August, 2020

How to Shape Your Sales Motions Using a Data-Driven Framework

Sales Benchmark Index

As you continually work on fine-tuning your sales organization, how can you best ensure that every prospect interaction contributes to a cohesive customer narrative that, ultimately, maximizes your sales? Through our work helping leading companies grow their revenue year after.

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Networking for Sales Effectiveness


networking networking for sales effectiveness

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11 Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Score More Sales

During times when business can be happening slower, in a slowed economy, finding any way to speed things up is important. What if there was some science around helping your buyers buy in a better way, or an easier manner?

7 Things Companies Do to Thrive Anywhere, Anytime

Anthony Cole Training

Regardless of the current state of business, it is easy to get caught up in managing day-to-day tasks. It's also easy to lose focus on the end goal and continue to take the necessary steps to move your business forward.

The Journey Needs To Be Completed

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto. We all know the expression “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” All well and good if you’re an ancient prophet without a quota, but in sales, it’s not good enough. In sales, we have to worry and plan for the next step well in advance.

Podcast 158: Tim Harsch On Timing & Relevance In Prospecting

John Barrows

This week, Tim Harsch , CEO of Owler joins us on the podcast. John uses Owler every single day, and discusses how to nail your timing and relevance in your prospecting.

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How work from home changes management

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Paul Nolan Managers who create intricate business plans and put significant effort into developing short- and long-term goals for their teams and individual employees often revert to managing by time. The shift to working from home has forced many managers to adopt new approaches.

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Change Your Attitude with These Sayings

Mr. Inside Sales

How often do you feed yourself empowering statements? Getting positive and staying optimistic takes constant feeding, constant reinforcement.

16 Things Successful People Don’t Say

The Sales Heretic

A while back, I wrote a post listing words and phrases that successful people say on a regular basis. Just as important as what successful people say, however, is what they don’t say. High achievers understand that just as the right words can solve problems, heal wounds, create connection, and move people to action, the [.]. Sales business communication customers manager success

You Need To Stop

The Pipeline

By Tibor Shanto. Change, like anything else, takes ‘space’, you need to create room for the new. Letting go is hard, but if you don’t then you’ll have no ability to capture new things and grow. First thing’s first, you need to stop. link].

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Can’t wait to meet you, Atlanta! New Gong Atlanta hiring hub offers REAL change, NOW.

We’re strong advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion here at Gong. As Gong’s Chief People Officer, I’m proud of our commitment to a culture of inclusion and belonging. We’ve even named our collective efforts #belongatgong.

Data Science and Sales Operations: Driving Greater Predictability Together in Uncertain Times

Sales Benchmark Index

For Sales Operations leaders on a calendar year, we are rapidly approaching annual planning season. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to identify where your organization’s growth will be derived from next year while trying to forecast the back-half of.

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5 Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Mike Schultz, President, RAIN Group Negotiation is everywhere: in selling, setting salaries, getting the labor union back to the table, figuring out where to go out to dinner.even getting your kids to go to bed. Since negotiation is everywhere, so is negotiation advice.

Best Discovery/Probing Question Ever

Anne Miller

Not actually a question, here’s a very simple, yet powerful, way to get prospects to open up about the real issues, goals, hopes and concerns they have that will affect their decision to work with you. Tell Me more about that…”. That’s it.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sales Analytics & the Best Tools for It

Hubspot Sales

The term "sales data analysis" can sound a bit overwhelming — all three words, individually, can be imposing in their own right. Sales" is a difficult line of work to master. Data" conjures up images of rows upon rows of numbers that could be exhausting to pore through.

The Future of Work

The Center for Sales Strategy

While no one has enjoyed dealing with the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has certainly provided many of us with impetus to change how and where our associates do their work.

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This Missing Piece in Your Sales Tech Stack Can Cut Your Deal Cycle by 24%

Sales Hacker

As salespeople, we’re all probably aware of tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and Zoominfo. But what most sales teams don’t know is that their sales tech stack is still missing a critical piece — a tool that can accelerate the last leg of their deal cycles and cut it down by 24%.

