Mindset Shift, Relentless Curiosity and Relational Thinking

Babette Ten Haken

Not only that, we also develop relational thinking: the cognitive ability to recognize and distinguish patterns within and between what we perceive. As a result, we drift away from forming new relational patterns between old, as well as new, information.

Introducing Accounts Hierarchy, Part 2 : Accounts Relations


The post Introducing Accounts Hierarchy, Part 2 : Accounts Relations appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. This is the second part in our series about how to use Accounts Hierarchy within Pipeliner CRM.

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How Would You Score on the “JF Relater Scale?”

Jonathan Farrington

“JF Relater Scale?” How would you do if you measured yourself on my “Relater Scale?” ” News: To follow … General Communication Communication Standards JF Relator Meter

Customer Relations: The Huge Gap Between Intention and Reality

Jonathan Farrington

There are books about customer relations; there are videos about customer relations; there are Gurus (mostly self-appointed) about customer relations. None of them actually have to deliver customer relations. Which gets us back to relations with customers.

In Marketing Time Is Relative

Increase Sales

However even with shorter attention spans, what is the best marketing times is still “relative.”. Time in marketing is relative. * * * * *. Time is short or at least business people believe it to be.

Measured Yourself on the “Relater Meter” Lately?

Jonathan Farrington

What is your score on the “Relater Meter”? Every time we communicate with another person – by whatever means – it is an opportunity. Opportunity to do what?

How to Build Public Relations Media List [Video]

Vertical Response

In this installment of Tips in 2, our video series of helpful, two-minute small business marketing tips, Connie Sung Moyle, Public Relations Manager at VerticalResponse , shows you how build an effective media list quickly and easily.

Good Customer Relations – Why Bother?

Jonathan Farrington

No one’s going to get anywhere with customer relations until they recognize that customers are valued assets, not dumb milk cows for money. Customer relations is a strategic understanding, not a departmental name. General Customer Care Customer Relations Customer Service

EP64. Rhonda Rees: How To Use Public Relations to Grow Your Business

Tony Durso

Award-winning veteran in the field of public relations, Rhonda Rees, runs a successful Public Relations Company, along with Aseity Press Publishing.

How Does Service Design Relate To CX And UX?

The 1to1 Media Blog

Service design is critical to customer experience (CX). (If If you''re not sure why, please check out my post from earlier this week called Service Design: The Most Important Design Discipline You''ve Never Heard Of, and then come back and continue reading.)

Sales Leadership – Talent of Relating to Others

Increase Sales

With today being the 11th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 , relating to others is not only a necessary sales leadership talent but a leadership talent that makes sense for all of us to demonstrate. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Relating to others can also be viewed as interpersonal intelligence. It is very difficult to relate effectively with others, if you are not comfortable with yourself as a person.”

How to Overcome the, “My relative handles that for me” Objection

Inside Sales Training Blog

If you’re in B2C sales (business to consumer), then you’ve no doubt gotten the objection, “My relative handles that for me, and I wouldn’t be interested in changing.”.

Relate | Top Sales Trainer | Best Sales Trainer | Top Leadership.

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog

Relate | Top Sales Trainer | Best Sales Trainer | Top Leadership Trainer. Store. Online Training. See Jeffrey Live! Hire Jeffrey. Who is Jeffrey? Contact. Gitomer | March 3, 2011 | 1 Comment. Tweet Share The first question is a casual one. I always ask people where they grew up.

Do You Know What P.R. Means? I’m Not Talking Public Relations.

The Sales Hunter

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is underestimating the importance of being “price resistant.” ” This kind of P.R. is key if you want to see more and better sales. Here is how it works: Think “Price Resistant” whenever the customer challenges you on your price.

The Definition of Sales Operations and How it Relates to Revenue

The Sales Insider

I was surprised when doing research for a recent webinar I participated in that 54% of all sales operation teams have been in their position for less than three years. This is an interesting trend. At InsideSales.com, sales operations bridges Read more.

Special Edition Razor’s Edge with Victor Antonio, Elinor Stutz, Jane Gentry and Jeff Shore

Igniting Sales Transformation

In this special episode, learn about creating presentations that move deals forward with Victor Antonio, breaking barriers in sales and in life with Elinor Stutz, relational intelligence with Jane Gentry and the psychology of the purchasing decision with Jeff Shore.

Sales 40

The 8 Most Overused Words in PR and Marketing

Vertical Response

Public Relations copywriting overused marketing words overused words public relations words not to use When you’re writing about your own product or service, it’s easy to fall into the habit of hype. It’s understandable.

7 Tools to Get Free Publicity for Your Business

Vertical Response

In fact, few small business owners have much of an advertising budget, or a public relations manager. Public Relations Resources Small Business Marketing business publicity free press online advertising tools public relations

Tools 46

How to Handle a Crisis on Social Media

Vertical Response

At some point, every small business may have to deal with a public relations crisis. The best public relations move you can make during a PR crisis is to act quickly and responsibly.

