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The Future of B2B Incentives Depends on ‘Just One Thing’

Sales and Marketing Management

In the 1991 movie “City Slickers,” the sage cowboy, Curly (Jack Palance), told the New Yorker, Mitch (Billy Crystal), that the secret of life is “just one thing.” He went on to say that when you find that one thing, you stick to it and nothing else matters — though Curly used more colorful language. […].

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“Walk Before You Run” is Sage Approach to Sales Training

Carew International

The post “Walk Before You Run” is Sage Approach to Sales Training appeared first on Carew International Sales Training. Want your sales team to soar? Make sure they have a solid, skill-based foundation from which to launch.

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You Need To Trust You

The Pipeline

Other than a grey-haired sage, I am confident in saying none of the voice on LinkedIn have either. But before you drink what we pour, ask yourself, how am I or any of my peers more experienced than you? I haven’t sold or lived through a pandemic, 40 million unemployed, with many expected to stay that way. You need to trust in you!

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“Guruji, who was I in my last incarnation?” Sri Ramana Maharshi answered, “Who wants to know?”


A clever and accurate answer to a disciple’s question of the great Hindi sage, and not too distant from a question I ask marketers today. “What are you,” I ask, “in this incarnation? Are you a marketing manager who likes bling or accountability? Do you like shiny objects or results?

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Why You Should Integrate Accounting Tools Into Your CRM

Hubspot Sales

Sage Accounting. Sage offers small business accounting tools that are easy to use, and provide visual insights to help you understand the financial health of your company. Sage Accounting can be used for forecasting, invoice tracking, and receipt capture and filing. Best for: Visual small business accounting tools. Image Source.

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Customer Survey Says…

The Pipeline

So it was with my recent experience with the support team at Sage looking after ACT! Sage is not alone, just the latest to survey hoping for good feedback, and ignoring the bad. Confirmed my e-mail, provided my mobile number, didn’t want to risk missing this call. It turned out there was no such risk, as the call never came!

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Alinean Powers Diagnostic Assessment Tool: the Sage Pacer Survey

The ROI Guy

The Sage Pacer Survey can help businesses asses their current state of the business, how the existing business processes impacts the ability to meet changing business conditions, and what the business sees on the near horizon.

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