Honesty Is The Best (Sales) Policy

The Sales Heretic

Recently, a woman called me, stated that she was taking a survey and started to ask me questions. Without asking for my permission, by the way.) After the third question, it was obvious where this “survey” was going, so I cut to the chase. “Is Is this a sales call?” I asked. “No No sir. I’m just [.]. Sales call honesty integrity prospect script

Why Companies Create Stupid Policies

A Sales Guy

So, why do companies make stupid policies like this? These policies CLEARLY aren’t aimed at customer service. Policies like this provide NO intrinsic or measurable customer value. So, why do companies create stupid policies like this? They do it because they lack the creativity and innovation to come up with policies that improve revenue and profit while AT THE SAME TIME enhancing the customer experience. I was scheduled to meet a client last week.


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How to Develop a Corporate Social Media Policy


Do I need a corporate social media policy? A corporate social media policy. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a corporate social media policy is an agreement signed by employers and employees to govern certain aspects of social media use. Here’s what a good social media policy can accomplish: Mitigate legal risk. A social media policy gives employers the opportunity to set clear guidelines for employees. Ready to create your own social media policy?

6 Rules for an Effective “No Negotiation” Policy

The Sales Hunter

Does your company have a “No Negotiation” policy when it comes to sales? Once the policy is implemented, there are six rules to follow. If you don’t adhere to them in the first few weeks after the policy is established, then there is little chance the policy will work. Management supports the policy 100 percent. Management and Sales team must support each other to make the policy work.

In the Race to Win More Customers, Sales Needs Digital Transformation

letters (25%) and policies and procedures (28%). 1 Online: getconga.com | Twitter: @getconga WHITE PAPER | THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE STATE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WHITE PAPER THE CONGA SURVEY: INSIGHTS ON THE.

Jumpstart Your Remote Work Policy With Quick Templates and Resources


This post includes a range of resources from templates for documenting a new remote work policy to tips on how to feel less isolated while working from home. If you are in the midst of a transition to remote work, we're here to help.

Bad Corporate Policies

Engage Selling

Have you ever come across a corporate policy so ridiculous that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth? It’s even more frustrating when this new policy or rule doesn’t seem to serve any significant purpose. Observations from the real World Colleen Francis Company Policies Customer Experiences Customer Relations Engage Selling Solutions Back in 2012, Chris and I were booked at the Fairmont Sonoma on a summer package that I purchased […].

Salesforce Field History Retention Policy: What It Means and Why You Should Care


But starting this spring, Salesforce will start enforcing a policy that limits client access to their Field History data that is older than 18 months. So, what data is being impacted by the policy? Although your OpportunityHistory data will not be impacted by this policy change, many Salesforce customers add custom fields to their Opportunities. The OpportuityFieldHistory data will be limited to 18 months per the Salesforce policy change. .

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Engage Selling

As salespeople, we spend many hours investing in our own knowledge. Workshops, conferences, coaching, books…the list goes on! The best sellers are always looking for new ways to increase their knowledge and expose themselves to new information. This is such an essential key for massive success in sales, but it won’t do you any good […].

Work-From-Home Policies Require Effective Communication


The extended stay-at-home and work-from-home policies most businesses are operating under due to the COVID-19 pandemic will permanently change some aspects of our working world.

Work-From-Home Policies Require Effective Communication


The extended stay-at-home and work-from-home policies most businesses are operating under due to the COVID-19 pandemic will permanently change some aspects of our working world.

Handling the “No Name” Policy When Cold Calling: Part I – How to Get A Name

MTD Sales Training

In the following three articles, I will give you some extremely powerful and effective ways to deal with the no-name policy situation. Handling the “No Name” Policy When Cold Calling Part II – What to Do with the Name. The post Handling the “No Name” Policy When Cold Calling: Part I – How to Get A Name appeared first on MTD Sales Training. Cold Calling Technique cold calling how to handle the no name policy prospecting tips

Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part III – When You Have No Info

MTD Sales Training

The post Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part III – When You Have No Info appeared first on MTD Sales Training. Cold Calling Technique cold calling how to handle the no name policy Telephone prospectingIf you have missed Parts I and II of this series, it is a good idea to check them out now—it’s good stuff! Continuing though, when calling that company when you have no name and the gatekeeper (GK) refuses to give you a name or connect you without one.

