Business Development Pivots and other Relevant Nonsense

Babette Ten Haken

There were a lot of business development pivots going on. Business development pivots keep you moving forward, not backward. What fresh, insightful business development pivots will you bring to client business tables, today and tomorrow?

3 Ways to pivot Customer Retention Pain into Business Success

Babette Ten Haken

However, the first step in pivoting customer retention pain into business success is a function of how you “see” customer retention. Your first pivot? Your second pivot? Your third pivot? Anyone out there experiencing customer retention pain?

How Unifying People, Process, and Tech Will Help You Pivot to Recurring Revenue Faster

Sales Hacker

The post How Unifying People, Process, and Tech Will Help You Pivot to Recurring Revenue Faster appeared first on Sales Hacker. Choice Partner Sales Operations Salesforce Webinars

4 Signs It’s Time to Pivot Your Sales Strategy

Accent Technologies

Look for these warning signs that your plan may need to pivot. How do you know when it's time to adjust your sales strategy? Implementing a successful sales strategy is a tough, complicated process. There are many moving parts and all parties have to come together to pull it off.

The Aha Moment: How to Know When to Pivot Your Sales Strategy

Hubspot Sales

As a salesperson, it’s vital to recognize when your usual tactics aren’t getting results and then pivot. As a successful salesperson, you’ve probably spent years perfecting your strategy.

Selling With Video At Every Stage of the Funnel

Funnel Clarity

In 2017, publishers across different industries and verticals made a ‘ pivot to video ’ drawing praise and criticism alike. There’s no question that video as a medium is rapidly increasing in popularity.

12 Reasons Your Sales Results Are Plummeting

Sales and Marketing Management

By pivoting quickly and making a few key changes to your team and its process, you’ll see a boost to your sales. By pivoting quickly and making a few key changes to your team and its process, you’ll see a boost to your sales. Issue Date: 2014-07-16.

6 tips to help sales managers take over a new sales team

Sales Training Connection

Front-line sales managers are the pivotal job for building and sustaining sales success. Managing A New SaleTeam. How can new sales managers get a good start when taking over a new sales team? This infographic shares 6 tips.

Sales Advice from Hannibal Lecter

The Sales Heretic

And he was an expert at divining human motivation, as evidenced in a pivotal scene in [.]. Hannibal Lecter would have made a great salesperson. And by that, I don’t mean that he’d eat the competition for lunch. The cannibalistic psychiatrist in The Silence of the Lambs understood that people’s actions are a result of their motivation. Sales motivation needs product prospect service

Use leverage

Sales 2.0

Leverage (noun): 1) the action of a lever, a rigid bar that pivots about one point and used to move an object at a second point by force applied at a third 2) power or ability to act or influence people, events, decisions, etc. Great post today by Anthony Iannarino.

Handling Objections like a Pro | Sales Tips

The Sales Leader

One thing that I’ve noticed recently is that sellers aren’t always good at is learning how to pivot. During the qualification stage, we get thrown for a loop sometimes.

Are You Trying to Complete the ABM Marathon – Before the ABM 5k?

DiscoverOrg Sales

This is how straightforward it can be: Take the example of Clinton Reeves, a DiscoverOrg power user at Pivotal, a software services company. Clinton also relied on DiscoverOrg’s direct-dial phone numbers and verified email addresses to contact Pivotal’s prospects directly.

Salespeople – lesson from entrepreneurs – An STC Classic

Sales Training Connection

Taking this challenge seriously was reinforced in an article about successful technology entrepreneurs and a concept called – Pivoting. We would suggest adopting a “pivoting” mentality might lead to more effective and efficient pipeline management. A Classic – ’63 Corvette.

How to Handle Objections Like a Pro

The Sales Leader

Your sales team needs to know how to pivot. Anyone can memorize a sales script – but it’s an essential skill for salespeople to be able to handle all elements of a real-world conversation, including those dreaded objections.

Aligning Time Horizons (#video)

The Pipeline

Time is pivotal to sales success, on the plus side, it can help you better engage with potential buyers, and on the down side it can create distance and barriers between you and the buyer. By Tibor Shanto –

Video 193

How to perform Customer Base Triage and Why It Matters

Babette Ten Haken

Then, a customer base triage is a strong signal that your business model requires a pivot. When this pivot scenario happens, you can migrate past and current customers. Because you have always had their backs, even as you pivot.

It Pays to Create a Vision


It also plays a pivotal role in flattening the footpaths of pre-qualification and quCreating a buying vision goes a long way to ensuring that your prospects are better educated and better informed and enjoy a better experience when they come to you.

The Ultimate Catch eBook

DiscoverOrg Sales

To keep fish interested, this team must be ready for quick pivots and new opportunities at any moment. For example, a chief objection of engineers is that pivots and changes are too expensive. We’re on a boat! Well, actually, it’s a fishing boat. We’ve got a captain, a crew, and a gigantic net – because we’re angling for the ultimate catch. We’re fishing for leads, thanks to the ultimate account-based everything team.

eBook 129

Building sales management excellence: 12 questions for getting it right

Sales Training Connection

The message is: to achieve success, managers must learn to pivot – that is do something different rather than just getting better at doing what they are doing. There is little doubt that front-line sales managers are the pivotal job for building an effective sales team.

