Micro Improvements, A Progress Report

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I thought I’d give a progress report. Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve become very interested in the concept of Micro Improvements. I’ve written about the concepts in these posts: Plateauing and The Importance Of Small Changes In Improvng Performance.

What's Missing from the Report That Says Sales Training Doesn't Make Reps Better?

Understanding the Sales Force

I could not believe my eyes when I read this report. So I reread the report and the words amazed me even further. The report claimed that salespeople don't improve their skills as a result of sales training.

STAR Results (Solutions That Achieve Results Inc.) Releases Global 2016 STAR Sales Manager Report

Steven Rosen

announces the release of its 2016 STAR Sales Manager Report which captures the opinions and perceptions from sales executives and leaders around the world on key skills and development priorities for sales managers. Report: Click HERE to get the rull report.

Lead Source Reporting and True ROI


The post Lead Source Reporting and True ROI appeared first on Salesfusion. Best Practices Nurture Marketing

Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, & Kohl’s lead ForeSee’s Top 50 Retail CX Rankings (Report)

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The post Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, & Kohl’s lead ForeSee’s Top 50 Retail CX Rankings (Report) appeared first on ForeSee. Each year, ForeSee produces a study to discover which retailers standout from the pack when it comes to delivering an incredible customer experience across web, mobile and in-store. The results. Research & CX Data Retail FXI FXI 2017

Sales Tips: Why Loss Reports Are Exercises in Futility

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Sales Tips: Why Loss Reports Are Exercises In Futility. Each of the last two options is painful and many vendors require loss reports to be filed. The most common reasons given in loss reports are price and product.

[Message to Management]: How Much Time Should You Spend with Direct Reports?

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Top quartile leaders—those who outperform their peers in terms of productivity and retention—tend to spend four to eight hours per week with each direct report. The number of direct reports you can manage this way is severely limited.

Have Fun Filling Out Your Expense Reports

A Sales Guy

Filling out expense reports sucks. Expense reports are boring and a pain in the ass to fill out. So does updating the CRM. There’s a lot of boring s**t that goes with selling and being a sales person. But at A Sales Guy we don’t believe it has to be boring.

[Report] Social Selling Increases Sales Revenue

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The Social Media and Sales Quota Report will be released this week and boy are the findings interesting. The report will be available by weeks end, but I wanted to give this community first peak. The most compelling insight from the report is that in 2012, 72.6%

Sales Motivation Monday — No Paperwork! No Expense Reports!

The Sales Hunter

If you’re one of the many salespeople who spends Monday morning taking care of paperwork and finishing the expense report from the previous week, you should re-think that! The paperwork includes reports that are due, updates on numbers, expense reports, etc.

“I Need A Report”

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“I need a report… ” is a phrase universally eliciting groans from every sales person—at least the good sales people. Unfortunately, they don’t have much to report on, or things haven’t changed since the last report. But most sales people just hate reporting–as they should. As much as we sales people hate these requests from management, we have a responsibility to provide data, information, analysis and reports to them.

Eight sales and marketing vanity metrics to avoid at all costs


To help keep you focused on the right things, here are eight metrics that you should stop wasting your time on, and nine you should start measuring instead, with a little help from your CRM reports. An activity report is helpful for understanding your team’s baseline volume of interactions, but without comparing it to other information like your sales numbers or the timelines of leads that should have been won, it’s just a measure of busyness.

How to Build a Prospect Insight Report Your Entire Team Can Use for ABM and Sales Engagement

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What is a customer insight report? Why is a customer insight report important? You certainly can’t expect everyone involved in selling to read all the customer and market intelligence reports, many of which are not geared specifically to your opportunity. What to include in a Customer Profile report. Profile reports often include multiple members of the decision-maker ecosystem. Include an org chart here or at the end of the report , if possible.

