Calling with Skype over Pipeliner CRM Desktop App


However, if you prefer to call your customers using Skype, you can use the following Pipeliner CRM integration with Skype. Learn how to initiate a call from Pipeliner Desktop app on Skype: Must have […].

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Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well

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I have just published an updated 34-page Skype Jump-Start Guide for Business that is available as a free download. You get the guide and a 3 page cheat-sheet to keep handy while you dust off your Skype skills. Skype has been around since 2003.

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Sketiquette – 5 Behaviors To Avoid on Skype

Sales Addiction

I’ve noticed that sometimes we (this includes me) do things that we oddly would not do in person, but we are very comfortable doing them on a Skype or other video call. If youwouldn’t do it when you are in someone’s office – don’t do it on Skype. Networking Productivity Social Media courtesy eye contact linkedin manners sales skype social media video conference

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Steve Schiffman Skype Interview

Steve Schiffman

[link]. Sales Training

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Tip for Busy Executives To Get the Most Out Of Sales Calls

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Skype. Related Stories Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well Google+ Hangouts – What Do They Do? Presentation Tools Social Selling Tool tips Web Tools google Hangouts online meetings sales calls Skype Video webcam Insist on a Video Meeting.

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5 Steps to Develop An Awesome Remote Coaching Program

Steven Rosen

With free platforms like Skype, Zoom and Facetime technology enhance the sales manager’s ability to have personal coaching sessions. When asked to coach remotely whether it be by phone or Skype, sales managers find coaching an even more daunting task.

ACE Your Sales Results

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Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Are your sales results where you want them to be? Probably not, as most top sales performers are always pushing the envelope.

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What is Wrong with the Telephone in Sales

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I said, “let’s talk – by telephone” She responded by saying, What’s wrong with Skype or a Google Hangout? . Yes, I like Skype and I like Google Hangouts, don’t get me wrong.

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The Complancey of Living By Default

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Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Our lives tend to find the path most traveled because it is easy. Of course our brains like us living by default as it such actions take less energy.

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Flipping the Switch on Video in the Contact Center

The 1to1 Media Blog

But thanks to the emergence of WebRTC, Skype for Business, and other developments, these barriers aren't nearly as formidable as they'd once been. Last week at Enterprise Connect , one of the most talked-about topics was video, especially as it can be used by customer care agents to communicate with customers.

Stop Whining, Start Leading Your Small Business

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Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Small business owners and sales management love to whine about poor sales. If only we had more sales, we could do so much more. If only these sales people would get out their and sell.

Sales is (Becoming More of) an Inside Job

Tech Bytes

At a 2013 Inside Sales Virtual Summit , one speaker noted, “Prospects now participate in sales presentations via Skype, web conferencing and video.

Strategies for Improving the Health of Your Sales Pipeline with Lisa Muller

Igniting Sales Transformation

Skype: Lisa1334. Today is a big day! I am launching a special interview series devoted to Women in Sales Leadership roles in corporations across the globe.

Patience Is an Undervalued Sales Skill

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Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Why do so many people rush the sales process? Maybe this is one reason why sales quotas are not necessarily a good thing?

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LinkedIn Gets Video Conferencing for iPad with Hookflash

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Compared to Skype, there is no need to build a list of contacts. The app also pulls information from LinkedIn so your conversations have more context than they would with Skype. Hookflash iPad Icon. LinkedIn has proven to be one of the key pillars of a sales persons online presence.

You Are Losing New Customers Before You Ever Talk To Them

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Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well. Are you spending your sales and marketing efforts in the wrong area? Are your prospects clicking away without action?

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On Screen, All Business: The Etiquette of Videoconferencing

The Productivity Pro

That’s changed with flat screens, smartphones, and Skype, but it took a lot longer than expected. That’s changed with flat screens, smartphones, and Skype, but it took a lot longer than expected. “We are visual creatures.

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2 Slideshare Tips For Best Results

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Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator.

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Open Letter: Thank you

Steve Schiffman

I wanted to take this moment to thank those of you who have participated in my one-on-one sales training course, delivered over Skype. This program has brought real increase in sales for the over one hundred people that have worked with me to achieve their goals. We are presently starting a new series, and this time YOU can get in early and not have to wait.

You Want a Conversation

The Sales Blog

This is also true of face to face video meetings over Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. In order of preference and effectiveness, face-to-face is the very best way to sell, followed by video face to video face, followed by the telephone.

Face-to-Face Meetings Are Back in Style

No More Cold Calling

Skype, FaceTime, and Web-based conferences even offer a visual presence that’s beneficial for connecting with clients or team members. Susan RoAne explains why in-person connections matter just as much as ever.

[TEMPLATE] How to Start a Conversation Using the “Foot-in-the-Door” Email

DiscoverOrg Sales

Once we got our first reply, the emails were no longer “cold” and we could easily continue the conversation via email (or sometimes Skype) where we’d ask for an in-person meeting. Here’s how to start a conversation (and book a meeting) with almost any prospect in your database or CRM using the “Foot-in-the-Door” email. This simple, 5-step cold email technique works especially well for sales development reps who regularly email: CEOs. Marketing VPs. Industry influencers. HR directors.