New SBI Research Reveals Why CEOs With Sales Experience Outperform Their Peers to Maximize Enterprise Value

Sales Benchmark Index

August 4, 2020 | Dallas, TX – Sales Benchmark Index (SBI), a management consultancy specializing in B2B revenue growth, today announced the publication of their latest research report, “Maximizing Enterprise Value Through CEO Selection.” ” CEOs with sales experience grow revenue. News & Press Research Report

Improving the Post-Sale B2B SaaS Customer Experience

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Kaveri Kalavath Implementing enterprise software has never been easy. This hasn’t changed, even with software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based technology.

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Can a Sales Process Help Sell Value?


Discounting and selling in bad economic times seem to go hand in hand, and they shouldn’t. Selling value is the way to avoid discounting. The mindset of the salesperson plays a role. Here’s another way to help sellers avoid discounting and sell value – A repeatable sales process. Sales Process

12 Tips for Staying Positive in Sales — No Matter What

Hubspot Sales

Succeeding in sales is 95-percent mental. If you don’t think you can succeed or land a deal, you will ultimately be right. But if you can remain positive you have a huge competitive advantage. In this decade, sales is a very challenging profession.

4 Focus Areas for Sales Training Right Now

The Center for Sales Strategy

The realities of COVID-19, coupled with legacy sales issues, are making it more difficult for sellers to set appointments with new business prospects.

Ignite Growth: Sales Plays for Winning in 2020 and Beyond

Sales Hacker

The post Ignite Growth: Sales Plays for Winning in 2020 and Beyond appeared first on Sales Hacker. Sales Enablement Webinars

This is Why You Should Talk to The People You Know

Alice Heiman

Talk to the People You Know. What are your salespeople doing all day? Is it productive? Are they getting results? . Do they dial the phone 100 times and reach one person? . Do they send hundreds of emails to get a 1% response rate? . How much is this costing your company? .

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How to Productively Plan Your Weeks and Days

Anthony Iannarino

Some of the things that lead to success, greater productivity , and goal attainment seem small and insignificant when they are critically important. However, some small disciplines are much more valuable than you might expect at first glance.

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How to Use Your Time Wisely While Working from Home

Selling Energy

There were so many ways to communicate with customers at the beginning of this year: phone calls, voicemails, texts, in-person visits, video conferencing, emails and direct mail. What are we really losing because of social distancing and working from home?

How to Identify the Rare, Untapped Market

Hubspot Sales

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the first electric light bulb. Before this, people used kerosene lamps, candles, and fireplaces to light their houses when it was dark. You could say that Thomas Edison knew there was an untapped market in electricity.

Realign Your Priorities With an Account List Management Strategy

The Center for Sales Strategy

The Pareto Principle suggests that 80% of sales come from 20% of clients. Alternatively, 20% of what you do represents 80% of that activity’s outcome.

Executive Interview: David Sroka, President & CEO @PTofRef

Smart Selling Tools

Q: What are the top ways companies can transform sales to improve their prospects’ buying experience in the next 12-24 months? David: The sheer number of MarTech stack providers is 10X what it was just 5-7 years ago and the Smart Selling Tools sales technology landscape grew 7X in the same period.

Unmotivated Sales Team? 3 Sales Meeting Ideas to Inspire & Motivate

criteria for success

Are you a sales leader with an unmotivated sales team? Are you struggling to find sales meeting ideas that will inspire and motivate your team to get moving and just sell already? Sales “ headtrash ” has a way of getting to the best of us—everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and then.

5 Quotes to Promote Time Management

KO Advantage Group

It's summer. That means it is so easy to push off work to enjoy the beautiful weather. It's great for you and your business to take time off - but you always want to make sure that what you are doing instead is valuable.

Effectively Navigating Professional and Personal Changes


How willing are we to accept and make changes in our lives? In this Expert Insight interview hosted by John Golden, Tony Martignetti discusses how to navigate professional and personal change. This interview discusses: Embrace the Change. New Reality. Embrace the Change.

4 Ways to Find Your First Customer

Hubspot Sales

If the difference between a hobby and a business is making sales to customers, then how do you make the transition? It’s one thing to have a theory around who you’d like to sell to but how do you actually find those initial customers to sell to?

The True Cost of Building an SDR Team, and Why They Remain a No-Brainer Investment

Sales Hacker

It would be foolish to tell you that every CRO and CFO I talk to agrees with me in saying that SDRs are a no-brainer investment. In fact, it’s typically the opposite. Most companies are intrigued by the potential of SDRs, but cautious when investing the necessary resources to build a proper team.