Sales training – more of the same never results in something different

Sales Training Connection

Spotlight the pivotal job. The front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for driving the success of any sales transformation effort. Sales training. If you look back over the last decade, a number of industries have gone through dramatic change.

Report: How To Dramatically Improve Your “Virtual” Sales Calls

Corporate Visions

In the 60s and 70s, the Bell phone system had a catchy commercial slogan I remember to this day: “Long distance. It’s the next best thing to being there.” It was all about extolling the virtues of connecting with far away loved ones via super expensive long distance phone calls.

Want more sales?

Steven Rosen

Brian Tracey , author, Getting Rich Your Own Way said, “The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!”. My new book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales potential!

An Unexpected Trait of The Truly Successful

A Sales Guy

She was in constant execution pivot mode. Learning is what allows us to pivot. I was talking to a young entrepreneur earlier today. We were talking about the progress she was making in her business. She’s killing it.

The Trade War means a Battle for Your Business: The 4 steps you must take now

Alice Heiman

Be prepared to pivot. . No heavy artillery ? N o bullets flying ? I t doesn’t sound like mu ch of a war. B ut , this could mean life or death for your business. When global giants like the US, China, and the EU clash , companies get caught in the crossfire. . The battle around steel has been well publicized, but the steel industry isn’t the only industry at risk.

Sales Cycles Explained in 500 Words or Less

Hubspot Sales

Sales cycles are a pivotal part of every salesperson’s day. What Is a Sales Cycle? Sales Cycle” refers to the specific actions salespeople follow to close a new customer. Sales cycles are often confused with sales methodologies.

Trust in a Digital Age


Trust is the fulcrum upon which every customer relationship pivots. Over the last posts I’ve written a lot about how to develop a business relationship strategy.

Dog Sales Of Summer

The Pipeline

Once you confirm that the objective(s) has remained in place, you can pivot to helping them unclutter things, refocus them on the impacts on their business they set out to achieve, and how that is only a gateway to further success. Tibor Shanto –

The 3 Mistakes Every Company Makes Building the Outbound Sales Model


You don’t run experiments, you pivot. It’s confusing when you’re moving too quickly, all in different directions, pivoting regularly – you hamper your own progress. They pivot their entire company and point the outbound team at ONLY enterprise meetings. Acquires Sales Hacker: Two Heavyweights Join Forces To Dominate B2B Sales

Sales Hacker

From in-person conferences, we pivoted to being fully digital. Last year we made a massive pivot. I love sales and the sales profession. As a kid, I was a terrible student. I got put in remedial classes and was told I needed prescription ADHD pills in order to focus.

The Human Side Of Automation

The Pipeline

To be clear, this was not an either-or proposition; it was a reminder that the human element plays a pivotal role in success. By Tibor Shanto. Last week I posted a call for understanding the importance human involvement at crucial times along the prospecting experience. But when you look at the performance of many reps, it is easy to understand the allure of technology.

Philosophy of Pipeliner CRM

The Sales Association

The Austrians are central to the philosophy of Pipeliner CRM, because they are the only economic school of thought that assigns entrepreneurship a pivotal role in economic development.

CRM 93

What to Do With The Uncoachable

A Sales Guy

The only way to grow is to be able to improve, change, pivot, etc. There are certain people who are just not amenable to coaching. I’m not talking about people who struggle with different styles, but rather those people who just are not receptive to feedback.

Sales middle managers – what motivates them the most?

Sales Training Connection

Although these responsibilities often are perceived as bureaucratic, routine and less than glamorous, they are pivotal for bring innovation to life. Although all of this was not related specifically to front-line sales managers , we thought the tale was right on the money for that pivotal job.

Sales managers – expectations and accountability

Sales Training Connection

Setting clear expectations is simply one of the many requirements that make frontline managers the pivotal job for achieving sales success. Sales managers – setting expectations and accountability.

3 pitfalls when developing an account strategy

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A good account strategy, in contrast, focuses on a few pivotal goals and then delineates the challenges, resources, and actions necessary to achieve a favorable outcome – what needs to be done and how are you going to do it. Developing an account strategy.

Medical sales training – something different vs. more of the same

Sales Training Connection

Lesson 4 – Spotlight the Pivotal Job. The front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for driving the success of any sales transformation effort. Medical sales training.

The Top Ten Changes In Sales Over The Past Ten Years

Bernadette McClelland

Today the business manager and the purchasing manager’s roles have been elevated and are considered pivotal senior management roles. On a recent trip to Pennsylvania, PA, I ticked off a bucket list item and stayed on an Amish dairy farm.The learnings were incredible.

Sales managers – and the smartest person in the room dilemma – An STC Classic

Sales Training Connection

There’s little doubt that sales managers are the pivotal job for creating a superior sales team. A Classic – ’63 Corvette. And, a critical responsibility for the sales manager is coaching. Most people agree that sales coaching is important and can make a difference.

52 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

Steven Rosen

The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!” New book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales potential (available in paperback). Now available in paperback.

13 Time Management Hacks for Sales Reps

Hubspot Sales

Be prepared to pivot. Be prepared to pivot. Prospects cancel all the time, so salespeople should always be prepared to pivot into other profitable activities. Time Management Skills for Sales Professionals. Eliminate administrative tasks. Stick with the task you're on.