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Where Do You Rate On The Paradoxical Nature of Time?

Bernadette McClelland

So to achieve our goals, or overcome any challenges we may have, listen and watch for those that we can help, albeit 5 minutes in the office, a Skype call to someone on the other side of the world, a coffee with someone who connects with you on LinkedIn or sitting with your children after work. Each one of us has the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone else’s life. How cool is that thought?

To Attract Customers, You Need 3 Essential Stories on Your Website


And, after I’m done and my client is (presumably) a happy camper, I use a Skype video recorder to record my client’s “mess-to-success story.” Would you like to have more customers, web visitors opting in, and more “Buy Now” button clicks?

How to Get Published in Prestigious Publications

Ian Brodie

We recorded the interview the day after Skype had it’s big meltdown so the sound is a little crackly in place, but definitely listenable). We recorded the interview the day after Skype had it's big meltdown so the sound is a little crackly in place, but definitely listenable).

Is it OK to Text a Prospect? (Sales Advice?)

A Sales Guy

If we didn’t want people to Skype us, we wouldn’t put our Skype handle our our business card. Do you think it’s OK to text a prospect or a customer? My take is this. If their mobile number is on their business card, it’s fair game. The information we put our business cards implies that communication channel is OK to connect. We don’t put our home phone numbers on our business cards, (do people still have those?)

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The Infectious Nature of a Smile with Intent


And really, you should never be doing any discovery calls without BlueJeans, GoTo, WebEx or Skype. If you have two reps doing exactly the same things, high activity, strong energy hunting in their patch; the big differentiators of output and results are emotional intent and positive attitude. Positive intent and a smile are infectious. Sales is an extremely repetitive job so the only way to save your day is true selflessness and curiosity.

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Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator

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Related Stories Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well How To Get The New Twitter Layout Now Communication Is A Deal Killer. If you are creating content on the web, you need to provide a visual image or cover to put on your website or share on social media.

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When Cold Calling Conflicts with Business Ethics

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Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. One of my colleagues, Tibor Shanto , posted a blog a while ago about using a specific script for leaving cold calling voice mail messages.

The Often Overlooked Competitive Advantage

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Add to Skype. You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype. Many small businesses work very hard to stay competitive. They bring in the best technology hardware and software to ensuring their solutions are top of the line specific to quality.

Digital Is Augmentation. Show Up.

The Sales Blog

Tools like, Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts allow you to video conference. The digital tools we use are augmentation , not a replacement for better communication mediums, ones that indicate caring.

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A Sad Farewell

Smart Selling Tools

Texting, blogging, Skyping, and Tweeting have become integral facets of our connectivity with friends and associates, and without these tools our ability to build and nurture these relationships would surely be diminished. Tweet A sad farewell.

This is Bob from Phoenix: The Art of the Conference Call

The Productivity Pro

By the 1990s, email was starting to supplant teleconferences; later, videoconferencing and Skyping became common. “ My strategy for this conference call is to play dead.” ” ― Anonymous “demotivational” poster.

A 10-Step Plan for Global Account-Based Sales Development

DiscoverOrg Sales

All content assets in all forms are available to you–videos, white papers, Skype conversations, personal notes, a blog post that someone wrote last year, an answer to a specific question, industry-relevant data. If you have one or more global accounts—large companies with a global footprint—it’s important to approach them globally – but this is a tall order for a busy sales department, especially among newer companies where any account-based approach has a learning curve.

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Numbers Don’t Equal Influence

Igniting Sales Transformation

Using Skype, it is not uncommon for me to talk to four or five people each week who live outside the United States. A seller’s most important asset is her network. Prior to the internet and social networks, we cultivated our networks slowly, over time.

Measured Yourself on the “Relater Meter” Lately?

Jonathan Farrington

There are so many communication mediums open to us today: The telephone is still with us - but we don’t seem to be using it so much, preferring to hide behind recorded messages - Skype, our cell phones, video-conferencing, and of course email.

It’s time to start looking good from the waist up

Productivity and Motivational Tips for Inside Sale

It’s official, Microsoft just purchased Skype for $8.5 billion in cash. This big commitment confirms that inside sales will no longer be just about the phone and email — we can expect to conduct more and more business through voice calls, chat messages, and video conferencing.

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The Go-Giver Leader

Bob Burg's Blog

I’ve never seen the old man doing so much stuff like talking it up on the phone, writing emails, doing interviews on that Skype thing he has, blog posts, and other things. Hi, my name is Calvin Burg. I’m Bob’s cat.

The Effect That Technology May Have On The Sales Industry

Sales Tips & Techniques

People often ask how technologies like Skype and video conferencing will affect the sales industry. Read full story → Sales Management

Time To Upgrade Your Webinar Tools?

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Related Stories 2 Slideshare Tips For Best Results Fastest and Easiest eBook Cover Creator Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well. Is it time to upgrade your online meeting tools and capabilities?

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