Beyond Lip Service: Attracting Women in Sales with Policies that [Really] Support Their Success

Sales Hacker

It’s easy to sit in front of a female sales job candidate and tell her that your company is a great place for her to work, but do your workplace policies actually support that rhetoric? Many companies are operating on outdated policies and procedures that might not include any support for gender-equality practices. They want to see actual policies that govern the operation in multiple areas, from office culture, to advancement, to pay. Family Leave Policy.

How Will You Sell With A Restrictive US Privacy Policy Act?


Since the year 2000, we’ve witnessed the rapid evolution of new technologies, government policies and global economies that have had a serious impact on how companies do business today. One of the big challenges that has hit the sales community since 2014 has been the “New Privacy Era,” we are entering into with Canada, Europe leading the way, and likely soon the US will be implementing various privacy policies that affect sales reps, and how they communicate with buyers.

Got a SOGOP Policy or do You Wish and Hope and Waste Time?

Babette Ten Haken

I developed a SOGOP Policy for a variety of reasons. The never-ending futility of that business scenario catalyzed me to create my SOGOP Policy. My SOGOP Policy focused me then, and still focuses me now, on assessing whether potential (and some current) clients are stringing me along with the promise of future work. When things start to sound too good to be true, that is my trigger to leverage my SOGOP Policy. And this is an important quality of my SOGOP Policy.

6 Ways to Make Change Management Less Excruciating

SBI Growth

To say that change is difficult is an understatement. It explains why some of us are still proudly wearing the hole-ridden t-shirt they’ve had since college (guilty as charged). In a work environment, change is even harder. Especially when you’re.

When No-Travel Policies Get in the Way of Sales Kick-off


A no-travel policy is enforced or perhaps executive management makes the call. The post When No-Travel Policies Get in the Way of Sales Kick-off appeared first on MindTickle. Kick Off Productive Sales Bootcamps, Events and QBRs with Virtual Strategies.

The Importance of Price Governance in Capturing Enterprise Value

SBI Growth

Article Corporate Strategy Pricing Strategy administration board ceo committees corporate decision making diffuse directors ethics executives fiscal duress governance mission policy pricing responsibility rules staff

Privacy Policies: 5 Questions Channel Partners Should Be Asking to Avoid Disaster


This wave of new laws, recent high-profile privacy incidents, and increasing regulatory scrutiny are driving companies to make significant changes to their privacy policies to comply with these requirements, protect their brands, better serve and meet the expectations of their customers, and avoid the potential of significant fines. The post Privacy Policies: 5 Questions Channel Partners Should Be Asking to Avoid Disaster appeared first on Partner Relationship Management Software (PRM).

Company Policy and the other Company Policy

A Sales Guy

This particular time, the Subway sandwich artist (as they were once called in an old marketing campaign) told me he it was against company policy to make a footlong that way and he would have to charge me for two 6 inch subs. ” The brilliant sandwich artist replied with a brilliant answer, “You are asking me to break company policy. For most companies, there are two types of policy’s. The second company policy is all the stuff in the corporate handbook.

Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part II – What to Do with A Name

MTD Sales Training

Handling the “No Name” Policy When Cold Calling: Part III – When You have No Info. The post Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part II – What to Do with A Name appeared first on MTD Sales Training. In Part I, I explained a few ways to find the name of someone in your prospective company. Now, let us see how you can use that name to reach your decision maker (DM). If you were unable to find the name of someone in the company, don’t worry.

Perception Is All That Matters for Your Sales

The Sales Heretic

Sales Airlines business communication crisis customer negotiating perception policies service social media speaker training United videoEvery business speaker, blogger, podcaster, columnist, and comedian owes a huge debt of gratitude to United Airlines. In forcibly dragging a paying customer off an overbooked plane at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, United has given us all great content to use on stage, in print, and online. And they’ve given us an incredible amount of content [.].

Cold Calling When You Don’t Know Who To Call

MTD Sales Training

Cold Calling Technique cold calling how to handle the no name policy tips on cold callingCold calling is difficult enough, but when you do not have any information, when you do not know the name of the decision maker (DM), it is even harder. Below is one way to make your job a little. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Risk Quick Analysis

Nyden on Negotiation

It could be a new risk profile due to market constraints, a new law, or a new corporate policy. If you have a risk that needs to be addressed in a contract, use these three questions to help you get a handle on it.

What security policies do you support with the Alinean sales / marketing tool service / delivery?

