Digital Selling Best Practices with Jen Sieger, Microsoft

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In this Conversations with Women in Sales interview, I talked with Jen Sieger, Director Inside Sales Specialist Team at Microsoft about Digital Sales Best Practices. How Jen and her team members are driving Digital Selling within Microsoft.

Turning Relationships into Revenue with Christine Zmuda, Microsoft

Igniting Sales Transformation

Sales Director in the Emerging Solutions Group at Microsoft. She started in marketing at Microsoft and eventually advanced into a sales role. We’d like to thank our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Visit the Microsoft Partner Network.

Digital Transformation of Sales – Where Culture Meets Technology with Debbie Dunnam, Microsoft

Igniting Sales Transformation

Perhaps the biggest reason is that my guest, Debbie Dunnam , Corporate Vice President of Inside Sales at Microsoft, walks her talk. Debbie Dunnam, Corporate Vice President of Inside Sales at Microsoft. We’d like to thank our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft.

Top 5 Differences between Salesfusion and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM)


The post Top 5 Differences between Salesfusion and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) appeared first on Salesfusion. Sales CRM

Top Trends of Microsoft® Convergence 2015

Cincom Smart Selling

Cincom recently attended Microsoft Convergence 2015, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia. It was great getting to talk to partners and customers alike, and as always, Microsoft put on a great conference! Cincom is the Microsoft strategic partner for manufacturing.

Microsoft Cloud Security Readiness Tool (Powered by Alinean)

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Microsoft recently commissioned a study revealing that security and regulatory concerns are holding back cloud adoption, but that companies that have overcome these concerns and adopted a solid cloud strategy are realizing significant business and security benefits. Security Assessment Executive Assessment Tools Cloud Decision Framework Diagnostic Selling Pisello Cloud Economics Alinean Microsoft Cloud ROI

Claim Your Name on Microsoft’s

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Microsoft has just rolled out their new email service called Original article: Claim Your Name on Microsoft’s ©2012 Fill the Funnel. Claim your name before someone else does! Hotmail is a goner.

CloudOn Delivers Microsoft Office Apps To Your iPad

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CloudOn delivers Microsoft Office applications to your iPad. Finally, for those of you who have lived in a Microsoft Office centric world, you now have access to the core Office Suite on your iPad. iPad Apps Web Tools CloudOn dropbox Excel ipad Microsoft Office on iPad powerpoint Word

Cincom to Showcase Latest Configure-Price-Quote Solution at Microsoft Convergence 2015

Cincom Smart Selling

Cincom CPQ™ delivers enhanced guided selling, mobility and multi-channel capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Cincom CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics is much more than a traditional CPQ offering,” said Jim Wilson, Cincom Program Director. “It

SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence through “Gold In Your CRM” Promotion. Said CMO, Kevin Miller; “Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is truly unique.

Apple iPad vs. Microsoft Surface… But I’m #3! Can I Still Win?

The Sales Hunter

The launch of both the Microsoft Surface tablet and the launch of the new Apple iPad Mini is a classic case of this. If I’m a maker of tablets, I’d say thanks to both Microsoft and Apple for creating a market that is growing rapidly.

Microsoft launches the Alinean Windows 7 ROI Tool on the Microsoft Partner Network

The ROI Guy

A featured resource for Microsoft channel partners, the Alinean-developed Windows 7 Return on Investment (ROI) Tool, helps partners evaluate their customers' current PC total cost of ownership (TCO) and identify the potential benefits of deploying the Windows 7 operating system to help lower costs, improve service levels, and increase productivity. Visit the Microsoft Partner website and launch the Windows ROI Tool »

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper-V.

The ROI Guy

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper-V - better value? In these analyses, Microsoft indicates that consolidation ratios / performance are on par between competitive solutions, meaning that you cannot get more consolidation with one solution versus another.

What Should You Do When You or Your Company is Disliked in Sales?

Understanding the Sales Force

It wasn't that long ago that Apple hated Microsoft and Microsoft hated Apple. sales assessment Dave Kurlan competition Motivation Apple objective management group selling power microsoftI know. Everyone loves you.

