Sales Leadership Talent of Respecting Policies

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Failure to adhere to the rules can bring disastrous results to all involved and this is why respecting policies is a sales leadership talent. There are very good reasons that business affairs must be conducted within certain policies and standards.

Why Companies Create Stupid Policies

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So, why do companies make stupid policies like this? These policies CLEARLY aren’t aimed at customer service. Policies like this provide NO intrinsic or measurable customer value. So, why do companies create stupid policies like this?

6 Rules for an Effective “No Negotiation” Policy

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Does your company have a “No Negotiation” policy when it comes to sales? Once the policy is implemented, there are six rules to follow. If you don’t adhere to them in the first few weeks after the policy is established, then there is little chance the policy will work.

Bad Corporate Policies

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Have you ever come across a corporate policy so ridiculous that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth? It’s even more frustrating when this new policy or rule doesn’t seem to serve any significant purpose.

Principles, Not Policies Drive Performance Effectiveness

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It starts out harmlessly, some policies, some rules. “Please comply with the following procedures… ” We’ve all seen them. Don’t get me wrong, rules and policies have their place. Are you having to put a lot of rules, policies and procedures in place?

Perception Is All That Matters for Your Sales

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Sales Airlines business communication crisis customer negotiating perception policies service social media speaker training United videoEvery business speaker, blogger, podcaster, columnist, and comedian owes a huge debt of gratitude to United Airlines.

How to Kill Social Selling at Your Company

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However, company policies against social media are hampering many a sales team. I’ll explain the first component, Policy. I even provide a sample Social Media Policy for Sales. Policy – It all starts here. The Policy Problem. A Social Media Policy for Sales.

It's OK for Salespeople to Lie When This Happens

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His business was ruined - not because he is a Trump Supporter - he isn't - but because he was in a picture with Trump and people assume that he supported Trump's policies for healthcare. Image Copyright iStock Photos. This new world we're all living in is getting downright scary.

Misalignment Continues to Be the True Foil Impeding Organizational Success

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As someone who avoids airline travel like the plague because of the hassle, it has been a long time since I actually read the policies stated when purchasing an airline ticket. Yet it is my current understanding, the policies do state that all seats are subject to certain conditions and passengers must follow the requests of airline employees. Yes, the passenger was at fault for not following the policies of the purchased airline ticket.

Executive Coaching Helps New Leaders Succeed

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I provide executive coaching for leaders in their first 90 days as both an insurance policy and a way of doubling down on your investment. Providing them access to an executive coach in their first 90 days is like buying an insurance policy.

Lazy Salespeople and LinkedIn

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Beyond being a violation of LinkedIn policy, this action demonstrated how many lazy salespeople still exist. A colleague, David Brock , made an update posting on LinkedIn sharing his frustration about people using company profiles wanting to connect with him. Then if he did accept, the next action would be a sales pitch. Note: Only a person not a company can send a LinkedIn invitation.). Lazy Salespeople and LinkedIn Invitations.

To Engage or Not to Engage, that Is the LinkedIn Quandary

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Since LinkedIn changed its groups policies, these engagements are overwhelmingly from update posts. LinkedIn for B2B professionals does matter. For the last few years I have been conducting my own private research and learned, at least for me, the top 5 reasons why people ask to be connected. #1 1 Engagement. The super majority of people (nearly 60%) send me invitations because I have engaged with them or with one of their connections.

Eating Workplace Culture One Bite at a Time – Part 09

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The shift is younger employees within the workplace culture want to be involved in setting the policies and being part of that overall process. This involvement extends to understanding the specifics of any pro-environment policies.

Maximize profitability – sell value and manage price expectations

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This is not a training issue – it is a policy issue. The senior sales leadership needs to establish policies that relate pricing to customer value and the cost of doing business. And, requests for pricing exception must be managed, as a policy change issue not a price discounting issue.

Values Are Never Gray

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Respect for policies. Values or business ethics are in the news a lot these days from Whole Foods actually selling products with GMOs to the pizzeria in Indiana that was asked a hypothetical question.

Top Sales Lead Management Mishaps


If you’re like many sales organizations, you have a lead follow-up policy in place—one designed to yield optimal results and shorten the distance from lead to conversion. Businesses spend billions to attract ready buyers, generating a vast number of leads.

A B2C Buying Trend That Will Impact B2B

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Who can beat the 365 day return policy blasted on their home page? In addition, a 365 day return policy lessens any purchase decision concerns. Amazon, the king of B2C is invading B2B. The world’s #1 B2C e-commerce site is crossing over to B2B.

B2C 101

What Defines a Truly Great Sales Manager?

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Selling’ Company Policies. Knowledge of Policies. Have a complete understanding of company policies and procedures. Management, and particularly sales management, operates on and obtains its results from the staff that are managed.

6 Steps to Improve ROI of your Mortgage Email Marketing


To succeed at email marketing, lenders need to monitor the activities of their sales teams and have policies and procedures in place to act as an insurance policy against loan officers “going rogue” on email. Email is a powerful sales and marketing tool.

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The Importance of Building a Shared Mental Model

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Guiding principles are the consequence of a mission statement that are intended to inform or shape all subsequent decision-making, which also provides normative criteria allowing policy-makers to accept, reject or modify policy interventions and activities. One of the most important responsibilities of a sales leader is to translate the organization’s vision, mission and values into a meaningful context that sales teams can relate to and feel excited by.

