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Understanding the Sales Force

Tony Cole, CEO of Anthony Cole Training and one of OMG's great partners, forwarded me an article that appeared in the October 2014 issue of the Journal of Marketing Research. Today I'm bringing you some insightful information that was not widely read when it was published back in 2014.

Lumping Small Business into Big Business Research

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The majority of business research is with the larger firms of 100 employees or more that comprise less than 1% of US businesses. And for those firms with under 20 employees, finding relevant business research data is nearly impossible even though they account for 97.7%

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Insights from New Research Uncover Opportunities for Sales Success


Richardson’s Selling Challenges research tracks the latest trends and identifies opportunities for building stronger connections with buyers in the new selling reality. The availability of data through lead generation and research tools has lifted some of this burden from sellers.

Research: A Critical Selling Process

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Research comes in two modes: customer and competitor. Research isn’t an event—it’s a process. Research is a critical component for winning in today’s hyper-competitive, noisy, and busy markets. Research sales process owler Steve AndersenDepending on whom you sell to and who your competitors are, one may be more critical for winning than the other, but both are essential, nevertheless.

Radiation Oncology, AI and Machine Learning in Research

Babette Ten Haken

I asked them about their own research on the role of AI and big data in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. As a result, data integrity is well-defined and controlled by medical physicists and researchers who also are data scientists like he and Dr. Mayo are.

“Our Research Indicates …”

Jonathan Farrington

But research by our team in CEB’s Sales practice suggests that the best ones operate quite differently today: They facilitate idea exchange across their teams, use collective brainstorming to figure out how to unstick stuck deals, and borrow effective approaches to talent management and rep development from peers in other areas of the business.

The Power of Observation in Selling Goes Beyond Sales Research

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Many sales training coaching programs are based upon sales research. So many times by ignoring what is around us because we have embraced the research embedded in sales training coaching programs we, as salespeople, lose our own unique competitive advantage.

Top Field Sales Challenges: New Research

The Sales Insider conducted new research last month [.]. Field Sales field sales challenges field sales researchAs field sales converges with inside sales to form a new hybrid model, sales organizations are grappling with new challenges.

4 Fascinating Sales Research Studies You Should Know by Heart

The Sales Insider

Here are the key findings from four fascinating sales research papers, covering: Sales compensation and bonuses Personality traits of top performers Key performance indicators Performance goals vs. learning goals 1) Do Bonuses Enhance Sales [.].

New Research Reveals the Personality of Top Salespeople

HeavyHitter Sales

Martin research article originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review. Steve is a noted sales researcher and the author of the “Heavy Hitter” series of books on the human nature of complex sales.   This Steve W.

Sales Teams Investing in Predictive Analytics, Salesforce Research Shows

The Sales Insider

When Salesforce Research asked 2,300 global sales leaders which new technologies they plan to adopt in the next 12 to 18 months, predictive analytics emerged as the clear winner with a projected growth rate of 135%. Predictive Analytics Sales Analytics salesforce research

“94% Of Buyers Research On-Line…” SO WHAT!!

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72-94% of buyers are B2B buyers are researching on line. There are endless research studies talking about B2B buyers are completing their purchase transaction on line. These studies, pundits, and researchers misunderstand what professional selling is. As a warning, I’m on a rampage and am channeling my inner Keenan, so I’m likely to explode and use strong language. I’m seeing all the tired old statistics circulating again.

B2B Marketing & Sales Insights from Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research


I had the great the opportunity to interview Lori Wizdo , B2B marketing analyst at Forrester Research. We have some research to indicate that’s true, and that the statement’s directionally correct. Forrester does a great deal of buyer journey research on sources of influence in a lot of other dimensions: First, buyers do like to talk to vendors early in the process.

Social Research: Pillar Three of Strategic B2B Social Selling


With social selling, intelligent social research allows you to effectively target the right organizations and engage people at the right time with insight and context. Research and planning is how […].

Inside sales – 3 research findings for improving B2B performance

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We came across an interesting research study by Software Advice that examined the performance of their inside sales team – analyzing data collected from over 6,000,000 visitors to their web site. Inside sales.

Cold Calls Warm With Research in Advance

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The question I was asked: “Would you rather make 100 cold calls or 20 well-researched calls to b2b sales prospects?” In fact those days of calling anyone without research are long O-V-E-R. Pre-Research Tools to look into: Our #1 “go-to” is LinkedIn for research.

How to do Market Research: A Step by Step Guide

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Market research provides a deep understanding of your market, accounts, buyers and users. But do you understand how to do market research inside your company? Market Research VideoIt’s a critical piece to your organization’s strategy.

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Research Shows Who the Most Accurate Sales Forecasters Are

HeavyHitter Sales

MARTIN SALES RESEARCH ARTICLES              Who are the most accurate sales forecasters, and what separates them from the least reliable?

Sales Tips: Best Practices for Collecting B2B Research Data

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Sales Tips: Best Practices for Collecting Quantitative and Qualitative B2B Research Data. Building upon that “qual/quant” theme, this article discusses best practices for collecting qualitative and quantitative data in Business-to-Business (B2B) research.

