Win/Loss Analysis: Focus on the Wins

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Insights Revealed in The Ultimate Analysis of the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force

My favorite is our Comprehensive Pipeline Analysis which I wrote about here. Another one of my favorites is the Ideal Role Analysis where we identify the best people for a particular sales role and the best sales role for each of your people. Image Copyright iStock Photos.

Elevate Sales Operations From Number Crunching to Strategic Analysis

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Are You Alienating Your Buyers? A Touchpoint Analysis Will Tell You.

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The Power of a Win/Loss Analysis

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Transactional Analysis in Sales, What’s That?

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One of the problems is in many instances one may hear “Transactional analysis in sales, what’s that?” ” Transactional analysis was and currently is a tool developed by Eric Berne.

5 Free Resources to Prepare For a Needs Analysis Meeting

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It is not an easy task to set a needs analysis meeting with a new business prospect. Needs Analysis sales strategy salespeople prospectingThink about all the things you must do to earn the meeting. Here’s a typical scenario: Identify prospects. Qualify and select the best prospects. Develop a valid business reason. Professionally and persistently pursue the prospect. Connect and set the meeting. Some prospects take even more time and energy than the scenario listed above.

Setting the Table for a Great Needs Analysis

The Center for Sales Strategy

Needs AnalysisBefore you can have a serious conversation about desired business results, you need your prospects to open up and tell you about their problems and challenges.

How the SWOT Analysis for Increasing Sales Limits Business Growth

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Many executives to even top sales performers frequently employ a SWOT analysis for increasing sales. Where the SWOT analysis for increasing sales may limit business growth is within the area of weaknesses.

Questions: Not Just for Sales Needs Analysis Anymore!


Great questions will advance the sale throughout your sales process , so don’t use them for sales needs analysis alone! As a sales coach and trainer, people occasionally ask me, “Out of all the selling skills, which one is most important?” Hands down, the master skill in selling is knowing how to ask purposeful questions. sales questions

A Smarter Way to do Loss Analysis | Sales Strategies

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First, it means that they develop an early warning system that helps them predict when one … Read More » Sales Tips client relationships client retention Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions high-risk customers loss analysis sales Sales Lessons Sales Strategies sales team

Texting, Transactional Analysis and Emotional Intelligence, Anyone?

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Possibly you may be wondering what is the shared commonality between texting, transactional analysis and emotional intelligence? Back in the late 1905′s, psychologist Eric Berne developed transactional analysis as a tool to help with communication among other challenges.

Did Your Needs Analysis Uncover A Need? One Need?

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You've conducted a needs analysis and discovered a need for a prospect (their desired business result) for a prospect. Needs Analysis sales strategy SalesCongratulations.

The Gap Analysis Between Your Best Salespeople and the Rest

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Click HERE for a free analysis How does your sales team compare to others around the world and in your industry?

5 Greatest Needs Analysis Questions You Can Ask Any Prospect. Not.

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Needs Analysis Sales sales process prospectingPerhaps you got excited when you read the first part of the headline. I got excited too, wishing there was a list of “magical” questions that could be asked of any prospect with a great result. The problem is, such a list does not exist. Sorry to burst your bubble.

How to Conduct an Effective Sales Win/Loss Analysis

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Sales Leadership Talent of Problem or Situation Analysis

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Last week the focus was on problem management and today the discussion looks at problem or situation analysis. ’ “ The key difference between problem or situation analysis and problem management is the order of doing. Analysis comes before management.

New Analysis Shows the 5 Biggest Gaps Between Top and Bottom Sales Performers

Understanding the Sales Force

Image Copyright Cybrain. It didn't take very long for this to happen. When Objective Management Group (OMG) announced that it was making its findings data available to the public, we knew that it wouldn't take long for someone with a flair for analytics to dig in and come up with something cool.

Five Tips for a Successful Digital Needs Analysis

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Now, it is time to prepare for a successful digital needs analysis to make sure that all the effort you spent getting the appointment isn’t wasted. You want to make sure that you have a strong and thorough needs analysis—because understanding your prospect's business, their specific needs , challenges and expectations is imperative to developing a solution that will achieve results. Needs Analysis Digital integrated media solution

Brainshark Introduces Machine Analysis for Video Coaching and Scoring


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Machine Analysis, our new, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered engine for sales coaching and readiness

The Best Needs Analysis That I’ve Ever Seen (and WHY)

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It was the best needs analysis that I've ever seen. Needs Analysis sales performance salespeopleI just sat there and watched. I was too stunned to really do anything else.

The Effective Win-Loss Analysis


But the most important reason that effective win-loss analysis rarely happens, if at all, isn’t about the selling psyche. It’s hard to imagine not utilizing this type of analysis given the investment required in enterprise pursuits. Then there’s that win-loss analysis, the format of which is often a mystery to selling organizations. Your analysis, your post-mortem, now has a framework – the very Go/No-Go process that dictated your decision to proceed.

