Without Call-Backs, Your Lead Gen Is Dead in the Water

No More Cold Calling

Here’s how to generate leads and get call-backs. Their KPIs are linked to the number of cold calls they make, emails they send, and contacts they have on social media. When they don’t get one, they continue to badger people with emails and cold calls.

Get a Call Back This Week for Halloween

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Have all your calls and emails to your potential buyer not been returned by them? Have you had one conversation and perhaps some interest – then you call back and drop a few emails and get no reply?

The Proper Way to Set a Call Back

Mr. Inside Sales

closing call. Because of that, it’s often necessary to set a call back to continue the conversation. Like most parts of a sale, the call back is one of those recurring situations that you, or your sales team, will find yourself in countless times a day or week.

Get a Call Back This Week for Halloween

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Have all your calls and emails to your potential buyer not been returned by them? Have you had one conversation and perhaps some interest – then you call back and drop a few emails and get no reply?

2 Reason To Always Leave Voice Mail – and Get Called Back – Sales eXecution 285

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Given that we are sitting in sub-zero temps in the north east, -25 C in Toronto, any call you’re going to make today is going to be a cold call. Our buyer are struggling to pack 16 or more hours in to a 10 hour day, and taking bad calls from bad sales people is not on the list.

Call Before 8 AM or After 5 PM to Get Past a Gatekeeper

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I’ve been exploring 10 Ways to Get Past Gatekeepers When Prospecting on the Phone, and today we are at number 3: Call back before 8 AM or after 5 PM. Most gatekeepers work traditional hours, so calling either before 8 or after 5 may allow somebody else to answer the phone.

Should I Leave a Voicemail When Prospecting?

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The argument people say is nobody listens to them, and even if they do, they never call back anyway, so it’s a waste of time. I get asked this question all the time. There are a lot of reasons I don’t agree with that, and they’re spelled out in my book, but one that […]. Blog Phone Sales Tips Professional Selling Skills Prospecting phone phone skills prospecting sales prospecting

A Powerful Tip For Following Up On Literature

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The cold call went so well, you wished it were recorded so you all of your peers could hear. The prospect sounded glad you called, and seems anxious to receive your information package. However, when you call back, it sounds like you are talking to a totally different person. Suddenly, the prospect became defensive and

VIDEO SALES TIP: Voicemail and Your Sales Success

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Think how often you call a prospect or customer and reach their voicemail. Do you ever wonder if you should leave a message — or if you should just call back another time? What you decide in that moment can dramatically impact your sales success.

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Did You Get My Voice Mail?

The Pipeline

Yesterday I got a call about a piece I wrote for Radius titled: Get More Call Backs: How To Increase Returned Voicemails By 50%. Let’s face it, the reason most people want you to “leave a detailed message”, is so they can know exactly why not to call you back, and they don’t.

Can't Close the Sale? Whose Fault is It?

Jeffrey Gitomer

Why don't you call back in two weeks?". "We We haven't had a chance to discuss it, call back in three days?". Are you blaming the prospect when you can't close? Are you telling the boss it's the prospect's fault that you can't set an appointment, or they won't order now?

How to Leave Voicemails that Generate Results


Did it take more than one or two phone calls, emails and texts to settle on a date, time and venue? Done right, you can expect that 20 – 40% of the leads you generate to be the result of a call back or email reply. A wise person once asked: How many return calls do you get when you don’t leave a voicemail? How will the prospect benefit from calling you back? Messages like: “It is important that you call me back immediately” will fail.

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3 Reasons Your Voice Mails Fail

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Voice mail is not going away, mostly because people will have to answer their phones rather than being able to screen calls and preserve their time and sanity for things other than bad prospecting calls. Again, One Singular Purpose: get a call back!

The Proper Way to Follow Up on a Lead

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And one of the most recurring situations is calling back prospects three or four months later. I was listening to a recording of a client making call backs to prospects, and he opened his call this way: “Just following up with you.

How to Increase Your Closing Percentage

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It’s no wonder most sales people go home exhausted at the end of the week and are discouraged when they come into work on Monday and look at their list of prospects to call back…. Let me ask you a question: Do all of your leads end up buying? Of course not.

Why Set Out For 2nd Prize?

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C. The prospect hasn’t had a chance to read, but will, and asks you to call in a week. But it is also true that that should be what you settle for, not your intent going into the call. By Tibor Shanto - tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

Call Reluctance is Just as Popular as Ever!

Understanding the Sales Force

Last week I wrote an Article for LinkedIn Pulse that explored some of the statistics related to Call Reluctance. Many might think that Call Reluctance is a malady that occurred back when salespeople did their own dialing and had to book their own appointments.

How to Connect with a Disconnected Customer

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

Intrigue Equals Value By generating intrigue, you encourage your prospect to call back Read More. We’ve all faced this challenge on how to connect with a disconnected customer.

In Online Sales, Time Waits for No One

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This report by B2B Behavior highlighted these three (3) online sales behaviors: Response time is critical – Call within 5 seconds of securing a sales lead increase qualifying that lead 29% higher than waiting for 5 minutes. Called back after several days.

3 Voicemails That Will Stop a Deal Dead in its Tracks

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Follow these strategies and you might see a 30% increase in call-backs, just like my team did. And believe me, if you’re calling their cell, your prospect is paying attention to the length of your voicemail. Game me call beck when you have timmy. “.

