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The Power of a Win/Loss Analysis

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sales strategy Sales Leader Win Loss Analysis Director of Sales Resources Your team just landed that big deal. The one that has been out there for weeks. You feel great. Your rep is figuring out how to spend their commission. Your sales manager has that swagger.

Are You Alienating Your Buyers? A Touchpoint Analysis Will Tell You.

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How the SWOT Analysis for Increasing Sales Limits Business Growth

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Many executives to even top sales performers frequently employ a SWOT analysis for increasing sales. Where the SWOT analysis for increasing sales may limit business growth is within the area of weaknesses.

4 Ways to Identify Sales Strategy Gaps with Win/Loss Analysis

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4 Ways To Grow Revenue with Win Loss Analysis

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I spoke with Ken Allred , CEO of Primary Intelligence , about Win Loss programs and how they help Sales teams win more deals. Below is an excerpt from our discussion. B2B sales strategy

Overcoming the Paralysis of Analysis

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“You’ve heard the saying, ‘Analysis creates paralysis.’ If taken too far, trying to review or prepare for every possible contingency can result in the paralysis of analysis—what I think of as “vapor lock of the brain.”

The Best Questions for Your Needs Analysis

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The Best Questions for Your Needs Analysis is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. There is no “best question” for you to ask during your needs analysis sales call. Anthony Iannarino. There are “best questions.”

Google Analytics 101: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about the Powerful Website Analysis Tool

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Google Analytics is one powerful — and free — website analysis tool that can help you better understand your current and potential customers. It’s easy to see why Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analysis tools — it’s easy to use.

Is Benchmarking or Perfect Fit Analysis More Predictive for Selecting Great Salespeople?

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Many readers emailed asking if we could perform this analysis for them (yes, in most cases) and whether this would be considered benchmarking (no). In this article, I will actually show you the difference between benchmarking and the Perfect Fit Analysis that we use as proof to clients and to customize Objective Management Group's (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessments. Last week I published a case history on a company that we nicknamed, BigBrains.

Texting, Transactional Analysis and Emotional Intelligence, Anyone?

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Possibly you may be wondering what is the shared commonality between texting, transactional analysis and emotional intelligence? Back in the late 1905′s, psychologist Eric Berne developed transactional analysis as a tool to help with communication among other challenges.

Going Beyond Cost – Benefit Analysis

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I cringe when someone finally does a rudimentary financial analysis, develops charts to present it, culminating in a closing chart proudly stating “The ROI on this project is 6 months.” ” (If you are wondering about this statement, please pick up a book on elementary financial analysis right away). Too many customers focus only on pricing and don’t demand a strong financial analysis. They need to own the results of the analysis.

Sales Analysis: Are You Growing Too Fast?

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Capture the Real Reasons You Win and Lose to Competitors

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4 Sales Analysis Questions to Ask at Mid-Year

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Did Your Salespeople Grow Up on the Farm?

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You and your salespeople are a product of mom and dad, the people met, the experiences had and the education/knowledge acquired: record collection nature vs nurture product of your backgroun Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis SEIA core values and beliefs

Why Did I Lose the Sale? 6 Win-Loss Analysis Questions

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I’ve had the privilege of conducting “Win/Loss/No Decision Sales Cycle Analysis Studies” for leading companies including IBM, EMC, ATT, Acxiom, and PayPal. Click here to learn more about Win-Loss Analysis.

Leaving Your Goals in Your Drawer | Sales Tips

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Top sales performers that I work with on a regular basis tend to follow the … Read More » Sales Tips analysis Colleen Francis Engage Selling Engage Selling Solutions Goal Setting sales sales analysis Sales Goals Sales Lessons sales performer sales team

Discover Your SLOT for Self-Improvement

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Many have heard of the SWOT analysis for organizational development or improvement. The SLOT analysis provides much greater clarity as to where you are right now and what is getting in your way to where you want to be.

How Sales Enablement Can Help Close More Deals

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How to Crush Your New Sales Quota

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Sales Analysis sales strategy Sales Performance Management Sales Rep Resources metrics The good news is you had a great last year. The bad news is you had a great last year. Long time sales representatives are familiar with this situation.

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Performance Management Friday — Win/Loss Analysis

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Win/Loss Analysis is critical in helping us improve our results. But there are a couple of perspectives in win/loss analysis I think are important in driving performance improvement and improving our ability to win — hopefully ultimately just doing win reviews. A similar analysis around sales cycle time is good.