Is it OK if You Lose Customers Because of the Evolution of Your Product?

Understanding the Sales Force

Dave Kurlan sales leadership Apple CRM Application Windows innovation microsoftDid you ever look for something you haven't used in quite a while, only to be dismayed when you couldn't find it? Where could it be? Did you lose it? Did the cleaners throw it away? Was it stolen?

Alinean Announces Migration of Sales & Marketing Tool Platform with Microsoft Developer Tools

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Our latest press release pre-announces our new XcelLive(TM) platform, a revolution of our existing Assessment, ROI and TCO tool SaaS, which works with Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Silverlight, and Windows Azure to Improve User Experience, Agility and Reduce Costs. TCO Calculator Assessment tools TCO Tools ROI tools TCO Diagnostic Selling Microsoft Windows Azure Silverlight Alinean Value Selling Microsoft ROI Calculator

Takeaways from the 2015 Microsoft Dynamics® User Group Summit

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2) CRM is being used across multiple Microsoft® ERP platforms. Many of the people we talked to outside of CRM users, whether they had AX, GP or NAV typically, were also using Microsoft CRM. The post Takeaways from the 2015 Microsoft Dynamics® User Group Summit appeared first on Cincom Blog. The theme of this year’s Summit was “Go ALL IN,” and as a premier sponsor of CRMUG, Cincom jumped headfirst into the action in Reno.

Making it rain with Cloud Computing from Microsoft

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To coincide with the launch of Windows Azure Platform at Microsoft's PDC conference in Los Angeles, Alinean has been researching weather this new Cloud Computing platform from Microsoft can deliver tangible benefits and a solid return on investment (ROI). ROI TCO PDC Microsoft Windows Azure Alinean

Building and Thriving in a Career in Sales with Annie Matthews, TechTarget

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This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.” You can hear more from Gavriella and other Microsoft leaders, on the Microsoft Partner Network podcast.

Microsoft launches Green IT marketing campaign powered by Alinean’s research and ROI Calculators.

The ROI Guy

Microsoft turned to my company Alinean to calculate the value that its Green IT best practices could deliver for customers and present these finding in dynamic tools in a “GreenIT is good for the bottom line” campaign. Quantifying the typical value of server consolidation using Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V, an average of $512 USD per server per year can be saved for each server that is consolidated. Saving money is top of mind for most IT executives.

Why Companies Need More Women in Sales

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As a champion for more women in sales and sales leadership, I could not have been more pleased to see this article written by Microsoft Inside Sales Chief of Staff and Microsoft Women Board Co-Chair Rahki Voria aptly titled Why We Need More Women in Sales.

New Partner Profitability Tool launched by Microsoft at Worldwide Partner Conference

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A featured resource for Microsoft channel partners, the toolkit developed by Alinean helps partners determine the business case for launching new Microsoft based practices. Microsoft channel partners can use the new Partner Profitability tool to assess the potential revenue, investment, costs and margin of driving new practices with Microsoft based technology.

Microsoft launches first server virtualization financial planning toolkit at Worldwide Partner Conference, developed by Alinean.

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The program integrates the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit with Alinean ROI analysis for the first asset and configuration based ROI analysis of server virtualization. Microsoft's Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) can be used by organizations to monitor and assess servers for virtualization. The MAP toolkit download can be found at: [link] The Alinean developed Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Calculator can be found at: [link

ROI 40

Dell ChangeBase Value Estimator (powered by Alinean)

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TCO Calculator Value Marketing Dell Microsoft Windows 8 Pisello Benefits Estimator Alinean Microsoft Windows 7 ROI Calculator

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: TCA Champ - Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server?

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 TCA Champ - Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server? Two of the leading choices are Microsoft SQL 2005 and Oracle Database 10g. to 1) than the Microsoft databases on average. for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Finding the Right Sales Performance Management Vendor


For the past decade, OpenSymmetry has published the Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor guide to help organizations understand what options they have as it relates to implementing solutions to help improve the performance of their sales organization.

