2013 Top Sales World Contributors Team Unveiled

Jonathan Farrington

I am also delighted that we will be working with our long-standing sponsors again in 2013: FRONT ROW Solutions, iMeet, INSIGHTSQUARED, membrain, Objective Management Group, OneSource, PointClear, Richardson, Salespod, and 22Touch.

Guest Post: Successful Lead Generation – One Size Does Not Fit All

Jonathan Farrington

Dan McDade founded PointClear in 1997 to help B2B companies with complex sales processes drive more revenue through effective prospect development. General Dan McDade Lead Generation PointClear Top performing B2B sales organizations rarely employ just one lead generation tactic.

Identifying the Perfect Leader – Do You Report To One?

Jonathan Farrington

. Let me begin today’s post by saying that in my opinion, the perfect leader has yet to be born – and I have studied most of the significant leaders in history.

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PowerViews Interview – 2012 and all that …

Jonathan Farrington

General Dan McDade PointClear PoweViews Interviews

So How Do You Develop A First Class Sales Team?

Jonathan Farrington

. Pick up a typical report and what words do you find? Verbs like analyze, forecast, plan, assess and schedule, are used in pursuit of organisations that are efficient, productive and predictable. What set of people are required?

Guest Post: The Fallacy of Appointment Setting

Jonathan Farrington

The Truth About Leads can be purchased on Amazon: [link] McDade is President of PointClear a B2B sales prospecting company, which he founded in 1997. General Appointment Setting Dan McDade Lead Generation PointClear The Truth About Leads

Never De-Value the Importance of Post Sale Follow Up

Jonathan Farrington

General Account Development Account Management Dan McDade PointClear Post Sales Follow-Up Top Sales Article of the Week Top Sales Hardtalk . New customers have a tendency to evolve through three phases once they decide to buy from you.

An Abundance of Managers, But Too Few Leaders?

Jonathan Farrington

News: Message just in from good chum and JF Associate, Dan McDade, Founder & CEO of PointClear. General Dan McDade Leadership Leadership versus Management PointClear

Guest Post: Yikes! We have met the enemy and it is us!

Jonathan Farrington

As president and CEO of PointClear , the author of the book The Truth About Leads , a contributor to numerous publications, and a frequent speaker and blogger, he’s spent the past 20+ years helping B2B companies optimize sales and marketing processes.

The “Winners in Life” Know All About Influencing!

Jonathan Farrington

Linda Richardson interviews Geoffrey James, the most prolific and successful blogger ever in the sales space: Dan McDade from PointClear is in the spotlight, and I will be trying to persuade you to come to London in June!

Have Our Customers and Clients Become Irreversibly Promiscuous?

Jonathan Farrington

General Dan McDade PointClear PowerView Interviews Rich VancilI suppose another way of framing that question is to ask you if you think customers and clients still value long-term relationships?

Vote for Kimmy Netterville, an inspired sales lead management leader


PointClear’s Kimmy Netterville has been nominated as one of the 40 Most Inspired Leaders in Sales Lead Management. Many of PointClear’s clients over the past 11 years have directly benefitted from Kimmy’s abilities managing B2B lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing programs. The Sales Lead Management Association announced today that nominations are now closed, and voting is open until Dec. 6, 2017. The list of winners will be posted on Dec. 15, 2017.

How Much Leads Cost


Look at this data from an actual PoinClear teleprospecting client: One source of leads was PointClear—we sent them only qualified leads and nurtured leads—at an average cost of $1,357.25. Leads from these sources, most of which will land in a black hole , all cost more than the PointClear qualified and nurtured leads. This table compares the cost per lead on outbound (PointClear Prospecting/Nurturing) to several other sources of inbound leads.

Leads 130

Embarking on a sales lead generation project: What could go wrong?


a prospect asked me, following our discussion about PointClear’s lead generation, qualification and nurturing services. Just ask Jim Norton, SVP of QGenda, a 3x PointClear client who recently brought us in on his first day on a new job. He knows first-hand what it takes to succeed: “If you want quality results, PointClear is best-in-class and my go-to for lead generation, qualification and nurturing for over 10 years.”. “What could derail this project?”

Persistence Pays—How 42 Lead Qualification Touchpoints Won a $1 Billion Deal


PointClear is known for its perseverance. Here’s What PointClear Persistence Looks Like. Here’s another one: A services and technology company targeting the branding, design and advertising industry leverages PointClear’s account-based marketing services, including lead generation, qualification and nurture to keep their pipeline full of sales-qualified leads.

