Old Fashioned Sales Tactics that Your Small Business Can Utilize

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While this may seem like a good idea, the entire population is not yet Internet-savvy, and even those who are heavy internet users can still appreciate what might be considered old-fashioned marketing. Print marketing is another choice when it comes to old fashioned marketing techniques.


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I normally don’t do this in this forum in such an obvious fashion, but I cannot help it today. This is a blatant blog post boasting about our hiring deliverable - Hirebettersalespeople.com. Allow me to explain…why this…why now.

5 Bulletproof Tips for Winning Presentations

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Fashions change (ripped jeans). Technology changes (CRM). New crises arise (privacy and Facebook). However, the ingredients for a winning presentation remain remarkably the same.The following five tips for winning presentations are as valid today, Presenting

Which Of These F’s Should You Give an F About?

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Some developments come along and become the rave for a while, only to fade after a time when they are proven ineffective, this is the first F, as in Fashionable. Fashion on the other hand is much more exciting, appealing, and unfortunately, fleeting.

Philosophy of Pipeliner CRM

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In day-to-day business, it builds its benchmarks for the salespeople as “entrepreneurs in the enterprise”—with the specific requirements and challenges they face in shaping customer relationships in an optimum and successful fashion.

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Use Sales Activity To Keep Enthusiasm High

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Use this new modern approach to reignite that old-fashioned fire! As economic conditions begin to rebound and more sales opportunities arise, it may be time to reinvigorate your sales team. Below are two ways to help you motivate the sales team for a new charge. A New Approach to Goal Setting Ok, you set the

Closing Sales, Process, Hauntings, Training & More

Understanding the Sales Force

It''s very fashionable - and a best practice - to continue promoting the most-read, most-liked, most-favorited, most-shared, most-tweeted and most-commented articles; but I don''t think anyone has gathered up their worst work and said, "Look at this!" Photo Credit: Psychic Library.

Why You Can’t Afford to Keep Sales and Marketing in Silos

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Teaser: The only way to reach people in a timely fashion is to know who they are before they’re ready to buy. The only way to reach people in a timely fashion is to know who they are before they’re ready to buy. Issue Date: 2016-07-18. Author: Jonathan Gray.

Chairs are Dead—and Other B2B Marketing Hogwash


I casually said what we do, which is outbound business development for B2B companies, is not old fashioned, it is timeless. In 2015, I wrote this blog for Sales & Marketing Magazine: Dead is Dead (in Sales & Marketing). It seemed like, suddenly, a lot of things were dying: cold calling was dead; telephone prospecting was dead; outbound marketing was dead … many said that even marketing was dead. Maybe I was just sensitive.

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Every Call is an Opportunity- Avoid the Voicemail Maze


Answer phones the old-fashioned way. During business hours, unplug the automated answering system. Consumer frustration with automated telephone systems, call screening, and poor telephone skills are at an all-time high. So high, in fact, that the

Write a Letter. Create More Sales.

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Do you ever wonder what happened to good old-fashioned handwritten letters?

Storytelling for Better Sales


Try to break information down into small chunks and offer it in a logical fashion for weaving a good story. Storytelling is an invaluable craft for sales reps. Communication skills are as important as using the right tools to source and organize customer data. Wrapping your sales pitch around a good story can create “wow” moments for your customers.

What If I Hadn’t Called?

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This allows me, as the subject matter expert, to explore in a much more proactive fashion than with a buyer who comes to me with preconceptions and a “product” they are looking for already in mind. By Tibor Shanto.

The Power of Handwritten Letters

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Do you ever wonder what happened to good old-fashioned handwritten letters?

3 Things High Performing Sales Training Teams Do Differently


Sales organizations increasingly recognize that relying solely on the good old fashioned bootcamp approach is a broken paradigm. Key Takeaways for Training. The basic competencies for sales success really haven’t changed since the early days of the profession.

7 Overused Words You Should Avoid

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A buzzword (a term first used in 1946 as student slang) is a word or phrase used to impress, or one that is fashionable, according to Wikipedia. Disrupt, disruptive innovation, disruptive technology: These seem to be the fashionable phrases from 2013, and I say we leave them there.

Executive Coaching Helps New Leaders Succeed

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Executive coaching helps make the difference between the success or failure of a new leader. Have you recently promoted or hire a new Director or VP? Then you are heavily vested in ensuring that the new leader is highly successful.

The new ABCs of selling

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SMM: Your new book, “To Sell Is Human,” offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling and states that everyone is in sales in one fashion or another. Issue Date: 2013-01-01.

Do Generational Differences Matter in Account Based Sales?

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Take Sarah Jessica Parker who debuted on Broadway as little orphan Annie then went on to become the game changer of fashion and friendship as Carrie Bradshaw. Pell also founded Splendora.com in 1999, a style and culture innovator in the online fashion space which was acquired by Joyus in 2011.

How To Earn A Sales Meeting In 2018 (Template Included)

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That is why it’s important to set the tone before the meeting ever happens with a message like this: The best part about structuring your emails in this fashion is that it sets up all your other outbound activities as well. Sales development is a passion of mine.

Injecting Culture and Creativity into Business


Does it simply mean deciding on a radical fashion trend for all employees? The word “culture” gets thrown around a lot, and companies discuss culture at length. What does it really mean to inject culture into a company? In his book The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game Andrew Grant takes a much more profound look at culture and how it actually drives success. Underlying every group, whether its a company, a country, or even a family, there is a culture.