What To Do When Your Salespeople Hit a Sales Slump

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A client has been with you every month for the past 6 months, but then calls you up and says they need to take the next couple of months off. The appointment you have been working so hard to set tells you to call back in 6 months. Slumps happen to everyone.

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Successful Voice Mails are like Bikinis! – Sales eXecution 309

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With that in mind, I’d like to use a perspective I learned some time back from someone in finance. They want to know exactly why NOT to call you back. Detail leads to no call back. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca .

Voice Mail Week Part III – The Technique and why It Works! (#video)

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In Part I and Part II of this trilogy we looked at context, and how there is more to voice mail than just the message and getting a call back. I suspect that there will be push back again, and I invite the challenges and feedback of all quality from all sources.

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Are You Saying the Right Things?


Even though buyers do not always call back, they are usually listening. As the salesperson attempts to connect with the buyer through a sequence of voicemails and emails, the salesperson should treat the process like a dialogue.

Do you Want to Succeed in Sales? Are you Fanatical About Success?

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The 5 C’s of Social Selling and how to use them to get prospects to start calling you. How to double call backs with a powerful voice mail technique. Break free from the fear and frustration that’s holding you back.

Phone Prospecting – Cool and Not Cool

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It is not about striking a relationship that you hope will lead to something, that’s called dating; anyway, who says they can’t buy from you before you form a real relationship; who says there needs to be a whole lotta clicking, liking, and retweeting before you can engage?

6 Things Good Lead Generation Vendors Do Right (That You May Be Doing Wrong)


One side argues that you should just pick up the telephone and make the call. I maintain that calling in “cold” is unnecessary and unproductive. Why else would I, someone in the lead generation business, get multiple calls and emails from lead generation companies every week (and multiple calls over time from the same firms)? He referred to calls he gets just about every week (where he is the prospect). “I’ll

Four Ways To Make Your Voice Mail Message Stand Out From the Clutter

Smart Calling

Want to enhance your chances of a voice mail message being remembered, maybe even evoking a return call? Back it up with a written message by an assistant. For example, “Pat Walters left a voice mail regarding cutting maintenance expenses by 25% and will call back tomorrow.”.

Money Monday For Sellers – Set a Next Action

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Real Life Example: I received a call when I was at a conference last week. This is someone she spent two detailed conversations with and presented information back so that they could do business. I’ll give you a call by Wednesday.

Voice Mail Survey

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I recently got tangled in a flare up about e-mail, as a result of a piece I wrote for Radius , titled: Get More Call Backs: How To Increase Returned Voicemails By 50%. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

Survey 247

It's that time of year: “Call me back after the holidays.”

Jeffrey Gitomer

"Call me after the holidays" is the second most-heard objection in sales. But the worst of them are the Christmas to New Year, "Call me back after the holidays," and "Call me after the first of the year." Call me after the holidays" is not an objection.

Inside Sales Power Tip 114 – Build Trust

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This idea has impacted me and hundreds of individual contributors making calls from that day forward whom I’ve had the pleasure to train and coach. Some sellers call and call and don’t leave voice mail. I call on Thursday at 9AM.

Can Technology Undermine Trust?

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As per the teams SOP, he only sends e-mail, chock full of links, and scheduled a follow up call to review. He saw the footprints on the website, hitting critical target pages, Jim was ready for the call back. By Tibor Shanto – tibor.shanto@sellbetter.ca.

Cadence—Multi-touch, Multi-media, Multi-cycle Marketing Multiplies Results


The result of these touches is what we call a disposition: PointClear's term for completing contact with a decision maker or company (some programs lend themselves to dispositioning by contact and some by company). Our leads are equivalent to what SiriusDecisions calls a Level 4 or 5 lead—well-qualified leads. The human executes that direction with excellent conversations (based on call flow, not scripts), well-crafted voicemails and carefully written emails.

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Handling the, “I Need to Speak With….” Objection

Mr. Inside Sales

Let me ask you this, though: is getting their approval the ONLY thing holding us back from doing business together?”. Give a brief pause here and wait for push back. 2) Do you see how you already have a call back appointment? Cold Calling Scripts Overcoming Objections

Make Voice Mail Work For You In Prospecting

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Many find all kinds of reasons (excuses) to rationalize (excuse) why they fail to make call in order to engage with prospects to fill the gap in their pipelines. Now I know that the “no cold calling crowd” and their “social cronies”, are saying, “duh, we know the phone does not work”.

Voice Mail Week – Part II – It’s More Than Just The Message

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Back around 1999, I read a book that suggested that it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 touch points for the reaction to potentially happen. You’ll get a call back, and speak with the prospect (the XXX accompanying video talks to that outcome Or 2.

Turn Your Voice Mails Upside Down

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In this case, how to improve voicemail success; specifically, in ways which lead to more returned calls when leaving messages. Most of those pushing back, are those who do not leave voicemails, yet complain that people never call back, OK. In the real world, reps need to accomplish many things in the very early seconds of the call. By Tibor Shanto.

Should You Use: “Is this a good time” – Yes or No?

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The debate of whether to open your calls asking, “Did I catch you at a good time?” for presentation call backs), is alive and well – unfortunately. I’ve been making calls – both prospecting calls and closing calls – for a long, long time.

What does Do Nothing Really Look like for your Prospect?

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No calls back. And if you do know, have you fed it back to your prospect in a way that is clear & easy for them to understand? Who is your biggest competitor? If you’re in IT sales is it IBM. Apple, Google, Wipro, some dudes in Bulgaria? Probably not.