When to Pivot from an Indirect to Direct Sales Model

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A indirect selling model has plenty of benefits. Startup companies generally leverage channel partners to get instant scale without inheriting fixed cost. Hiring a direct sales team is expensive. A fledgling company looking for additional capital to bring on headcount.

Business Development Pivots and other Relevant Nonsense

Babette Ten Haken

There were a lot of business development pivots going on. Business development pivots keep you moving forward, not backward. What fresh, insightful business development pivots will you bring to client business tables, today and tomorrow?

Why Online Collaboration is Pivotal for Remote Sales Teams

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The post Why Online Collaboration is Pivotal for Remote Sales Teams appeared first on Nimble Blog. Today, remote jobs are becoming more and more popular. Many companies prefer hiring remote employees because it is more profitable for them.

Start/Stop/Pivot/Restart Sales Strategies

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I see this in too many organizations–Start, Stop, Pivot, Restart, Stop, Pivot, Restart, Stop, Pivot…… In organizations that have long/complex buying/selling cycles, these actions are devastating.

3 Ways to pivot Customer Retention Pain into Business Success

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However, the first step in pivoting customer retention pain into business success is a function of how you “see” customer retention. Your first pivot? Your second pivot? Your third pivot? Anyone out there experiencing customer retention pain?

How Unifying People, Process, and Tech Will Help You Pivot to Recurring Revenue Faster

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The post How Unifying People, Process, and Tech Will Help You Pivot to Recurring Revenue Faster appeared first on Sales Hacker. Choice Partner Sales Operations Salesforce Webinars

The Aha Moment: How to Know When to Pivot Your Sales Strategy

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As a salesperson, it’s vital to recognize when your usual tactics aren’t getting results and then pivot. As a successful salesperson, you’ve probably spent years perfecting your strategy.

Why don’t sales people pivot? Lessons from tech entrepreneurs

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Pivoting and Sales Pipelines. Taking this challenge seriously was reinforced when we recently read an article about successful technology entrepreneurs and a concept called – Pivoting. So adopting a “pivoting” mentality might lead to more effective and timely pipeline management.

The Aha Moment: How to Know When to Pivot Your Sales Strategy

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As a successful salesperson, you’ve probably spent years perfecting your strategy. But picture this: You’re going on three discovery calls a day, and suddenly there’s no follow-up, no next step, and no sale. sales strategy

Forecast data to get the answers you need without leaving Salesforce


After that, you brought everything into Excel and used a pivot table. Once you’ve got the answers you need and you know what changes you want to make, you’re faced with another problem: Salesforce Reports and Excel Pivot Tables don’t allow you to directly edit your data.

Medical device sales – sales managers play a pivotal role for sales productivity

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There is little doubt that the front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for building a superior sales team. Medical device sales and sales managers.

The 8 Questions You Must Ask to Create a Continuous Learning Culture

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Sales Leaders ask questions continuous learning culture culture feedback growth learn learning culture motivation ownership pitfalls pivot questions resentment sales organization sales trainingAre you a sales leader looking to establish a continuous learning culture? Don't know where to start?

3 Ways Sales Teams Can Plan for a New Product Launch


A new product launch is a pivotal event for companies – but it’s also a true test of the readiness of your sales team

12 Reasons Your Sales Results Are Plummeting

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By pivoting quickly and making a few key changes to your team and its process, you’ll see a boost to your sales. By pivoting quickly and making a few key changes to your team and its process, you’ll see a boost to your sales. Issue Date: 2014-07-16.

Selling With Video At Every Stage of the Funnel

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In 2017, publishers across different industries and verticals made a ‘ pivot to video ’ drawing praise and criticism alike. There’s no question that video as a medium is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Ready to Make a Career Change?

Grant Cardone

Many, many people have made career pivots. Then, around 1968 she pivoted and pursued a different career working for the United Nations to provide food and healthcare to kids in war-torn countries. People DO pivot. And you can pivot too. How do you pivot?

The Easy Way to Improve Sales Closing Ratios

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There’s an easy way to improve sales closing ratios. When a sales leader notices that his or her ratios aren’t up to par, a variety of tactics are often implemented.

Salespeople With This Weakness Score 47% Worse at Reaching Decision Makers

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What would it look like if we were to pivot this data and look only at the group who have it as a weakness? A lot of the salespeople I coach have a weakness in their Sales DNA - their need to be liked.

Sales Advice from Hannibal Lecter

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And he was an expert at divining human motivation, as evidenced in a pivotal scene in [.]. Hannibal Lecter would have made a great salesperson. And by that, I don’t mean that he’d eat the competition for lunch. The cannibalistic psychiatrist in The Silence of the Lambs understood that people’s actions are a result of their motivation. Sales motivation needs product prospect service

Aligning Time Horizons (#video)

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Time is pivotal to sales success, on the plus side, it can help you better engage with potential buyers, and on the down side it can create distance and barriers between you and the buyer. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

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Handling Objections like a Pro | Sales Tips

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One thing that I’ve noticed recently is that sellers aren’t always good at is learning how to pivot. During the qualification stage, we get thrown for a loop sometimes.