Closing the Strategic Gap in Your Spend Analysis

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The Truth About Win/Loss Analysis


5 Ways You’re Getting Win/Loss Analysis Wrong. Instead, it’s about using that time smartly, which starts with a properly conducted win/loss analysis. What is a Win/Loss Analysis? A win/loss analysis is the study of what activities or messages contribute to a closed sale, and which resulted in a rejection. Getting this analysis right is crucial to your team’s ability to improve, and improve quickly. Time is money.

4 Ways to Identify Sales Strategy Gaps with Win/Loss Analysis

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Sales Analysis: Three most Common Territory Design Mistakes

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Some sales reps only make their revenue objectives by selling to the easy accounts. Others are spending too much time with accounts that do not fit the ideal customer profile. And yet, some sales reps have so many accounts to. Article Sales Strategy 3 mistakes allocating territories sales territories sales territory territories territory alignment Territory Design Mistakes

Selling – An analysis of information deprivation

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If we were doing this analysis 10 years ago this proposition may have been true. Selling and information deprivation. CSO Insights published an interesting research report – Leveraging Sales Intelligence to Advance Relationships.

4 Ways To Grow Revenue with Win Loss Analysis

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I spoke with Ken Allred , CEO of Primary Intelligence , about Win Loss programs and how they help Sales teams win more deals. Below is an excerpt from our discussion. B2B sales strategy

An Effective Win-Loss Analysis of Your Deals


versus $780K), but what the sales rep failed to take into account was the soft costs associated with changing providers, and those soft costs were very significant: The analysis: The prospect had a total of 50 users who would require 10 days of training on the new tools, a total of 4,000 man-hours (50 users x 8 hours x 10 days). The best analysis starts with some real honesty. The post An Effective Win-Loss Analysis of Your Deals appeared first on SalesPOP!

Selling Digital Advertising: The Magic of the Digital Needs Analysis

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have had several account managers ask me questions surrounding a digital client needs analysis. There is nothing special about a digital client needs analysis.

Analysis of 2 Million Emails Reveals an Alarming Trend Taking Over Your Sales Reps’ Inbox

Sales Hacker

Closer analysis showed that many of these conversations are actually with leads where the opportunity has not been identified yet. How this Analysis was Conducted. Email is one of the bigger mysteries of business.

Using Win-Loss Analysis to Win-Win Every Time


Win-Loss Analysis Moves You to Win-Win Every Time. The New Win-Win Analysis. ” The post Using Win-Loss Analysis to Win-Win Every Time appeared first on SalesPOP! Win more Sales! Being in sales is a tough business, particularly when you look at the odds of winning compared to losing. The only high statistic you can count on is pressure from management. This pressure increases stress and leads to an elevated rate of turnover.

How Analysis Paralysis Can Hurt Your Sales and Productivity

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The sales world is no exception, oftentimes freezing buyers and sellers into inertia, stuck in the endless thought loop of analysis paralysis. We are overwhelmed with information and choices in today’s digital world. The Internet age has simultaneously given us the blessing of access to knowledge and the curse of being aware of so much, that we sometimes don’t know what to think or do.

Is Benchmarking or Perfect Fit Analysis More Predictive for Selecting Great Salespeople?

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Many readers emailed asking if we could perform this analysis for them (yes, in most cases) and whether this would be considered benchmarking (no). In this article, I will actually show you the difference between benchmarking and the Perfect Fit Analysis that we use as proof to clients and to customize Objective Management Group's (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessments. Last week I published a case history on a company that we nicknamed, BigBrains.

Are you doing your win loss analysis wrong?


Win loss analysis is a critical tool for understanding and improving sales performance. Are you making one of these four common win loss analysis mistakes? Unfortunately, most sales organizations do not do them well, and miss out on most of the benefit. Sales Management

Going Beyond Cost – Benefit Analysis

Partners in Excellence

I cringe when someone finally does a rudimentary financial analysis, develops charts to present it, culminating in a closing chart proudly stating “The ROI on this project is 6 months.” ” (If you are wondering about this statement, please pick up a book on elementary financial analysis right away). Too many customers focus only on pricing and don’t demand a strong financial analysis. They need to own the results of the analysis.

Capture the Real Reasons You Win and Lose to Competitors

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Sales Analysis: Are You Growing Too Fast?

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Case Study: IBM PureFlex TCO Analysis

The ROI Guy

Default configuration assumptions can be reviewed and changed, ultimately delivering a compelling analysis report. ROI IBM ROI tools Pisello Alinean Value Selling ROI Analysis ROI Calculator

Almost Too Late, These CEOs Learned their Pricing Problem was Really a Packaging Problem

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