Hit Your Channel Sales Goals with ROI Selling

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Alinean worked with Microsoft to develop an interactive tool and migration program to help channel partners to engage earlier, higher and with value - helping assess the “do nothing” cost of delaying Windows 10 Enterprise upgrades and the value of migration.

Business Value Summit Interview – Getting The Most from your Business Value Program

The ROI Guy

I had the opportunity to lead a Thought Leaders panel from the best business value solution providers, including our own, Mark Schlueter, who shared his great experience from decades of enterprise selling and team leadership at HPE, and business value tool development Microsoft, Intel, Dell and many other B2B firms. Recently I had the chance to work with Microsoft on a business value campaign and ROI tool for Window 10 Software Assurance and Enterprise.

The Q4 Killer and How I Really Hit My B2B Sales Quota

Selling Power

I never really imagined sales would be my career until I closed my first cloud deal as an inside sales rep at Microsoft in 2016 and crushed my sales quota. Selling Skills

Bad Marketing Strategy is Built on Assumption

Sales Benchmark Index

Perhaps you are familiar with the photo of the former CEO of Nokia sobbing with his leadership team as his company was sold to Microsoft for parts.

Case Study: Windows Azure TCO Tool

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See a Microsoft training session featuring the Azure TCO Calculator: [link] View the Windows Azure TCO tool. TCO Calculator TCO Tools Total Cost of Ownership TCO Pisello Microsoft Windows Azure Alinean

Our Skills Are Like Muscles with Roxana Radulescu, All Personal

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This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.” You can hear more from Gavriella and other Microsoft leaders, on the Microsoft Partner Network podcast.

Virtual Desktop (VDI) 9-11% more expensive than PCs?

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In a presentation at Microsoft's Management Summit 2010, new research was previewed from Microsoft on the total lifecycle costs of VDI compared to traditional desktops, particularly for Office Workers. Microsoft’s objectives in the study were to understand customer perceptions and expectations from VDI, gather real world data from deployed organizations, and provide customers with TCO guidance from a collection of industry experts.

Are Your Customers Relevant? I Mean Really Relevant?

Jonathan Farrington

When Microsoft decided to replace Windows 7 – a perfectly functional and user-friendly operating system with 8 (which can only be compared with Vista in terms of user-unfriendliness, did they consult with their vast user-base?

Actualizing Positive Outcomes with Julia DePalma, TechTarget

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This podcast is presented by our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. Gavriella and Microsoft are committed to giving “young women better role models and a stronger voice to all women.” You can hear more from Gavriella and other Microsoft leaders, on the Microsoft Partner Network podcast.

Chasing Failure with BJ Miller, AgileCraft

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We thank our Elite Sponsor, Microsoft. I thank Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President and Channel Chief at Microsoft, for her dedication to supporting women in technology, and making this podcast possible.

What You Need to Know About CRM and Email

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Here are some suggestions for CRM and sales software tools to ensure integration with Microsoft Outlook email client. Linkpoint Vue : Linkpoint Vue is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that adds the ability to update CRM records from within Outlook. It’s a mash-up for Microsoft Outlook and your CRM system. It works with (professional version or higher), SalesLogix, and Microsoft CRM. There are well over 100 CRM and SFA programs available to choose from.


How to Jazz up PowerPoint

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Microsoft Office Labs (bet you never heard of these guys) has created an enhancement that might just provide the tools to re-energize you and your PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Office Labs has stepped in to fill that gap by releasing a free add-on for download called pptPlex.

Estimate the Benefits of Windows 7 Professional

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Pisello Alinean Microsoft Windows 7 ROI CalculatorThe Windows 7 marketing team created the Windows 7 Professional for Small Business micro-site to help guide decision makers on the process, costs and business case for upgrading to Windows 7.

Sales Leaders: Why You Must Maximize Your Team's Potential


This week I was in New Delhi, India working with the sales leadership team at Microsoft’s inside sales digital center. The team was eager to learn new skills, and frankly surprised me with all the sales methodologies, books, podcasts, etc. that they consume on the regular basis.