Use leverage

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Leverage (noun): 1) the action of a lever, a rigid bar that pivots about one point and used to move an object at a second point by force applied at a third 2) power or ability to act or influence people, events, decisions, etc. Great post today by Anthony Iannarino.

How to Build a Successful Sales Team: VIDEO

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Let inbound SDRs pivot and respond quickly. We spend an enormous amount of time trying to hire sales professionals that we think are “A” players. .

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How to Personalize at Scale

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Left with the reality that the answers to questions 1 – 3 were all a “No”, I began to play out if I WERE to pivot my team from a “volume strategy” to “all tailored – all the time strategy”, what would the top 3 objections from my leadership be?

How to Handle Objections Like a Pro

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Your sales team needs to know how to pivot. Anyone can memorize a sales script – but it’s an essential skill for salespeople to be able to handle all elements of a real-world conversation, including those dreaded objections.

Are You Trying to Complete the ABM Marathon – Before the ABM 5k?

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This is how straightforward it can be: Take the example of Clinton Reeves, a DiscoverOrg power user at Pivotal, a software services company. Clinton also relied on DiscoverOrg’s direct-dial phone numbers and verified email addresses to contact Pivotal’s prospects directly.

Company Alignment: 5 Steps to Keep Your Team (and Company) on Track

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Because the truth is: your ability and willingness to pivot quickly are what will keep you moving in sales. [ You might be reading this in January, you might be reading this in May. Either way, now is always the right time to improve in the area of planning and company alignment. You can re-align anytime. [ ] The post Company Alignment: 5 Steps to Keep Your Team (and Company) on Track appeared first on Criteria for Success.

Want more sales?

Steven Rosen

Brian Tracey , author, Getting Rich Your Own Way said, “The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!”. My new book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales potential!

6 tips to help sales managers take over a new sales team

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Front-line sales managers are the pivotal job for building and sustaining sales success. Managing A New SaleTeam. How can new sales managers get a good start when taking over a new sales team? This infographic shares 6 tips.

Four Steps to Successfully Bringing Products to Market

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As the marketing leader, you play a pivotal role in bringing the new offering to market. As the marketing leader, you play a pivotal role in bringing the new offering to market. Six months ago your company launched a new product. It didn’t produce the expected results.

Sales Lessons Learned at the Movies

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But it is on mine, for one pivotal scene that all salespeople can learn from and adapt in some ways. By Tibor Shanto. It is not uncommon for people to use movies to make a point; those of us in the trade can all point to sales lessons learned at the movies.

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5 Questions to Assess Sales Pipeline Health

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There’s always a defining moment that reps drive toward to pivot the deal and close. At that pivotal moment, the ability of the sales rep to control every element of the sale diminishes. It should be faster to close the sale after the pivot.

It Pays to Create a Vision

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It also plays a pivotal role in flattening the footpaths of pre-qualification and quCreating a buying vision goes a long way to ensuring that your prospects are better educated and better informed and enjoy a better experience when they come to you.

An Unexpected Trait of The Truly Successful

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She was in constant execution pivot mode. Learning is what allows us to pivot. I was talking to a young entrepreneur earlier today. We were talking about the progress she was making in her business. She’s killing it.

The Ultimate Catch eBook

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To keep fish interested, this team must be ready for quick pivots and new opportunities at any moment. For example, a chief objection of engineers is that pivots and changes are too expensive. We’re on a boat! Well, actually, it’s a fishing boat. We’ve got a captain, a crew, and a gigantic net – because we’re angling for the ultimate catch. We’re fishing for leads, thanks to the ultimate account-based everything team.

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Scout Now Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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This growth is pivotal to helping the sales industry better monitor pipeline, utilize data and grow revenue.”. We’re pleased to announce that Scout , Miller Heiman Group’s sales analytics platform based on the Strategic Selling with Perspective and Conceptual Selling sales methodologies, now integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The move came from marketplace demand and expands Scout’s reach.

Don't Let a Change in Strategy Disrupt Q1 Sales

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Agile sales forces are able to pivot quickly as changes are presented. The CEO has made a recent change to the corporate strategy. It has major ramifications for your sales organization. You need your sales team to implement the change quickly without losing focus.

52 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

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The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!” New book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales potential (available in paperback). Now available in paperback.

Getting Culture Right: Five Lessons for Merger Success in the Sales Department

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Says the study author, “…the employee must be pivotal. The excitement and gratitude they expressed in receiving tools and support they didn’t previously have was a pivotal moment in successfully bringing the teams together.

Playing Chess Instead of Checkers In Sales

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Anticipate the individual’s response/s and be prepared to keep the conversation going by pivoting from a poor response and/or strengthen an opportunistic answer. Author: Charles Brennan One of the fastest-growing sports in America is pickleball. However, many people are not familiar with the sport. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis.

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