Psst! 3 Low-Cost Tools to Track What the Media is Saying About You

Vertical Response

Public Relations clip report media media monitoring PR tools press clips Press Coverage press monitoring public relations tools If you’ve ever worked with a PR agency or consultant, a standard offering is media monitoring – tracking your press placements on a regular basis.

Tools 41

Book Review: People Love You

Sales and Management Blog

Uncategorized customer experience customer relations customer relationships customer retention Customer Service jeb blount people love you sales selling

Email Prospecting: Automate Your Info Gathering to Be Relevant and Relatable to Prospects

The Sales Hunter

Industry Websites – If you want to be a real thought leader and up your level of value, look on industry websites for industry-specific information that relates to their job and company. I’ve heard sales people say, “I don’t have the time to research a prospect.”

5 Ways to Leverage a Media Placement

Vertical Response

Public Relations media coverage media hit media placement Press Coverage press hit press placement public relations Your business was just featured in the media – awesome!

Media 33

Listen, Excellent Customer Service is Going to Become THE Differentiator

Jonathan Farrington

These requirements are inter-related – i.e. it is more difficult to deliver consistently high standards in customer care, if the needs of both the organization and the staff are not taken into account. General Customer Care Customer Management Customer Relations Customer Service Customer care is set to become one of the most important issues facing businesses in every market – fact!

Get Recognized: 10 Small Business Awards You Should Enter

Vertical Response

Public Relations Small Business Marketing award nominations Awards business awards company recognition entering awards public relations small business awards small business marketing

The Art of the PR Follow-Up

Vertical Response

Public Relations follow up Internet media relations PR best practices PR follow-up PR pitch PR pitching press relations press release public relations public relations follow up Your Press Release

The True Value of Exceptional Customer Service & “Moments of Truth”

Jonathan Farrington

General Customer Care Customer Relations Customer Service Karen Clarke Moments of Truth Oracle Top Sales Blog Post Top Sales Blog Post of the Week Before I get into today’s topic, thank you all for my exceptionally bulging mailbox today.

2 Simple Ways to Get Real Feedback from Employees

Vertical Response

Business Management employee feedback employee relations employee satisfaction exit interview HR human resources No matter how big or small your company is, you need to know what’s going on with your employees.

Get Publicity: 5 PR Advantages Small Businesses Have

Vertical Response

Big companies spend a boatload of money on community relations, with the goal of putting a face to the brand through smaller-scale, local initiatives. Even if it’s something some might think is relatively minor, like this recent Alaska Airlines incident.)

Media 12

Excuse Me, What Is With All the Social Hype in Small Business and Sales?

Increase Sales

Relating to others. small business Be the Red Jacket empathy relating to others. Pick up any business book, read any blog posting or engage in any conversation and if you are in business, the word social usually ends up appearing.

Use LinkedIn’s New Channels to Grow Your Business

Vertical Response

Hope Katz Gibbs, president of Inkandescent Public Relations , says the new feature has a lot of potential in the business-to-business world. “By Social media’s most professional network is rolling out a new feature that could help your business grow.

Show Me the Money: 5 Small Business Grants to Consider

Vertical Response

Public Relations funding grant competition grant contest mission main street Small Business small business competition small business contest

Sales Leadership – The Talent of Conveying Role Value

Increase Sales

When this talent is used in the correct manner, it works with other sales skills such as active listening , relating to others or diplomacy. Sales Training active listening effective communicator relating to others.

The Greatest Challenge for Top Salespeople

Increase Sales

Both marketing and selling share some of the same talents such as: Relating to others. Sales Attribute Index relating to others. With the business world dramatically changing from local to global and from big to small, the greatest challenge for top salespeople hands down is marketing.

The Pipeline ? Qualify and Disqualify

The Pipeline

their mission is to provide small and medium size organizations with relative, informative and entertaining business related videos via the internet. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously.

3 PR Hooks for the Holidays – How to Garner More Buzz

Vertical Response

Take advantage of this typically slow news period by amplifying your public relations efforts. Public Relations fundraising gift guide holiday gift guide holiday pr holiday press press-generating ideas public relations

The Pipeline ? What Did You Start?

The Pipeline

They did the usual things, relatively well for the most part, and in relatively the same way. Home About The Pipeline. Contest. Free Resources. Search. 0 Subscribers. Subscribe by Email. We take privacy seriously. Your email address will not be shared. Sign up for our Email Newsletter.

It’s Time to “Love the One you’re with”

Jonathan Farrington

General Customer Care Customer Focus Customer Relations . Most of the articles and blog posts that I have read recently discuss, in some detail, the need for sellers to raise their game.

36 Social Media, Leadership and Life Tips in 140 Characters or.

Social Media and Sales Strategy

Today’s blog post and social media podcast is a collection of 36 Tweets I have posted online over the past two weeks relating to social media, leadership and marketing. Social Media Speaker Shane Gibson. Selling in Tough Economic Times – Seminars. Closing Bigger Deals.

How to Pick Keywords That’re Kind of a Big Deal

Vertical Response

Any keywords you use within your website should obviously be related to the content, products, etc. Google Related Searches: These are searches that Google will display after a traditional SERP has been displayed. So let’s cover the basics first: What exactly is a keyword?