mail? Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending a physical letter, package, mailer, brochure, postcard, etc. Although direct mail’s response rate has dropped over time, it’s still a valuable tool for marketers and salespeople.

Direct Mail Is Hot Again: 8 Ways to Write a Winning Sales Letter

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Think direct mail is an outdated sales tactic? Now's the time for Sales and Marketing to work together to create direct mail prospects can’t help but respond to. How to Write a Direct Mail Letter. Think again.

Sales Prospecting in the 21st century - Part 3

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In yesterday’s mail I received a direct mail piece from a realtor with whom I had an extended conversation. His latest direct mail marketing message which was a duplication of the first direct mail piece totally ignored that sales conversation. For example, how many LinkedIn invitations (electronic direct mail) have been customized instead of the basic template?

How to Boost Residential Real Estate Sales – Part 02

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I can personally attest that of the half dozen direct mail pieces I received from different local real estate agents, not one went beyond the three (3) contacts. Note: Direct mail is a cold call attempt. Direct mail when done well does attract attention.

A Channel Strategy to Out-punch Your Weight Class

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Sales Strategy Video changing markets Channel Strategy direct sales channels how to track direct mail indirect sales channels launching new products market segmentation new-product introductions product development product evolution sales strategy worldwide sales

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Real Estate Marketing

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Our current contract with our realtor expired and within 72 hours I received two direct mailings from two realtors. Both had engaged previously in extensive direct mail campaigns when we had our home listed For Sale By Owner.

Attributing Revenue to Non-Digital Interactions

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Magazine Marketing Strategy SBI for SMB events field marketing events how to track direct mail how to track field marketing how to track tradeshow Marketing marketing strategy non-digital marketing interactions revenue attribution revenue attribution model tracking tradeshow

In Sales Thinking You Are Different Does Not Mean You Are Different

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I was impressed by this direct mail marketing effort. I have received dozens of direct mail postcards during the last several months, but this was the first hand written one. Sales differentiation is not an easy task.

In Sales 3 Is No Longer the Magic Marketing or Prospecting Number

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Send 3 direct mail pieces. I suggest to my clients to engage in 3 touches or contacts per month be it a phone call, an in person visit, an email or a direct mail marketing piece via the USPS.

Building a Believable Revenue Attribution Model

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Magazine Marketing Strategy SBI for SMB events field marketing events how to track direct mail how to track field marketing how to track tradeshow Marketing marketing strategy non-digital marketing interactions revenue attribution revenue attribution model tracking tradeshow

Realtors – Your Marketing Message Sucks – Part 01

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So you open your mail and find the following direct mail piece from a realtor with the following marketing message: Would you let a stranger into you home? .

Realtors – Leading with Price Is a Bad Sales Strategy

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For example, after listening our home as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) one of the first marketing direct mail pieces I received from a local realtor here in Northwest Indiana had the following headline: How about 3%?

How Your Marketing Turns on Sales Objections – Part 03

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For example, a local real estate agent here in Northwest IN who sent me his third direct mail piece made a statement about being a top producer with X amount of homes sold at X value. So you potential ideal customer has bought you and your company.

Realtors – Your Marketing Message Sucks – Part 02

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So you open up a piece of mail in a business envelop hand addressed without a return address and low and behold you see this marketing message: How about 3%? His marketing message reveals he does not think enough about you to even include your name in the direct mail piece.

Stop the CFO from Pillaging Your Marketing Budget

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Magazine Marketing Strategy SBI for SMB events field marketing events how to track direct mail how to track field marketing how to track tradeshow Marketing marketing strategy non-digital marketing interactions revenue attribution revenue attribution model tracking tradeshow

Realtors Is Sales Lead Research Part of Your Marketing Plan?

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Today I received the second mailing from a local real estate agent. This realtor did not answer his office phone after 6 rings or his mobile phone after 8 rings when I called him after receiving the first direct mail marketing piece.

Are Your Real Estate Marketing Messages Missing the Sales Target?

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Probably because these real estate marketing messages have worked in the past with less educated sellers, realtors continue to engage in the same marketing channels such as direct mail postcards, advertising banners on Internet real estate for sale websites.

Time for the Residential Real Estate Industry to Leave the Stone Age – Part 01

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Isn’t one direct mailing with a picture enough? Then there is the one or two direct mailing with no follow-up phone call. The marketplace continues to evolve. Newspapers have gone digital. Many retail commodities are now purchased online.

Real Estate Marketing, Are Self-Portraits Really Necessary?