The ROI Guy

Green IT security policies SaaS Pisello AlineanAlinean provides a highly secure software-as-a-service platform. Alinean engages an independent security firm to conduct regular audits to ensure Alinean’s environment complies with security standards aligned with the highest industry standards such as SAS70, PCI, and ISO/IEC 27002. Our digital security includes: · Identity and Access – XcelLive provides roles based security and require passwords meeting minimum security criteria.

3 Priorities of Focus For Sales Transformation

Smart Selling Tools

Teams looking to transform sales organizations need to invest the time to define and enforce policies for data entry and data lifecycle within CRM. Focus on the process and policies that you want to enable before picking a tool. We have seen success for organizations that take the time to define process and policies before jumping into tools. Enforce sales policies consistently across the organizations, resulting in cleaner data and better decision making.

Principles, Not Policies Drive Performance Effectiveness

Partners in Excellence

It starts out harmlessly, some policies, some rules. “Please comply with the following procedures… ” We’ve all seen them. Don’t get me wrong, rules and policies have their place. We can never establish the rules, policies and procedures that cover everything we face in our work environment. We can never establish the policies that cover every possible situation, with every customers. Principles or the policies?

Sales Insurance Policies For Your Time, Ability, and Closing Your Next Deal

Sales Gravy

We all take measures to make sure our homes, cars, lives, jewelry, and even appliances are insured, and if we pay money to insure those items in our life, what would it be worth to you if you could have insurance on your time, your ability to persist

Full Armor's Policy Portal: First Core Infrastructure Optimization Solution via Cloud

The ROI Guy

A new solution has been introduced that promises to change the way organizations implement and manage their core infrastructure via Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform. FullArmor’s PolicyPortal, running on Microsoft Azure, can help organization achieve infrastructure optimization leveraging the assets already in place, and without having to invest in incremental management infrastructure, training, labor or services.

Press Release: Alinean Completes SSAE 16 SOC 1 Audit

The ROI Guy

SSAE-16 security policies Security Assessment Pisello AlineanSecurity, governance and compliance tested and audited by independent accounting firm [link].

The Remote Work Rundown: Powered by ZoomInfo


We help users track key factors when looking at company policies: Who can work remotely: Many businesses are specific when it comes to who can work from home. Many candidates in the job market are looking for companies that have flexible working policies.

Sales Managers Can Help or Hurt, It's Up to Them.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Managers/Owners can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions. More sales are lost through poor sales management than through poor salesmanship. What's makes a great sales manager? Leadership

VIDEO SALES TIP: Are You Freaked Out by NOT Discounting?

The Sales Hunter

A better approach is a policy of NO discounting. That’s right… make it a policy that you don’t offer a discount. Have you come to believe you can only sell if you offer a discount? That’s crazy. You need to stop relying upon the discount. What?! You don’t need to be freaked out about […]. Blog pricing Professional Selling Skills discount discounting price

How to Kill Social Selling at Your Company

SBI Growth

However, company policies against social media are hampering many a sales team. I’ll explain the first component, Policy. I even provide a sample Social Media Policy for Sales. Policy – It all starts here. Without a policy to govern social media use, expect problems and inconsistencies. HR Business Partners to sales should help drive the creation of a policy. The Policy Problem. He asked HR leaders there about social media policies.

Common Reasons Why Insurers Deny Life Insurance Claims

Sales Pop!

The beneficiary has the right to file a claim with the company, as the insurance policy owner paid premiums in exchange for the insurance company’s promise to pay out a certain sum of money to the beneficiaries.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Self-Storage Facility Insurance Plan


The best practice to get self-storage insurance is to know all the nitty-gritty of their policies. When you sign up for the tenancy contract, ask the service provider questions that can help provide information about their insurance policies. What are the rules of the insurance policy?

How do we protect the IP within the Alinean-powered sales / marketing tools?

The ROI Guy

security policies SaaS Pisello Alinean XcelLiveAccess to the Alinean-powered sales / marketing tools can be restricted to specific registered users and domains. A full identity and access management system and administration console is provided to automatically control access options and rights.

Why Do Insurers Struggle to Create Personalized Letter Correspondence?


policies, contracts and billings) under control, most find the dynamic, ad hoc nature of letter correspondence to be difficult to tame, especially when delivering personalized content in real time across a multitude of channels.

Sales Scrum Episode #25 – Guest Jason Helfenbaum

The Pipeline

These solutions have ranged from sales training and behavior modification to tech and policies/procedures and all points in between. Sales Scrum Episode #25 – Guest Jason Helfenbaum. Jason Helfenbaum is the owner of ClicKnowledge, a training, and development company.