Cadence—Multi-touch, Multi-media, Multi-cycle Marketing Multiplies Results


The result of these touches is what we call a disposition: PointClear's term for completing contact with a decision maker or company (some programs lend themselves to dispositioning by contact and some by company). Make it your mantra (like PointClear associates do). For one client, it takes 9.82 touches to engage with a prospect.

Media 235

6 Things Good Lead Generation Vendors Do Right (That You May Be Doing Wrong)


One client has retained PointClear at three different companies because our relationship jelled when I mentioned I had researched his passion for a medical condition he’d survived). For PointClear, a pipeline is a prospect that is just one or two additional actions away from being converted to a lead (20% to 25% of the time pipelines do become sales qualified leads). There’s plenty of mediocrity in lead generation—both in-house and outsourced.

The Right Cadence Creates a New Lead with a $1 Billion Healthcare System


One of PointClear’s business development representatives, working on behalf of a global software company, made 11 touches (calls, voicemails and emails) and his persistence paid off. As an example, PointClear targets two contacts within each account location. While the table above shows the cadence used to disposition a particular contact, the table below shows the production estimation of a PointClear business development associate.

System 109

Who We Serve. Why it Matters.


I’m often asked what kind of companies PointClear serves. But there’s a long answer too: PointClear provides lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing for a variety of companies. I spend a lot of time on the phone every day, talking to sales and marketing leaders—including prospects. The short answer is we work with B2B technology, healthcare, financial services and business services organizations, as well as manufacturers.

Chairs are Dead—and Other B2B Marketing Hogwash


I invite you to subscribe to the PointClear blog so you never miss a post. In 2015, I wrote this blog for Sales & Marketing Magazine: Dead is Dead (in Sales & Marketing). It seemed like, suddenly, a lot of things were dying: cold calling was dead; telephone prospecting was dead; outbound marketing was dead … many said that even marketing was dead. Maybe I was just sensitive. I mean, I grew up at a time when Paul McCartney was supposedly dead (he, thankfully, lives on).

B2B 326

4 Great Reasons to Take the Sales Performance Optimization Survey Today


Now I know that PointClear will be counted as one among the many thousands of companies contributing to overall sales knowledge trends for 2015. I just finished the survey questions for CSO Insights'' 2015 Sales Performance Optimization Study. The survey itself took about 12 minutes, and since the form allows you to save as you go, I could be interrupted and not have to start over. Easy—and interesting.

Survey 127

For Higher B2B Sales Don’t Just Scrub Your Data


The PointClear Relational Segmentation (PCRS) approach provides companies with the market intelligence they need to fully fund and roll out programs targeted to high-return segments. This model has increased individual campaign results at PointClear by up to 50 percent and simultaneously decreased costs by as much as 35 percent. With today’s business instability and volatility, B2B marketers are well aware that business marketing data degrades quickly.

Who Owns the Pipeline, Marketing or Sales?


I recently talked to Dan McDade with PointClear as part of a series on SLMA Radio that I’m hosting that deals with the issue of pipeline ownership. Traditionally few would contest who owns the pipeline in any organization. It’s referred to as the sales pipeline and it’s owned by sales people, right? But is this still true? With the advent of new marketing automation capabilities, AI apps and other technology, marketing is inserting itself deeper in the pipeline at almost every level.

B2B Sales Lead Generation Pros Who Listen, Learn


How do my colleagues at PointClear and I keep from falling into this trap? My PointClear peers and I have learned as lead generation professionals that adapting a prospect’s style of communication is helpful for immediate acceptance. The PointClear team would like to hear from you about your sales lead generation best practices. Jim Hall joined PointClear in 2014 with over 20 years of experience in consulting, sales, and business growth.

You Can’t Put in What God Left Out … and Other Important Things Learned in Business and Life


Jim recently interviewed PointClear’s Dan McDade about the five most important things he’s learned in business and life—in one of an ongoing series of radio programs featuring sales and marketing industry leaders. Our management team has an average 10 years’ experience with PointClear, and that longevity translates into added value for clients. Jim Obermayer is the founder of the Sales Lead Management Association , and host of the Funnel Radio Channel.

Why would a company ever outsource anything?


That’s essentially what PointClear clients do when they engage us for outsourced lead generation. “… because teams of talented operators have already demonstrated excellence in a specialized task or function, and it’s easier or cheaper to tap those teams than to create new teams of your own.”. These are the words of author and professor Sydney Finkelstein, whose article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal maintains that companies should hire teams, not individuals.

What's it take to generate leads that fuel your forecast?