Why Recruiting is Like Marketing

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Since I didn’t know any better, I figured that I might as well build the recruiting engine in the same fashion that I built a marketing engine, and it turned out the approach worked.

4 Common Contact Strategy Mistakes to Avoid


Increase the chance of a callback by being very specific about how you want your lead to communicate back to you in a timely fashion. One of the major benefits of working at a sales lead management technology company is that we house millions of data points that we can analyze and learn from.

The Importance of Keeping Up with Megatrends in the Global Marketplace


The fashion industry lives and dies on seasonal must-have changes from short skirts to bold patterns to platform shoes. Trends are evident in business. Yet in business what is really important are megatrends. In his 1982 book, “Megatrends,” author

Is Technology Tanking Your Lead Generation System?

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Social selling can help you begin conversations, but turning those connections into relationships means socializing the old-fashioned way—offline. Remember, prospecting is all about people. You’ve heard it: Television will kill radio. Video killed the radio star.

Sales Tech Simplified: How to Deliver Accurate Forecasts and Improve Pipeline Management @AvisoInc

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Unbelievably, despite the critical importance of getting it right, sales teams are relying on good old fashioned “gut feel” and human judgment. In this series, we ask tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution. We call it Sales Tech Simplified.

What To Do When The Prospect Blames You: Part II

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But I bought some of those widgets a few years ago from Old Fashioned Widgets and it was a nightmare. But I assure you we are not Old Fashioned. But I bought some of those widgets a few years ago from Old Fashioned Widgets and it was a nightmare.

Standing Out from the Crowd When They Won’t Let You


If, for example, copying best practices is mandated for a specific sales function like funnel management in order to have everyone doing it consistently then accept it and perform the function in amazing fashion.

[5 IDEAS] How Data Fuels Closed-Loop Sales Communication

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It means measuring, analyzing, and improving the manufacturing process in a continuous fashion. Using data to tweak your sales processes in a continuous fashion produces better sales professionals and better business results for the organization. A lot of sales organizations today have a sales communication strategy that looks something like a black hole.

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Marketing Minions Start Distrust

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Just call me old fashioned because I believe in permission based email marketing. Today I received an email from some local marketing minion promoting some noted sales expert who recently died. Of course the email suggested this sales expert was still alive.

[PART 2] What Buyers Want: The B2B Vendor Advantage

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The Fashion and Finance verticals had the highest propensity to select the best-known, top-of-the-line product, while Manufacturing and Healthcare had the lowest. The top three items for Media and Fashion industries were the the look and feel of the website, competitive comparisons by industry analysts, and positive reviews. Deals aren’t won or lost on product features alone.

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Sales Coaching and Quota Attainment

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Therefore, in typical Keenan fashion, I’ve decided to find out or myself. I went public recently arguing that sales coaching offered the greatest opportunity for sales organizations to accelerate sales in 2017. You can see my very public declaration here.

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Virtual reality – a new day for medical product launch presentations

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They need the knowledge, skills and tools to present the product to their customer base in a compelling fashion that differentiates the product from a wide array of competitive offerings – the more innovative the new product, the truer this proposition. Virtual Reality and Sales Presentations.

Shape the customer’s decision journey – create a unique competitive advantage

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You must determine in an objective fashion the degree of fit between the customer’s decision criteria and your capabilities. Customers Buying Journey. McKinsey&Co’s David Edelman and Marc Singer recently wrote about the world of consumer buying.

Sales Pollution (#video)

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As in other parts of life certain words have meaning in some context while not in others, words become fashionable, and then become over used. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca. Words set expectations for buyers, and they impact the way sellers act and execute their sale.

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Work Life Integration vs Balance, There Is a Difference

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These wheels remind me of the gears (wheels) found in the old fashioned, hand wound clocks. With so many businesses being directed by sole proprietors (78.2% by US Census Bureau) , there is a lot of work life tension happening 24/7.

Mind Mapping – The Foundation to Breakout Thinking

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The problem, he believed, is that the mind doesn’t work in a linear fashion. I have observed that the vast majority of successful sales people are not linear thinkers.

Is AI impacting Inside Sales Rep Revenue? Mike Plante of InsideSales Says it Is.


Now there is a rush for software and computers to reason (yes, that is the right word) and to take action for sales and marketing revenue increases by people or in a programmatic fashion. Why it’s Important: “The companies that lag behind in adopting new ways of selling and marketing are slated for the trash heaps of failed businesses.”. At the Funnel Media Group we believe that AI is the future of sales and marketing operations.

What To Do When The Prospect Blames You For Your Competitors’ Failures

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Let us assume that you sell widgets and as a true professional, you are aware that your competitor, Old Fashioned Widgets, uses an outdated manufacturing process and therefore has many unsatisfied customers. . But we are not Old Fashioned.

What do B2B Buyers Want (and Why Don’t They Like Salespeople)?

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Dynamic, creative, trend-oriented industries such as Fashion, Media, and Real Estate have the highest risk tolerance averages. The number of factors at play in purchasing decisions are too numerous to count – ranging from pricing, to product features, to reputation of the vendor, to the sales experience and so forth.n

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