Avoiding Indecision and Analysis Paralysis

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Personal Productivity Podcast analysis paralysis indecisionDon’t get sidetracked by overthinking and indecision. Listen in today. (C) C) 2015 Laura Stack, All Rights Reserved.

Closing the Strategic Gap in Your Spend Analysis

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Quick & Savvy Competitive Analysis – Where to Start

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What exactly is a competitive analysis? Competitive analysis is one of the key areas you need to understand in order to succeed. However, thorough competitive analysis is not hard to do.

Why Losing Can be a Good Thing for Sales Leaders

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Sales Leader VP of Sales Resources Win Loss Analysis competitive differentiation “Are we truly differentiating ourselves in the market?” ” I was recently asked this by the sales leader for a large software company.

Sales Leadership Talent of Problem or Situation Analysis

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Last week the focus was on problem management and today the discussion looks at problem or situation analysis. ’ “ The key difference between problem or situation analysis and problem management is the order of doing. Analysis comes before management.

5 Ways CEO’s can Learn from Losses

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CEO Win Loss Analysis Big Deal CEO Resources Depending upon the outcome, a big deal can make the year for any CEO. Celebrate wins of course. But you also need to celebrate failure. Quickly learn from the losses and no decisions. Dive deep into the deals to build on the mistakes.

How the Ah $h*ts Surface from the Strategic Planning Process

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Product/service competitive analysis. Organizational competitive analysis. Trend analysis. SLOT analysis. We all have those “Ah $h*t” moments in business. Suddenly we recognize the missed opportunities and the financial impact from those events.

Exploring new frontiers of real time customer feedback

Brian Vellmure

The social web provides opportunities for real time analysis. Data analysis that used to take weeks can now be done in just a couple of hours, or even minutes. This post is on behalf of the CIO Collaboration Network and Avaya.

Black Friday Should Be a Monthly Business Strategy

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Review the marketplace using a SLOT analysis. small business Black Friday business strategy SLOT analysis strategic business plan strategic planning process

SWOT or SLOT in Your Strategic Plan to Increase Sales?

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Within the strategic planning process to increase sales, many organizations create their own SWOT analysis either individually or with outside help. Years ago when attending a conference hosted by Resource Associates Corporation I was exposed to the SLOT analysis that being: Strengths.

6 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Competitors

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Competitive analysis for small businesses also doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or money. With the exception of your time, doing a competitive analysis won’t really cost a thing (well, unless you buy one of their products).

VIDEO SALES TIP: Why You Need to SWOT Yourself

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Most of you have likely heard of SWOT analysis — and maybe even used it to evaluate your customers’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Blog Closing a Sale Consultative Selling leadership Sales Training swot swot analysis video sales tip

Transactional Analysis and its Effect on Our Customer Interactions

Jonathan Farrington

The study of such responses is called Transactional Analysis , developed by Dr. Eric Berne, an American psychiatrist in the 1950s. Transactional Analysis. • Knowing the basics about Transactional Analysis will give you a better understanding of why people communicate in a certain way. This is why transactional analysis is sometimes called PAC communication. Much of our communication is unconscious.

Be the Value

The Sales Blog

Situational Knowledge Stakeholder Analysis Acumen b2b creating value sales Salesperson selling success The Value Value Creation value proposition Winning Hearts And Minds Be the Value is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. Value is in the eye of the beholder.

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On Dissatisfaction

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Client compelling differentiated dissatisfaction doscovery gap gap analysis needs analysis painOn Dissatisfaction is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. People don’t change unless and until they are dissatisfied.

The CBA’s of Life And Business

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This is where the “Cost-Benefit Analysis” (CBA in the title) comes into play. But, even the much smaller ones still take that cost-benefit analysis. General Success Cost Benefit Analysis Harry Brown How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

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Value Is In the Eye of the Beholder

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Stakeholder Analysis b2b building consensus consensus creating value sales selling Selling to the C-Suite stakeholders success value Winning Hearts And MindsValue Is In the Eye of the Beholder is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. End Users Stakeholders.

Be Your Own Consultant: Use the Power of CRM to Do More Analysis In-House


Now, business leaders are realizing that they can do a lot more analysis and decision-making in-house, just by using advanced technologies that taking large data sets and spit out reports that show clearly and transparently what way is best for a business.

How To Effectively Cross-Sell With A Subscription Model

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Be Proactive Through Trend Analysis . Any marketer knows that cross-selling is a crucial component of long-term e-commerce success.