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2017 SaaS AE Metrics Report

The Bridge Group

In our 2017 SaaS AE Metrics & Compensation Report , we analyze the biggest shifts in recent years and provide core metrics to measure AE teams. The report is organized into five sections: Group Structure. Download the 2017 SaaS AE Report. We wrote this report to provide a comprehensive look at the data, trends, and key metrics for leading an AE team in 2017. Arm yourself and your company with the latest SaaS knowledge and get the full report

Part 2 of 3: A Consultant’s Tips to Intuitive and Effective Report Formatting


Last week, we looked at the key guidelines to approaching a sales compensation reporting strategy that keeps the end user needs in mind. As you begin to design your reporting structure, start by keeping in mind how your end users will interact with the web portal.


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QUALITIES OF TOP SALES LEADERS - Twenty-two page report comparing high-performing and underperforming sales leaders. WHAT MAKES YOUR BEST INSIDE SALESPEOPLE SUCCESSFUL – Twenty-two page report on the 15 factors that separate high performers from underperformers.

Come On In, The Water’s Lovely! LinkedIn Is Not Just For Businesses It’s For Sales Professionals Too!

MTD Sales Training

We have created a complimentary report for you which will help you to understand how to get the most out of LinkedIn as a business tool.

Part 1 of 3: Flawed Reporting Ruins a Flawless System


“If a commissions management system works flawlessly and no one is able to interpret the reports, does it make an impact” What’s the reporting experience like for your end users? BUT, if your reports are subpar, is the mission accomplished? In this series, we’ll start from the high-level approach to reporting, then delve into formatting and visual best practices in Part 2. Reporting Rules of Thumb.

Sales Tips: Get More from Loss Reports

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Get More from Loss Reports. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

Why CMOs Aren’t Turning to Marketing Analytics Vendors for Marketing Analytics


The big players — native reporting in marketing automation and cloud-based sales- and business intelligence (BI) vendors — have caused the ground beneath specialty marketing analytics vendors to shake.

Please Let's Stop Selling Buggy Whips

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The Danger Report authorized by the National Association of Realtors supports this movement away from real estate agents. This report revealed the number one danger at 100% in residential real estate is the incompetence of real estate agents.

Salesfusion ranked highly in latest report by Industry analyst David Raab


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Demand Gen Report Uncovers Value of Marketing Automation in B2B Lead Scoring


Demand Gen Report, a lead publication for B2B marketing professionals, recently released a special report on strategies for improving lead scoring. The report includes Salesfusion client, ePromos, experience in implementing marketing automation to help in lead scoring efforts.

The Pipeline ? Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly.

The Pipeline

Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly Exaggerated. Create campaigns for the sales team that, rather than offering “once-in-a-lifetime” discounts or “check-in,” instead offer a report with valuable data. Reports of the Death of the Salesperson Are Greatly Exaggerated.

Sales Tech Simplified: How to Turn Relationships Into Revenues with @ModelN

Smart Selling Tools

These insights are also used to quickly identify and share best practices across the team [Developing and Coaching] and driving more accurate and timely reporting, forecasting and measurement of performance. In this series, we ask tech executives to describe the why and how of their solution.

2018 Top MarTech Trends: Top Pain Points and Spending Priorities for CMOs

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Data Driven Marketing Marketing Strategies Research Reports Account-Based Marketing B2B Sales Insights Decision Makers Email Marketing Good Data marketing Marketing Automation Outbound Marketing Sales TipsWhat pain points keep CMOs up at night?

[SURVEY] The B2B Buyer Persona: 30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

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Unfortunately, buyers report that fewer than one in three salespeople can hold an effective conversation with senior executives. Outbound Selling Research Reports Sales Strategies B2B Sales Insights buyer persona IT Decision Maker Outbound Email Outbound Sales Prospecting Sales Effectiveness sales strategies Sales Success Sales TipsFirst, the bad news: Most B2B buyers don’t trust salespeople.

[STUDY] What Do B2B Buyers Want?

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The following topics are covered in this report: Risk: Only 35% of buyers have a favorable view of salespeople – and those buyers are likely to take more risks in the buying process. Account-Based Everything Research Reports Sales Development Sales Strategies B2B Sales Insights Decision Makers IT Decision Maker Outbound Marketing Outbound Sales Prospecting Sales Effectiveness Sales Leadership Skills Sales Success

Study 58

Breaking Open the Predictive Black Box: What Data Points Actually Predict a Purchase?

