Equity vs. Salary: Why the First Deal You Close Needs to Be Your Own

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When negotiating compensation at a startup, it’s common for employers to offer smaller salaries in favor of a larger percentage of shares in the company. Sales compensation is a tough subject for most sales development reps and account executives.

Discussing Salary at Job Interviews

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Blog Home < Discussing Salary at Job Interviews… Sales & Management Tips. Discussing Salary at Job Interviews. Salary can be a sensitive subject, no matter who brings it up first in a job interview. The interviewer’s trying to cut to the chase and see if you, the candidate, will disqualify yourself, either by asking for too much money, or for so little that they will wonder why you’re willing to settle for a smaller salary; are you damaged goods?

Get Your ‘C’ Players Jobs with Your Competitors

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Trade Marketing Manager: Definition, Job Description, Salary, and More


Everyone knows about consumer marketing, but how are those companies getting those products in front of consumers in the first place? This is where trade marketing comes in. Trade marketing managers are the first line of sales, making products appealing to the distributors, brokers, and retailers in charge of selling them to consumers. Here's everything you need to know about the role of trade marketing manager: Field Marketing

Product Demonstrator: Definition, Job Description, Salary, and More


Wondering how to become a product demonstrator? First, you must read up on the role and responsibilities of the job. Though product demonstrators have been around since the invention of the wheel, the role has continuously evolved over time. Today, successful demonstrations demand an individual who is committed to learning, mastering, and sharing a product with others. In this article, we will go over the basics of what a product demonstrator does and how to land a job in the field.

How to Change a Crappy Sales Compensation Plan to a Better One

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Let's take John, who is being paid a $75,000 base salary and earns commissions of 10% on the revenue generated in the territory. Image Copyright 123RF Stock Photo. Nearly every company gets to the point where they must realign territories, accounts or roles.

2018 Sales Compensation Planning

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For a quick CoS ratio, simply take an individual’s salary plus commissions earned at 100 percent of quota and potential bonus opportunities, then divide by that person’s revenues to obtain the percentage. Another option involves offering higher base salaries and lower commissions.

What Determines Cost Per Lead


Even in the best case scenario, you only have two options for reducing the cost of a lead: Reduce the base salary for the individual creating the leads from $50,000 to $28,000. The reality is that when you factor in everything—salaries, touches needed, lead rate, contacts required—good quality leads cost what they cost. How much should a lead cost? Understanding what goes into generating a high-quality B2B lead helps you determine whether you're getting a good deal.

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SaaS Sales: The Ultimate Guide

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SaaS Sales Salary. 3) SaaS Sales Salary. What is the Average SaaS Sales Rep's Salary? The average base salary for a SaaS salesperson is $51,040. Workplace hub Glassdoor calculated the average base salary for a SaaS specialist to be between $34,613 and $53,000.

The Scientific Approach To Setting Sales Goals For Your Sales Development Team

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If your AEs are willing to spend half their time sourcing deals and can self-source 40% of their pipeline, maybe a 1:1 SDR to AE ratio is fine, but then remember that when you consider the salary of that AE, you should assign a significant portion to Sales Development and not Sales.

Do You Truly Love Sales?

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Many who sell want an annual salary and fear the commission only position. Everyone is in sales. Mothers sell eating healthy to their children. Teachers sell learning to their students. Business owners sell their vision to their customers both internal and external.

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Doctor or Salesperson – Which Would You Rather Be?

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Saw these average salaries quoted in USA Today last week: Physicians are the highest paid salaried employees in the U.S.: 187,876 a year. Pharmacy managers are second at $149,064 per year. Third are patent attorneys at $139,272. Fourth are medical science liaisons at $132,842.

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Lost Profits and Wasted Time

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20,000 Salary. 30,000 Salary. 60,000 Salary. 100,000 Salary. Years ago some people in business viewed efficiency experts with apprehension.

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Hire Slow but Fire Fast

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Salary: $250,000. Severance: 6 month’s salary. Don’t hire the wrong sales leader. The pain this causes the CEO is severe. The smartest CEOs I know use a tool called The Bad Hire Cost Estimator. Go here to get a template.

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Sales People Are The Extreme Athletes Of The Business World

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Salespeople risk 50%, 60%, 70% and sometimes 100% of their salary in their job. I have nothing but love and respect for salespeople. You guys are the extreme athletes of the business world. You don’t get paid until you sell something.

Hiding Your Lighted Sales Prospects Under a Bushel Basket Are You?

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A good CRM like Pipeliner CRM works with SMB firms as it does not require a CRM administrator saving the SMB thousands of dollars in salary and benefits. Salespeople invest a lot of time lighting up sales prospects and yet it appears many are hiding those sales leads.

Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship [FAQ]

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A successful intrapreneur is hugely valuable to their employer, which means they receive high salaries, tons of benefits and perks, and leverage. Intrapreneurship definition. An intrapreneur works at a large company but acts like the leader of a startup.

How to Apply For and Get a Better Paying Job (Part One)

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Furthermore, these six figure earners are much better at applying for and landing better paying jobs and are far more inclined to negotiate better salaries and over all commission plans than their peers (says a study by PayScale.com).

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Sales Compensation: The Ultimate Guide

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Salary only. Salary only. With a salary-only structure, you decide ahead of time how much you’ll pay your salespeople. If they sell nothing in a month, their salary is zero. Base salary plus commission. Reps receive a fixed yearly base salary, as well as commission.

Which of Your CIO Prospects Makes the Most Money?

