Using Twitter to Power Your Sales

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With more than a billion accounts, Twitter has changed the social, business and media landscape. But while Twitter offers tremendous sales and marketing opportunities for businesses [.]. Sales business customer Dave Taylor Joel Comm marketing social media Twitter Twitter Power

Twitter thoughts and Twitter thinking. Tweet and Re-Tweet.

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4 Twitter Prospecting Strategies

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As a long time Twitter user and fan, I have directly seen how more than 100 companies – mostly B2B find prospects and even close business through their Twitter account. This means that regularly we get new sales opportunities through a combination of Twitter and LinkedIn.

39 Useful Things to Post on Twitter

The Sales Heretic

Twitter—like other social media sites—has enormous potential as a sales tool. To maximize Twitter’s effectiveness, however, you need a following. Sales articles blog customer insights PR prospect social media tweet TwitterThe micro-blogging service gives you a direct, unfiltered communication channel with both prospects and existing customers. It’s unlimited PR in 140 characters or less. And to develop a following, you need to post content (“tweets”) that [.].

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks

How Hosting Contests on Your Twitter Feed can Improve Sales

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The immediate, conversational nature of Twitter makes it ideally suited for promoting your business and increasing sales. Here are a few tips for how you can increase your sales by hosting contests on your Twitter feed: Promote New Products. Do you use Twitter to increase your sales?

Increase Sales with Twitter!

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I just finished a new video; Twitter for sales people. Twitter isn’t a panacea, but it is a great tool for: Prospecting. If you’re not using Twitter, you should. You can download the Twitter for Sales Ebook at A Sales Guy U .

I’m Suspending My Activity on Twitter

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I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Twitter for some time now. I like Twitter but, I have grown disillusioned by …. Has my participation on Twitter brought me business and relationships? Add Twitter to the list and I’m going to feel even better.

Sales Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

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Magazine article as people to follow on Twitter. Sometimes a tip you receive via Twitter or a newsletter or a blog post can have a huge impact on […]. Recently I was one of 37 sales experts mentioned in an Inc. In today’s technology driven world, we have countless opportunities to glean great information from numerous sources. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation sales leadership sales motivation

The Salesperson’s Guide to Social Media: Twitter


Modern sales professionals understand that social media is an integral sales tool, and with approximately 330 million monthly active users (MAUs), Twitter has become a haven for prospecting and social selling. That’s due in large part to the prevalence of hashtag usage on Twitter.

Techy Tuesday – Put Some Social Oomph Into Your Twitter Account

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So, I’ve researched a free online tool called, which is designed to help you manage and consolidate your activity on Twitter to ensure you’re getting the best out of the platform.

Six Tips To Stand Out On Twitter


Twitter isn’t about engaging with the entire network. Twitter is about engaging with your network. Most business professionals understand the value of a big, engaged following on Twitter. After all, the more people you’re able to reach, the mo

50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter

The Science and Art of Selling

He speaks, he writes, and he does a stellar job of keeping in touch with his followers and the business community on Twitter. Here is the full list of 50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter from Base CRM : Visit the website here: 50-sales-pros-to-follow-on-twitter.

How to Use Twitter for Modern Prospecting

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This article discusses how to use Twitter as a one-to-one selling tool. When combined with LinkedIn, Twitter is highly effective for modern prospecting. Sign up for the onsite session and get access to the Twitter Prospecting Guide. 4 Steps to Use Twitter for Modern Prospecting.

Lead Generation Tips Using Twitter and LinkedIn

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This broadcast features answers on how to use LinkedIn and Twitter for lead generation from Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and Jack Kosakowski who has achieved massive success using Twitter and writes about his experiences at

Jeffrey Gitomer VT Power Lessons – Twitter thoughts and Twitter thinking. Tweet and Re-Tweet.

Jeffrey Gitomer

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How to Generate Leads with Twitter and LinkedIn

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Can you generate leads in B2B by using Twitter and LinkedIn? Join us on Tuesday, September 22nd at 10:am Pacific to hear two people that are at the top of their game using LinkedIn and Twitter to book real business, putting real dollars in their bank accounts.

7 Sales Influencers to Follow on Twitter at Dreamforce 2017


To help you stay up-to-date on the latest sales intelligence, sales operations and sales leadership discussions happening during the conference, we curated a list of seven influencers you should follow on Twitter, and included their speaking sessions. .

50 Sales Pro’s to Follow on Twitter

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Base , one of the leading new-generation CRM tool companies created their list of 50 Sales Pro’s to Follow on Twitter. Each person listed has a brief highlight of their expertise and focus, along with their Twitter name. Here is the SlideShare deck of all 50 professionals: 50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter from Base CRM. Original article: 50 Sales Pro’s to Follow on Twitter ©2014 Fill the Funnel. Sales News Social Selling Social Web top 50 twitter

How To Get The New Twitter Layout Now

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Twitter announced back on April 8th that they are rolling out a new layout and expanded capabilities for your Twitter Profile. Twitter Image Dimensions for the new 2014 layout: Your Profile Photo is now more prominent.

Match Your Expertise To Questions on Twitter

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Now you can match your expertise with people asking for help on Twitter. A new web tool called InboxQ creates an automated way for you to view all of those questions, comments and requests for help on Twitter, on the topic of your expertise and guide those questions directly to you to answer.