What we’re doing seems to be working: The clients we’ve served (some for most of that time period) and the CMOs we’ve worked with (90% of our business is with marketing leaders who’ve done business with us before) will tell you that it’s PointClear’s combination of three things we do well that make a difference: An agile approach that includes adaptable lead management processes, testing and continuous improvement. At PointClear, our average associate is 50.

What Determines Cost Per Lead


Lead generation companies like PointClear can no more overcharge companies for services than they can substantially reduce the cost of their services. How much should a lead cost? Understanding what goes into generating a high-quality B2B lead helps you determine whether you're getting a good deal.

Leads 167

5 (doable) ways to drive revenue growth now


PointClear has proven methods for driving sales—and they’re discussed in detail in a white paper available for download now. Looking for a simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem of growing revenue? You’ve come to the wrong place. But, if you’re seeking real answers to this age-old question, we have something for you. What we call our “silver bullets” aren’t a quick fix for what’s ailing your pipeline.

Leads are Hard 


PointClear associates see this in action every hour of every day. A Story From Yesteryear About Reader Service (aka Bingo) Cards. According to Wikipedia: “a reader service card or bingo card" was a reply card inserted in a magazine and used by readers to request free samples and literature from businesses who advertised in the issue. Many advertisers were listed on the reply card.

Leads 146

5 Steps to Account-based Marketing Success


Assembled with input from ABM thought leaders, and via first-hand account-based marketing experiences with PointClear clients, this is your go-to source. ABM drives bigger, better deals. Most marketing and sales folks I talk to agree … in theory. Many are still trying to figure out how to put ABM principles in place. If you fall into this category, and are looking for actionable how-tos, take a look at the account-based marketing primer just published and available now on SlideShare.

How much does outsourced lead generation cost (vs. keeping it in house)?


per hour for a PointClear outsourced teleprospecting resource. Tastes great, less filling—that’s not only one of the greatest campaigns ever ( AdAge says it’s 8 th on the list), it has a corollary in the sales lead generation space. Just as Miller Lite excels in two conflicting arenas (palatability and how full it makes you feel), outsourced teleprospecting does as well.

Listen more, talk less … and drive more revenue


Read this post , written by Jim Hall, a PointClear associate, to learn how he applies these listening skills every day. 6 skills required for active listening. You’d think that the secret to having quality conversations would be being a good talker. But the opposite is true. It’s being a good listener. This is a skill that we teach our associates, who spend their days making dials (80 to 100 a day) and engaging B2B sales prospects on behalf of our clients.

How Not to Buy Leads


During another PointClear prospect call, the contact stated that his source of leads, appointment setting, ended up with just four out of every 10 leads delivered being qualified. Last week a prospect told me that he needed higher quality leads than were currently being provided by two third-party outsourced solution providers. His definition of a lead was the loosest that I have ever heard. An employee of a targeted company needed only to download some content to be qualified as a lead.

Leads 136

A Good Laugh from a New Sales Lead Management Cartoon Series


PointClear is proud to be a sponsor of the first cartoon shown here, a lighthearted look at the “bigger box” solution for handling leads. At your desk and can’t make that physical change in latitude to get a change in attitude?

Sales Lead Generation: Saving Money – Killing Performance


PointClear was recently given a verbal approval for a pilot program by the SVP of Sales for a technology solutions provider. He liked us. Trusted us. Told us we had the deal. Then we got turned over to sales operations and purchasing (supposedly a formality). After a few additional conversations, we were told that a competitor provided a quote for half of what we charge for “the same services.” Half.

The Perfect Lead


Those of us at PointClear do not believe in the alphabet soup of acronyms such as BANT, ANUM and the granddaddy of all acronyms, MAN. Merriam-Webster defines the holy grail as: “an object or goal that is sought after for its great significance.” Can companies reach the holy grail of marketing—the perfect lead? Well, what is a perfect lead? What is wrong with these formulaic approaches to lead qualification? BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe).

Leads 87

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Selling at Every Level


Sales Sphere features relevant blog articles from PointClear''s online B2B sales circles. PointClear related: Powerviews with Dan Waldschmidt - Changing the Conversation.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Sales 2.0

Nice post today on the Pipeliner CRM blog from that smart man Dan McDade of Pointclear about how you should not buy into the proposition that waiting for your prospects is the right sales strategy.

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Are You Drowning in Sales Quota?


Sales Sphere features relevant blog articles from PointClear''s online B2B sales circles. Keeping up to date on the latest innovations and opinions in sales can be time-consuming, especially in the the digital space.

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