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Account-Based Everything Research Reports Surveys B2B Sales Insights data intelligence Prospecting Sales EffectivenessB2B sales pros and marketers swim in an ocean of information. A large part of our day is spent trying to find data that is relevant to our jobs, and what we can ignore – because we don’t have time to digest it all. Most businesses agree that data-driven decision making is important, and the vast majority of companies collect data in some form.

[PART 2] What Buyers Want: The B2B Vendor Advantage

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Download the full report here. Buyer research stage: The customer conducts independent research on the vendors, underlying technologies, and methodologies via the Internet, analyst reports, product reviews, industry news, member associations, and elsewhere. Download the full report here. Deals aren’t won or lost on product features alone.

Spring Cleaning: Tools to Rejuvenate Sales

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Completing expense reports sucks precious selling time from your day. The receipts can be added to reports electronically, thereby eliminating the need to carry or accumulate paper receipts. Users that are designated as managers can view, save and approve/decline reports that are submitted by subordinates from within the application. The application also allows managers to redirect reports to other managers/stakeholders including Accounting for the final approval.

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Forrester Predicts the Death of 1 Million Salesmen by 2020: Henry Schuck Disagrees

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Or at least that’s what a recent report by Forrester Research, an independent and leading research company in the marketing and technology space, has predicted. By 2020, the B2B SALESMAN WILL BE DEAD.

An Independent Review of DiscoverOrg’s Data Accuracy Claims

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Best Practices from the Industry Interviews Research Reports Account-Based Marketing B2B Insights B2B Sales Insights Clean Data Customer Satisfaction database hygiene Good Data social media marketing third-party reviews ValueWhen sales intelligence data is inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated, the rabbit hole for a sales person can be very deep —and no one knows better than Steve W. Martin.

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A Formula for Predictive Intelligence: Fit + Intent + Opportunity Data

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Business Intelligence Research Reports Account-Based Everything B2B Sales Insights data intelligence marketing Outbound Marketing Outbound Selling Predictive Intelligence salesVirtually every business collects and buys data to assist salespersons and marketers do their job more effectively. But sometimes it’s too much data. How can we make sense of it all and zero in on the data that actually matters?

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[STUDY: PART 3] What Buyers Want from Salespeople

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Outbound Selling Research Reports Sales Strategies Account-Based Everything B2B Sales Insights CIO Customer Satisfaction Decision Makers Outbound Sales Prospecting Sales Effectiveness Sales Intelligence Sales Leads sales strategies Sales Success Sales TipsTechnology has drastically altered the buying landscape and journey, and successful salespeople have to keep up with the changing requirements. That’s why we partnered with noted sales linguist and researcher, Steve W.

Study 46

What Tech Spending Trends in 2017 Predict for 2018

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Industry News IT Staffing Research Reports Sales Development Account-Based Everything B2B Sales Insights CIO Clean Data Cloud services data security Information Technology IT Decision Maker IT Industry sales strategiesWhile we don’t have a crystal ball to see what changes the new year will bring, we have something just as good: Data. And lots of it.

Complimentary Report: The New Rules of Selling Consulting.

Sell More and Work Less

Realtors - Ignoring LinkedIn Is a Competitive Disadvantage

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” With so many realtors being incompetent according to their own National Association of Realtors’ Danger Report , having a strong LinkedIn Profile would help to counteract that data. As we are in the process of relocating, our home is up for sale.

Sales Tips: Dig Deeper on Your Competitors with Win Loss

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sales tips selling tips sales process sales approach selling process crm sales technique sales tip selling technique selling approach win loss win loss reports competitive intelligenceSales Tips: Dig Deeper on Your Competitors with Win Loss. By Carolyn Galvin, Primary Intelligence.

Sales Tips: How to Go from the Underdog to the Favorite

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sales tips selling tips sales process sales approach selling process crm sales technique sales tip selling technique selling approach win loss win loss reports competitive intelligenceSales Tips: Winning Sales - How to Go from Underdog to the Favorite. By Mike Brose, Primary Intelligence.

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