Twitter as a Learning Tool

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Twitter as a learning tool. I have written about Twitter as a listening tool and a research tool. Twitter as a learning tool is a new twist to this ever-growing service. As this platform evolves, I have found a most surprising value in using Twitter as a learning tool.

How To Get New Twitter Profile Page Without Waiting

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Twitter rolls out big changes in the layout of Profile Pages, as well as new apps for mobile devices. Twitter pages will begin to look different in the coming days as they roll out their new look and features.

Twitter #Chat is Hot New Trend

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Twitter #chats are one of the hottest trends on the social web and a great way to learn about a variety of topics. A Twitter #chat is a series of tweets, all focused around a specific topic that is held at a specific time, that anyone with an interest or opinion is encouraged to join in.

Twitter Power - Book Review


Web Tool Matches Your Expertise With Questions on Twitter

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Now you can match your expertise with people asking for help on Twitter. A new web tool called InboxQ creates an automated way for you to view all of those questions, comments and requests for help on Twitter, on the topic of your expertise and guide those questions directly to you to answer.

How to Use Twitter as an Effective Sales Tool

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This live audio conference identifies the core capabilities offered by Twitter® and why they are ideally suited for use by sales people. Everything attendees will learn about Twitter® will be focused on the value for a sales professional. Core Twitter Functions. Twitter Chats.

How to Network Your Way to Success- With or Without Facebook and Twitter

Jonathan Farrington

It was a multi-choice question – “Very important/Quite important/Important/Not important/Totally irrelevant” – 93% came back with “Totally irrelevant” This raises a number of questions, not least “ Who or what is Twitter/Facebook for ?”

Twitter – New Look and Feel to a Familiar Face

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Here is the new look and feel of Twitter. Web Tools inline photo inline video interface new look twitterWill take some getting used to the new layout, but having photos and video inline…should change the game a bit. What do you think? Read more about the new features here.

37 Sick Sales Guru’s to Follow on Twitter

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At the very least, every person, who has a job to do should AT LEAST be using Twitter as an information stream. Every person on this planet (who has access to the net) should be monitoring Twitter, Twitter key words, and the people who influence their industry. Therefore, I wanted share with this community some of the best sales and marketing guru’s to follow on Twitter. Create a Twitter list of these folks and check it out everyday.

How to Use Twitter as Research Web Tool

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It will appear like this on your screen (magnified): So while you are working on normal activities throughout the day, Firsthand findsTwitter context to the web, scanning pages for proper names—people and organizations alike—and connecting them to Twitter accounts.

Inbound Marketing Summit Speakers: Twitter List #IMS10

Green Lead's B2B

I thought it would be useful to create a Twitter List of the #IMS10 Speakers. Today I'm attending New Marketing Lab's Inbound Marketing Summit at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro (killer spot for a conference, btw).

Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14

Smart Selling Tools

Whether or not you’ll be attending, you’ll want to keep up on the latest and to help you with that mission, we’re naming the top 20 Twitter handles to follow at Dreamforce. That’s me with Sassy.

Day 1 Twitter Recap-Sales and Marketing 2.0 Conference

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Here is a transcript for all the Twitter activity for #sm20 hashtag for the first day of the conference. The rest of the day provided breakouts and general sessions that generated heavy Twitter traffic and response from attendees.

Twitter Adds Security Feature-Adjust Your Settings Now

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Twitter has now rolled out a significant security update available to everyone. SPECIAL NOTE: If you maintain more than one Twitter account, you need to do this in each account. You know I am a big fan of Twitter. I believe that we will see the day when you have your Twitter address on your business card rather than your email address. Just make this change and your Twitter credentials will be more secure than the majority of email accounts in use. ©2012

The Wall Street Journal Lists The Top Seven Sales Coaches On Twitter

Keith Rosen

I happened to be on Twitter posting some new updates and resources and noticed someone else’s tweet – a mutual follower. His tweet was titled, “ The Top Seven Sales Coaches on Twitter. How ironic – using Twitter to find the Twitter article.).

Surprising New Data on Salespeople Busts the Myths about Relationship Selling and Social Selling

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I believed that social selling was a godsend to those in sales who were not great at relationship building - that by utilizing applications like LinkedIn and Twitter they could reach out to new people but with the benefit of hiding behind the glass screen. Image Copyright 123RF Stock Photo.

AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit: Follow on Twitter #LS10

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For those of you that can't be there live, you can follow the action on twitter with hashtag #ls10. American Association of Inside Sales Professionals has their national Leadership Summit May 11-12 in Minneapolis. The speakers include fantastic cast of sales/marketing leaders, with me doing my part. Topics range from inside sales strategies, increasing performance, compensation models, hiring and managing to Sales 2.0. If it's Inside Sales related, it's a topic.

Why Klout Matters to Your Sales

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Sales business CEO Facebook Gina Carr HR influence Klout LinkedIn marketing professional social media strategies tactics Terry Brock Twitter Whether you’re in sales, marketing or HR, you need to understand Klout.

How Dramatically Has Selling Changed?

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Dave Kurlan Consultative Selling close more sales twitter linkedin selling value long sales cycle sales win rates google plus Image Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo.

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