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In real estate marketing, the use of these self portraits not only dots the billboards, but business cards and direct mail pieces. The majority of direct mail marketing pieces I have received included self-portraits.

How to Boost Residential Real Estate Sales – Part 01

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If your voice mail does not kick in quickly, four to five rings, the caller is likely to hang up. Recently I received a very poorly written direct mail piece from a local realtor here in Northwest IN. Voice mail on either line never kicked in.

Realtors – Your Marketing Message Sucks – Part 03

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Beyond the really bad direct mail pieces being sent by realtors, another reason the marketing message sucks is the lack of results that being sold homes.

Realtors Are You Losing Sales Because. Part 3 Hungry

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After we decided not to renew our contract with the realtor, I personally called the five plus realtors who had sent me direct mail marketing. Sales direct mail increase sales losing sales realtors sales leads sales skills top sales performers

Do Realtors Really Want to Sell Homes?

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This realization was verified after I called five of the realtors from the direct mail marketing I. Sales direct mail Marketing marketing message real estate sales realtors

Being Real About the Re-Start Sales Mentality

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I have witnessed these reactionary behaviors to marketing actions by SMB owners and salespeople: “We sent out 20 direct mail post cards and did not receive one response.” We all know the Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Why Cost Efficient May Not Be Cost Effective Marketing

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Post Card Direct Mail Campaign. Estimated mailing cost for sending 100 postcards four times would be $128. I have had several clients construct such postcard direct mail campaigns and realize an almost 50 to 60% conversion rate. Article Mail Campaign.

How to Improve Your 2016 Real Estate Marketing Messages

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Sometimes these direct mail campaigns can last for a week or several months. Here is one recent direct mail piece I received. Overall this direct mail postcard had a few pluses, but far more negatives.

Lead Gen Is Not the Finish Line: How Marketing Can Contribute Measurable Lift in Sales Revenue

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There are so many facets of marketing that have a direct impact on revenue. One of the most fulfilling aspects of a career in demand gen is that you can directly impact revenue generation.

Emotional Intelligence Engages the Senses

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A study recently released by Epsilon Targeting suggests that the United States Postal Service is still the preferred vendor for direct mail. Sixty percent of the respondents reported receiving an emotional surge because they “enjoy checking the mail box for postal mail.” ” Direct mail provides many opportunities for the senses to connect. Second, touch through the hands are present as the mail is taken from the mailbox and sorted.

Pick Up The Pen!

The Sales Leader

Observations from the real World client attraction Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions optimizing sales sales direct mail sales quota sales success Believe it or not, the answer to more sales could be as simple as picking up a pen.

The Science and Art of Selling by Alen Mayer ? Blog Archive.

The Science and Art of Selling

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How Your Marketing Turns on Sales Objections – Part 01

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From a firm handshake, a friendly smile, a well crafted telephone script, a television commercial to even direct mail, all of these marketing actions are designed to turn on a positive reaction. My first direct mail piece was a copy of a copy as was the third direct mail piece.

Realtors – Where You Are Missing How to Increase Sales

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Of the real estate agents who engaged in direct mailing me their marketing messages, several stopped after the first direct mail piece. Not one real estate agent made more than three direct mail attempts. His office phone rang six times and no voice mail.

How To 263

B2B Sales Emails that Open Conversations with Executives

Sales and Marketing Management

Include a P.S. Direct mail letters always have a postscript (PS). According to the Handbook of Direct Mail by Siegfried Vogele, more than 90 percent of people “read the PS before the letter.”.

Where is Marketing Going. and Growing. in 2015? [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


On March 3, 2015, Direct Marketing Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Ginger Conlon, joined me on PowerViews LIVE to talk about “Where Marketing is Going … and Growing … in 2015.” Take this opportunity to find out how you can direct your marketing and sales organization’s course for 2015.

Start with Social Marketing in B2B, Stop with Social Selling

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Now social marketing specific to B2B is a subset of marketing just as direct mail, advertising, business to business networking and promotional items all are. If people buy from people, then all selling is social unless we have robots buying from robots.

Will Someone Please Stop Teaching Real Estate Agents Bad Marketing?

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I have kept track of all the direct mail pieces I have received and 99% of them are really bad marketing. Then yet another real estate agent mailed an oversize postcard with this question: If you were drowning and I threw you a life preserver, would you grab it?

22 Things We Learned About the Sales Industry in 2017

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Direct Mail Still Works Too. Direct mail continues its comeback. Data shows direct mail is one of the top five of B2B sales communication technologies expected to grow this year. of companies use direct mail.