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Unfortunately, while CEOs’ and CFOs’ salaries are almost always disclosed by Fortune 500 companies, a majority do not share this information for their CIOs. As cybersecurity concerns intensify across the globe, CIOs have become increasingly visible and valuable.

A Different Look at Sales Compensation

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan The pros and cons of both commission-based sales positions and salaried positions have been well-documented, so we won't be discussing that in this article. With a salaried position, salespeople are essentially on a fixed income - perhaps a more attractive fixed income than a retiree, but fixed none the less. This is the world of the salaried salesperson.

Is the Commission – Quota Sales Model Dead?

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I’m not so sure that salary only programs even work. These same salespeople are quota and commission driven even if they do have a base salary. I get that salespeople these days want, and expect, a base salary in addition to incentives. Salary only? Commission reps will always make more than salaried or salary plus because they are sharing the risk. It had a generous salary as well as generous incentives.

The 5 Most Highly Paid Sales Jobs of 2017

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Sales engineers - $100,000 average salary. Computer systems design and related services was not far behind, with a median salary of $111,090. Are the salaries above still not cutting it? Frustrated by all the work you're doing for a paycheck that barely covers the bills?

Eating Workplace Culture One Bite at a Time- Part 06

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In the 21st century, human resource management has evolved past just the collection of employment data, monitoring salaries and benefits to truly developing human capital. Annual Salary*. Based on average salary of $25,000.

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Which Type of Sales Job Is Right for You?

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Sales compensation ranges from zero-commission (retail salespeople, for example) to pure commission (your salary is completely determined by performance.) The average national salary for this role is around $48,097, according to Glassdoor.

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22 Things We Learned About the Sales Industry in 2017

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The average base salary for inside sales AEs in the United States and Europe was $42,833 with an average on-target-earnings (OTE) of $96,299. And SDR Salaries Aren’t Bad Either.

Inside vs. Outside Sales: How to Structure a Sales Team for Success

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Our study revealed the average base salary for inside sales account executives in the US is $42,833 with average on-target earnings (OTE) of $96,299. Often, sales leaders believe outside reps bring more experience to a role, so they demand a higher base salary. Inside vs. Outside Sales.

Are Your Sales Reps Cold Calling? They Should NOT!

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It is difficult and costly to bring in a bunch of internal SDR’s of whom you have to pay a salary, incentives, and benefits to. You may have sales reps or account executives that are responsible for closing business.

8 Components of Effective Sales Strategy


Salary heavy versus incentive heavy compensation plans. Five methods should be considered when a business decides how it will financially compensate the members of the sales team for their role in generating sales: Salary only. Salary plus commission. Salary plus bonus. What would your company look like if your salespeople were totally in sync and performing well as a team? You’d be experiencing what I call “smooth selling.”

Executive Coaching Helps New Leaders Succeed

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If they have recruited them from the outside, the recruiting company will be paid 20%+ of their salary. Executive coaching helps make the difference between the success or failure of a new leader. Have you recently promoted or hire a new Director or VP?

The Strategic Account Manager – How do you Compensate This Critical Role?


Total Target Cash Compensation includes both the base salary and sales compensation components and excludes benefits, contests/SPIFs, and other recognition occurrences. We also took a look at pay mix, which splits TTCC into two components: base salary and target incentive amount.

Don’t Blow It: 5 Steps to Making Your First Sales Hire

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Compensation: Allocate an appropriate salary and include variable compensation based on their performance metrics. If you find a great candidate but they want a larger salary than you’re offering, be honest with them -- and your own team -- about whether you can and should make an exception.

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The US vs THEM SMB Sales Mindset

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Since in many instances, the salespeople are the greater salary earners, there is a resentment by some of the non-sales employees. Even the inside salespeople would sometimes engage in this gossip because they had salary resentment.

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10 Accurate Memes That Show the Struggle of Working in Sales

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The problem is when you don’t earn commission and are left with a low salary. It’s no secret, working in sales is hard. I’m not suggesting it’s any more difficult than other careers out there, but it comes with its own unique challenges.

How Tesla Is Threatening An American Sales Tradition

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It offers the following advantages: To acquire a Sales Force without incurring a massive salary expense. Sales reps could be paid on salary instead of commissions. Most Americans don’t like negotiating over a price.

2 Ways to Dominate 2014 on Your Current Budget

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It will also help you save the money from their salary. You can then allocate that salary money to other projects. You successfully save 5 months of underperforming sales rep salary. You can allocate those 5 months of salary into your new project.

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Get Sales Compensation Right to Recruit Winning Salespeople

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True or False: Base salary is usually more important than % of commission. That''s why I always ask candidates to provide me with an earnings history broken down by salary and commission (and bonus if applicable).

Why Marketing Management Must Master Deep Digital Analytics


You may also like: Salary: Digital Marketing Manager: Salary.com, PayScale and glassdoor. “But why,” she asked, “do I need to master deep digital analytics? I have people to do that and we get website stats. We know geo distribution, client and platform by user.”. It wasn’t an easy conversation. The director of marketing, 20 years into her career, was confronted with a bewildering cornucopia of reports, making her heretofore creative life difficult.

11 Inspiring Movies for Entrepreneurs

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What would you do if you had to win the World Series with the lowest salary bill in baseball? Entrepreneurs and successful salespeople have almost unlimited chances to enhance their skills and abilities.

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Message to Management: Are You Losing Your Top Talent?

No More Cold Calling

times that person’s salary plus benefits. If your sales reps are overwhelmed, they might decide the job’s not worth the stress. The job of sales reps is to sell—to maintain strong sales pipelines and spend their time talking to clients.

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