Only 2% of Sales Leaders Maximizing Sales Data, Domo Research Reveals

The Sales Insider

Sales Data Domo researchDo you get your sales data exactly how and when you want it? Does your organization deliver it to you in real time, on mobile devices, in a format that’s easy to use? Is your sales data timely, relevant and actionable?

3 Ways to Research Prospects Online to Grow Sales

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courtesy of InsideView. If your B2B company has been slow to get more involved in what some call the Social Selling movement, you can still do some very simple things right away while your company debates how, when and why to jump in.

Research Is Not Prospecting – Episode 143

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If research were prospecting, you could research all day and have appointments to show for it. Research is necessary but not sufficient for creating new opportunities. The post Research Is Not Prospecting – Episode 143 appeared first on The Sales Blog. Video

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Why I Don’t Trust The Research

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Why I Don’t Trust The Research is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Sales research shows one part of a picture. The people that did the research in both cases are good and thoughtful people. But the research doesn’t jive. Sales research is sometimes conducted by surveying sales managers. That research gives you some insight into what sales managers see, hear, and feel. Other sales research is conducted by surveying customers.

Realtors Is Sales Lead Research Part of Your Marketing Plan?

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To achieve this purpose works far better when some time is invested in researching sales leads either inbound or outbound. Researching sales leads takes very little time thanks to the Internet. My marketing plan has several embedded processes including research.

Research Confirms Texting Realities in Inside Sales

Productivity and Motivational Tips for Inside Sale

The post Research Confirms Texting Realities in Inside Sales appeared first on TeleSmart Communications. According to a new study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of OneReach, 81% of people in the U.S.

3 Reasons Your Company Should Be Conducting Original Research

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Upon arrival at, I was asked to learn the company’s operations as quickly as possible and then to conduct full-time research on company and industry-level questions. Inside Sales Thought Leaders corporate thought leadership industry research Sales Best Practices

Market Research: Guide your Business Strategy to Win

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Corporate Strategy Podcast Account Segmentation Business Strategy Buyer Segmentation Demand Generation Market Research Market Research Methdology

What Type of Sales Forecaster Are You? Research Reveals the Art and Science of Forecasting

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Martin research article originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review.     CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE RESEARCH REPORT            This Steve W.   Predicting the future is difficult, if not near impossible.

Sales Tips: Do You Know the Difference Between Buyers and Researchers?

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Sales Tips: Know the Difference Between Buyers - and Researchers. For complex B2B offerings, research is done mostly by non-Key Players wanting to learn about offerings without sellers influencing their requirements.

Research: How Information Influences Price-Harvard Business Review

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Here’s one of my recent Harvard Business Review articles titled Research: How Sensory Information Influences Price Decisions. SPOILER ALERT : Click here if you would like to take the actual test that was given to study participants prior to reviewing the research results below.

Predictive Analytics as an Engine of Research and Development with New Product Launches

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2015-08-07. Author: Lana Klein. Teaser: Innovation is the driving force of growth, but many new product ideas fail in the marketplace, leaving a trail of wasted time and resources. Sometimes the product idea is good but is poorly communicated.

Sales Organization Performance Gap: Research on Key Attributes That Separate High-Performing From Underperforming Sales Organizations

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Martin, well-known sales author and sales organization researcher, set out to find.     THE SALES ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE GAP RESEARCH WILL BE AVAILABLE  THE WEEK OF JANUARY 19th.

Hoovers and LinkedIn Team Up to Make Prospect Research Easier

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I have yet to see a purchased leads list—no matter the price or the promises–that didn’t require a good deal of additional research of the names provided. Hoovers is seeking to give an answer to both of the above situations—a research tool to help fill out the names and phone numbers on a leads list and the search ability to construct a list from scratch. Is the Hoovers and LinkedIn combination product the be all and end all of prospect research?

Latest Research on Personality Assessments for Sales Selection

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Two articles caught my attention today.

A New Perspective On Researching The Competition

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One thing that salespeople have to do in abundance is to research the competition. Know The Enemy competitive research how to beat the competition set yourself apart from competition But there is another mindset that you can work on that will offer a different perspective on things. Most. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Is Your Value Proposition Causing You to Lose Deals?

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Article Corporate Strategy Account Segmentation buyer alignment Buyer Segmentation Buying process Market Research positioning statement sales process sales strategy user segmentation value prop value proposition

The Importance of Marketplace Research

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Before you do any finalizing of your territory plans, do you have a concrete and thorough understanding of the market you’re looking to enter?

How to Increase Sales Tips & Snippets #19 Research

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The last of the how to increase sales tips for 2011 is research. In marketing, investing the time to do your research is critical to how effective are your marketing strategies and tactics (think conversions).

Brain Research and Buying: The Link to Increase Sales

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Now technology and brain research now reveal how those buying decisions are made. As a sales professional not to understand the ramifications of this brain research is simply silly. The goal to increase sales does not happen until a buying decision is made.

ResponseAudit Research – AA-ISP 2012

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Since 2007, we at have published research on the best practices around how and when to response to marketing-generated leads. In October 2007, we presented early findings at both the Boston and San Francisco Marketing Sherpa B2B Demand Generation Summits. Since Read more. Lead Response Lead Response Management Selling Strategy aa-isp Immediate Response Inside Sales Best Practices Response Audit