8 Questions Sales Managers Have To Regularly Ask Themselves

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Privacy Policy. It’s not easy these days managing a sales team. There’s the external pressures of competition, legislation changes, the economy, client expectations, product development and the like, along with the internal concerns of salesperson morale, budgets, target-setting, product quality and many other things that can affect performance. So, what should sales managers concentrate on to still maintain some kind of control and bring about results that they are responsible for?

How to Deal With the Consummate Complainer

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Have a complainer on your team who likes wasting time discussing quota, compensation, policy and procedures that you, as the manager, have little or no control over? It could be a change in quota, policy or procedure that your direct report is not happy about.

What Makes a Successful Sales Team?

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Guiding principles are the consequence of a mission statement that are intended to inform or shape all subsequent decision-making, which also provides normative criteria allowing policy-makers to accept, reject or modify policy interventions and activities.

Power, Politics, and Benchmarking Influence Strategy in 2013

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The COO’s policy required both Sales and Ops VPs in regions to approve large commissions. The COO and CSO believe their policies ensure Sales/Ops collaboration. In reality, field managers use “policy” to obstruct deals they don’t agree with.

What Happened to Permission Based Marketing?

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” My sense it is a feel good action for the person unsubscribing and possibly may meet some marketing association or government policies. Each day in my email inbox, I receive many unsolicited emails from SMBs and organizations that do not interest me. These entities obviously ignore permission based marketing and rely on buying lists from other unethical firms. When I first started developing my email lists over 10 years ago, I signed up with AWeber.

Do We Really Need Sales Managers?

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Guiding principles are the consequence of a mission statement that are intended to inform or shape all subsequent decision-making, which also provides normative criteria allowing policy-makers to accept, reject or modify policy interventions and activities. Short answer?

7 Tips to Increase Inbound Sales Leads for Your Small Business

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Policies and procedures – Mobility may present some internal challenges specific to employees’ behaviors. This is where having the necessary policies and clearly articulated procedures for best practices is essential.

Mo’ Adjustments, Mo’ Problems – and Mo’ Sales Comp Admins Won’t Solve Them


At least three months prior to the new year, finance teams slave over intricate details and policies for sales incentive plans to make for a smoother payroll cycle next year. If that ratio sounds like an impossible dream for your organization, consider the following fundamentals for creating an exceptions policy to get manual adjustments under control: Gain an Executive Sponsor for the Effort. The same goes for exception policies. Solidify (or create) your exceptions policy.

VIDEO SALES TIP: Are You Freaked Out by NOT Discounting?

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A better approach is a policy of NO discounting. That’s right… make it a policy that you don’t offer a discount. Have you come to believe you can only sell if you offer a discount? That’s crazy. You need to stop relying upon the discount.

How High-Growth Companies Buy Leads


Understand the policy for duplicate leads going into a relationship with a new lead provider and agree on an efficient process for reporting duplicates. Leads are expensive! Naturally, companies only want to invest in lead generation channels that yield higher returns.

How Top Sales VPs Improve Their Talent

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Our internal HR policies won’t let me hire and fire the people I need. I don’t have the talent on my team to make the number. This is the top complaint we hear from Sales Leaders. Many of them are right. Attracting and keeping top talent is a highly competitive battleground.

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Activity Based Planning Leads to More Consistent Results – Fact!

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It is also a symptom that the organization has got itself into a rut or a ‘comfort zone’ that the communication of policy is poor, that management is not controlling the work, or that people lack the confidence to tackle new areas (or a combination of all of them). Although the debate has been raging since someone first sold something to someone else, it is my personal belief that selling is both an art and a science.

What Is Sales Without Relationships?

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Try a “No Toys at the Table” policy for sales reps. When did it become the norm to answer the phone during dinner or to check email while having a conversation? We’re so wired for 24/7 connectivity that we have developed FOMO —fear of missing out.

[Message to Management]: 4 Tips to Inspire Confidence in Your Leadership Abilities

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I worked for a boss who said he had an “open door policy.” Here’s how to ensure your team believes in you. Salespeople must have confidence. How often have you heard that?

Drive sales innovation by bottom up entrepreneurialism

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Pull: Implement clear incentive policies that offer appropriate rewards for idea generation, not just successful implementation. Drive sales innovation.

Marriage Of Sales Management And Human Resources

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Many companies struggle with getting their departments to work together, as priorities within these sections may trump policies that will benefit the entire business. Read full story → Sales Management

The Old Adage of Bad Press Being Good Press Has Changed

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For some small businesses, their insurance policies may cover attorney’s fees for filing the court order to actually filing a formal lawsuit. How many times have small business owners heard even bad press is good press?

Are Your New Reps Prepared for the Real World?

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However, much of this training is wasted on corporate policies and internal systems training. Your company is growing quickly. You have an aggressive number for the year. The only way to make it is to hire more heads. But you’re worried: How long will it take for them to be Customer ready?

If You Follow the Lead Cow, You Will Step in the Mess That’s Left Behind


Sales Management: Create a 100% sales lead follow-up policy for the salespeople. Initiate a locked-down, rock-solid, no-exceptions lead follow-up policy. Sales Management: If you can’t execute a 100% sales lead follow-up policy by your own sales channel, hire someone to do it. James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint.

6 Top Reasons Sales Leaders are Scared of Social Selling

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You may not even have a company policy on social media. Trust is the name of the game in sales. 84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral. You are the SVP of Sales at your company. Consider this scenario: you need a new personal financial advisor.